Sep 28

Brazilian Youngster Detinho Linked With Gunners Move

Corinthians striker Detinho is the player being linked with a transfer to Arsenal after Richard Law told a Spanish newspaper that a deal is “progressing well” with a “Carlos Vela type-player”.

Brazil based scout Sandro Orlandelli has been keeping tabs on the highly-rated 19-year-old with the speedy forward reportedly keen to make a move during the January transfer window.

Bruno Ferreira Bonfim, better known as Detinho, strikes the ball with precision and calmness, not forgetting his superb finishing skills. Detinho would be a welcome addition to the squad and would cause extra competition for places upfront.

He rejected a big-money move to Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia after opting to stay at ‘Todo Poderoso’ for the time being.

Greek giants Olympiacos are also on the trail of Detinho, their chief scout Niniadis has been spotted at several Corinthians games and with the possibility of linking up with fellow countrymen Dudu and Diogo, the starlet would have several options to choose from in January.


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39 Responses to “Brazilian Youngster Detinho Linked With Gunners Move”

  1. Joe Todd says:

    Well he’s got the looks to intimidate defenders..

    Do we really need new strikers.

  2. iJemz says:

    Lmao at Joe

  3. well if hes better than the ones we will have already gt then why not, he might be better so dont say he isnt.

  4. Neil says:

    we have enough youngsters trying to break into the squad already. time for 1 or 2 experianced heads

  5. Stu says:

    Forget about another attacker, we need a monster in defence. We need a Jamie fuckin Carragher. He makes Gallas look like……… well, exactly what he is, a twat who is afrid of the ball and of messing up his appearance. Get stuck in you French twat!!!!!!!

  6. The Brain says:

    This is just part of the link up to salamanca but we will get him soon so he must be good. However I don’t know if it is Dentinho as he may cost quite a bit more. Brazilian’s are always exciting to sign.

    Regarding this season I am still optimistic. We can get Rosicky and Nasri back, Silvestre could play in the centre providing he is still good enough while we can go back to plan A where Diaby was the partner to Fabregas. Let’s keep our chins up we’re only two behind Chelsea and hopefully we get better defensively with these players.

  7. Neil says:

    at least spurs are losing

  8. Gooner Chris says:

    haha, yep.

    Glad to see there’s something that can cheer us up. 😉

  9. Stu says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha spurs(this is our season) lost 2-0 to Pompey. Delighted! 2points from 6 games. Thats worse than relegation form.

    PS: like the new format.

  10. shahgooner says:

    I WANT THIS GUY WE NEED a RIGHT FOOTED FNISHER WHOS NOT frequntly breaking the offside line!!

  11. T.U.G.Z says:

    LMAO, Joe Todd

    Spurs Lost hahahahah… again

  12. chris says:

    wish we had sold adebayor for the 30 million we were reportedly offered..then wenger could have bought about 30 players all under 20!!!…haha least spuds lost to lighten the mood

  13. gooner_from_spain says:


  14. RIO says:

    forget spurs ppl i am worried bout arsenal, we should loose to hull man !!!!.

  15. Gunner Jillu says:

    as if we need another young striker “Vela type plyer” has Vela yet to make a proper name for himself to start to be compaed to. Next thing we will here is we will be signing a Willshere like player

  16. Ahmed says:

    I have seen highlights of this guy playing football the way it should be played.He is a treat to goal keepers both on the air and on the ground.He combines Van Nistelrooy,Ronaldo (Brazil) and Thierry Henry finishing touches.I will love to see him play for my dearest Arsenal cos a complete striker he is…

  17. james says:

    its getting a bit boring now hearing news that we are link with players, like we ever sign them anyway.

  18. charlie says:

    this kid looks good but it might be Lulinha who also plays for corinthians but there both good

  19. chris says:

    still fuming about yesterday..i just keep thinking ‘how did that happen?!?!?!?’. if we are getting a south american striker it will be one that we probably know nothing about and therefore will cost no more than 2 million probably. and if he is then loaned out to gain a permit we wont see him for a good few years anyway…

  20. Marce says:

    Great player.

  21. LEON says:

    so far i am not to happy rvp commitment at momest he is looking like luxury player wright now

  22. Juninho Becker says:

    If this kid really is hired, will be one of the best hires this year. This kid play a lot, dribble as Garrincha, Pele ends as it is a great owner of moves and is very fast, has a good pull, you know assist, and always makes many goals, has a great quality in the area, with a kick category incredible, and has dominated the ball a terrific, if he can play here at Arsenal know what we are about to have a new ace of the football world.

  23. Pedro Paulo says:

    The best ever, the new Pelé…

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sign Obina, He’s better then Eto’o

  25. Caio Reis says:

    He is a mixing of Kaka, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Robinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Maradona, DiSteffano, Puskas and Pelé.

  26. Edward says:

    Great Player, got another one who is playing in Corinthians too, and his name is Lulinha, could bring him the football team is also similar to that of Ronaldinho Gaucho

  27. Leandro says:

    Dentinho is a great player, he’s a gunner!

  28. Chawi [CORINTHIANS] says:

    Corinthians is the biggest club in the world! With the best players in the world and the biggest fans of the world called GAVIÕES DA FIEL !

    The toothlet is a great player for more vcs take the job he will have to pay a lot of money about 50 million U.S. dollars!


  29. Chawi [CORINTHIANS] says:

    Corinthians only sells the toothlet in exchange for Fabregas!

    Toothlet is ace! I am in Brazil and Corinthians is twisted pro toothlet already seen the play several times, is one of the best players I have seen play!

  30. Mary says:

    we should buy him,our time will be fuckin good.i’ve seen he and Lulinha playing,OMG!they’re great.
    corinthians is the biggest team in Brazil i guess,i don’t now too much about the others,they’re not popular as corinthians.

  31. Nelson Brasil Corinthians says:

    O man ,dentinho is the greatest player in brazil !

    He is the new Pelé !

    Please !

  32. RassHenry says:

    Our striker’s especially Adebayor is being really shitte as usual. Robin is off form & being too lazy now. Dudu is injured, Bendtner is not consist. Vela & Walcott need more game time to prove their worth. Dentinho is damn good, without doubt. We should get him, tho. We can partner him with Vela or Walcott.

  33. Anderson Silva says:

    You wrote the wrong nickname. His real nickname is Dentinho, with a “n” between “e” and “t”. That means almost like ” little teeth” in portuguese

  34. Juninho Becker says:

    Without exaggeration, but the toothlet, is the same school of Tevez of Manchester United and Manchester City’s Jô, I agree that it is new and still has a lot to show, if he can desenvolnver his football in Arsenal he will certainly be one of the best players the world, and serve immediately to the selection, pity that he is a little weak physically perhaps his only fault, but he plays very much like the tips in the area, he Clearly there will be a great success!

  35. Juninho Becker says:

    But I really recommend taking the Lulinha, this kid is one of the latest pearls of world football, the greatest striker of the South American championship under 17, did more than 100 goals for the Brazilian team under 17, but already has 300 goals in the category of basic, very good half, also played as the second attacker, has an incredible category, I think you all know him, which is characteristic of a camper who comes from a half after making one_way, and leaving its partners in a position to run in full, not is atoa that was compared to Kaká and Ronaldinho Gaucho!

  36. James says:

    toothlet or dentinho (for brazilian) is a great player.
    But I don´t think he´s the best.. do u know Herrera ? He´s really good, in my opinion.. he´s the best !

  37. Juninho Becker says:

    That saved the boy Timon of a defeat today marking two goals in the last game he also scored, he has an incredible class, no chance for the goalkeeper. This toothlet play that much in absolute owner of the Arsenal attack!


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