Sep 28

Crowd Trouble At The Grove Against Hull

Not going to talk about the embarassing display on the pitch. We all know it was sh*t and not good enough.

Aside from the match, I am angry, really angry about the ticketing situation that saw two Hull muppets get seats in the middle of the North Bank upper yesterday.

When Hull scored, they showed themselves and it kicked off. There were only two of them, but they were obviously up for it and determined to bring a bit of Championship support into the Premiership. Obviously a few Gooners stepped in, gave them a slap and then the Stewards got them out the ground. The Stewards did a good job. The Gooners who gave them a slap did a good job. HOWEVER…


Ticketing and the HUGE increase in touts outside the ground is getting worse. Half the touts had Millwall tattoos yesterday and obviously couldn’t give a f*ck who they sold to, or are maybe happy to encourage trouble in the ground.

Its a disgrace that neither the club or police are stopping this, resulting in law abiding home supporters getting into fights/trouble in the home support end as trouble makers from opposition fans take advantage of a ticket from a tout.

The person responsible for buying the original ticket (ie, the season ticket holder, or silver member or red member) should be banned. The touts need to be arrested and Arsenal season ticket holders in that area deserve an apology from the club.

If the club wants to charge premium rates for the tickets, they need to give a premium, safe, atmosphere to watch it in. With touts selling to anyone outside the ground the club cannot guarantee this.

Finally, what will happen if either Sp*rs or Manwho trouble makers decide to do the same thing this season?

Article by Robsy – Proud member of The Online Gooner Forum


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30 Responses to “Crowd Trouble At The Grove Against Hull”

  1. North of North London says:

    You silly little boy Robsy – a slap are you stuck in the 70s or do you watch too much of The Sweeney? I know a lot of Arsenal fans and you and your like are an embarrassment to them. You’d be better off at Milwall, Chelsea or, if you can stay out late for long journies, Leeds.

  2. Steve says:

    I agree segregation is necessary but you take a very elitist view of football – it is only recently that we have had an incredible increase of middle class ‘fans’ who come to matches and worry about ‘safety’. I was there and the lads were just excited – its only when we started singing ‘who are ya?’ and ‘you dirty northern bastards’ they got aggressive.

    At the end of the day, football supporters are there to be pissed on, ripped off and taken advantage of. It has always been and always will be this way. It doesnt matter that we pay premium prices now – if you aren’t happy then dont go.

    Also, fans want to get tickets anyway they can – look at the Liverpool fans who sit at the Everton end WEARING their red jerseys. It doesnt have to be a problem.

  3. toure tribe underboss says:

    i dont understand why your angry, iv bought tickets an sat with the scum down the lane for the derby on many occassions,stop being a bitch!

  4. its the hooligans who gave em a slap we dont want at our grounds and it sounds that you were for this then

  5. Clock End Gooner says:

    Not quite sure what your problem is mate! They got kicked out & got a bit of a slap, along with it! Problem solved! You won’t be able to keep out the odd oposition supporter out, no matter what!

  6. km1980 says:

    The real point here, and Robsy does mention it to be fair, is that a season ticker holder or member has made their ticket available to anyone and everyone. With every Prem game a sell out, why are these tickets not going to genuine gooners who missed out.

  7. TigerTed says:

    You have had much success over the years, but you cant win em all. Allow us our moment even if it is only one season. Take it like a man and stop acting like a kid. Last slap i had was at school. But then maybe your still there!

  8. SteveHull says:

    Championship support???? I think we turned you over good and proper didn’t we? ha ha see you later losers!

  9. Paul Islington Hull Fan says:

    Its about time you all stop any form of slapping. we are all in it for the same reasons. if we all had to go to war then we would as one so why cannot one or two football fans sit in the same end together… anybody who slaps anybody deserves to be banned…what message are you giving out… your a disgrace and a bad loser

  10. Ken says:

    Don’t be naive, lads. The touts are season ticket holders.

  11. dave says:

    i saw it happen to.the members should be kicked the idiots were being taken down the steps i turned round and got a fifty pence piece in my eye.had a nice black eye for the weekend,just about made my day after watching that crap

  12. LondonGooner says:

    The 2 mugs who bought tickets then showed themselevs up deserved to of been thrown out along with the season ticket membership of the prat who gave his tickets away, what a mug! As for Hull fans in general, they were well behaved, enjoy the moment, we’ll murder you at your place, unless Gallas plays, that is!

  13. Eddie McGinty says:

    I have to admit that I actually had to sit in the Hull end, you could see me on Match of the Day with my red scarf, I didn’t have any trouble, it was the only way I could get to see the game. It’s unbelievable how quiet the stadium is, its almost embarrassing. The Hull fans did themselves proud.

  14. TIGER. says:


  15. Brigham says:

    A slap? That is what I usually give the wife on the arse as part of my mating ritual! :-)

    FFS, why the hell did they have be hit just because they support their team. Unless they were out and out trouble makers I can really not see the point in the ‘slap’ or ejecting them.

    I was drinking with a few of the Hull lads and lasses (old forces mates) before the game and had a great time with them. I said enjoy the day, but little did I think they would enjoy it that much. I received a text from my mate who said when their coaches departed along Holloway Road, many gooners actually stood and applauded them out. That is what football is all about in my view.

    End of the day, its a game and not war torn Helmand Province lads.

  16. Somerset Gooner says:

    I was there at the match. Well played Hull I say. Arsenal lacked passion and AW allowed the players to go out on to the pitch and be complacent. I spoke to a couple of Hull fans outside to congratulate them. They did themselves proud, sang from start to finish and showed us up big time. Its not our devine right to win matches, the points in the Premiership need to be earned!

  17. AFC4Life says:

    If I could only get tickets in the home end at Shite Hart Lane, Stamford Bridge or Old Trafford, I’d take them. You can’t blame the Hull fans for not wanting to miss one of their biggest games of the season. If they were guilty of anything it was celebrating, they should have kept quiet. However I’d find it hard not to celebrate in their position.

    The real problem is that we haven’t addressed any of the issues on the pitch. We’re still weak when defending corners/crosses, and we’re still taking the over elaborate route to goal. I think we had two shots on target against Hull and they had five against us. At our home ground. We’ve now lost two games and can only probably afford to lose another couple if we are going to challenge for the title.

    We should stop moaning about a couple of Hull fans and focus on the 11 players who couldn’t beat a newly promoted team.

    Congratulations Hull, you genuinely played better than us, and you wanted it more. I hope we turn it around against Porto this week, we can’t afford to lose that one.


    At least we’re not Spurs, two points and no hope, another false dawn for the shite down the road. Maybe Ramos needs to brush up on his English, as I’m sure most Spurs fans were saying they’d finish in the top four, not the bottom four.

  19. Hugh Jarsefan says:

    I’ve had a ‘smart card’ season ticket since they were introduced while we were still at Highbury. I assumed that ALL seasons we in this format now so if that is true then how can a season ticket holder have sold his ticket for this match? I’ve sat next to opposition support at The Emirates and on the old Northbank and these fans have always been respectful and not given it the large even when their team have scored. If the planks that found their way into the home support on Saturday couldn’t show some respect then they deserve everything they get. Maybe if the kick off had been at 3pm these lads might not have been so pissed up?
    Hull deserved their victory, we weren’t good enough but if they think it’s going to be this easy for long they’ve got a shock coming.

  20. mark says:

    I was quite close but i wasnt really looking, i was a lot more pissed off about hull’s second, i think it went in just as they were being thrown out.

    I would be interested to know more about the touts you mention – what do they do sell their memb cards then collect again after the match? thats a bit trusting isn’t it?

  21. Phil - Tigers Fan says:

    I think you need to wake up – the fans who got slapped maybe should have not been there but why were they thrown out??
    I totally agree with the lad who spoke about it being a footy game and not Hellmand province. Also if you listen to most City fans we are nearly all pragmatists and know that on another day we would have be slapped by 4 or 5 goals. You just have to look at the game against Wigan. We are learning very quickly that hard work is no match for very skillful players but it really helps.

    I do think that your support lacked what your team lacked on staurday- passion. As fans we know we are having a moment in the sun- we would love to be in your place- having such a fantastic history and potentialy massive support. We make do with the best we have and support our team through thick and thin. Even when we lost 5-0 we still were outsinging the Wigan fans.


  22. Me says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure it says around the ground (expect the away end that is) no away colours.

    Its the touts/members touting that need to be locked up. The old bill doesn’t give a shit even if you do point it out!
    Time the club did something about it as well.

  23. Steven Powell says:

    I agree with all those who’ve said this comment is out of order.

    Seggregation is a sad necessity still at football. This post demonstrates why. I’ve sat in “home” sections many times as a Gooner when I couldn’t get a ticket in the Arsenal “end”.

    I can see no reason why not, as long as you act sensibly and don’t set out to “wind up” the home fans.

    Why on Earth would I want to give somebody a “slap” for the mere act of following the opposition.

    Let’s concentrate our fire where it should be concentrated – on stamping out the touts.

    I thought the Hull City fans were great on Saturday – loud and proud. On the park Hull City were well organised, went forward whenever they could and took their chances.

    We on the other hand were complacent and defended badly for both their goals. Hull City and their fans got exactly what they deserved – 3 points. Bloody good luck to them I say.

    Too many Gooners think we’ve got a God given right to win these days.

    Let’s hope we get back on the horse tomorrow night against Porto.


    Steven Powell
    El Gordito the Gooner

  24. Tall Rob says:

    There were at least two Arsenal fans in our end (that left early, like the rest of you) and we only got 3000 tickets. Two out of 57000 is hardly a lot to get upset about, is it? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  25. 87goonerboy says:

    I went to the game with my cousin after purchasing tickets through a friend we were sitting in the green quadrant upper tier. Obviously not enjoying the display and getting outsung by the hull fans below, we also had to put up with 3 twats jumoing up and clapping at both hull goals. No trouble kicked off but it just beggers belief why they were sitting there it annoyed the s*** out of me and my cousin and i couldn’t agree more with what u are sayin. Yea ok no violence happened in my case but it does annoy u when ur team r playin like millwall!

  26. Gunner Jillu says:

    I watched us win the league at Old Trafford and sat with United Suppoters from a touted ticket, a memorable day for me, so sometimes a fans gotta do what a fans gotta do!

  27. Brigham says:

    @ Tall Rob.

    Not ALL of us left early and I always stay until the bitter end for every game and I have to travel over 80 miles to each ‘home’ game since I moved out of London.

    There were still a few thousand gooners left at the final whistle and we all applauded your team off the pitch as it goes.

    Well played Hull, you showed more desire, passion and determination than many of our overpaid prima donnas.

  28. It’s not the Hull fans’ fault. Good on them for getting tickets to the Emirates, and good on them for supporting their club with passion and pride. It takes a shitload of guts to stand up in the middle of an opposing stand and yell your heart out. I sat at the Blackburn end during our Ewood Rd visit, and I couldn’t raise more than a fist and a muted cry when the Arse scored.

    The gooners who abused them should be ashamed of themselves. It’s not big and it’s not clever.

  29. aussie says:

    Why opposition supporters can’t sit next to one another confounds me?At the A.F.L grand final in Melbourne this year (and every other year) you had 100,000 supporters sitting amongst each other with no trouble whatsoever.Eject and ban the trouble makers for life and then you will have no problems. P.S the slappers should be charged with assault

  30. Matty the Hull fsn says:

    In the west stand at the KC we have away fans we dont asualt them just because we loose. I hope the Arsenal fan that slapped him got prosectuted for assualt.


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