Abou Diaby Is Back – Finally.

Written by Chris Wheatley


The big man has returned. Yes, you guessed it, Abou Diaby is back in the Arsenal frame after a injury lay-off which kept the gangly midfielder out for two months.

What do you make of Diaby? He’s played as a left midfielder last season, after being used as a central midfielder and deep-lying forward previously. He fluctuates between an exciting player who’s fantastic on the ball and pushing play forward, and a player who’s anonymous. Before the season started, I thought he would be the player to replace Flamini, and partner Cesc. But now, after watching his attacking performances against Everton and Fenerbahce I feel that his best position is certainly a deep-lying forward.

If I’m not mistaken, and it’s probable that I am, the boss will have to choose 2 among these 3 to face West Ham this weekend: Diaby, Walcott and van Persie. Will he get it right?

I tend to be a supporter of big Abou, firstly, because he’s a typical Wenger player, and secondly because he looks like he has the potential to be a outstanding player. I’d like to see him play a kind of Rivaldo-type role. What do you think though? Is this Diaby’s chance to breakthrough into the starting XI or will unforseen injury circumstances hamper his progess in the Arsenal first team?

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He’s immense


he reminded me of Hleb last night, i think Diaby be better in UCL games because he has more time on the ball to express his stuff. definately man of the match last night. keep it up Abou


I disagree with Matthew. Just because he has silky feet, it doesn’t mean he played like Hleb :S. He’s his own man, he’s not Vieira, although he has the same stature as him and he’s not Hleb, just because he’s got skills which resemble Hleb.


If he stays fit he’ll play. He’s probably that good and highly rated by Wenger.


It’s very good that we have so many good players.


Diaby has been a forward during all his schoolhood in Clairefontaine (where th, anelka, gallas, etc also come from).

He was from far the best player from the group and would always grab his team the winner.

I’m really happy to see him play well, and i definitely think he could play a cesc like role which could be really interesting over the season.

chrissie greeno
Diaby looked up for it – in the past I have sometimes thought he’s look disinterested and aloof. I think he got fed up with people linking him with the vacant DM position and is trying to nail himself a position as deep lying forward. He gave everyone a real buzz yesterday and it was wonderful to see a black man applauded off the field by the Turks. Though Eboue was excellent Yesterday also. if these two can keep the right attitudes then we can go along way. I’ve lost my Liam Brady picture. Is it something that I’m doing… Read more »
Gooner Chris

Hi Chrissie.

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chrissie greeno

Thanks Chris – don’t want to stray too far off the Diaby topic but Ramsey is starting to look like more than a great buy. I think he is pure quality. Great finish Yesterday, superb vision and is always pushing to get involved and spread the play. He’s causing a right buzz here in Wales and the locals can’t believe what we paid for him.


Diaby was excellent y’day nd xpect mo provided he doesn’t suffer any mo injuries.he shud b converted 2 a supportin striker not central midfielder


DIABY IS A good player, no question. But he is liable to pick up a booking or two and he does not really have a position in wengers favoured 442 in the premier league. looks like he will an ever present in the 451 though. he has excellent feet for a big man and uses his strength well.

Gunner Jillu

Been saying this all summer. I saw his capabilities time and time again, suprised that some of you guys have only noticed now


Wenger needs to change the formation as I believe there is still no replacement for Flamini.

They were successful last year because Flamini was covering the back 4 and providing for Fabregas. But If he’s not here any more, the tactics need to change hey?

Perhaps now it’s the if-we-score-more-goals-than-them-we’ll-win tactic at the moment, hehehe…


Diaby was originally slated by Wenger to replace Gilberto last season but got injured and Flamini played. He is still in my opinion our best bet for central defensive midfeilder. He has the strength and skill to cut it. Viera played in that position originally and moved further forward after Gilberto came in.
Know what, i would love to see our midfeild threesome of Fab-Diaby-Rosicky. That would be something. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we see this in the latter part of the season. Rosicky …..get well soon.

If you actually look at his impact before his goal the other night, to rob the ball in the middle, beat two players and drop Fabregas in to supply Adebayor for his goal, I think we have his strength and future roll for Arsenal. He’s an attack minded, quick footed defensive midfield player. He can tackle, he can track back, he has incredible stamina (when fit) and his turn is better than most players in the world. I don’t think it’s worth selling him as a forward because, whatever he is, he’s no Bendtner, but he’ll definitely offer our defence… Read more »

“I would love to see our midfield threesome of Fab – Diaby – Rosicky. ” Charlie, at the moment Nasri is a must play. Also Walcott is pretty important.

Nasri was not so good in open play, he gets bogged down in useless dribbles that leads to congestions near the touchline. Nasri needs to learn to cut inside and make key passes quickly. Let’s say he’s a poacher that will be useful in the hard games up north, but in CL open play he was slowing things down. Diaby is a revelation. If Diaby can somehow replace Denilson, then we have a silky and leathal HM/DM that will get our midfield flowing again!!! Ramsey makes things happen, but where can he play? Can he replace Cesc from time to… Read more »