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Small Time Tottenham..

Written by Chris Wheatley


From Tottenham’s Official Site:

Arsenal 4 – 4 Spurs (DVD)
This item is currently on pre-release and will be available from November
Code: 36631
Next Due Date: 15/11/2008

It was always going to be a dramatic night at the Emirates Stadium; with Harry Redknapp’s recent appointment as manager, the Spurs players with a point to prove and an Arsenal team looking for revenge following the 5-1 humiliation at the hands of Tottenham earlier in the year. The stage was set for a classic encounter and it didn’t disappoint.

David Bentley set the tone of the game with a dipping swerving 40 yard wonder strike early in the first half, but Arsenal fought back to lead 3-1 in what was a pulsating rollercoaster of a game.

With seconds remaining of normal time Spurs were 4-2 down and seemingly heading for defeat. The team; infused with a renewed sense of belief and never say die attitude drove forward and a last-minute double salvo from captain Jermaine Jenas and substitute Aaron Lennon leveled the match and stunned the Emirates Stadium.

It was night to savour for David Bentley, returning to his former club with magical inspiration. For Harry Redknapp and all associated with the club there was a great sense of unity and pride as Spurs ushered in a new era with a memorable and explosive evening of football.

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Connolly's agent

To be honest, it WAS significant for them, and from a neutral’s point of view, a very dramatic game. If I wasn’t a gooner, gutted at the result, nauseous at the sight of our boys, distraught by the loss of the season, enraged by our defensive prowess, I’d be saying it was a game worthy to be made into a DVD as well.

Gooner Chris

It was a dramatic game. There’s no arguing that. But the fact it’s been made into a DVD by them is another matter. We’ve had some fantastic draws against Man United over the years, and to be honest, I’ve never seen us release a DVD of those games.

Sorry mate, it’s not me being bitter, I just find it hilarious that they’ve brought out a DVD of a 4-4 draw which has only given them a point, and kept them bottom of the league. :S


I dont blame them one bit. It was huge for them and we would do the same thing if we were dead last and had, say, Jenas saying we could not even beat a ladies team

gooner sam

are you kidding me, they have made a dvd of a draw.

no.1 goon

just show’s what a draw againest arsenal means to them,they have no class!!

no.1 goon

just show’s what a draw againest arsenal means to them,they have no class!! as was said before we have had some classic match’s and we never put them on dvd!

Tony Adams


Are you having a laugh? That isn’t really their site, is it?

It goes to show that Tottenham fans are so bitter, Small-minded and less than ambitious in their “achievements”, they will enjoy an Arsenal failure as much as (if not more than)their own success.

Clock End Gooner
AAAHHH AH AHA HA AH HA HA… Good ol’ yids… no matter how bad you may feel as a Gooner, you can always look down the 7 Sisters and point & laugh. I thought releasing a 5-1 DVD of beating a supposed Premier League rival, with 6 non first teamers playing… was pathetic enough… BUT THIS?!!! HA HA HA HA HA…! You would expect this kind of thing from a 3rd Division team who got the result of a lifetime… Spurs seem to be doing it, every time they get a satisfactory result (or in this case, one to keep… Read more »

its not what you say,its how you say it.
its not the draw, its how it was done. and its significance !
ie. bottom of the table, and Fabregas’s arrogant statment about
the ladies team, plus that super
goal from Bentley. and then the
silence of the Emirates.


It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.
It’s not the draw, its how it was done. and its significance!
ie. bottom of the table and Fabregas’s arrogant statement about
The ladies team, plus that super
Goal from Bentley. And then the
Silence of the Emirates.


It is on DVD as it is a classic premier league game which also happened to be a local derby. 4-4 with some great goals.

Shame some of you fail to appreciate the beautiful game for what it is really is.


Braka, it really is rich, coming from a team still anchored at the foot of the EPL. The silence – that greeted the fourth spud goal – was due to the fact that all but a couple of hundred of your fellow spuds had long since left, intent on crawling back into the woodwork (where most of that obnoxious breed belong), for another year. And Bentley isn’t arrogant then?