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Former Skipper Gallas Has No Regrets Over Comments

Written by Chris Wheatley


Arsenal defender William Gallas remains adamant that he will see out the final year of his big-money contract and admits he has no regrets over his recent critical comments towards Arsene Wenger’s young guns.

Speaking at the TV launch of his new autobiography, the 31-year-old French centre half made clear his feelings about the English media as well as the removal of his armband.

The Frenchman’s comments came on the back of a loss against Aston Villa and Gallas admits he was alarmed at the amount of negative media shone his way.

“I have no regrets. I have been surprised by the violence of the English press, but I’ve moved on now.”

Gallas wasn’t finished there though, coupled with a short poem about Jerome Rothen’s attack in his own autobiography, he concluded that all the problems have been blown out of the air, and William Gallas will remain an Arsenal player until his contract runs out next year – just like his agent revealed several days ago.

“I dont want to leave, I’m happy at Arsenal, there’s still one year left on my contract, I’ll stay until the end.”

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Why do I have a feeling I do not want to hear this…

Randy Osae

Great blog, love you all, especially you Chris. 😉


Arsenal SPOT is a shambles…

I love all the exclusives Chris gets. Nice work son!


If he has no regrets, then his apology that Mr. Wenger supposedly demanded is worthless. An apology assumes regret. Let’s be done with Mr. Gallas, whether he’s determined to see his contract out or not.

nzekwe Asugha

To me, gallas was made a scape goat. There are problems in the team which are being covered for obvious reasons. Unless those problems are addressed, wenger will continue to falter.


There is no doubt that Arsenal have some problems that need to be addressed. One of them you surely must agree was the captaincy.

It is inexcusable for the captain to behave in the manner that Gallas has and for him to say he has no regrets only proves he is not captain material. Mr. Wenger must take some blame as well for not recognizing this sooner (perhaps after the Birmingham game last season)and making the change over the summer, but better late than never.


…saying ” no regrets” ,Gallas makes a plenty fool from Mr. Wenger, who demanded apology


The press said that Wenger demanded an apology. Wenger never said it himself, and let’s face it – would not have said it even if he thought it. I am on Gallas side, he has been let down by Wenger’s miserly transfer spending and had to look after a squad of overpaid brats who think they are god’s gift and don’t listen to anyone.


I agree with James.

Gunner Jillu

Wenger has unearthed some great gems in the past, maybe the best in the world at it but Song is not a gem, it annoys me that he has so much faith in him. He is not fast, he is not energetic, he aint composed on the ball, he aint technically that good, he is an ok tackler. He is mediocre, and we should not have a mediocre central midfielder unless we want drop out of the top 4! At least Denilson shows some signs that he could be good, Song shows none


Gallas and James are right, the team’s in big trouble. Wenger make changes, no more excuses you have a ceo now.