Nov 28

Wenger: Gallas Will Cope With 'Red-Hot' Atmosphere

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes William Gallas will be able to cope with the abusive atmosphere he is set to face the wrath of this Sunday against his former club Chelsea.

The 31-year-old former skipper was only recently stripped of the Gunners captaincy and now makes the short visit up to West London where a fiery crowd await.

Wenger though, feels that the French defender has enough experience and class to handle the abuse that will come his way.

“I’m confident his experience will get him through that. I also believe that focus gets you through everyhing and when you are fully focused in a match, your only focus is on winning the game.” said Wenger in his late Friday afternoon press conference.

Gooner Talk aim to continue our build-up towards every Arsenal first team game, and that includes Sunday’s Premier League clash against Chelsea.

A live match stream, post-match highlights as well as our usual Match Preview & Report will be published immediately after full time.


4 Responses to “Wenger: Gallas Will Cope With 'Red-Hot' Atmosphere”

  1. Randy Osae says:

    Incentive information Gooner Chris. I just don’t understand Wenger’s blind praises sometimes…is it just to the media or what?

    I mean, what credit does Gallas deserve here? WTF does he mean?

    He deserves credit because he didn’t publicly promise he will soon leave Arsenal and his 80,000-a-week contract after been stripped of captaincy?

  2. Randy Osae says:

    I fuckin love Gooner Talk. this fuckin site has everything..

    Can’t get any better with the vids and live games.

  3. Vince says:

    Great Article!

  4. Gooner says:

    Live Match streaming? Is this going to be a regular thing GC??


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