Nov 30

Videos: Anelka & Lampard Lose Their Rag As Gooners Celebrate Win

I’m sure you’ll all agree with me when I say Arsenal’s travelling support was absoloutely fantastic earlier this evening.

They sung their hearts out for the full 90 minutes as the Gunners triumphed to a 2-0 win over a physical Chelsea side.

However, the banter with both fans and players continued after full time where several Gooners waited outside in the Stamford Bridge car park.

Blues midfield star Frank Lampard was asked to give a ‘Cashley Cole’ note to the man himself, England International Lampard stupidly believed it was a real note before actually looking at the photo of Cole instead of the Queen’s head and subsequently threw it on the ground.

That was just the start of the ‘abuse’ for Chelsea’s lavishly-paid stars. One fan had the bottle to run up to former Gunner Nicolas Anelka’s Mini-Cooper car chanting the words “Ian Wright Wright Wright” after Anelka earlier in the week admitted he left Arsenal after being told he wasn’t Ian Wright’s replacement in a Fans Poll.

A traffic jam forced Anelka’s car to stop. The Frenchman angrily got out of his car and said, “Come here and say that… pussy.” It surprised many of the Gooners watching on, but the fan made sure he got the last words by telling 30-year-old Anelka to “fuck off.”

You can watch the video’s – courtesy of Daniel – below:

Lampard Video
Anelka Video


68 Responses to “Videos: Anelka & Lampard Lose Their Rag As Gooners Celebrate Win”

  1. wandarah says:

    that shit is really, really lame – i’d be embarassed – but i’m guessing dean here, isnt capable of it.

  2. Angelos says:

    Wow…how incredibly mature. Telling a complete stranger to fuck off, and probably one that would knock him the fuck out, is classy by any standards.

    Because fans see these people play they think they have the right to personally abuse them, it’s quite pathetic really.

  3. RobM says:

    Wow. Apparently you can’t tell the difference between banter inside the stadium and acting the fool outside of it. I’m sorry, am I supposed to be proud that people who do that support the same club as me or something?

  4. bring back limpar says:

    are you two Chelsea fans? If so you should probably have a listen to the abuse given to Arsene Wenger by your fans today. It is hypocritical to pour scourn on simple jokes when your fans hurl abuse far more personal and insulting.

  5. wandarah says:

    if you’re talking to me, i’m an arsenal fan.

    those are simple jokes sure, for simple people. it’s just fucking lame and that’s all it is. as though acting like a twat, is excusable because the fuckin’ chavs do it.

    methinks you might not have thought that one through eh…

  6. seanyboy says:

    fuck off angelos u stupid chav cunt

  7. Angelos says:

    Please chill seanyboy, don’t get too angry in front of your computer screen.
    I just don’t get kicks from seeing people getting abused for no reason whatsoever. I don’t see any reason for it, except that they may think that they’re funny, cool or hard by doing it.
    Just saying it’s kinda pathetic…just like you. So please take your passive aggressiveness somewhere else.

  8. Rock says:

    am i mistaken or is this article actually applauding the behaviour of these dickhead supposed arsenal fans – who arent real gooner fans by the way. pathetic. absolutely pathetic, why sour such a great win.

  9. Rock says:

    And I bet when Anelka got out of his car the gooners shat themselves – and were running off when they said “fuck off” – dear me. embarassing.

  10. Gunner Jillu says:

    shouting Ian Wright repeatedly, i wouldnt call hurling abuse. Thats banter

  11. stonroy says:

    wandarah and Angelos, do a favour for me will ya? Go fuck off please. This is our day, any clubs fans would do the same thing, including the Chelsea faithfull. Go and play touchy-feelie somewehere else. Great Post! OH TO BE, OH TO BE, OH TO BE A GOONER!

  12. Gooner Chris says:

    Exactly Jillu.

  13. Angelos says:

    I’m very sorry to sour this great victory by giving my opinion on a matter which doesn’t even concern the match itself.

    This post clouds a hard fought result more than anything, and the majority of the posters seem to be of the same view. It’s a shame because this is a very, very good blog when it sticks to football and not a bunch of tossers hurling abuse at people on the street then running away at the first sign of confrontation.

  14. stonroy says:

    You don’t get it Angelos. Anelka picked the fight, he says “he wanted to make us pay for not picking him (a child) over club legend Ian Wright,” what a childish little ego, fuck him number one. Then he holds onto this news for all these years till he’s in form with a club like Chelsea. Cowardly little twat! He brought it on himself. You get it now?

  15. a says:

    That block head Anel ca ca drives a Mini. How gay is that.

  16. Angelos says:

    No, because it’s his perogative, the guy is just trying to get home. Fair enough, in a match you can taunt and diss as much as you want because it’s that kind of environment, but on the street??? Give me a break.
    And if a guy tells someone to fuck off then he has to accept the consequences and not run away like a little pussy.
    Now those are the people that I consider ‘cowardly little twats’ (oh, and posers who tell people to fuck off on a message board) as you so eloquently put it. At least Anelka had the stones to get out of the fucking car and tell it to him like a fucking man.

  17. majestyk says:

    Fuck off Angelos you cunt – so what if the gooner gave him stick, good on him – its johhny come lately mugs like u that make our support (at home) a laughing stock. Stonroy is right you don’t get it – you div.

  18. xXx says:

    the anelka video…nobody said anything…except some dude singing ian wright wright wright.

    nothing about fucking off

  19. marty says:

    that note is funny as fck!!!

    id buy a poster of that twat on a note!!

    fck anelka and all of his sulking!

    Ian Wright ian wright!!!hahahaha

  20. lolz says:

    How immature..

    Also, Chris; Are you going to be posting a video of Denílson’s disgusting attempt to con the referee too, like you did with Aliev?

  21. Neil says:

    Are you sure that was Anelka?

    Anelka is on 80k a week at Chelsea, I don’t think he would be driving a poxy mini.

  22. toure tribe underboss says:

    what a load of snivelling little bitches,id love to slap anelka, whats all this about ohhh he was trying to drive home?? fuck that,he earns the money to get abuse,coppers get it worse every day, bailiffs get abbuse, firemen get abbuse, so why cant a few fans abbuse 80k a week anelka?? fuck anelka and his greedy fuckin family

  23. yve says:

    join the group guys petition for arsene wenger to sign a cb and dm

  24. jh92 says:

    can someone put that lampard and anelka videos on youtube. i havent got facebook

  25. Drew says:

    Angelos and co.

    mate I do not think it was that bad. It does not really sound like abuse more like banter. What we should be really saying about the away support is how proud they made us all by singing their hearts out even when we were losing. Could hear them all through the game.

  26. thegrovegooner says:

    i’m ashamed to be associated with gooners that immature.

  27. wandarah says:

    stonroy – thanks for the advice.

  28. sonaz says:

    big phill wil eat his words. fuck da coach who talks like a bitch

  29. sonaz says:

    we need soccer, not words

  30. Mas Khan says:

    I am not sure why abuse is directed at Anelka, yes, he left our club under a cloud but I put that down to immaturity and his greedy brothers. I have read interviews in which Anelka has said that his biggest regret was leaving Arsenal. Come one guys, remember what he did for us, no need to abuse the man. Sometimes it is embarrassing seeing what other “gooners” get up to, it’s not big, it’s not funny and it isn’t the Arsenal way.

  31. JULIO says:

    PLEASE!!!!!!, suporters should not shout to players who leave the clubs and go to other clubs. because its not their own making sometimes. and they shoud know that change is everywhere.

  32. toure tribe underboss says:

    anelka shouldnt say the reason he left arsenal is because of a sky sports fan vote,everyone knows people who sit round watchin sky sports new phoning in to vote dont go to football matches,same as the mugs who ring your on sky sports

  33. LondonGooner says:

    Angelos Says:
    November 30th, 2008 at 10:25 pm You are a bit biased and bitter there. The guy only sang “Ian Wright, wright, wroght” at Anelka, what give shim the right to call the bloke a pussy and ask him for a row! No sir I am afraid you are the one who should “f**k off!”

  34. chrisa says:

    how is it offensive to shout ‘ian wright wright wright’….funny as though

  35. Angelos says:

    Biased??? I’m an Arsenal fan.
    Whatever, I’ve tired of all this to be perfectly honest. Just gave my opinion, deal with it and chill the fuck out. I’ve got essays to do and a life to live, you can go shouting at people in cars if you like.

  36. A says:

    This is just embarrassing. The supposed “fans” are obviously just devoid of any intelligence. They sound like little kids though so maybe they’ll grow out of it, otherwise I’m ashamed that the club has fans like that. Any club will have their minority of idiotic fans though I guess

  37. tom40 says:

    I was at the scene

    “Ian Wright Wright Wright was chanted”

    He opened his window calling him a “pussy do you want me to get out”

    “Yes come” was said he then shut the window, further down the road he was still chanting “Ian Wright Wright Wright”
    Then Anelka came out walked towards him got hooted then went back to the car.
    I don’t understand why there are a few people blowing this out of proportion.

  38. champions says:

    Daniel windish you legend

    chelsea rent boys

  39. Mike says:

    It’s childish, it’s not clever, and people who think it’s ok to harrass someone in the street are several brain cells short of being retarded.

    I harboured the illusion that Arsenal fans were a touch more cerebal than the average fan, but it appears that we have our fair share of the mentally challenged amongst us.

    Pathetic, just pathetic.

  40. danielw_gooner says:

    The video is all it was there is no need for exaggeration

  41. Scott says:

    Pathetic. Childish. Immature. As a fellow Arsenal supporter you guys shame me. Won’t be coming back to this site.

  42. danielw_gooner says:

    also some of the comments are abit Hypercritical why is it ok to sing ian Wirght during the match when anelka has the ball. but not sing it to his face?

  43. guy says:

    Gooner Talk is illiterate. I bet he won’t have the balls to let this comment remain.

    “Throwed” is not a word. Child.

  44. Gooner Chris says:

    Thanks for the comment, and thanks for correcting the typo.

    And thanks for the hit on my website. :)

  45. Joe says:

    This is all so stupid.

    It’s a bunch of kids thinking their hard by giving it to a player outside of a game.

    When asking Lampard about Terry in Champions League Lampard could easily of said something like at least they took it to penalties unlike us who couldn’t.

    We sold Anelka, got Thierry Henry and a new training ground with the money.

    It’s not funny, it’s not big, it’s not clever. It’s just a bunch of silly little boys who don’t know anything about life and the way the world works. Do you honestly think Anelka cares that he left Arsenal? He’s on 80k a week. Its not like he supports Arsenal. He said leaving Arsenal was a mistake because at the time he was playing for crap like bolton, fenerbache etc. but now hes playing at Chelsea he couldn’t give two shits.

    And to all those people that tell each other to ‘fuck off’ online: You can fuck off back to your council estate and eat food your single mothers buy from iceland and lidl cause its all they can afford, you pikey pricks.

  46. klingon says:

    Them so call fans are embarrassing to Arsenal FC. If i was Lampard and Anelka i would act the same why. Them lads must be 14 years. The future fans of Arsenal. Ohhh dearrr

  47. charlie says:

    i think those kids in the videos are absolutely dispicable! frank lampard plays for england, whether we win or loose we will always support england. it is the same attitude we adopt for our clubs yet for some reason we all decide to be cunts to the players who play for our nation, for england! if a player at your club is playing badly the fans will encourage him, not, as is in the case of lampard boo him and harass him! anyone who takes that frame of mind surely cant be a true england fan!

  48. The Brain says:

    Well these fans should respect these players and indeed those abusing Wenger. This is in public and these guys are trying to get on with their lives. Would you want other people to do that to u when u are going home? Thought not. Banter ends on the pitch and plus u don’t know them anyway so how do u do banter? Shouldn’t be encouraged.

  49. shedboy says:

    what a mug, he shat himself when nico got out the car you see him jump back, typical fukin gooner.

  50. tom40 says:

    joe the only little chavy pikes around here are you waisting your whole day commenting a 30 secound video of someone singing Ian Wright Wright Wright there is know abuse in that.

    he shouldnt of taken any notice he should be a role model that little children look up to not get out of a fuking car when someone is singing a legends name.

  51. paulafc4life says:

    to the spuds and chelsea fans do one and get a life

    and to all you gooners loosen up abit we just beat chelsea 2-1

    nice video!! dont listen some of the people on here have never been to an arsenal match in there life.

  52. Hadz says:

    All of you serious mugs having your periods over this video are pathetic, if you dont like the vid why would you carry on commenting? clearly got great social lives. Daniel is a legend if you dont like the video or this article then, off you fuck.

    Yours Sincerely.


  53. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Wow, I’m an Arsenal fan but that guy’s a cunt.

  54. RED ARMY!!!!!! says:

    hahaha this is so fuking funny

  55. freekick says:

    I never thought that people could be proud about being morons… And that has to be the coolest last word ever…

  56. freekick says:

    And the side admin should be ashamed of trying to get some hits with this shit. Site blacklisted. over and out.

  57. Bryce says:

    Pathetic. An advert for rugby.

  58. dave says:

    half of you are not arsenal fans this is quality

  59. This is immature especially as this is in public and these guys are trying to get on with their lives.
    How could the video be quality when u can’t see anything? Anyway clearly Anelka was emotional about the Ian Wright situation. He would’t have batted an eyelid on the pitch but off the pitch is a lack of respect.

  60. HELP! says:

    if anyone can and would like to upload this video to youtube or something for us who are without facebook it would be much appreciated 😉

  61. Joe says:

    Oh tom40 you just don’t get it.

    And how does writing a comment the same length as yours make me a pokey? At least I can spell.

  62. RED ACTION 247 says:


  63. champions says:

    listen all you cunts
    Anelka can fuck off
    lampard can fuck off
    all chelsea cunts can fuck off
    and that boy Daniel windish fucking genius m8 x

    stop being boring old fucks have some fun



  64. Joe says:


  65. i hate gooners says:

    arsenal r shit anyway!

  66. ARSENAL 4 LIFE!!! says:



  67. tom40 says:

    wow joe you really are a sad fuck

  68. floor jacks says:

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