Dec 28

Bendtner Given Surprise Arsenal Start


Nicklas Bendtner has been handed a place in today’s starting line-up as Arsenal take on Portsmouth later this afternoon.

The Danish striker hasn’t had the amount of playing time he would of liked this season, but Gunners boss Arsene Wenger opted to rest Robin van Persie today and play the gangly frontman Bendtner upfront with Emmanuel Adebayor.

In what is a must-win game for Arsenal, Gael Clichy and aforementioned Adebayor both return to the starting XI – the latter comes back from a suspension.

Sagna – Gallas – Silvestre – Clichy
Eboue – Denilson – Diaby – Nasri
Adebayor – Bendtner

Subs: Fabianski (GK), Toure, Van Persie, Vela, Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs.


20 Responses to “Bendtner Given Surprise Arsenal Start”

  1. Jaaack says:

    I dont like Bendtner with Adebayor. Just no creativity. Van Persie better have some sort of knock otherwise Wenger is even more of a clown than i first thought.

  2. AndyMcPhail says:

    Last chance saloon for bendtner

  3. iJemz says:

    Bendtner has really good days, but most of the time he has terrible days.

  4. nr790 says:

    what are you talking about jaack nicklas is the best link striker that we have. you obviously have never watched him play before

  5. matt says:


  6. Bergys says:

    When is vela gona get a chance? If players like song ,eboue,bendtnar can start.why not him?

  7. Hopeless Goon says:

    Hopefully his last game for Arsenal..

  8. Mraces says:

    ade had a really good chance to score, and thats it created little again so far first half. crouch had a good header against the post.

  9. Bergy says:

    Come on arsene take of bendtnar and on van persy. Of eboue and on vela. Nasri right.and vela left.ade is realy lazy

  10. Mraces says:

    ade misses another decent chance, bentdner is now playing wide left:S

  11. Mraces says:

    here comes carlos:)

  12. Mraces says:

    gallas scores a header from a free kick, we look so much more dangerous from free kicks and corners when cesc aint taking them.

  13. Gooner Chris says:

    My prediction was right then. 😉

  14. Jaaack says:

    nr790 you are a fool. Van persie is the best “link striker” we have. Bendtner is a target man if anything.

  15. nr790 says:

    Idiot you are simply an idiot bendtner “target man” what planet are you living on. Oh wait i guess your line off thought comes from the fact he is really tall and theefore he is a target man. simply idiotic

  16. TheBrain says:

    You were right Chris about the prediction. Even if it was long overdue! Anyway I though Bendtner would start as RVP looked jaded. Good win

  17. jaaack says:

    I said if anything. His link play clearly worked today didnt it…..but i suppose you wouldnt know as you failed to watch the match.

  18. American Gooner says:

    scraping to get by Pompey. this is what we have come to know as normal. surely if we buy anyone it will be a 17 year old or a 36 year old. oh to be an arsenal fan…

  19. nr790 says:

    how dumb are you he was shifted to the wing after about 30 mins you idiot

  20. jaaack says:

    if hes a link playe he should be able to adapt to playing on the wing. e.g van persie


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