Jan 17

Exclusive: Arshavin’s agent answers Gooner Talk


Gooner Talk have managed to catch up with Andrei Arshavin’s representitive, Dennis Lachter.

The 27-year-old Russian hotshot has been linked with Arsenal for several months now with Ivan Gazidis looking to broker a potential £14 million pound deal.

Arsenal officials, led by Gazidis, had been invited to Zenit St. Petersburg to discuss the possibility of  Arshavin signing for the north London giants. Zenit turned down a £10 million bid, plus a possible £5 million at a later date according to president Alexei Petrov.

“Zenit have invited Arsenal officials to come to St Petersburg next Tuesday.

“Zenit does want to find an acceptable option for everyone.” said Petrov

Just days after refusing to give out any interviews to the International media, I posed a simple, but effective question to Israeli-born agent Lachter.

Will Arshavin – in your eyes – be an Arsenal player by the end of the current transfer window?

“I do believe that Andrey will be an Arsenal player.” he replied.

Lachter was present at the Emirates Stadium for the Gunners’ Champions League clash with Dynamo Kyiv in November. He praised the Arsenal atmosphere – labelling it ‘terrific’, but refused to answer any more questions on his client.

Stay tuned to Gooner Talk for the latest news and rumours concerning Arsenal football club.


100 Responses to “Exclusive: Arshavin’s agent answers Gooner Talk”

  1. Joe says:

    Amazing work Chris.. This saga will end next week then.. Excellent, just in time for a fresh title tilt?

  2. chris says:

    niiiice, we won and this is good news! , we really could do with him out wide and a new DM

  3. the king of the world says:

    that it lol??? how from that r we supposed to believe that he will actually sign???

  4. sab says:

    thanks Chris..for the great work…the best arsenal informative site..keep up the great work

    sab,from bangalore INDIA..one of the most passionate arsenal fans..lots of great passion and support for arsenal from India,please do know..

    Thanks for Positive news…cant wait for tuesday,touchwood..common arsenal common….

  5. Rock says:

    do you honestly think this is an exclusive? what a dodgy blog its unbelievable. never seen a blog that gives as much misleading headlines.

    I dont care if you delete this mate, I know you read it thats all that matters, as long as you know you aint fooling everyone, thats mooore than good enough for me.

  6. Joe says:

    @ the king of the world

    Erm.. Maybe because his agent just said he believe’s Arshavin will be an Arsenal player? Idiot.

  7. TT says:

    We still don’t need a DM. An AM yo partner Denilson if anything. But Nasri should be in the middle with either a new left winger signed as well as Arshavin or Vela starting.

  8. Joe says:

    Rock, how is it a misleading headline?

  9. GS says:

    How did you get in contact with Lachter?

  10. the king of the world says:


    his agent talks lots of shit bud, dont u remember the summer??? prick

  11. Renna says:

    Well done Chris. More of this kinda thing please, it’s what sets you apart from the other 10,000 Arsenal blogs.

  12. goonerguy says:

    good job on the exclusive how did you actually get it anyway?

    rock grow up this is the best arsenal blog on the web so how can you claim it to be “dodgy”

  13. Gooner Chris says:

    His email, along with thousands of other agents, is on the FIFA website.

    Rocky, I don’t need to delete your comment, the majority of people who read this article know it’s reliable and concrete.

    Keep commenting, keep visiting – the more the merrier for me. :)

  14. chris says:

    true, this does not confirm he is defo signing..but its a good sign that his agent believes he will be an arsenal player

  15. rico says:

    does any1 think we may be about to hijack spurs bid for palacios bruce said today that another club is in for palacios who no’s mayb a double signing dis week of palacios and arshavin

  16. goonerguy says:

    gooner chris do you think that arsenal might sign more than just arshavin during this transfer window and if so any idea who?

  17. Renna says:

    Rico – No, wenger won’t buy a player he recommended and could have signed for free.

  18. Matt says:

    @ Rico

    I heard it was man utd or man city… certainly wouldnt mind getting him though. quality player. Maybe we shouldn’t have let him slip through after his trial.

  19. goonerguy says:

    that would be annoying if we did sign palacios as we were the 1’s who took him on trial then told wigan about him and they signed him so to then buy him from them for over £10 million is just idiotic

  20. Gooner Chris says:

    Spurs will sign Palacios for around £14 million.

    It’s such a shame really, we could of got him on the cheap before he joined Wigan.

    And yes, I do believe we’ll sign more than one player, not too sure of names at the moment though.

  21. rico says:

    yh he had him on trial but who no’s buying a player who had no european or top south american team experience may have been a risk and bruce said its definatly not man utd dunno if its city but didnt they just bid for de jong and they already have kompany an for me that seems a bit congested

  22. Jaaack says:

    Is it me or is the article worded in such a way that it seems you asked Lachter while he was at the Dynamo game…? Probably just me. We won’t sign Palacios, i think its got to be city going in with the second bid, Ferguson said that hes not buying anyone else. Wenger doesnt seem to like keeping hold of defensive midfielders does he?

    Any thoughts ?

  23. gooner says:

    stop being so mean u lot. well done mate good work. we are all nervous this season and are all desperate to see some real quality sign for our beloved club. so its all encouraging and positive

  24. Gooner Chris says:

    No Jack, I didn’t even go to that game, LOL.

    I asked if he’d ever been to the Emirates before, he said yes, he atteneted the Kyiv game.

  25. Gooner Chris says:

    Cheers for the praise guys, I wanted to get an answer out of him and I did.

  26. Blue Lights says:

    so hold on, where and when did you meet his agent?

  27. chris says:

    he sent an email to the agent

  28. Steven says:

    Wow. Some exclusive. Can’t believe you people are thick enough to believe that Chris really spoke to him himslef

  29. Blue Lights says:

    lol…I smell bullshit. you are clever though. you know its a good chance he’ll sign so you made sure in your made up quote you included

    “I believe” he will be an arsenal player, and “in your eyes”

    so that covers you basically if the deal doesn’t happen. Very clever, very manipulative. Def would get you plenty of clicks. Unbelievable. Should be ashamed mate.

    All you lot believing an agent of such a high profile footballer would reply to an email from a complete stranger and quite frankly a nobody, are so fucking naive its unreal.

    Replying to a guy from goonertahahahahahalk, ridiculous.

  30. chris says:

    mate its not like the agents actually revealing anything ‘top secret’ is it?, all he says in the quote is ‘i believe he will be an arsenal player’..not really revealing much to do with any deal

  31. Gooner Chris says:

    Blue Lights, you obviously have a massive problem with the fact that a football agent replied to my website.

    I’m hardly going to make fucking quotes up to get hits, I don’t acheive anything from it at all.

    Steven, the Zenit president quotes are from Sky, I never claimed they were exclusive to me – looks like you’re the thick one, get your facts right.

  32. Steven says:

    is this similar to your ‘exclusive’ when you said flamini was staying?

  33. Gooner Chris says:

    No, because I backed myself up with a link to that information.

    How is it similar? You’re not the fizziest drink in the fridge are you?!

  34. Steven says:

    i meant was it similar in the fact that it is complete bullshit, you moron. It’s obvious arshavin is going to sign, you’re just jumping on the bandwagon

  35. Gooner Chris says:

    It was on the old version of this blog, when I jumped to conclusion and when I had no real sources either.

    I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, I’ve got an answer from the agent of Arshavin and I’ve posted it up – what’s the problem?

  36. Joe says:

    I don’t get some of you lot, Chris comes up with a gem of an article, which he did out of his own knowledge of knowing where to find Lachter’s email address, mobile number, fax machine.. Appreciate his good work will ya?

  37. Samir says:

    Nice article mate, Hoping that we’ll have Arshavin before Cardiff game to see whats hes capable of. :)

  38. JohnA says:

    Steven and Blue Lights have completely owned Gooner Chris — who talks so much bullshit it’s unbelievable.

  39. Samir says:

    JohnA, why do you come on this site, other than to talk utter bollocks, Chris, can you ban these morons IP’s?:|

  40. chris says:

    apparantly we are willing to only go as high as 15million, hoping zenit don’t want higher…

  41. chris says:

    just looking at van persie’s stats this season, 25 appearances-12 goals, 13 assists!!

  42. JohnA says:

    GoonerChris — any reason why your exclusive n Lachter isn’t available any more?


    Fear of being sued?

  43. T.U.G.Z says:

    its obvious that steven johna and blue moron are spud supporters cuming here to cause problems… U shouldnt give these morons the time of day gonnerchris theyre really not worth it

  44. JohnA says:

    In other words, Thugz, you have no suggestion as to why the: http://goonertalk.com/2009/01/17/exclusive-lachter-answers-gooner-talk/

    was deleted.

    Deluded muppets. It was obviously deleted because GoonerChris knew he was making stuff up which could land him in court.

  45. Gooner Chris says:

    John, you’re hilarious.

    It was exactly the same article as this one, but I deleted it as I wanted my match report to appear before it.

    How will this land me in court? Get real, please.

  46. Samir says:

    Its working for me.:]

  47. Gooner Chris says:

    John, your use of the word ‘owned’ completely sums you up. Immature, un-intelligent teenager.

  48. JohnA says:

    Right on the heading, you say: “Exclusive:. Exclusive implies you’re the only source that the said person has talked to with the information you have.

    And that is bullshit because you have copied the quotes off Sky and claimed that he has made contact with you.

    Libelous, and that could land you in court. Stop bullshitting. No-one with any degree of perspective is buying it.

  49. Victor says:

    Wow. I mean why not?! Anyone can get any of the agents’ email from fifa.com. Just write, if he answers cool, if not, who cares?!I still don’t totally believe that it was Lachter who wrote back. Of course, Zenit had already gone public with this. Something actually might happen next week. I just hope Xabi Alonso and Upson are also coming.

  50. Joe says:

    JohnA, can i have the link to the SSN article where Lachter says these things? Much obliged

  51. Gooner Chris says:

    John, you really are a deluded young man.

    The quotes from Lachter were an extract of an email he sent to me.

    I don’t really care if you think it’s bullshit, I wouldn’t make it up – I have no reason to either.

    Don’t come back on my blog, people like you never have valid views on my work.

  52. Tony says:

    Ya i think the deal will be done Tuesday and he’ll sign Wednesday. Cant wait.
    My god we need him. Eboue is absolutely dreadful. A 6-yard pass is beyond him. Can someone explain to me how Wenger left him on the field for 70 minutes. I was pulling my hair out. We are basically playing with 10 men when he is on the team. Oh and Nasri, class act, great finish, he’s one of the true stars on the team

  53. Darren says:

    So if this really was an exclusive, why are their so little quotes from Lachter. I mean, if had gotten a chance like that, I would have asked him alot more than the obvious questions that have already be rewritten by every newspaper since Jan1. You just made it extremely easy for anyone to question how legit this ‘exclusive’ really is. I am disappointed by that more than anything else.

  54. Gooner Chris says:

    Otherwise it would of turned out to be an interview.

    Lachter previously said he WOULD NOT do interviews with the media.

    I simply asked him a yes or no question, and he replied saying yes, Arshavin will come.

    I’ll post a print screen later on if anyone is interested in looking at the short email.

  55. Joe says:

    Well, anyone want to apologise to Chris :P.

  56. Gooner Chris says:

    I’m waiting for someone to accuse me of Photoshopping it…

  57. BarnesandKnoble says:

    Gooner Chris, lol way to ruin all your reputation! stop making stuff up, it’s getting old now mate.

  58. Joe says:

    Barnes, ruined his reputation? I think he’s just improved it?

  59. Gooner Chris says:

    Oh please, I will close the comments soon.

    I’ve published proof of the email, there’s nothing else I can do.

    If you don’t have anything to say other than insults towards me and my blog – fuck off.

  60. nice one chris, stuff the lot. some of us have actually admired your site and articles. keep it up.

  61. Gooner Chris says:

    Cheers mate, it’s a shame there’s no pleasing some people.

  62. BarnesandKnoble says:

    LOL – anyone can photoshop and make a gmail account with the name Dennis Latcher!

  63. yeah dw it happens with people, they believe its too good to be true and start accusing. just watch when he comes, it’ll be like a slap in the face to then, and then they realise you were right. nyt mn.

  64. goonblogger says:

    Firstly mate, fantastic work. Hopefully we get Arshavin, he could really kick our season on if he did arrive.

    Secondly, do you fancy a link swap?

  65. Joe says:

    I know you may think that you’re being clever by not being gullible, I know, i can relate to you, but can’t you just be happy that Arshavin’s agent has said this. Think about it, Chris is doing fine without making crap up, so why would he need to. Barnes, go to Google and type in the info you see on Chris’ print screen, it should come up with Fifa.com and the exact info it says on the print screen. Any more proof?

  66. sandknoble just be quiet man, nd make ur own blog. if you dont like it then get lost. no ones askin for you to be here, so why you here. go mn seriously your not appreciated.

  67. Darren says:

    I think the problem is that by hyping up this email you had with Latcher by telling us all beforehand and then dubbing it ‘exclusive’ is that there really isn’t anything special in what was said. We have all read this stuff by his agent for half a month. So this has been nothing but more of the same.

  68. i want lachters add.

  69. Gooner Chris says:

    I’m publishing what was sent to me by an agent of a player heavily linked with Arsenal.

    I really, really can’t see what people’s problem is with the article itself.

    It’s exclusive, the quotes from Lachter were sent to me by the man himself – no-one else.

    I want my readers to get the best information on the latest transfer stories concerning the Gunners.

    So, I’ll continue to post articles like these regardless of people’s negative attitudes towards them.

  70. Joe says:

    It is exclusive apart from the people that heard it before hand and are regulars on the blog. I really don’t understand why everyone is picking out faults in everything Chris does. It’s what comes with being a owner of a very good blog I suppose.

  71. barry says:

    Why don’t the phone numbers work?

  72. Gunner Jillu says:

    Good work Chris, but have you realised that you have now disclosed all of his agents contact details, meaning its prank city for all readers, i suggest you remove his details or you are going to get one angry Russian

  73. Joe says:

    Gunner Jillu, they’re avaialable on fifa.com.

  74. Gooner Chris says:

    I don’t know Barry, I haven’t phoned him.

    FIFA have every single agent’s contact details on their website, I’m not worried about any repercussions that may come my way.

  75. barry says:

    why is his agent number 007? This is pathetic. Why would you make his agent number 007? I believed this bull

  76. Gooner Chris says:

    Why don’t you check on the FIFA website?

    Do you research before making stupid comments which display your miniscule level of intelligence.

  77. Joe says:

    LOL, is everyone who doesn’t like Chris or the blog going to find faults in everything Chris does. This is hilarious.

  78. toure tribe underboss says:

    i just faxed the agent,see if i can get a reply

  79. Gunner Jillu says:

    have to admit, curosity got to me, the contact detail are his agents, i rang him earlier and he said to ring during the week. I made out I was a sky sports journalist

  80. Gunner Jillu says:

    Chris, think you have a really good blog, but think it all gets a bit too personel. You are better off providing the info you have by way of an article and not comment furthar via posts in that way people dont criticise for the sake of it, dont give them the opportunity. Appear as a ghost name if you wanna join in the chat. Best way for this site to be recognised as more proffesional and reliable

  81. Gooner Chris says:

    Thanks for the advice Jillu.

    I will have a think about it. Such a shame that I may have to resort to blocking out all comments, and approving them on my own accord – the same as Young Guns do at the moment.

  82. arsenal4ever says:

    to all bloghaters go and support the spuds!!! Keep up the good work Goonerchris

  83. Gunner Jillu says:

    People like winding people up and think thats what peploe do on blogs. But you have to rise above it and not get involved, think then Goonertalk will be more than just a blog, it will become a source of information

  84. arsenal4ever says:

    nothing to do with this article, but just found this cracker from Jay !!!


  85. […] GoonerTalk used some initiative and got Lachter’s details off the FIFA website, all agents details are on there. […]

  86. Cranium says:

    Why Lachter named as agent no.007? Crazy! 😛

  87. GoonerDaniel says:

    Chris,I’ve always enjoyed reading this blog.. keep up the good work and don’t listen to this morons.

  88. Joe says:

    lol, Cranium, it’s coincidence. Check it out on FIFA.com. Wonder if he paid to have it 😛

  89. Cranium says:

    I live in Russia and I can assure you that you are wrong naming Denis Lahter as agent Arshavin. Remember Lahter not Arshavin agent.

    His agent is Pavel Andreev.

  90. rico says:

    so hes either based in isreal or isreali cus hes from tel aviv i always fought he was russian lol

  91. Gooner Chris says:

    Lachter and Andreev are both from the same agency, they are also both representitives or Arshavin, hence Cranium’s comment.

  92. Cranium says:

    Yes, Lahter representative Arshavin of the negotiations, but it is not his agent.

    Arsenal negotiates directly with Pavel Andreev. All that said, in an interview Lahter has no reason and as a rule, the absolute nonsense and bullshit.

    Andreev confirmed the talks. This is a man you can trust.

    In Russia many more sources of information on the transfer Arshavina. I suggest to believe.

  93. Gooner Chris says:

    Thanks for that Cranium.

    I’ll try and get in contact with him.

  94. caribkid says:

    Not totally blaming Wenger for this one, but our DM position has been so muddied over the past year, some Hollywood producer needs to put our story on the big screen. Apt title would be , “Arsenal, Quadruple Curse Of The DM”.

    1st, we get Diarra on a steal of a deal and then let him go last January, and this start’s the curse.

    2nd, Flamini says he is staying, draws out negotiations and flees like a thief in the night to play around with his Italian buddies as a reserve utility man, exactly what he didn’t want to do at Arsenal. It just feels better doing that at twice the salary, especially when you get tax emptions on your income.

    3rd, Arsene pays tribute to Gilberto by telling him he can’t guarantee playing time, albeit we have just lost our # 1 and # 2 DM, and bids the loyal serf sweet adieu at the bargain price of 1 mill so he can ply his trade and receive his pension from Greek team Pana.

    4th, the last piece to the comi-tragedy. Winston Palacios, unknown Honduran footballer, is recommended to Wenger by his SA scouts and is humbled by being afforded a trial at the famed Gunners. Palacios does well, impresses Wenger, but alas, Arsene is very comfortable with his DM trio of Diaby, Song and Denilson, doesn’t want more competition for their slot.

    Arsene, being in a very charitable mood, (his wife gave him some last night or he had some wicked Java), calls up his good friend Steve Bruce (actually, Arsene owes him one for Bendtner slagging his daughter when on loan to Birmingham), and recommends Palacios. Bruce gladly accepts this great potential talent at less than 1 mill and even takes him to Wigan when he assumes control. Palacios has turned into a great DM in the Arsenal mold , so much so that Tottenham have a bid of 14 mill accepted for this tremendous player who was also wanted by Real Madrid (or so the C**T press said).

    Now, here’s the scary part. Song, although being the only team member who understands what DM means (admittedly, lacking in experience and pace), finds it hard to displace Arsene’s illegitimate wunderkind, Denilson, and is also at times displaced by the PV heir to the throne, Diaby.

    Unfortunately, neither Diaby or Denilson has a clue to what the title DM refers to, and merrily attack, don’t look back and heavens forbid, never track back. In retrospect, the cosmic heavens and the dark forces of evil have contrived to give all Arsenal fans and followers numerous heartaches while we look towards the reincarnation of PV and MP. Veira and Petit for all you new fans, if any.

    Shakespeare should have been alive now, for he surely would have made this his greatest work, the epitome of the “Comi-Tragedy”.

  95. Victor says:

    Chris you doing a nice job, keep it up. The win today was nice but anybody cared to notice how clichy defended? Is he supposed to be an escort or a defender?

  96. hiro says:

    how did you ever get his mail address? cool

  97. Gooner Chris says:

    Cranium, if Lachter is the main man in negotiations then he’s obviously the one in the know?!

  98. Gooner Chris says:

    Comments Closed. 😀