Jan 23

Advocaat: Arshavin decision NOT yet made


Zenit St Petersberg head coach Dick Advocaat admits that the Russian side have yet to make up their minds on whether to accept Arsenal’s offer for highly-rated playmaker Andrei Arshavin.

Advocaat and his players have been at a training camp in the luxurious surroundings of Dubai since Monday.

Despite Arshavin wanting a move away from the Russian giants, Advocaat revealed that it is vital for him to keep his fitness up before any possible move goes through.

Speaking to SovSport, Zenit’s boss said:

“He [Arshavin] understands if they [Zenit] will take the right decision and sell him, there will just not be time to stay fit [if he doesn’t train]. It is therefore necessary for Andrei to train, here in Dubai.”

Contrary to reports, the deal is NOT off, in fact, Zenit are yet to make up their minds on Arsenal’s £12million + add on’s bid.

“Negotiations are continuing. I know that there will be a decision on on his departure in the next two days.”

Adovocaat’s comments suggest that a move could be completed in the next couple of days – Monday looking likely.

Zenit seem keen to drag on any potential deal with Arshavin already 50% a Gunners player after agreeing personal terms last week.

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63 Responses to “Advocaat: Arshavin decision NOT yet made”

  1. Bob says:

    This is extremely irritating. Bloody Zenit.

  2. goonblogger says:

    Gooner Chris have you got an e-mail at all mate?

  3. George says:

    Quotes would be nice NOW mate. It’s so hard to know what to believe without solid evdence.

  4. George says:

    Its ok, I believe you even without quotes. Sorry.

  5. goonblogger says:

    Give the lad time George

  6. George says:

    Haha. This thing has dragged on for some time already. It’s getting to the point where without evidence, posts mean nothing. i.e Arsenal Insider earlier.

  7. fabtastic says:

    Gooner chris great as usual, have you read the article in Arsenal insider do you think that it is true and that zenit have accepted the bid but just not told us yet?

  8. Joe says:

    The only thing that is irritating is the press makinf stuff up and making people think it’s a done deal when nothin’s happened yet, eg. The Sun and The Mirror. I REALLY REALLY hope this finally happens :@

  9. George says:

    Nice one Chris. Knew you’d give your word regarding quotes however, try to post them at the same time as the article mate. It leaves some of us on edge! :)

  10. Gooner Chris says:

    No worries guys.

    I totally agree with Joe. People saying the deal is completed are talking nonsense.

    The facts are:

    1. Arshavin wants to play for Arsenal.

    2. Zenit would preferably like Arshavin to go to Arsenal.

    3. A deal is close, I wouldn’t rule out Monday for his signing.

    Then again, a last minute deal would be typical of Arsenal.

  11. goonblogger says:

    Chris you got a personal e-mail mate?

  12. Does anyone remember how many weeks or months the nasri saga was? Also he turned otu to be probably the best foreign player so far in the EPL. Well the best midfielder in my view. Arshavin did well in the Euro, Rosicky also impressed in the world cup i think. So I belvie once you have proven yourself for you counrty then you can prove yourself in a league. World Cup And Euro are dificult compititions. So how long did the nasri transfer saga last?

  13. Paul says:

    How can we have agreed personal terms with Arshavin? Surely you only get permission to talk to a player once his club has accepted a bid???

  14. Gooner Chris says:

    I do goonblogger.

    If you email me via the goonertalk.wordpress one, I’ll give it to you on there. 😉

  15. NAsri is probably the best foreign midfielder bought last summer. PRobably robinho would be considered better. But midfielders usually has a greater effect than forwards. So i say nasri was the best buy from another league.

  16. goonblogger says:

    Ok buddy cheers

  17. dj eboue says:

    With the return of the currently injured players, plus Arshavin’s inclusion, will trigger another golden age of Arsenal FC.

  18. Clock End says:

    Hi guys, I have to agree with one of the previous posts. How can we negotiate a contract with someone elses player. Surely thats against the rules?

  19. Mr.T says:

    A lot of this speculation came about because of a radio station in Russia. Can’t really trust them! I haven’t heard or read anything on any sports website or tv sports station. Sports Illustrated website has mentioned something but they copied just about everything Arsenal Insider had on his site,and another media outlet in Russia said the deal is still under negotiation, and earlier today SSN stated that Zenit are still in discussion. I think Monday we will find out…until then we have to keep our hair intact and not throw the computer out the window.

  20. leon says:

    i seriously doniught that zenet will run the risk of the buying his contract wich will be in the rigion of 2-5 mill,they have been several stories generated by the club stating that they have rejected arsenals offer to get bigger offer. but the bottom line 15 mill is alot more than 2-5 mill

  21. chris says:

    if its true that hes agreed some terms, zenit must have allowed him to speak to us about the terms of a contract cause otherwise it would be against the rules. i just want this over now, wengers deadline is on monday aparantly so we should know by then

  22. Clock End says:

    Surely if they let him discuss terms then they must know that they WILL sell him to us eventually. Seems they are just playing hardball over the fee.

  23. redbearer says:

    On.. Off.. On.. Off.. On!?!? It’s like a child playing around with the tv remote!! Obviously we all live in the hope that we can secure the services of a player which can undoubtedly add something and can fit into Wenger’s style of play… I just hope that all this waiting has not been in vain!

    I’ve wanted this deal for ages and even taken to wearing some rosary beads.. not because of god it’s because I need to believe in Arsenal again and some peas could fit nicely in pods given the chance! Ars?????

  24. Paul says:

    Judging by Wengers interview on SSN he doesn’t seem particularly bothered if we get him or not. Great!!!!!

  25. ej says:

    All american websites just copied one blog this afternoon and said the deal was off and they had rejected offer. Zenit do seem to be umming and ahhring… Lets concentrate on sunday first and whatever monday brings we have to accept. What wenger says about the talent we have is sooo dull now! why is he concentrating on giving eboue a new contract when van persie and walcott need to be renewed!!!

  26. redbearer says:

    Oh one more thought is that Villa have today strengthen their squad by signing Emile Heskey… so the player doesn’t score goals but he brings other players into the game with his work rate, assists and experience.. very much an O’Neill type of player! I would like to think that we could more than match this ambition and consolidate 4th spot at the very least otherwise this season will set us back to the yesteryear era when we failed to finish respectably as a top 4 club… We need something to happen in this window Wenger please!

  27. ej says:

    Wenger thinks we should be patient with diaby,denilson and eboue!!! he thinks we should trust this squad and the guys coming back are like new transfers!!! yeah that means no money!!

  28. bennyboythegooner says:

    please, please, please can the powers that be just get on with it and sign AA. He will be an amazing signing for us and who knows, his presence may just inspire the rest of the squad to carry on what they are doing now and chalenge 4 the title. Apart from that, what with the ‘will he, wont he speculation’ i am slowly losing the will to live………….!!!

  29. leon says:


    i think you will find that arsenal are the third richest club in the world they have money wenger will only a mega gifted player and plus delinson and diaby are looking alot better

  30. rico says:

    on the contract thing zenit let his agent look for a club at the begining of january and basically said if u can find some1 who wants him u can talk to dem but they have to be willing to buy him dus his contract is done just a matter of the clubs sorting out the money thats why his agent kept saying it is possible for him to be an arsenal player very soon. peace

  31. BillyGallas says:

    Dear Santa, God, Easter Bunny etc.

    I want Arshavin at Arsenal!
    Please this is not healthy for me.

    If he signs though… What Number? Im thinking 23 or 13?

  32. Gain says:

    I am sick and tired on this news. I hope Zenit makes up their mind and stop tossing us around.

  33. Mr.T says:

    I am watching Sky Sports as I type and they have just said that Zenit have lowered their price for AA and they are waiting on a response from Arsenal. So that’s it…they have NOT rejected a deal from us. They are going to wait on Arsenal. They did not mention what the fee is though, just that we are not going higher than 15 million. Just have to wait and see.

  34. how long was the nasri transfer saga? how many weeks was it please?

  35. Paul says:

    The Nasri one dragged on for weeks but at least we got our man! Bet that was over money as well. How come we are so tight when the f*ckers dont mind charging me 4 quid for a poxy pie!!!!!!!!!

  36. BKK says:

    Why can’t Arshavin buy out his contract and AFC just pay for it? Wouldn’t that be far cheaper than 12m + add ons?

  37. if he buys it out, then a Real madrid, Man city, chelse with russian owner, can offer him likk 100,000 a week easy, and he would not choose arsenal’s 70,000 over 100,000

  38. Latest news. says:

    Hi Gooner Chris,

    I just got this:

    “Zenith” proposed “to arsenal” the new version of transaction on the transfer of the forward of the St. Petersburg command of Andrey [Arshavin]. This proposal provides for the very flexible diagram of money payments, but blue-bel- blue are calculated, that the English command will, in turn, increase the sum of transfer.
    “If “the arsenal” not of signs and this our proposal, then [Arshavin] into this club sold it will not be. In any event this will be decided to the evening of Saturday.
    Nevertheless, [Arshavin] nevertheless can prove to be in England. Still several clubs, which did not thus far make, are interested in it to us official proposal, but to make it they were ready”, gives the words of the general director “” Maxim [Mitrofanov]’s zenith “Sport- express”.

  39. Izad says:

    Arshavin is overated. He has a similiar style with Robbie Keane. A good player but not extraordinary. For the past 2 years we could have got the player that we really wanted at bargain price. First, Wilson Palacios came to us for a trial and our Mr “Arsene knows” felt that our midfield were overstocked. Then, Lassana Diarra came and we asked him to be patient. Admit your errors Boss !

  40. gooneroonerooner says:

    Instead of scraping through on a 1-0 score, a player of Arshavins quality and skill will help us to more 4+ goal games… he always draws 2 or 3 players to him, stretching defenses and is a freak 1 on 1. It’s not ideal, but we could then afford the defensive lapses we’ve been having.

    We go ahead in games now, and I’m scared to death for the rest of the game as we never look likely to score again.

    Arshavin seems to be a wet dream for Wenger, who it seems would love to have 10 attacking midfielders every game, and perhaps one in goal too 😉

  41. wee says:

    we’re not signing any DM? :(

    and, Arshavin’s addition to the squad will give us more creativity. I’m friggin worried when Denilson and Diaby start as CM and Nasri on the left wing!

  42. athlon says:

    I don’t know guys, I think Zenit have already rejected our bid:
    (The URL is strange)

  43. Hendrix says:

    On SkySports, they have said they’ll make a deal on this Saturday. Let’s hope it’s a good deal for us, not for others clubs.

  44. dptaylor says:

    This Arshavin deal is certainly dragging on for a while but you can understand why. If there is no other offer by monday it looks like they will accept.

  45. Hendrix says:

    Or not ^

  46. dptaylor says:

    Well I hope they will accept :)

  47. Hendrix says:

    It’s difficult to say that they’ll accept. They can hold Arshavin there if they want .. but fortunately, he doesn’t want to stay there. That’s a good point for us, not for Zenit in this transfer.

  48. athlon says:

    Uzbeg national team beat Zenit today. Arshavin didn’t play. I don’t know what is the reason. I imagine that Zenit will offer Arshavin for Man.City or Spurs. But if Arshavin is clever he won’t chose neither of them. We have one week, I really hope that Wenger has other targets, like Arda Turan, Afellay, or a experienced French player who could play in the Champions League as well. And a defender, like Hangeland.

  49. Mraces says:

    10.29 Zenit St Petersburg have issued an ultimatum to Arsenal to conclude a deal for wantaway playmaker Andrei Arshavin today, or risk missing out on him entirely.

  50. Hendrix says:

    Why Zenit would offer Arshavin to Man City or Spurs?

  51. athlon says:

    To get the money.

  52. Hendrix says:

    If they offer Arshavin to Man City for only 20M, they are stupids ¬¬

  53. john says:

    Are Barazite and traore the reason for why we have not signed any wingers?

  54. Joe says:

    We’re buying Arshavin for him to play on the wing aren’t we, so if we’re not buying any wingers we wouldn’t be in for Arshavin.

  55. theking says:

    10.29 Zenit St Petersburg have issued an ultimatum to Arsenal to conclude a deal for wantaway playmaker Andrei Arshavin today, or risk missing out on him entirely.

    Arsenal have got today only or they risk losing him.

  56. abc says:

    Any SSN news update about Arshavin ? so boring..

  57. theking says:

    It’s 10pm in Russia, no deal. Arsenal miss out on a world class player once again

  58. walcott14 says:

    it said sky sports news understands arsenal and zenit talked today (saturday) and hope to conclude the deal in 48 hours

  59. walcott14 says:

    it it was dead they would say on google russia but no news on there so we have to wait till tomorrow in wengers interview or monday

  60. Samir says:

    We will find out either tomorrow or monday lads, lets keep the faith because they said Zenit hope to complete the deal on monday, and that Arsenal and Zenit were in talks today. :)

  61. amos says:

    its said andrei arshavin will sign for arsenal in the next 48hours

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