Jan 23

Party-boy Clichy (pics)


Trying to think of a reason for Gael Clichy’s recent slump in form?

Well, thanks to Faker Blog, we can show you some hilarious photos which show the French fullback out partying last month.




See more pics over at our good friends, Faker Blog.


39 Responses to “Party-boy Clichy (pics)”

  1. chris says:

    haha! clichy!!!

  2. Samir says:


  3. faker says:

    thanks for the link guys :)

  4. Yousif says:

    love it :) he seems like a nice bloke.nice to see the un-serious side of him.

    i’m sure he’s acting responsibly.

  5. Ben says:

    That’s not Clichy

  6. BillyGallas says:

    Legend! Love the Cliche! It’s not a dip in form. Without him this season we would be ALOT worse off.

  7. Really says:

    Is tat really him? Wenger will not be happy.

    He’s been playing like crap recently..tat explains it.

  8. haa says:

    thats not clichy its fake!!

  9. Gooner Chris says:

    LOL at the people saying it’s not Clichy.

    Who is it then? Frank Lampard?

  10. matt says:

    Gooner Chris what do u think is happening with the arshavin transfer now that zenit have lowered their price?

  11. jarvis says:

    Why the shirt changes?

  12. Gooner Chris says:

    I never said it was a bad thing.

  13. matt says:

    so in your opinion do u think we will get him?

  14. Mraces says:

    if we get him we get him, if we dont we dont, worrying about it wont change what happens, what will be will be.

  15. meditation says:

    the reasons for clichys problems is his inability to use his right foot. when his left foot angles are closed off he panicks unlike sanga who is more balanced. people are more aware of his attacking instincts so they try and close of his left angle causing him to struggle. he needs to practice more with his right foot to open his imagination for right foot angles then he will be fine otherwise he will get found out soon enough.

  16. matt says:

    I think 1 of the problems that Clichy has had this year is he doesn,t get as much time 2 rest during the season now that he plays 4 France.

  17. chris says:

    thats definately clichy guys…looks like its from more than one night aswelll as hes wearing 2 different shirts

  18. Mike.from.around.da.way says:

    wow. that girl he’s dancing with is fit as

  19. Del says:

    Who cares if its him or not.What I want to know is who is the girl and where can I get one.These could have been taken in the summer.He is entitled to let his hair down as long as it is not b4 a game.Anyone heard of Tony Adams,Paul Merson,Steve Bould,Niall Quinn.

  20. voodoo priest says:

    we don’t need him.he’s lazy.

  21. Rachid says:

    Glad to see him out having some fun. His form’s been suffering lately and I’ve always said it’s because he’s needed a break from football a bit. I think if he clears his head for a while he might come back and play as well as he was in seasons before. Good for him!

  22. Jaaack says:

    Haha ark at clichy grinding that girl hardcore. Del, how can clichy let his hair down you mug, he aint got any !?

  23. thegrovegooner says:

    i bet the likes of Tone, merse and wrighty are glad we didn’t have internet in the old days. LOL good on clichy!

  24. thegrovegooner says:

    Actually, Im sure Tone, merse and wrighty are gutted they didnt have the Internet.

  25. fake thats not him

  26. he doe sant drink

  27. maybe he needs some time off

  28. thegrovegooner is right

  29. sam says:

    that IS him. Look at the red mark under his eye. Clichy has that mark. You can clearly see it in the photo.

  30. Samir says:

    The girl is clichy’s wife.

  31. eric says:

    Is clichy “clicked” to the back of the woman? LOL

  32. Kichakuri says:

    Go Clichy! You need all that and more after the good work you put in for this great team. Damn fine girl!

  33. Gooner says:

    Photos could have been taken last year or any days 2 years ago. The dates on the pix don’t mean anything, it could be the 12th of march or December 2005.

    “fakerblog” should have a bit more respect for Gael’s wife. (comment on the 3rd pix).

  34. spanner says:

    Oh NO!!!Thats nt Gunner be Clichy!!!,What a good defending,4sure wenger will not be happy,Any way i think he is just defending his thisrt

  35. Gooner says:

    Ha what a gas! Looks like a good night. Probability this may have been a set-up too? Either way I’m sure he’s getting some stick off the lads.

    Who’s next? Adebayor smokin cigars whilst downing a few glasses of Jame on the rocks??

  36. Smatkin says:

    lmao Clichy wat a legend !!!
    i think it is him tho for definate caus you can see his birthmark on his cheek !!!
    honestly best LB in the world

  37. bob says:

    Get in there Gael can u give me her my number

  38. kill says:

    It is him

    It even has that scra on his cheek…Defo him

    Hhaha well done clichy! LEGEND

    Living the life at 2;00AM- Fair play

  39. Mat says:


    Gael you legend !! haha


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