Jan 24

Arshavin deal to be wrapped up in next TWO DAYS


As Gooner Talk told you yesterday, Zenit St Petersberg are hopeful of completing the deal of Andrei Arshavin to Arsenal in the next 48 hours.

27-year-old versatile playmaker Arshavin attracted Arsene Wenger’s interest on the strength of two spectacular Euro 2008 performances against Sweden and the Netherlands as well as some astute games in the Champions League, and it’s Wenger’s Arsenal who are in the front seat to sign him.

The ever-reliable Sky Sports News said that Zenit lowered their asking price on Friday and that they have subsequently been in discussions with Arsenal officials today. The Russian giants are hopefuly that the deal will be completed in the following two days.

Another source, NewsTalk radio say that Arshavin has been pulled from the Zenit team before their pre-season friendly. This was reportedly because he was on his way to England. Gooner Talk can confirm this is true, but it remains to be seen whether he was not involved due to successful negotiations with the Emirates-based side.

Stay tuned to Gooner Talk for the latest updates on Arshavin’s ongoing move to Arsenal.


226 Responses to “Arshavin deal to be wrapped up in next TWO DAYS”

  1. walcott14 says:

    great post ur great for me to keep up with arsenal cheers gooner talk

  2. BillyGallas says:

    I wont believe it until he is on Arsenal.com

    fingers crossed

  3. johnthegunner says:


  4. Mraces says:

    so 48hrs for man city to go here we are 18 mill :(

  5. upthearse says:

    sky sports news says it aswell is that your source? Hope it goes thru

  6. cescy says:

    source ssn

  7. arsenal says:


  8. Mean Lean says:

    Does anyone know if Zenit accepted our bid?

  9. walcott14 says:

    Yeah, how about a link?

  10. redbearer says:

    Hope you’re right Gooner Chris… I was about to start a petition amongst fellow Gooners to donate a pound each just to raise half a million in a desperate attempt to secure AA’s services.. Surely if Zenit want another million then we can give them a million in another currency like Thai Baht and then their directors can go out and have a great time in Bangkok because these guys really seriously need to get a life and have some fun!!

  11. KoloLej says:

    I wish people would stop trusting SSN as a source… they’re turning into Clubcall or The Star!!!

    I assume this story has come from SSN?

    The same channel that said they understood City had made a bid and that his preferred destination was Eastlands!

  12. todotgooner says:

    i honestly think this has been the most consistenct place for news on this transfer.hope this last and most important part is true!

  13. KoloLej says:

    Yeah but this news is just from Sky Sports News… it may as well be on goal.com!

  14. Bob says:

    I don’t see the point of this post. We’ve been getting this for the past week. What’s different about this post?

  15. gar26 says:

    the post should say that zenit are hopeful of arsenal giving into them, which won’t happen

  16. gar26 says:

    if it was on ssn it would be on the skysports site surely

  17. johnthegunner says:


    That’s what I was thinking.

  18. gar26 says:

    watching ssn now, not even a mention at the start of the hour

  19. athlon says:

    Oh my god!! 😀 Every single transfer is too boring at Arsenal? I must laught. This situation is very pathetic. But keep the faith guys, we have a little more than a week!

  20. femi Ogunseitan says:

    They are playing a waiting game hoping to force anything more out of Arsenal.No way! they should takeit or leave it. But to face the fact the guy will add something really special to our team.

  21. Gooner Chris says:

    Yes, it’s from SSN.

    They are a reliable news source. The amount of times they’ve broken transfer stories before anyone else is unbelievable.

    Very few times do they things wrong.

  22. athlon says:

    I am looking forward to read this news! :DD

  23. ali says:

    thank u chris , great work :)

    just a Q plz , did SSN say they are hopeful or hoping ? big difference !

    thank u again

  24. upthearse says:

    This is just getting boring now y cant we just either buy him or cut negotiations and stop letting it drag on the same happened with nasri. im tired of checking newsnow every 5 mins and i know im not the only 1

  25. GMR says:

    SSN said that Zenit lowered their asking price on friday & that they have been in discussions with Arsenal today, they are hopeful the deal will be completed in 48hrs.

    Also on Newstalk radio today they said that Arshavin had been pulled from the Zenit team at the last minute before their pre season friendly & was on his way to England. I know he didn’t play today or come off the bench but I can’t find anything to say whether he was one of the subs or not & no other news source has said anything about this happening, so I assume it’s rubbish like all the rest.

  26. GoonerXM says:

    Good idea Redbearer! The donations should include the ZIM$ from Zimbabwe, where inflation rate has 23zeros!!!

  27. http://www.fontanka.ru/2009/01/24/020/

    check this link in google translate..it says that arshavin was NOT even on bench to play in that zenit friendly against uzbekistans national team

  28. howie says:

    Where is the article Chris?

  29. Nema says:

    I’ve been hearing “48 hours” for practically a week. What makes you think this is any different from all the incorrect media reports of the past few weeks.

    SSN has practically turned into tabloid trash so you can’t trust what they say.

  30. Arse&Nose says:

    I dont trust SSN, last year they broke exclusive news that Arsenal were going to sign Rodrigo Palacio from River Plate.

    It later emerged that the transfer was made up by a blogger, says a lot about the quality of SSN’s sources.

  31. MistaKen says:

    Can someone please tell me why no one else has bid for Arshavin

  32. KayKK says:

    GMR: Somebody posted somewhere i cant remember that he had i little injury. That maybe why he didnt play today.

  33. arsenal1234 says:

    chris youve got lachters number on that email
    give him a ring find out whats going on!

  34. GoonerXM says:

    I have this feeling that we are going to land the Russian and the guy will provide the cutting edge we have badly missed this season. Our goal difference clearly shows that we have lacked both in attack and defensively. A DM is equally a must this coming week.

  35. Tommy says:

    48 hours starting when.. I’m sure I’ve heard this before.

    48 hours to sign a few signatures to a deal been mooted for 6 months and discussed everyday for 3 weeks. Even if they were using hoofs to sign, those signatures would have already been done.

    Zenit is yanking our chain.

  36. GMR says:

    Kaykk – Well that would certainly explain why he didn’t play then.

    To be honest I have a feeling we’re going to hear “48 Hrs” & “Still in negotiations” right up until deadline day. The only way that won’t happen is if Arsenal come out & say they have called off all discussions, because despite what Zenit said today they clearly want to sell him.

  37. redbearer says:

    Let’s face it any posts could be complete fabricated rubbish… this has become a fast buck news story for most journalists!
    Obviously it’s now becoming tiresome and we have to have faith that our negotiators are doing their upmost to finalise this deal.. I really hope they don’t give up on Andrei Arshavin because he deserves to play for the best club suited to his needs and that clearly has to be Arsenal… if Man City came in for him then he would soon become a bit part player because it appears to be Pantomime season all year around what with the Gallacher clan also ranting on! This is the best opportunity for all concerned.. just simply agree and sign on!

  38. ej says:

    It seems like the nasri saga all over again! i think we have a good chance of signing him now maybe 80/20 but every day the story gets muddled up. last night they rejected our offer and today its back on! arsenal have to vow never to let this happen again and dont deal with these russian clubs!!! if Once this transfer window is closed I will be having a big glass of wine followed by two bottles and erasing news now!! :)

  39. J says:

    is that saturday evening there time or our time?

    in Russia it is now 12.27am in the morning.

    fingers crossed.

  40. Mr.T says:

    I hope this thing will be over soon! I need some sleep! Where I live SSN is only on for an hour at 12pm 7pm and 2am. So I always stay up until around 3am to find out if anything has happened! PLEASE LET THIS BE OVER SOON! LOL. Hoping that they accept our offer.

  41. ej says:

    I think we have to accept their revised amount now but who knows! i say we all ignore sky sports until feb 2!

  42. james says:

    every ones getting so excited about this signing of Arshain it seems alot of fans and Wenger himself are forgetting how much we need a DM that should be first priority. I hope Wenger nose completing this Ashain deal is not enough to challenge for silverware we definitely need more signings

  43. ej says:

    Wenger apparantly doesnt care about transfers.. either hes really oblivious or hes hiding a few things up his long sleeve!!we are gonna buy upson!!

  44. Ben says:

    Word is that Ken Friar has remained with Zenit to tie up a deal while Gazidis is in Italy chasing up another target – a defensive midfielder perhaps?

  45. Dean says:

    Alright Mr. T. Fair play for staying up til that late, but you’ve clearly got the internet, why not check that at 12? lol. Sweet dreams.

  46. luckys10 says:

    Ben whats your source on that?

  47. amos says:

    who is the defensive midfielder Gazidis is chasing

  48. Bob says:

    word is that wenger has finally got a deal with kaka and messi at a discount of 200 million but the price is still 13 mill, oh dear we wont go higher than 12 mill, guess we will have to stick with our world class players EBOUE. ah no seriously i really do hope arshavin signs, what a boost for the club, AFC 4 Life

  49. Matlee says:

    Unless the date
    Is Feb 2nd in two days time – i would be (suprised, bemused) & i suppose happily proved wrong / but i just can’t see it. Can you?

  50. Ben says:

    I was lying.

  51. Dean says:

    If it is true that Gazidis is in Italy, what odds on Flamini returning, or maybe Poulsen from Juve?

  52. American Gooner says:

    should be on the site at least, until i see it count me skeptical. i hope i am wrong. ben what is that tripe.

  53. Samir says:

    I’d welcome Flamini back with arms open.

  54. PTG says:

    I think the Question is more, what are the odds that Gazidis is actually even in Italy let alone signing someone from there. As for Friar, I thought we did not even send someone out to Russia. I thought it was all being done via Carrier Pidgeon

  55. T.U.G.Z says:

    LOL Ben, i wouldnt put it past wenger doing something like that.

    As for Arshavin the deal will be completed or called off on Monday definitely. So dont expect anything to happen until then.

  56. PTG says:

    Are you sure Gazidis is not in Manchester signing Micah Richards

  57. ryan says:

    The club’s general director said: “If Arsenal don’t accept our terms, then Arshavin will not be sold to them,”

    “In any case this will be resolved by Saturday evening.”

    i am sure you do it with the best intentions but really it’s wasting everybody’s time to quote ssn. they have nothing to contribute. what matters is exactly what the people involved are saying and nothing else.

  58. Bob says:

    thanks t.u.g.z

  59. Ben says:

    It was just something I heard on various forums but it makes sense because friar is doing the arshavin negotiations now – why wouldn’t gazidis be doing it If he wasn’t tied up with something else?

  60. Bob says:

    where would he play anyway, rightmid, or fabregas role, leftmid?

  61. Davo614 says:

    I hope this deal is resolved one way or another, its been dragging on for far too long now.

  62. DW says:

    I sure hope this is true because I am getting tired of checking at newsnow. But if we do sign him what a boost he will give the team!

  63. bobby pires says:

    Just heard on radio 5 live that Arsenal will sign micah richards from man city for £7 million. this was said by the sports editor of the news of the world.

  64. PTG says:

    ARSENE WENGER will make a £7million raid for England defender Micah Richards.

    And sources close to the Arsenal boss claim he is supremely confident of landing the unsettled Manchester City star.

    Wenger has been a huge admirer of Richards since the 20-year-old burst on to the Premier League scene three years ago. And he had been sizing up a swoop before Richards signed a new five-year deal 12 months ago.

    The idea of Richards going for as little as £7m would have been unthinkable then but a poor run of form has left City looking for experienced top-class defenders in the transfer window.

    Wenger believes he can resurrect Richards’ career — and his 2010 World Cup hopes with England — at a price that does not break the bank.

  65. sharaye kolade says:

    agree with billygallas….arsenal.com more reliable for such infomation..even at that prof is not desperate..

  66. Gunnerkid says:

    Where is this Micah rumour coming from? You people are probably just trying to wind us up

  67. Mr.T says:

    It’s on the News of The World website.

  68. Orpington Gooner says:

    The rumour re Richards is on the News of the World website.

  69. theking says:

    arshavin and richards??

    we’ll win the league

  70. Gunnerkid says:

    Ah I see now. Does anybody think Richards could play DM?

  71. Sam says:


  72. John says:

    NO please no richards he can only play RB hes not a good CB. We dont need him Wenger said hes not going to buy a defender. Id rather buy poulsen and arshavin. Those two would be ideal additions to our squad.

  73. theking says:

    Gunnerkid, yes possibly

    but we can sell Gallas and make a Richards Toure partnership then we can look for a DM in the summer

  74. steve says:

    yeah dude can you check if the richards story is true? i read it on the news of the world website

  75. ASd says:

    Richards will not come, and so low price? bullshit!

  76. Davo614 says:

    Gooner Chris,

    It is confirmed that Arshavin just wasnt in the Zenit squad? Or is it confirmed that he flew to England?

    We dont need someone like Micah Richards. He is a carbon-copy of Toure/Gallas. We need a defender like Vidic.

  77. T.U.G.Z says:

    Has anybody forgoten about a certain young man called Johan Djourou… lets be serious people Djourou can wipe the floor with Richards

  78. GoonerDaniel says:

    Thanks for the News Chris :)

  79. steve says:

    if we dont get arshavin we should go get kranjcar before pompy get relagated or spurs try in snatch him

  80. Sam says:

    if this is true about richards wenger will be pulling off another master stroke!! i think he will become an amazing DM fast, strong, can tackle, pass…. We need him.

  81. james says:

    im will try and contact Shaun Wright Philips who is a friend of mine and i will ask him. but i havent spoke to him since his move to Manchester city

  82. steve says:

    yea jamie he is ur friend

  83. Renna says:

    I’ll try contact my friend Arsene who is a friend of mine and I will ask. But I haven’t spoken to him since I was born.

  84. John says:

    Wat happened to rosina on loan he looks a better player than arshavin.

  85. Sam says:

    Why are we arshavin-bashing so much????? this guy is a top class player and we will be lucky if we sign him… He could be the diference bewteen us finishing top 4 or not… taking into account our injurys at the min…. on another point im so so so glad to say that i think we miss WALCOTT so much its untrue!

  86. redbearer says:

    If Arsenal can not afford Arshavin at Zenit’s asking price then the Micah Richards news strikes me as we have decided to switch our targets and home in our Richards instead of Arshavin because we only have a certain budget to spend! This is terrible news… Richards has the concentration of a gold fish.. he’s another playstation kid who initially made a big impression at City but has been awful making countless mistakes this season… no better than Toure or Gallas. With only one league goal scored he is not in the same league of the likes of Upson or Vidic! See the Arshavin deal through first..

  87. james says:

    mabe Wenger will use him as a DM

  88. Sam says:

    Im not sure its terrible news. Its got to be good having ‘one of our own’ playing for us…. in my opinion i think he wants out of city. Coming to play for us might get him back to level where he once was. I also believe that hes a better DM than centre back/right back. and being very versitile makes him an ideal signing, especially when that idiot gallas will leave in the summer. Plus we have no cover for Sagna at right back

  89. Samir says:

    I want arshavin!:)

  90. johnthegunner says:

    If we got these two then I feel we could become a real force.

    Also, its not that we can’t afford Zenits asking price, but that AW is not going to pay an unreasonable price.

  91. Mr.T says:

    Rosina better than Arshavin?? I’ve followed Serie A for many many years…Rosina is a good player but he’s not in Arshavin’s class. Richards….not big on him so I won’t really think about that rumour much.

  92. james says:

    I honestly belive Wenger could make Richards in to a world class DM

  93. Samir says:

    Bring the magical russian to Emirates!:D

  94. Iceman says:

    Do you know anything you talk about?

    S. Horne has said long time ago that this will not happen.

  95. Samir says:

    S. Horne???????????????????? You should watch SSN.

  96. Davo614 says:

    Who the fuck is S. Horne?

  97. ej says:

    Well arsahvin didnt play today for zenit! good or bad news… maybe hes looking for a pad in hertfordshire???

  98. johnthegunner says:

    Who is S. Horne??

    Never fucking heard of him in my fucking life. I bet your just fucking about arn’t you, you little joker.

  99. John says:

    If he was not at training hes 1-On strike or 2- At the arsenal training ground. 3- Mancity or juventus training ground

  100. Davo614 says:

    If he’s not playing for Zenit, then its very likely he is going to leave – to join us hopefully. He needs to work on his fitness, so why would they not play him unless he was leaving? Playing games would improve his fitness.

  101. ej says:

    Not on strike!! cause he wouldnt be able to play for russia then! Hes not in italy or manchester so my guess is easyjet to luton-to london colney.. no 13 here he comes

  102. GoonerMad says:

    sign this mofo up now!!!!

  103. Samir says:

    My eye’s will be glue’d to SSN all this week, WE BETTER SIGN THE MAGICIAN!

  104. perrygrovesworld says:

    if Arsenal sign Arshavin before 26th Jan he will be eligable under the FIFA additional players rule which allows 1 additional player transferred from another CL club to be registered by this date. Thats why it was always the ultimatum date. if you don’t believe me check the FIFA rules online! Thats why we are getting this 48 hours stress… so chill out everyone. Monday is the big day.

  105. […] to Owly-Russian and Gooner Talk says that he is due to arrive within two days, i think its all guess work at the moment. The […]

  106. theking says:

    “Arshavin will sign on Monday and will make his debut against Everton on Wednesday”

  107. AndyMcPhail says:

    Arshavin cannot play Champions League.

    “17.18 One player from the above quota of three who has played UEFA club
    competition matches for another competing club in the current season may
    exceptionally be registered, provided that the player has not been fielded:
    ? in the same competition for another club
    ? for another club that is currently in the same competition.”

    Directly quoted from the UEFA rules.

  108. ali says:

    At this point ! its weird that zenit didn’t open their big lazy mouth today ! no news from them witch is strange !

    they said in the morning that today will be the last day , but no statement been published since then !

    except for the SSN report ! nothing happened really ! no news in the paper no news anywhere !

    so no news ! we haven’t heard the deal is off we haven’t heard the deal is still on ! just the report from SSN

    so simply no news ! wenger said NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS !

    well i think it is not ! the last official statement made by zenit is today is the deadline day ! and we haven’t got a deal ! so maybe its over ?

    or maybe im wrong , maybe we are negotiating or near a deal and zenit wont make a statement till its signed ! cause they rarely kept their mouth shut ! maybe if its over and we stopped negotiating or didn’t raise the offer they will make a public statement saying arsenal are no longer interested in arshavin !

    if what SSN said was true we will have 2 options

    1 – that arsenal have really raised their price and maybe finalizing the deal , cause maxim said yesterday that they offered us their last offer and its yes or no ! but he said if arsenal came with a close offer then they will have to meet

    2 – zenit is trying to buy more time to get an interest from other teams , and if other teams didn’t get involved they will accept arsenal offer

    i think wenger’s post match tomorrow will say a something new ! cause its a day before the deadline ! so their has to be some news !

    till tomorro , come on wenger pay the damn money and get the russian !

  109. AndyMcPhail says:

    The King, where is that quote from?

  110. theking says:

    Manchester City are poised to shock fans already reeling over the Kaka and Robinho controversies by unloading England full-back Micah Richards.

    City are believed to have offered Richards, 20, as the make weight in attempts to take fresh blood to the club.

  111. Gunner Jillu says:

    this is Nasri all over again, what suprises me is, like Nasri we are not competing with any1, its just us trying to agree with th club and plyer. why are no other clubs competing with us or is it arshavin has said he only wants to play for us?

  112. Jonathan Chong says:

    No news… is good news.

  113. […] ??? ???????? . ???? Gonner Talk ????? ?? ??? ?? ????????? ?? ??? ?????? ??????? ???????? . Gooner Talk __________________ ???? ?? ????? ???? ????? […]

  114. Nvboy says:

    Thank Chris keep updating, no matter the sources are reliable or not, I always optimistic to see transfer news.

    C’mon you Gunners!!

  115. Iqwoo says:

    This is how it’ll turn out,

    Tuesday –

    Arshavin signs for Arsenal, and gets No. 10

    Gallas is once again unhappy as he inherits No. 13 .

    Micah rumors will go on in full flow.

    Micah says ” It’ll be a dream to play for Arsenal ”

    Wednesday –

    AC Milan seek defensive cover and hopeful of linking Senderos with Gallas .

    Arsenal thrash Everton 4-1 with Arshavin bagging 1 .

  116. abc says:

    Zenit official site update their pre-season gallery everyday

    We can find Arshavin in pics 0120-0123, besides 0124 vs Uzbek national team.

    Follow the pics next 2 days, if Arshavin still not there maybe we got more chance.

  117. arsenal forever says:

    16th may

    90++ ALMUNIA

  118. zul 10 says:

    hi.Gooner Chris i’ts always gud wen i on the net nic one.keep up chris.. we all here to the man AA and he wil b a gud 4 our attk and i hop we will sng hem.so jast wit 4same good news. b a gooner b gud.. gooners 4 life…. ZUL10

  119. Mraces says:

    going to be an exciting week hopefully, starting with a comfortable win over cardiff, and i now have 10 days off to watch all the transfers unfold 😀 😀

  120. John says:

    Will Arshain be able to play in champions league coz his season has finished-russian

  121. zul 10 says:

    for jan’feb’mar,09 4-3=1-2 almun-Sagna – Toure – Djourou – clicy
    Diaby-Denilson – Nasri
    Arshavin adb- van Persie go.gunners

  122. BillyGallas says:

    Please everyone i know its torture but let’s all sit tight and keep the faith.

    In Wenger we Trust.

    I wish it was feb 2nd :(

  123. harrison says:

    can’t wait till walcott gets back the guy is quality and will get us fourth place
    and arshavin would be a good signing but it is a luxury signing and i think the reason we are trying for him is our inability to see off games

  124. arsenal4ever says:

    look like we have out two players!


  125. ej says:

    Arshavin was probably the second best attacking player at the euros behind David Villa and can play in a few positions. Arsenal have to look beyond this season and see he is a player for the next three seasons… What with fabregas walcott and nasri.. Its strange that no paper has mentioned him today but they are probably bored of it as well but maybe thats a good thing.. Bring on feb 2nd and get this over done with.

  126. abc says:

    After tonight game, we have to buy Arshaivn replace Ebooooooooue asap. Let Eboue focus on RB backup or let him go.

  127. ej says:

    no news in last 24 hrs!! strange

  128. Arseblog says:

    No news is good news! my sources tell me there should be news within the next couple of hours!

  129. amos says:

    who are your sources

  130. chris says:

    im meant to be revising for an exam, but i keep going on here and other websites to see whats happening on all of this..so, if we get past cardiff at home we have either WBA or burnley, looking good!

  131. fabtastic says:

    Lol Chris same as me i keep goin on here and newsnow lol we are on the same boat im a die hard gooner fan.

  132. ARSE says:

    NO news of Arshavin today,,,I kept checking NEWSNOW almost every 15 mintues,,,,help…i wanna see him in official website,,,

  133. Davo614 says:

    Wenger said there is “no news” regarding Arshavin.

    Fuck sake. How long does it take?

  134. ARSE says:

    Re Davo614
    In the last pre match interview…Wenger kept emphasising that our squad right now is very capable in winning…..makes me feel that he’s not going to sign Assassin…

  135. chris says:

    lol, im trying to persuade myself that hes not gonna sign tonight or any news about him, its only way to survive lol

  136. theking says:

    Wenger fucks me off, stop trying to get him on the cheap, and just fucking pay the price!

  137. Mr.T says:

    Well Wenger said no news is good news…pray to God it IS good news! Especially after today Arhavin needs to replace Eboue!

  138. ARSE says:

    Re Chris,
    same here!

  139. ARSE says:

    I have to sleep now and it’s now 3 am in HONG KONG…Hope I can see something uplifting tmr morning..

  140. Jakey says:

    Doommonger, think we have missed the boat on Arshavin, would have been a really good signing, hope I am proved wrong, but we are so slow we couldn’t catch a cold in transfer negotiations………..

    Maybe I will have to post again and eat humble pie!

  141. theking says:

    Jakey – if the deal was off Wenger would of said it mate. As we all say, no news is good news.

    Just wait and see tomorrow.

  142. King_of_Royal_Dudeness says:

    we need Blaise Matuidi ! ! ! ! the guy is a defensive mid n is AWESOME!!!!!

  143. gunners.ir says:

    really official within 2hourse? tonight? i am hope to happen!!
    zenit pls ageerd arshavin to arsenal…..

  144. redbearer says:

    Tick.. tock.. tick.. tock… it’s like waiting for a bomb to go off!!

    All will be revealed tomorrow regardless of this mad media circus… soon time to watch the new series of Lost which I fear appears to be exactly where this transfer deal is going!!

  145. ej says:

    Lets do a one word answer>. do you think arshavin will sign?


  146. todotgooner says:

    I’m not super-confident because I know we have a history of trying to get top players on the cheap and then losing out but I do think we’re going to end up signing him.Or maybe I just really hope so!

  147. Davo614 says:


  148. todotgooner says:

    Gooner Chris, do you know what’s going on with Arshavin?

  149. Ernie says:

    Arsenal close to reaching an agreement with Zenit for Arshavin in £15m deal The Daily Mail – Arsenal 09:04

  150. abc says:

    I doubt dailymail becuz they report same news last Thursday. Zenit rejected Price in Friday becus it’s too slow.

  151. dave says:

    the same ssn that said Zenit had set midnight saturday as a deadline, then when nothing materialised said that sunday midnight was deadline. either they are making stuff up or zenit have adopted a northen ireland style flexible deadline system

  152. Mr.T says:

    From what I read we are close and the deal could be completed in a few hours. *Shrugs*

  153. Helloarsenal says:

    no chance, i dont think we’re getting him now

    i thought today was the day?!

    it’s almost 8pm in russia and nothing has come out from zenit

  154. ARSE says:

    are they talking about UK time…

  155. arsenal4ever says:

    russian sportspaper source life.ru reporting that usmanov ready to step in with 2mil to complete arshavin deal. They say the deal is almost certain to go through soon.

  156. Mr.T says:

    arsenal4ever this is what you were talking about?

    As it became known LIFE. RU, shift leader Petersburg «Zenit» Andrew Arshavina in London «Arsenal» You can take almost completed.

    Notorious two million pounds, which «kanoniry» so far refused to add to the 12 million proposed for Shavu earlier, found a Russian billionaire and co-owner of London club Alisher Usmanov.

    – I am ready to connect to the talks, if need be – commented on the situation on the day itself oligarch. – However, personally Arshavinym I’m not familiar, but of course, has seen his game and, of course, give him his due.

    Last week, the London club announced the final proposal for the 27-year-old attacker poluzaschitniku. «Arsenal» was ready to pay 12 million pounds, or about 13 million euros for the deal itself and another three million – in installments as the various bonuses and awards. «Zenit» order first 20, then 17 million pounds.

    – Pitertsy flatly refused to depress the value of a player below the bar – told us the source. – And bosses «Arsenal» also categorically refused to bear the additional costs. This is Andrew has already agreed personal terms of the contract and look forward to when both the club to agree among themselves. In this situation, the intervention in case of purchase londontsami Arshavina Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov could put all points on the «i». The point is that, on the one hand, Usmanov owns 25 per cent package of the London club, but on the other – headed by a subsidiary company of «Gazprom», «Gazprominvestholdingom». And it seems that no one but him, not razrulit the situation with Arshavinym so that the sheep have been satisfied, and hay tselo.

  157. ARSE says:

    Fans of Arsenal against Arshavin … reported life.ru

  158. arsenal4ever says:

    yes just found it above in the first article. wanted to tell you. who the fuck is against the deal??

  159. chris says:

    against it…im DESPERATE for it to go through, i cant take any more of eboue playing on the wing!!!!

  160. ARSE says:

    who the effing hell will go against him…..Please God make Arsenal sign him…I don’t wanna check NEWSNOW anymore…tired of it…i’m gonna sleep now.

  161. arsenal4ever says:

    yes it is boring but I think the russian sources the most relably ones at the moment. About Eboue I think he is not that bad but no way a Winger or central midfielder.

  162. Helloarsenal says:

    Sources in Russia say the Arshavin deal is now complete and Arshavin has signed. He will make his debut against Everton on Wednesday.

  163. arsenal4ever says:

    any link with translation, Helloarsenal? Would be brillant as I dont wanna see Eboue on the wing anymore!!

  164. ARSE says:

    Helloarsenal, can you give us the source! If it’s true, I will be very excited!!

  165. koshivaaa says:

    Hello friends, I live in Zenit and it has been confirmed Arshavin is on his way, wish him the best of luck at his new club.

  166. ARSE says:

    Eboue as a rightback is not that bad.

  167. ARSE says:

    oh koshivaaa ….Are you not joking?? I wanna kiss you!

  168. koshivaaa says:

    lol thankie :]

    we’ll miss him, he was great! all the best!!

  169. koshivaaa says:

    u owe big big thanks to usnanov , ur shareholder, it was he who paid the difference for the arshavin trasnfer!

  170. ArSE says:

    He will be great. Are there any links for us to confirm? Thanks!

  171. owenleon says:

    yer anylinks or are you just some idiot winding us up?

  172. arsenal4ever says:

    dont know if it is old but on “the Gooner Forum” it was said in russian TV it is confirmed deal !!! :-)


  173. chris says:

    theres no such place as zenit lol, its st.petersburg so unless koshivaaaa isnt that good at english…

  174. AD7 says:

    SkySports have just said that today is supposed to be the deadline and that he still hasn’t signed…

  175. chris says:

    the deadline is for the agreement over price with zenit not for him to sign, as long as we have agreed with zenit then arshavin could sign tomorrow.

  176. Samir says:

    I’ve just heard on football forums that Usmanov had paid the extra to sign Arshavin and it’s been on russian tv, If this is true, we should find out about 6-6.30 GMT.

  177. chris says:

    yeh ive seen that aswell, if so…is that legit that he can pay the extra bit though??..he hasnt taken over the club

  178. chris says:

    they just said on setanta that the final decision could be out ‘imminently’

  179. T.U.G.Z says:

    lol, dont you gooners ever learn… unless its on ARSENAL.com its not true, i dont care what the source is.

  180. chris says:

    true, but arsenal.com is as slow as…
    we could sign someone and they dont even have it up until the next day if not longer

  181. owenleon says:

    TUGZ the nasri sotry came out in the marsielle paper before arsenal announced it, nd sagna had pictures taken before we even had a clue who he was

  182. T.U.G.Z says:

    True, but with all the rubbish ive bin hearing from the likes of SSN, i have no choice really

  183. fabtastic says:

    Chris, how did your revisin go yesterday lol mine went not so good due to this arshavin saga can’t wait till 6-6:30 hopefully it will be great news ‘fingers crossed’

  184. chris says:

    yeh not really as well as hoped, lol, this arshavin saga has gone on long enough..wheres everyone getting this 6.30 thing from

  185. fabtastic says:

    I dunno i jus went with the flow lol

  186. theking says:

    zenit told SSN they will have a final decision on Arshavin at 6:30

  187. Samir says:

    My eyes are glue’d to the tv O_O

  188. chris says:

    oh okay, gonna go watch ssn then

  189. Mr.T says:

    Since I don’t live in the UK I won’t get to watch SSN until 7pm. I watched the 12pm broadcast but they said they are still waiting. I am going out in about 20 minutes with family so I’m going to make my girl friend keep me up to date on this whole soap opera lol!

  190. todotgooner says:


  191. theking says:

    Sky Sports News

  192. Samir says:

    Zenit St Petersburg star Andrei Arshavin insists he is still waiting to be told if he will be allowed to join Arsenal.

    The Russia playmaker has made now secret of his desire to leave the Uefa Cup holders and Arsenal have been holding drawn-out negotiations.

    Arshavin, who is believed to be valued at £18million, has previously stated that the final decision on his future lies with his club and he maintains that stance.

    The 27-year-old is reportedly set to join the Gunners on Monday night, but he has yet to hear from the Zenit hierarchy.

    “I am waiting for a final decision,” Arshavin told Sport Express.

    “The talks don’t depend on me. I haven’t been in touch with the club management, so I haven’t heard a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ yet.”


  193. bammeplz says:

    Just saw some breaking news on SSN, don’t know if it’s connected with Arshavin though.

  194. Samir says:

    Theking your a moron, I’ve got SSN on, please piss of cunt.

  195. News Breaker says:

    theking is talking bollocks.

    there is no breaking news on SSN at all.

    ignore him.

  196. Samir says:

    Would you like to give me a link, because its just been reported on Sky sports news website that Arshavin is still waiting an answer, fuck off you pathetic twats with your bullshit storys with no proof to back it up.

  197. todotgooner says:

    what were all those comments about it being called off? sorry, I don’t live in UK so I don’t get SSN to check. was that all bs?

  198. Samir says:

    Yes, its alot of bullshit, dirty spurs fans obviously.

  199. Snasri says:

    Arshavin to Arsenal tonight people, stay glued to SSN!

  200. Samir says:

    Oh don’t worry I will be I’ve canceled eastenders for this! not 😛

  201. todotgooner says:

    oh ok, thanks Samir.sorry I live in Canada.not use to it.not many people here watch football and so not many Spurs fans or any fans for that matter.

  202. News Breaker says:

    Arshavin will be announced as an Arsenal player within the next couple of hours.

  203. Samir says:

    Glad to hear a Canadian supports The reds :)

  204. Linux Bird says:

    Arshavin will be announced as an Arsenal player within the next couple of hours according to Sky Sports News.

  205. Samir says:

    Holy fuck, breaking news on SSN I thought it was going to be Arshavin, but no it was shitty fucking florent malouda! CUNTSSSSSSS

  206. owenleon says:

    linux im watching SSN nd that is bull shit

  207. By430sypro says:

    Owen mate, what SSN are you watching? it came up for me and I live in the UK.

  208. Samir says:

    I live in the UK, I’m watching Sky sports news for the past 3-4 hours, There is nothing, so piss off you silly fucking plank.

  209. News Breaker says:


    Juventus hope to take Florent Malouda on loan from Chelsea.

  210. owenleon says:

    i live in uk and all thats come up is about arshavins agent saying they aint got a clue!

  211. Samir says:

    Will you go Check sky sports news website? Says Arshavin is waiting for a fucking decision you bunch of negative twats.

  212. Samir says:

    When I say that I mean to people like spyro, so don’t get offended 😛

  213. trfgh6566 says:

    To be honest, I really don’t care if he signs or doesn’t, this transfer story has gone on long enough, hopefully today is the final decision. :/

  214. News Breaker says:

    fee agreed you mutha fuckers.

  215. wee says:

    what the fuck? fee not agreeed!!!
    that’s what Arsene said!

  216. arsenal4ever says:

    dont care!! I think we need only a DM !!! Arshavin would be good but not to his demands!! It looks like he is a stubborn or Wenger is more concentrating on the match tomorrow which is more important as any transfer!!!

  217. Samir says:

    Everyone, Do you think Wenger would come out and say a fee is agreed just a day before a match? Hes bluffing, give it a lil more time (laughs) more time hahaha


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