Jan 24

Arshavin deal to be wrapped up in next TWO DAYS


As Gooner Talk told you yesterday, Zenit St Petersberg are hopeful of completing the deal of Andrei Arshavin to Arsenal in the next 48 hours.

27-year-old versatile playmaker Arshavin attracted Arsene Wenger’s interest on the strength of two spectacular Euro 2008 performances against Sweden and the Netherlands as well as some astute games in the Champions League, and it’s Wenger’s Arsenal who are in the front seat to sign him.

The ever-reliable Sky Sports News said that Zenit lowered their asking price on Friday and that they have subsequently been in discussions with Arsenal officials today. The Russian giants are hopefuly that the deal will be completed in the following two days.

Another source, NewsTalk radio say that Arshavin has been pulled from the Zenit team before their pre-season friendly. This was reportedly because he was on his way to England. Gooner Talk can confirm this is true, but it remains to be seen whether he was not involved due to successful negotiations with the Emirates-based side.

Stay tuned to Gooner Talk for the latest updates on Arshavin’s ongoing move to Arsenal.


226 Responses to “Arshavin deal to be wrapped up in next TWO DAYS”

  1. bammeplz says:

    Just saw some breaking news on SSN, don’t know if it’s connected with Arshavin though.

  2. Samir says:

    Theking your a moron, I’ve got SSN on, please piss of cunt.

  3. News Breaker says:

    theking is talking bollocks.

    there is no breaking news on SSN at all.

    ignore him.

  4. Samir says:

    Would you like to give me a link, because its just been reported on Sky sports news website that Arshavin is still waiting an answer, fuck off you pathetic twats with your bullshit storys with no proof to back it up.

  5. todotgooner says:

    what were all those comments about it being called off? sorry, I don’t live in UK so I don’t get SSN to check. was that all bs?

  6. Samir says:

    Yes, its alot of bullshit, dirty spurs fans obviously.

  7. Snasri says:

    Arshavin to Arsenal tonight people, stay glued to SSN!

  8. Samir says:

    Oh don’t worry I will be I’ve canceled eastenders for this! not :P

  9. todotgooner says:

    oh ok, thanks Samir.sorry I live in Canada.not use to it.not many people here watch football and so not many Spurs fans or any fans for that matter.

  10. News Breaker says:

    Arshavin will be announced as an Arsenal player within the next couple of hours.

  11. Samir says:

    Glad to hear a Canadian supports The reds :)

  12. Linux Bird says:

    Arshavin will be announced as an Arsenal player within the next couple of hours according to Sky Sports News.

  13. Samir says:

    Holy fuck, breaking news on SSN I thought it was going to be Arshavin, but no it was shitty fucking florent malouda! CUNTSSSSSSS

  14. owenleon says:

    linux im watching SSN nd that is bull shit

  15. By430sypro says:

    Owen mate, what SSN are you watching? it came up for me and I live in the UK.

  16. Samir says:

    I live in the UK, I’m watching Sky sports news for the past 3-4 hours, There is nothing, so piss off you silly fucking plank.

  17. News Breaker says:


    Juventus hope to take Florent Malouda on loan from Chelsea.

  18. owenleon says:

    i live in uk and all thats come up is about arshavins agent saying they aint got a clue!

  19. Samir says:

    Will you go Check sky sports news website? Says Arshavin is waiting for a fucking decision you bunch of negative twats.

  20. Samir says:

    When I say that I mean to people like spyro, so don’t get offended :P

  21. trfgh6566 says:

    To be honest, I really don’t care if he signs or doesn’t, this transfer story has gone on long enough, hopefully today is the final decision. :/

  22. News Breaker says:

    fee agreed you mutha fuckers.

  23. wee says:

    what the fuck? fee not agreeed!!!
    that’s what Arsene said!

  24. arsenal4ever says:

    dont care!! I think we need only a DM !!! Arshavin would be good but not to his demands!! It looks like he is a stubborn or Wenger is more concentrating on the match tomorrow which is more important as any transfer!!!

  25. Samir says:

    Everyone, Do you think Wenger would come out and say a fee is agreed just a day before a match? Hes bluffing, give it a lil more time (laughs) more time hahaha


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