Jan 25

Rewind: Cardiff City 0-0 Arsenal


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Cardiff City 0-0 Arsenal

Cardiff produced a superb performance to hold Arsenal to a goalless draw in the FA Cup fourth round at Ninian Park.

The Bluebirds dominated the early stages but wasted good chances, with Ross McCormack, Joe Ledley and Paul Parry all failing to hit the target.

Nicklas Bendtner wastefully headed over for Arsenal late in the first half.

Emmanuel Adebayor scuffed a great chance as Arsenal improved after the break, though McCormack did clip the Arsenal crossbar with a free-kick.

Cardiff were hanging on in the latter stages of the game but they fully deserved to take the tie to a replay.


25 Responses to “Rewind: Cardiff City 0-0 Arsenal”

  1. a says:

    hi gooner chris. is there any more information on the arshavin transfer mate, seeing as your proberly one of the most reliable sites

  2. charliegeorge says:

    how bad was eboue by the way ,how does he keep gettin picked sell him and put him out of his and our misery ,hope we sign arshavin could save our season .

  3. News Breaker says:

    Arshavin. Signed, sealed and delivered.

    Press conference called for tomorrow at 2pm.

  4. LatvianGooner says:

    Some good news about Arshavin!

  5. goonerdan says:

    russian sportspaper source life.ru reporting that usmanov ready to step in with 2mil to complete arshavin deal. They say the deal is almost certain to go through soon.

  6. louis onwugbenu says:

    charliegeorge its 2.22 and nothing has happened so u are very reliable

  7. athlon says:

    Tomorrow is not 27?

  8. harrison says:

    i heard that sky sports were reporting we have signed him and we will do a press confrence at 6 30 today dunno how reliable it is

  9. athlon says:

    This 6:30 in britain time?

  10. harrison says:

    yeh i believe so coz skysports is british but i still have doubts tbh but we shall see

  11. louis onwugbenu says:

    harrison where did u hear that

  12. harrison says:

    on another forum as i can’t watch skysports at the moment but yes so fingers crossed but if anyone could confirm it

  13. athlon says:

    I think today is no deadline, it’s just a speculation. If he didn’t come today he would join tomorrow. We have one week.

  14. louis onwugbenu says:

    could u provide a link plz

  15. harrison says:

    the metro and daily mail seem to back this story

  16. chris says:

    guys this is from another poster..but thought you should read it…
    As it became known LIFE. RU, shift leader Petersburg «Zenit» Andrew Arshavina in London «Arsenal» You can take almost completed.

    Notorious two million pounds, which «kanoniry» so far refused to add to the 12 million proposed for Shavu earlier, found a Russian billionaire and co-owner of London club Alisher Usmanov.

    – I am ready to connect to the talks, if need be – commented on the situation on the day itself oligarch. – However, personally Arshavinym I’m not familiar, but of course, has seen his game and, of course, give him his due.

    Last week, the London club announced the final proposal for the 27-year-old attacker poluzaschitniku. «Arsenal» was ready to pay 12 million pounds, or about 13 million euros for the deal itself and another three million – in installments as the various bonuses and awards. «Zenit» order first 20, then 17 million pounds.

    – Pitertsy flatly refused to depress the value of a player below the bar – told us the source. – And bosses «Arsenal» also categorically refused to bear the additional costs. This is Andrew has already agreed personal terms of the contract and look forward to when both the club to agree among themselves. In this situation, the intervention in case of purchase londontsami Arshavina Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov could put all points on the «i». The point is that, on the one hand, Usmanov owns 25 per cent package of the London club, but on the other – headed by a subsidiary company of «Gazprom», «Gazprominvestholdingom». And it seems that no one but him, not razrulit the situation with Arshavinym so that the sheep have been satisfied, and hay tselo.
    i know its bad english, but its translated from russian news

  17. KoloLej says:

    Absloute nonsense… been watching Sky Sports and no mention of any press conference.

    The only thing Brian Swanson has said all day is that we are in deadlock and no one wants to budge.

    No movemnet either side

  18. harrison says:

    well looks like i was wrong but we will see at half 6 i guess

  19. Ricky says:

    i dont know which ssn channel you guys are watching but i cant see anything to say we are about to reveal the signing on any player.

  20. athlon says:

    Chris! Don’t want you write an e-mail for Lachter? :DD

  21. Ricky says:

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=iBYxBlbABXc&feature=channel if you scroll down you’ll see daily mirrors guy saying the same thing so it could be happning sooner rather then later.

  22. harrison says:

    looks like i was wrong sorry guys

  23. Mraces says:

    no fee agreed yet as reported on arsenal.com,

    what the hell is taking so long, this club transfter policy is a joke


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