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AA Watch: Live updates of Arshavin's 'imminent' move to the Emirates

Here at Gooner Talk we strive to make things just that little bit more easy for you. And because of that, we’ve decided to publish live updates of Andrei Arshavin’s ongoing move to Arsenal.

According to Setanta Sports, the move is ‘imminent’ and as we revealed on Saturday, Zenit St Petersberg will make their final decision on whether to accept Arsenal’s £15m bid for the Russian playmaker.

Refresh your page for live updates (updates will come every 30 minutes or so, these cannot be guaranteed, but Gooner Talk will try our best to keep up with the International news services)

Russian national team-mate and Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel says that Arshavin would ‘succeed’ in England, but he has heard rumours that the 27-year-old is more keen on a move to Spain.

Source: Setanta Sports

14:00 – According to Russian daily Life.RU, Arsenal fans are ‘against’ the signing of Arshavin. The article discusses that Gooners believe he is ‘over-rated’ and that money can buy ‘two very good players’ for the amount the Gunners will pay for him.


15:00 – Life.RU suggest the deal is already complete, with Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov putting his money where his mouth is to securing Arshavin.


17:00 – Arshavin insists he is still waiting to be told if he will be allowed to join Arsenal.

Source: Sky Sports

18:00 – Talks with Arsenal are still “ongoing” according to Zenit spokesman Alexei Petrov. He said:

“The news on the move Arshavin in Arsenal at 18.00 Moscow time yet. Everything is the same at the moment”.

Source: Interfax.RU


Differing views from three Russian sites. The obvious one to believe is Zenit’s official website who state that a deal has been ‘agreed’ in principal. Unfortunately, Arshavin is UNHAPPY with the contract offered to him which means a deal is STILL ongoing.

Life.RU say the deal is wrapped up. They also include quotes from Gunners shareholder Alisher Usmanov who reveals he will be ‘ready to get involved in talks if needs be.’

Fontanka talk about Arshavin’s reluctance to lower his wages and how the deal has been called to a halt for at least tonight.

Source: Zenit Official Site, Life.RU & Fontanka

27th January


It looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for further progress in this deal which seems to of dragged on for months.

What does look obvious, is the fact that Arshavin wants to join Arsenal. Technically, he has agreed personal terms with the club – just not the contract. Arshavin wants to be an Arsenal player, Arsenal want the play, just some minor details need carving out before the deal is complete.

Stay tuned to Gooner Talk for the latest updates on Arsenal’s Russian target.


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  1. Callum says:

    chris block comments now.

  2. arsenal1234 says:

    Gooner Chri£s what is your£ ms£n w3e need to talk URGENT

  3. Mike says:

    Has anyone actually asked his agent, and do they have proof?

  4. dangerous says:

    Hang on you said above you were gonna update every half hour, when you say tomorrow do ya mean at 12.01am ;-)

  5. joey gooner says:

    he gets £100 grand-a-week from zenit so he will lose 20 grnd if we make him one of our highest earners

  6. Samir says:

    I’m awesome, I’m hoping tomorrow will be a good day with Arshavin wearing an arsenal shirt. (Y)

  7. ron says:

    why are we not trying to sign scoot parker………

  8. jackson says:

    in reply to jutmanc

    a lot is wrong if your a modern day footballer: (dont be a greedy bollox arshavin)

  9. iJemz says:

    Chris, why don’t you get a little avatar or something next to your name, or even a little text saying administrator next to your name so you can’t be faked.

  10. Jamie says:

    If I here one more twat say this is about wage demands.aghh read the last paragragh of zenits statement.they clearly want the player to wave the loyalty payment you get from the transfer fee and the agent to wave his fee. They say they will add it to the transfer valuation.the player is on 100000 dollars not pounds at the moment get real.read the statement.

  11. Callum says:

    the real chris name is red have a look at comment 395.

  12. manuel says:

    dear me.

    i know things aren’t brilliant at the moment with our club, but the hysteria around this transfer is becoming alarming.

    read back at some of the comments… its slightly sad.

    what any outsider reading this thinks of us gooners god only knows.

    this is perhaps my favourite hysterical comment:

    ron Says:
    January 26th, 2009 at 11:03 pm
    please……real gooner chris……please tell something new on arshavin………

    guys, calm down…

  13. jutmanc says:

    oh I agree with ya jackson what they want is silly money, but why the hell say i’m desperate to join Arsenal and then supposably come out n ask for silly amounts of money i think there is some false in it as he really does want out.

  14. Mike says:

    “That made of the weeks that the file trails but it seems qu’ a d’ transfer; Andreï Archavine towards Arsenal is imminent. For the first time, the Russian club announced Monday evening to have found an agreement with Arsenal for the transfer of the Russian international offensive player. The amount of financial equalization n’ was not revealed but the Zenith estimates qu’ it is with the height of the value of the player on the market. The British press spoke recently about 18 d’ million; euros. L’ equip coachée by Dick Advocaat explains however that the player has much evil to put d’ agreement with Gunners. The latter want to propose a better principal contract well to him but will decrease the amount of l’ then; compensation for transfer, thing which l’ refuses categorically; equip Russian. After having protested high and strong its desire for joining large a d’ Will Europe, Archavine (27 years) make the fine mouth by refusing the contract suggested by the only team which addressed an official proposal to the Zenith? It would seem that is more one desperate attempt of Saint-Petersbourg to save time in the transaction.

  15. Callum says:

    … gd1

  16. ron says:

    manuel what you said is right……but this is going on for so long…we should end it soon either sign him or look some where else……it’s creating a bad image about the club….

  17. Ricky says:

    very true manuel…

    Sound desperate & its sad.. especially that comment. lol

  18. T.U.G.Z says:

    Manuel, u read my mind exactly