Jan 26

AA Watch: Live updates of Arshavin's 'imminent' move to the Emirates

Here at Gooner Talk we strive to make things just that little bit more easy for you. And because of that, we’ve decided to publish live updates of Andrei Arshavin’s ongoing move to Arsenal.

According to Setanta Sports, the move is ‘imminent’ and as we revealed on Saturday, Zenit St Petersberg will make their final decision on whether to accept Arsenal’s £15m bid for the Russian playmaker.

Refresh your page for live updates (updates will come every 30 minutes or so, these cannot be guaranteed, but Gooner Talk will try our best to keep up with the International news services)

Russian national team-mate and Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel says that Arshavin would ‘succeed’ in England, but he has heard rumours that the 27-year-old is more keen on a move to Spain.

Source: Setanta Sports

14:00 – According to Russian daily Life.RU, Arsenal fans are ‘against’ the signing of Arshavin. The article discusses that Gooners believe he is ‘over-rated’ and that money can buy ‘two very good players’ for the amount the Gunners will pay for him.


15:00 – Life.RU suggest the deal is already complete, with Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov putting his money where his mouth is to securing Arshavin.


17:00 – Arshavin insists he is still waiting to be told if he will be allowed to join Arsenal.

Source: Sky Sports

18:00 – Talks with Arsenal are still “ongoing” according to Zenit spokesman Alexei Petrov. He said:

“The news on the move Arshavin in Arsenal at 18.00 Moscow time yet. Everything is the same at the moment”.

Source: Interfax.RU


Differing views from three Russian sites. The obvious one to believe is Zenit’s official website who state that a deal has been ‘agreed’ in principal. Unfortunately, Arshavin is UNHAPPY with the contract offered to him which means a deal is STILL ongoing.

Life.RU say the deal is wrapped up. They also include quotes from Gunners shareholder Alisher Usmanov who reveals he will be ‘ready to get involved in talks if needs be.’

Fontanka talk about Arshavin’s reluctance to lower his wages and how the deal has been called to a halt for at least tonight.

Source: Zenit Official Site, Life.RU & Fontanka

27th January


It looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for further progress in this deal which seems to of dragged on for months.

What does look obvious, is the fact that Arshavin wants to join Arsenal. Technically, he has agreed personal terms with the club – just not the contract. Arshavin wants to be an Arsenal player, Arsenal want the play, just some minor details need carving out before the deal is complete.

Stay tuned to Gooner Talk for the latest updates on Arsenal’s Russian target.


418 Responses to “AA Watch: Live updates of Arshavin's 'imminent' move to the Emirates”

  1. News Breaker says:

    Nice one Chrissy Boy.

    Arshavin will be an Arsenal player within a couple of hours. Mark my words.

  2. BOY BETTER KNOW says:

    Deal Or No Deal………No deal

  3. athlon says:

    We should bet.

    Chris! Don’t you want to write an e-mail for Lachter? 😀

  4. Gooner Chris says:

    Why don’t you mate?

    You seem very keen. 😛

  5. athlon says:

    OK I wrote 😀

  6. Martijn Stolze says:

    You know, i like this site, but Chris mate, this is the biggest danger you’ll ever have; what if the imminent move doesn’t take happen? Then you’ll loke like a clot, and people will say shit like about Inler and Flamini. i support and admire you, you got some big cahunas mate..

  7. ey says:

    Martin Skrtel is Slovak, not Russian. They played at Zenit together.

  8. ali says:

    good idea chris !

    did the setanta say that the move is imminent ?

  9. Chris says:

    Will he, won’t he…………..Enough already!! Untill I see him on the .com website in a shirt I don’t believe a word of it!

  10. gunnersfan says:

    hv 2 agree wif newsbreaker

  11. sengalgooner says:

    get him arsene get him…after so much hoopla we dont get him,itl be an embarassment,his signing is a direct relation to our ambition if we have any left,pls dont make a laughing stock of us fans,i dont wann ma maters calling us beggars all over again…

  12. Gunner Jillu says:

    whats the news now? Arsenal are over freezing their balls off in Russia trying to agree a fee. You coud say tthat talks have frozen!!!

  13. Gunner Jillu says:

    We are skating on thin ice leaving it so late!!!

  14. Gunner Jillu says:

    the speculation has snow balled since the start of the window!!!

  15. chrissie greeno says:

    chill out Jillu

  16. TT says:

    Who really thinks that you can sign two players for 15-20 million? If you honestly think that you are an idiot.

    Arshavin is the best player out there who can do the job we need and cost a reasonable price.

    He was recently voted the 6th and 11th best player in the world. Players in and around him would cost 30mil. This would be a bargin at anything under 20 mil.

  17. abc says:

    It’s too hard to understand why gooners against the signing of Arshavin.

  18. AndyMcPhail says:

    As I’m reading this, there is an advert saying “Find your Russian beauty today”

    Let’s hope Arsenal find theirs

  19. athlon says:

    Still no news on the Russian sites.

  20. ali says:


  21. Chris says:

    If this doesn’t happen by tomorrow morning, I think we can just forget it and move on, hopefully Wenger has a few tricks up his sleeve and sign a decent CB and DM

  22. manuel says:


    the deal isn’t gong to be concluded today and i’d be surprised if it ever is.

    forget it. maybe tomorrow…

  23. chrism says:

    a bit off topic…but i dont understand why eduardo wasnt given at least 20 mins against cardiff at the weekend, he says hes ready and played 90 mins against stoke reserves last week..and if not eduardo why didnt vela even get a look in?!??!..also this arshavin thing must end soon..getting rediculous

  24. john says:

    Just heard from a rumour we might buy yohan mollo from Monaco? Hes a similar type of player to arshain but hes young.

  25. Tom says:

    We need a DM?

    Why do Arsenal fans feel the need to repeat that over and over again! We do not need a defensive midfielder. We have Denilson. He has played as well as any defensive midfielder in the League. Why can a large amount of Arsenal fans not see that he is a top quality player?

    Idiots I tell you.

  26. athlon says:

    It will happen before the closing. Keep the faith.

  27. goonerdan says:

    The thing is its 22.50 in russia now…surely if there had been a development in the board meeting scheduled for today we would have heard by now? thats my worry

  28. AD7 says:

    chrism – Wenger thinks Eduardo needs at least one more game before returning to the 1st team and Vela was ill before kick off so got withdrawn from the squad which is why we only had 6 subs.

  29. chrism says:

    oh okay, i knew about eduardo but not vela being ill. Still the finishing on show on sunday wasnt too good…adebayor at times has the composure of a horse falling down stairs

  30. Tony says:

    This is what Arsenal have reduced us to. Why does every transfer with them in the last few years have to be a bloody saga. Nasri transer last summer drove me nuts

  31. readie says:

    he will sign some body trust the man.

  32. Jonathan says:

    Id say arshavin is coming for sure, just the niggly bits in the way aint it. as for fans moaning about the possible singing of him, thats just silly, he’s a great player and just what we need in the playmaking department im a bit concerned about his potential theatricals though that wont go down well with FA refs, as for wenger picking up 2 good players with that money, get real, hed grab a whole squad of starlets with that money (paid £500,000 for just cesc didnt he) wenger is a legend!!!!!!!

  33. Tom says:

    Only idiots expect transfers of top class players who are being heavily negotiated for to be easy.

  34. ej says:

    It was meant to be thursday, then friday then saturday then sunday and now today!! what are they talking about!!! ok “you pay 16 million” no ” we pay 15 million and one pound” the price is probably going up in pennies!!! its 11pm in russia so again it may be tomorrow!!! this is unbelievable!!

  35. redbearer says:

    What does it take to soften these hardened Russians? Triple Redbull vodkas? A night out in Soho? Or a just fun time with our own dear Champagne Charlie?
    If an acceptable amount of money is being offered then this deal should be a no brainer… So please give us Arsenal fans something to cheer about soonest!!

  36. Jonathan says:

    well put tom, business’ get sold for half that price and the length of talks that go into that, be real everyone

  37. ej says:

    Ps we should have got cudicini today! class goalie and for free!!! great signing..

  38. matt says:

    Hope you’re up for a long night, mate! Don’t think we’ll be hearing anything too soon.

  39. dubgooner says:

    any signing that will stop wenger from picking eboue is good. get song into centre half and eboue of to germany. man shitty center half richards is more important to us than the blue gallas. come on wenger……….

  40. Mike says:

    St.Petersburg. 26 January. INTERFAX.RU – INTERFAX.RU – Question moving forward with a “Zenit” in the “Arsenal” is still open.

    “News about the transition Hikakih Arshavina in Arsenal at 18.00 IUT no. All was still” – said “Interfax on Monday, the head of the press service of the football club” Zenith “Alexei Petrov.

  41. Jonathan says:

    plus we set a good example to the footballing world that we aint prepared to just whack out some demanding sum on a player without showing we do have ethics and what nots.

  42. mark says:

    expect news at 9pm. The Zenit board are being tough as thats the russian way of doing things. Dont panic its a done deal

  43. ej says:

    Do you think that the deadline is arsenal time or zenit time monday midnight???

  44. mario from MALTA says:

    come on WENGER sign him urgently we need him for our squad. ARSHAVIN is agreat player with both feet. who is worth it for his valuation KEANE of liverpool

  45. ali says:

    MIKE ,

    i can’t understand , is it good or bad ?

  46. Tom says:

    “man shitty center half richards is more important to us than the blue gallas. come on wenger……….”

    What an idiotic comment. Gallas is twice the player Richards will ever be. Richards is a pile of shit and this year he has been worse. Gallas is a world class center back.

  47. mario from MALTA says:

    i want to see ARSHAVIN with no 13 on his back

  48. Stooee21 says:

    “Tom Says:
    January 26th, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    We need a DM?

    Why do Arsenal fans feel the need to repeat that over and over again! We do not need a defensive midfielder. We have Denilson. He has played as well as any defensive midfielder in the League. Why can a large amount of Arsenal fans not see that he is a top quality player?

    Idiots I tell you.”

    Tom, everyone thinks we need a DM because we do! I think Denilson is a quality player but he’s no DM. He doesn’t have the fight, drive and simple ability to read the game defensively and be in the right place at the right time. Cech is better than him at this which is why he was playing so deep when the 2 of them played together. Denilson should be a Fabregas understudy and be fighting for that spot along with Diaby and Rambo.

    The difference between our play this year and last is the energy and bite of Flamini. Nasri will be better than Hleb but for the moment we also miss his ability to see what no one else sees and unlock the door with a perfect pass.

    Arshavin is an exceptional player, can’t understand the worries of what seems like a large proportion of Gooners… He’s leagues above everyone else in our current team with the exception Fabregas. RvP comes close with his ability to create something from nothing but other than that who do we have that at any given moment can change a game with a moment of brilliance?

  49. Gooner Chris says:

    From the looks of it, that article appears to be saying:

    “The deal is still on, but it won’t be completed today”.

    If you could give me a link then that would be great, Mike. :)

  50. Tony says:

    Arsenal are the premier league equivalent of Trotters Independent Trading. Del Boy and Rodney are over in Moscow now setting up the deal.
    I agree with ej. are they arguing over pennies cos this is crazy. Tom will you feel the same way if this goes on until the end of the transfer window and then we don’t get him. And we won’t have anyone else because we spent the whole month arguing with Russians over a few mil. its crazy

  51. Bruno says:

    Tom, if Gallas is so good then why has he be responsible for so many goals against us? He is a prick and shit stirrer and in the sumeer we should show him the bloody door!!!

  52. mark says:

    Arshavin has said his goodbyes to his teammates at the training base in dubai and has been given the go ahead to fly to london tonight.He will be presented at a news conference tuesday afternoon.The worry is over.He will be an Arsenal player tomorrow

  53. chrism says:

    mark where did you get that from…or is it just more bullshit, ive heard so much shite over the last few days..

  54. ej says:

    Mark. im loving your confidence.. how do you know this information???

  55. manuel says:

    mark i like the way you have conjoured that info out of slim oxygen.

  56. Tom says:

    Stooee21, you are a typical fan. Thinking that Denilson is a back up to Cesc because he has played like him in one games and can pass. But if you watched him closely rather than thinking that he is an AM and thats it, you would realise that he is in fact a CM/DM who can do both aspects of the game.

    He is a lot better footballer than Flamini but he does not have that never say die attitude. Had you observed Arsenal maches better you would realise that Cesc sits back less with Denilson and more with Flamini.

  57. john says:

    Look just keep going on the arsenal website they get the news first

  58. mark says:

    Mock me tomorrow when you will see that my news is fact. Lets say its a bit of inside knowledge wink wink NO BULLSHIT!

  59. zul10 says:

    mark r u sur about that………… i’f it i’ts going to b gud 4 us….. i can’t wit..

  60. Bruno says:

    How can we believe you Mark?? Please tell us more!!!!!!

  61. athlon says:

    But really, Mark, where do you know that?

  62. Muppet says:

    The KGB, in a swoop around the site of the Al Burj hotel in Dubai, have taken the traitor Andrei Sergeyevich Arshavin into custody for future interrogation at the Lubyanka headquarters in Moscow. The player, accused of dissent and betrayal by the motherland, will join his agent, Lachter, in what will be a clampdown on imperalist movements in the west.

    Zenit’s manager, Maxim Kafelnikov, commented:

    “We were in negotiations with a small team from an enemy country. We threatened to cut off their gas supply but there was a conflict of interest with one of their directors. Without the intervention of the KBG this would not have been a good day for Russia”.

  63. ej says:

    then all of us arsenal fans can get a life

  64. T.U.G.Z says:

    I think ppl should refrain from provide info without giving a source… its f**king with my emotions. lol

  65. redbearer says:

    Dot the i’s and cross the t’s then tick the boxes!
    This has surely gone on too long for Arsenal to give up on their man! Believe and achieve 😀

  66. mark says:

    The flight from dubai is coming into london heathrow at 4.25 tomorrow morning. Lets just say a car is being sent to meet Arshavin from a company that a close friend works for. Its a booked in job for tomorrow morning.They do work for AFC and have collected other players from abroad ie Eduardo, Rosicky ETC.Hope you believe me now!

  67. Bob says:

    wengers going to call a emergency news confrence the minute he puts pen to paper, come on the arsenal!!

  68. KoloLej says:

    Oh yes, how could anyone doubt you now!!!

  69. athlon says:

    Mark! I don’t know that your story is true or not, but at least I laughed a lot.

  70. john says:

    Will we have time to sign not only arshavin but an experiened midfielder

  71. mark says:

    Its the arsenal way to hang things out remember nasri.Dont worry old red cheeks will be a gooner tomorrow

  72. KoloLej says:

    Breaking news on Life.ru!!!!!

    “Zenith” has accepted the offer of “Arsenal” on ????????
    26.01.2009 21:58:59

    Negotiations between ?? “Zenith” and London “Arsenal” about Andrey Arshavina’s transfer are finished. Between clubs the basic arrangement on transition of the player on conditions arranging both side and corresponding real market cost of the football player is reached.

    At the moment last obstacle in realization of the transaction became Andrey Arshavina’s personal requirements. The player and its agent have demanded from the London club the salary which the management of “Arsenal” is not ready to pay to the football player, and at the moment “Arsenal” agrees to execute requirements of the player only due to its decrease ??????????? costs. In turn Andrey Arshavin is not measured to go on reduction of requirements under the personal contract and by that negotiating process brakes, putting under doubt all the arrangements reached between clubs.

    ?? “Zenith” does not refuse readiness to sell the football player and continues negotiations, having offered one more output from the developed situation. A possible variant of decrease ??????????? prices ???????? can become payment by the player of indemnification for ???????????? the 4-years contract. As in 2006 at signing the contract with ?? “Zenith” on demand of the player subscription payment has been paid for long term at a rate of 5 million euro to it ????????????, in a situation of preschedule cancellation of the contract Andrey Arshavin can return to club half of sum (2,5 million euro) and it will be ??????? in ??????????? cost of the player.

    The trainer

    The instructor of “Arsenal” Arsene Venger has seriously intended to get the Russian forward after a match of the championship of the Europe between combined teams of Russia and Sweden which Russians have won with the account 2:0.

    ?????? then has personally arrived on stadium to observe game Russian attacking, and after a match has come into a locker room and has congratulated our players on a victory, especially having noted Andrey Arshavina’s game.

    Since then the Frenchman does not give up hope to catch ???? though one of these days and has admitted, that failure at negotiations does not become for it tragedy.

    – I trust in those players who support club, and I do not doubt, that on forces it is successful to them to lead a present season, – the trainer has declared.

  73. Mike says:

    According to life.ru an agreement on fee has been reached

  74. athlon says:

    But at least Arshavin uses the Fly Emirates. Good point for Arsenal :DD

  75. mark says:

    Athlon i aint jokin honest mate

  76. zul10 says:

    mr.mark i hop i’t will hapn. coz im almost in net 4 12hr’s so i need go to slep nw.i’ts 4.30am here in mlaysia

  77. Jaaack says:

    Redbearer, “Believe and Achieve” thats chipmunk mate. Mark, we’ll see if your right tomorow. Why doesnt everyone just do something else and then the next time you look he might have signed…then it’ll be a pleasent surprise.

  78. athlon says:

    I found a news at Zenit official page:

    Negotiations on the transfer Arshavina continuing

    Negotiations between FC «Zenit» and London «Arsenal» on the transfer of Andrei Arshavina continuing. Between the clubs reached agreement in principle to move the player on terms ustraivayuschih both sides and the actual market value of a football player.

    At the moment, the main obstacle in the implementation of the deal were personal requirements Andrew Arshavina. The player and his agent asked the London club paid to guide «Arsenal» not ready to pay a football player and currently «Arsenal» agrees to comply with the requirements of the player only by reducing his transfer value.

    In turn, Andrei Arshavin did not intend to go to reduce the demands on the personal contract, and thus hinders the negotiation process, calling into question all the agreements reached between the clubs.

    FC «Zenit» waives its willingness to sell the player, and continues to negotiate, offering another way out of this situation. One possible option for reducing the transfer price Arshavina could be paid compensation for a player rastorgnuty 4-year contract. As in 2006, when signing a contract with FC «Zenit» at the request of the player he was paid one-subscription payment for long-term rate of 5 million euros, in the early termination of the contract Andrei Arshavin can return the club half the amount (2.5 million euros) and it will be credited to the player’s transfer value.

  79. Michael says:

    There is no flight arriving from Dubai at that time.

  80. chrism says:

    so does this mean we have reached an agreement but arshavin doesn’t like the contract we’ve offered him?!?!

  81. Suhail says:

    Athlon i dont see that on zenit’s site..??

  82. James says:

    dont hold ur breath on Arshavin’s move, looks like the wo teams are STILL yet to agree a fee:


  83. Bob says:

    a boi jay, thats the spirit

  84. ej says:

    Flights dont arrive at heathrow 4.25! its too early and against air traffic regulations!!! so mark your either taking the mickey or your source is completely incorrect

  85. Tony says:

    So now its his wages thats the sticking point, fuck me this is painful. i cant take anymore for today

  86. TT says:

    Exclusive: Nobody gives a shit about your “inside information”

  87. gooner says:

    I am a gooner and i will always be an gooner but I think we r too mean and if we were spending a little bit more we would be ruling England! Still I love arsenal too much so I will always and 4ever be an arsenal fannnnnnn.

  88. burjgooner says:

    reports here in dubai say its a done deal,mark is right,expect arshavin at the heathrow,following a medical,he will be ours tommorrow..

  89. TT says:

    “I am a gooner and i will always be an gooner but I think we r too mean and if we were spending a little bit more we would be ruling England! Still I love arsenal too much so I will always and 4ever be an arsenal fannnnnnn.”

    What a naff comment. Typical idiot fannnnnnn.

  90. chrissie greeno says:

    what a load of bollockovs !

  91. Dazza says:

    Life.ru confirms the deal for Arshavin. Zenit have accepted. Translated by my Russian friend. Check out the homepage at life.ru, its the top story

  92. lanesra89 says:

    It seems the transfer is as close as its gonna get… so maybe he is on his way, if he is, and lets say in 5 years time everyone is fit for arsenal…Hard to believe i know…. where do they all fit in???, whats the starting 11…..


    Walcott/fabregas/arshavin/diaby/rosicky/nasri/etc etc etc etc


  93. ej says:

    so andrei is in dubai, and we are in russia!!! hosw can we sign him tonite!!

  94. Professor Gunns says:

    I just don’t understand all this fuss for a player that is CL-tied. The most he could do is help in the PL. We could have gotten Inler, Veloso,and Martins by now. Then there is Appiah who just finished a trail with Spurs ( and is FREE).
    All this dicking around with a bunch of Russian prick for a player then only help in 15 matches max. This is bullocks

  95. Tony says:

    there is flights from dubai into heathrow at 6.20 in the morning

  96. athlon says:

    Dazza! But will Arsenal accept the demands of Arshavin?

  97. Dazza says:

    ej, do u know anything about a machine called a plane?

  98. Bruno says:

    I thought Arshavin had already agreed a contract with us???

  99. Dazza says:

    probably be confirmed on Tuesday

  100. gooner says:

    I”m soooo sooo confuse and lost about this Arshavin transfer. I would love to see it happen tho.

  101. athlon says:

    Someone translate the article please because I don’t understand.

  102. Angelos says:

    You have to be kidding me right? So we’re getting stumped on personal terms?

    If this is true then Arsenal are becoming a joke. Have you ever heard of Man U, Chelsea Liverpool or even those retards Tottenham spending close to a month haggling and then haggling again?

    Honestly, the guy’s 27 so this is likely to be his last lucrative contract, he was always gonna try and squeeze for as much as he could get. And if we are to believe previous stories then I thought personal terms were already partially agreed. What did that focus on? His shirt number?

    And Mark, honestly friend. Stop playing with these people for your own twisted pleasure.

  103. TT says:

    Professor Gunns, you are an idiot. The stupidest commend of the day, that includes The Gooner Forum’s article 😀

  104. Mike says:

    The earliest flight tomorrow lands at 7.05

  105. john says:

    The russin website says we have agreed a fee, we are now agreeing personal terms. Should be confirmed and a press a conference will be held tomorrow, i think hes registered too late for the everton game

  106. mark says:

    Tony i stand corrected the flight is due in at 6.25 am

  107. Dazza says:

    All u need to know, is that the article states that Zenit have accepted Arsenal’s bid for Arshavin. I’m not gonna use my friedn to translate word for word. Plus he doesn’t really follow football. But hand on heart, he is Russian, so believe me!

    The only questions is, is Life.ru actually reliable lol

  108. chrissie greeno says:

    There’s a flight from Majorca to Luton this evening landing at 11.35pm

  109. Spike says:

    Bruno’s right. Arshavin agreed his deal with the club ages ago.

  110. mark says:

    But all along i would not bullshit fellow gooners. I want it to happen as much as you lot and the worst thing is bullshitters!

  111. Suhail says:

    Here you guys go..

  112. Skinny D says:

    Zenit have basically agreed a deal but have said that we have to pay the agents fee which we wont do, this falls as part of the negotiation between arsenal and arshavin. The finaL solution is that arshavin pays back some of his signing on fee that he received from Zenit when he signed his contract in 06 which was 5m euros.

  113. Bob says:

    dazza leav ej off, somthin wrong wit him

  114. Muppet says:

    chrissie greeno,


  115. RVP says:


    The negotiations between the St. Petersburg “zenith” and the London “arsenal” about Andrey [Arshavin]’s transfer are finished. The fundamental understanding about the passage of player on the conditions for those arranging both sides and corresponding to the real market value of football player is achieved between the clubs. The wage of 27-year Andrey in England will be the approximately 7 000 000 Euros. Problems At the present moment basic obstacle in the realization of transaction became the personal demands of Andrey [Arshavin]. Player and his agent they required from the London club the wage, which the management “of arsenal” preparedly not to pay out to football player, and at the present moment “arsenal” it was agreeable to satisfy the demands of player only due to a reduction in his transfer cost. In turn Andrey [Arshavin] is not intended to proceed with the decrease of requirements on the personal contract, and thus impedes telephone-box process, bringing into question all reached between the clubs understandings. Solution “Zenith” does not reject its readiness to sell football player and negotiations continue, after proposing one additional output from the prevailing situation. By the possible version of reduction in the transfer price Of [arshavina] can become payment the player of compensation for the [rastorgnutyy] 4- summer contract. Since in 2006 with the signing of contract with the blue-bel- the blue on the demand of player to it was paid [edinorazovaya] subscribed sum for [dolgosrochnost] in the size of five million Euros. In the situation of the early dissolution of contract Andrey [Arshavin] can return to club half of sum (2,5 million Euros) and it will be counted into the transfer cost of player. Aid Furthermore, the management of English club always can resort to aid of one of its most important shareholders – Russian multi-millionaire of Usmanov’s [Alishera]. The notorious two million pounds, which “gunners” so for long rejected to add to 12 to million, proposed for [Shavu] earlier, they were located in Russian multi-millionaire and coowner of the London club of Usmanov’s [Alishera]. – I am ready to be connected to the negotiations when this will be necessarily, commented situation recently oligarch himself. [Alisher] Usmanov, who is the coowner of [komanii] Of red and White Of holding, at the end August 2007 acquired 14,58% of actions of the company Of arsenal Of holdings, which manages the soccer club “arsenal”. Even in the month Usmanov acquired 23% of actions and intended to subsequently bring his portion to 49 percent. Trainer Let us recall that the teacher “of the arsenal” Of [arsen] Of [venger] seriously was decided to acquire Russian forward after the match of the championship of Europe between the teams of Russia and Sweden, in which the Russians conquered with the score 2: 0. [Venger] then personally arrived to the stadium to observe after the game Russian of that attacking, and after match it visited into the cloakroom and congratulated our players with the victory, having especially noted Andrey [Arshavin]’s game. Since then Frenchman does not leave the hope to secure [Shavu], although he recently and acknowledged that the failure during the negotiations will not become for it tragedy. – I believe in those players, who speak in favor of club, and I do not doubt, that by them on the forces to successfully conduct present season, stated trainer. Fans However, after this entire half year epic with the passage Of [arshavina], the fans “of gunners” no longer are glad to see the gifted Russian in their dear command. several groups of the fans of London “arsenal” decided to appear against the purchase of the forward of Russian team Andrey [Arshavina]. Discussing the possibility of passage [Arshi] into the camp “of gunners”, many fans concur in the opinion, that 27-year attacking is not completely necessary to London command. The worshippers of Englishmen consider that the price of Andrey is overstated, and to these money completely it is possible to purchase two good football players. Numerous worshippers of the London club they are assured that it is better instead of one Russian to acquire two supporting half-backs. – [Arshavin] – latter, what requires “the arsenal”, discuss Englishmen. – Command would not prevent the pair of the strong half-backs of defensive plan. But this Russian is necessary to us as to dog the fifth foot.

  116. gooner says:

    I thought so too Bruno

  117. Spike says:

    Professor Gunn;

    IF Arshavin scores or sets up the winners against ManU, Lpool, Chavs and in the FA Cup final, dom you reckon he’d be a decent signing this month?

  118. Hi Gunner... says:

    Fuck u mark!!!!

  119. ej says:

    Dazza.. oh yeah if forgot!!! what i mean was does anyone know where arshavin is? in dubai? russia or london??
    What i think is strange is that zenit have gone completely quiet and theres a news shutdown on this from their side! hope thats a good thing!!!

  120. TT says:

    Nobody cares what you “know”. Analyse his worth to the club by all means, but don’t lie and say you know anything more than any other fan.

  121. Skinny D says:

    Zenit were supposed to pay the agent fee but having reduced their fee want oor stingy board to cough up…. the saga continues

  122. john says:

    Hi so maybe we didnt sell eboue? coz we had to tie up the arshavin deal

  123. joey gooner says:

    If the dodgy russian stories are right, a deal has been done (as promised) by Monday night. But now Arshavin must make his claims of taking wage cut to secure the move, a reality. Hopefully, we’ll see him unveiled 2moro. fingers crossed.

  124. john says:

    I dont believe this after all these negotiations we cant even agre personal terms. Come on Wenger give him the money he wants. We got a cut price deal and he still wants to save money. God hes like my economics teacher

  125. ej says:

    Actually bob Him is a her and she knows a lot more about football then you will ever!!! it was a question not a slagging off match sexist %$$^

  126. Professor Gunns says:

    TT really I’m an idoit, how so. The club has spent almost a full month on a player that is tied in the champions league, but all of the players I mentioned We could have gotten and are available to play in both the CL and The Prem, So what exactly am I an Idiot about. And please keep insults to yourself.

  127. Mike says:

    Its a press release from FC Zenit, its on 4 russian news sites now:

    Negotiations between FC «Zenit» and London «Arsenal» on the transfer of Andrei Arshavina continuing. Between the clubs reached agreement in principle to move the player on terms ustraivayuschih both sides and the actual market value of a football player. At the moment, the main obstacle in the implementation of the deal were personal requirements Andrew Arshavina.

    The player and his agent asked the London club paid to guide «Arsenal» not ready to pay a football player and currently «Arsenal» agrees to comply with the requirements of the player only by reducing his transfer value. In turn, Andrei Arshavin did not intend to go to reduce the demands on the personal contract, and thus hinders the negotiation process, calling into question all the agreements reached between the clubs.FC «Zenit» waives its willingness to sell the player, and continues to negotiate, offering another way out of this situation.

    One possible option for reducing the transfer price Arshavina could be paid compensation for a player rastorgnuty 4-year contract.As in 2006, when signing a contract with FC «Zenit» at the request of the player he was paid one-subscription payment for long-term rate of 5 million euros, in the early termination of the contract Andrei Arshavin can return the club half the amount (2.5 million euros) and it will be credited to the player’s transfer value. “

  128. redbearer says:

    Professor Gunn says “Russian prick for a player” WTF!! Mate.. Arshavin is mustard… chilli hot…. explosive!! The other players you mentioned are either not interested or too expensive or not up to the required calibre of being an Arsenal player… AA fits us!

  129. zipz says:

    sorry bout that guys it didnt work. lol

  130. chrism says:

    if its true about him rejecting the contract…so much for everything hes said abot being desperate to sign for arsenal and all that…

  131. Suhail says:

    Where has mike vanished after giving the news??

  132. mark says:


  133. zipz says:

    we need to sign arteta!!

  134. Bruno says:

    zipz = PRICK!!!!

  135. Martijn Stolze says:

    what bollocks; we had agreed personal terms, had’nt we? Why the fuck would Ars be havin a laugh now by changing his demands… Finally we can get him and he turns down the offer..
    Btw; Mark, for some fucking reason i believe you.

  136. athlon says:

    It would be a shame for Arshavin if he didn’t accept our terms.

  137. jon says:

    Hurry the fuck up, this is worse than nasri.

  138. Professor Gunns says:

    Spike, Not Really when ther are player on the squad who for a short time could play elsewhere and do the same things, and are not CL tied. Do not get it twisted I like AA,but I do not believe he worth this drama. He has 3-4 years left max. Players I mentioned eariler are younger;except Appaiah; and could be more valuble down the stretch

  139. zipz says:


  140. Suhail says:

    i too want to belive mark

  141. Mike says:

    I havent vanished anywhere.

  142. john says:

    Maybe Real madrid have come in and may offer more. Think about it arshavin at 13 million. loads of clubs will come in now

  143. zipz says:


  144. Jakey says:

    I said it yesterday and I will say it again, this has gone on for tooo long, if all parties wanted this deal to happen it would of. Our Board of Directors and with regret Mr Wenger are beginning to turn a club that ruled the prem 4 years ago into a circus act.

    If this all falls through and we sign no one we will be lucky to qualify for the UEFA cup, followed Arsenal for 35 years and find this whole saga embarrasing for a club of our size and history. Even the Spuds can conclude a deal once fees are agreed.

    Bring back Dein!

  145. I know everything says:

    Arshavin has not rejected an offer from Arsenal. The player is expected into London tomorrow morning to discuss terms after the two clubs agreed a fee early this evening. It is after all against the rules to negotiate a contract whilst under contract at another club.

  146. ej says:

    I think all these stories on here about arshavin saying no to contract are crap!! great site chris but this is getting dull! bye

  147. Jaaack says:

    Fuck the sneaky Russian then. It was thought that he was willing to take a wage cut but clearly not. How much is he getting at Zenit ? About 120,000? I dont know..but the most he’ll get his 80,000.

  148. Michael says:


    Sagna Toure Djourou Clichy

    Walcott Fabregas Song Nasri



    Sell Adebayor, Bendtner, Eboue and buy a decent CB And DMF

  149. arsenal1234 says:

    Hi Chris
    you may or may not choose to believe this but ive got Denis Lachters number off the agents list and i texted him expecting no reply but i got one.

    As a joke i texted him saying

    Me: “This deal is taking forever just get Mr Usmanov to pay the rest!”

    Mr Lachter: “Gotcha! :)”

    Me: “Seriously though are we any closer?”

    Mr Lachter: “:( Unfortunately not!”

  150. Bruno says:

    ZIPZ = TWAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. mark says:

    I hope this is the last russian we ever go for. That old bastard hill wood is to blame for all the delays. Short arms long pockets.The sooner he pops it the better (not dies but leaves the board). I aint that sick

  152. James says:

    gooner chris can you fill me in please buddy? i have seen that on the official zenit new page there is something about arshavin and apparently the negotiations are “continuing”

    But ive been reading on here and you guys say, the fee is agreed, confusing!

  153. Bob says:

    eh ej how was i being sexist,i thaught you were a man because men are normally the people who would go on football forums, and i very much dought you know more about football than me, im fuckin related to liam brady for fuck sake, irish4life!!!

  154. caolan ferry says:

    what is happening now whe is he going to be an arsenal player

  155. Suhail says:

    15mins since the last update of the deal , sum1 cum up with sumthing..

  156. Samir says:

    arsenal1234 don’t talk shit in my ear.

  157. Michael says:

    Adebayor isn’t good enough,from what i’ve seen from Ashavin he can play a ball through the little gaps at the back and there nobody better to stick them away than Eduardo. If we had a good Defensive midfielder to replace Song in the team i put down then i PERSONALLY think that is a great side.

  158. Jaaack says:

    Michael where does RVP fit into that team then ?

  159. ej says:

    yeah you shouldnt assume that more men go on football forums then women!! so what if you are related to liam brady..that MUST mean you know about more about football because you share the same blood as him!!

  160. Spike says:

    Prof Gunns;

    Appiah hasnt is a defensive midfielder whose had real injury probs, Martins is effin average and about 32 in reality! Veloso, I like and dont see why we couldnt sign him AS WELL? But Arshavins is quality, like Theo, Pires and Overmars combined, if he can unlock defences and create goals for himself or others (and we have struggled lately havent we?) Then that for me, makes it a very good signing

  161. Zachary says:

    I work for a sports TV firm as a camera man and have been called to Gatwick Airport tomorrow morning.
    Maybe the Russian bloke??

  162. Bruno says:

    ZIPZ = SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. johnthegunner says:

    Zachary, you lie!!

  164. john says:

    We miss a LW and RW. Hleb and rosicky were brillaint in those positions. We had pires, overmars ljunberg before. Waclott actually reminds me of marc overmars. But overmars was a brilliant dribbler.

  165. Professor Gunns says:

    I thought Hill-Wood and AW said we has a club would be held hostage for a player. I guess the joke is on us fans. We are so desperate to see our club succeed that cling to anything that might bring us hope that our Great Lady would return to the Glory she deserves. Go Gunners-Gunner 4 life

  166. Michael says:

    Yeah RVP was the only sticking point with what i said but i would still pick Eduardo over him to start. If we got players like Cesc or possibly Ashavin to play the final balls we lack , there isn’t anyone better we have to finish it off.
    We just need a decent DMF to eat up the other teams attacks then ping it to Cesc, Ashavin, Theo or Nasri.

  167. arsenal1234 says:

    Samir Says:
    January 26th, 2009 at 9:17 pm
    arsenal1234 don’t talk shit in my ear.

    Ill give you his number just worrying that if i put it up here EVERYONE wil be calling him etc. want it?

  168. Bob says:

    oooh i work for arsenae wenger and he said he wants me to take pictures of ARSHAVIN is it the russian bloke, fuck off zachary

  169. zipz says:


  170. James says:

    Zachary dont even lie mate

  171. arsenal1234 says:

    kk ive come up with a plan someone call him one of us this is Denis Lachter btw Andreis agent that were talking about and ask him stragiht whats going on from my texts he seems to speak english perfectly!
    anyone wanna do it

    his number is

    Mobile:+972 546 358 646

  172. johnthegunner says:

    go on then put up his number

  173. ej says:

    Zachary ..ignore that bloke bob! he has problems…. thats good news if thats true!!

  174. mike says:

    arshavin wanted to leave all summer and now all winter but now when he gets the chance he rejects the contract!

  175. johnthegunner says:

    fake number

  176. redbearer says:

    It doesn’t make too much sense for the player to oppose the move now… the propaganda is now being echoed through the Russian media.. So what if now they believe that they may be losing one of their footballing assets to the capitalist West then it is an obvious strategy to alienate the player who they once loved and feel that he has betrayed his home country. Hence the reports are now suggesting that the player & agent has issues over the contract… it’s like politics being played over a game of chess! Your move, my move?!?! Complete fabrication!

  177. Gooner Chris says:

    Phone the greedy cunt.

    And let him know what you think of him.

    Arshavin is being BADLY advised by a stereotypical agent.

  178. tdotgooner says:

    lol.you guys are all crazy.

  179. johnthegunner says:

    i just did, its fake

  180. Bob says:

    I’m getting really fed up right now. I’ve got an exam tomorrow and all this is preventing me from doing my work :(

  181. Martijn Stolze says:

    Being impersonated, Chris?

  182. Bruno says:

    No one has said or really knows if AA has rejected the contract.Too much speculating going on here.

  183. […] ?????? . ????? Gooner Talks ??????? ???? ???????? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ????? ??????? ??????? . ?????? __________________ ???? ?? ????? ???? ????? […]

  184. The Brain says:

    The fee is not agreed as of yet but I think it is likely to happen soon. Personal terms should be easy to sort out if not already; it is Ken Friar who is negotiating. Lets just be patient and you never know who may come in for him even though the Gunners are the only team as of yet. Unless there is such a development expect him to sign.

  185. arsenal1234 says:

    if your sure its a fake number call him!

  186. Samir says:


  187. arsenal1234 says:

    i wanna call him but if i do and tell you what he says IF he answered then you wouldnt believe me so theres no point Gooner Chris whats your msn again mate

  188. trfgh6566 says:

    Go to Zenits main page, it’s offical, Arshavin just has to agree personal terms now

  189. Walcott_will_b_benched_thanks_2_arshavin says:

    its a conspiracy, wen the tottenham hotspuds tried to buys AA b4, it was a cover, they merely payed zenit to do this to us, a plan to destroy arsenal from within since they cant do it on the pitch n off the pitch

  190. mark says:

    i rang it and got through to putin. He told me to fuck off and dont ring back

  191. richie says:

    people need to relax, everyone remembers august 31st when there were so many rumours. i think arshavin will sign at this stage. if you notice, arsenal tend to break transfers news early in the morning. examples= nasri, ramsey.

  192. Bob says:

    fuck you ya bitch ej, what sort a name is that anyway a bit like eijit.

  193. Spike says:

    I rang that number, gotta wait 25 minutes now for my Meat feast Pizza! Brilliant!

  194. Bruno says:

    Where on the Zenit site does it say that trfgh6566?????

  195. adam says:

    trfgh6566, cn u send the link to tht bit plz m8

  196. Tom says:

    i agree totally bob, shut up ej

  197. trfgh6566 says:

    Translated it says:

    FC «Zenit» waives its willingness to sell the player, and continues to negotiate, offering another way out of this situation. One possible option for reducing the transfer price Arshavina could be paid compensation for a player rastorgnuty 4-year contract. As in 2006, when signing a contract with FC «Zenit» at the request of the player he was paid one-subscription payment for long-term rate of 5 million euros, in the early termination of the contract Andrei Arshavin can return the club half the amount (2.5 million euros) and it will be credited to the player’s transfer value.

  198. Jaaack says:

    LOL Mark, Putin looks like he can swing it so I wouldnt ring back. Arshavin sign the dotted line and sack your money grabbing agent.

  199. arsenal1234 says:

    haha i love the way how your all making stupid jokes about that number but your not calling it

    Mobile: 972 546 358 646

  200. trfgh6566 says:

    basically we need to give him a signing on fee to get him, similar to wat we did with campbell, a signing on fee over the 4 year contract which actually makes his wage more than our max wage structure

  201. Bruno says:

    Lachter is a fucking tranny cunt!!!!!!

  202. Bob says:

    eh bob du u mind not takin me name thanks use ur own, fuckface

  203. ali says:

    Believe me, this now looks very bad. Zenit has really sunk to a new low in making an official statement like this. Far too many details, far too personal. Why do it if not to antagonise the player and frustrate Arsenal even further?

    I fully expect an announcement tomorrow to say that Arsenal have pulled out as Arshavin was not prepared to pay a whole year’s wages to ‘pay back’ a club owned by oil-gulping trillionaires. How unreasonable of him!

  204. joey gooner says:

    can someone gives a link to the statement on zenit’s official website?

  205. arsenal4ever says:

    rubbish nothing on Zeniths webpage!!! nothing confirmed yet

  206. Jakey says:

    Walk away, never gona happen, wasted 4 weeks and will sign no one joke

  207. Bruno says:

    Rang that number and was quoted various prices from hand relief, to full sex!!!!!

  208. PTG says:

    Arsenal4ever, it is only on the Russian version of Zenit’s site

  209. Gooner says:

    It’s only on Zenith’s Russian site.


    This is a translation of the top news story on the Russian version of the Zenith site.

    Negotiations between FC «Zenit» and London «Arsenal» on the transfer of Andrei Arshavina continuing. Between the clubs reached agreement in principle to move the player on terms ustraivayuschih both sides and the actual market value of a football player.

    At the moment, the main obstacle in the implementation of the deal were personal requirements Andrew Arshavina. The player and his agent asked the London club paid to guide «Arsenal» not ready to pay a football player and currently «Arsenal» agrees to comply with the requirements of the player only by reducing his transfer value.

    In turn, Andrei Arshavin did not intend to go to reduce the demands on the personal contract, and thus hinders the negotiation process, calling into question all the agreements reached between the clubs.

    FC «Zenit» waives its willingness to sell the player, and continues to negotiate, offering another way out of this situation. One possible option for reducing the transfer price Arshavina could be paid compensation for a player rastorgnuty 4-year contract. As in 2006, when signing a contract with FC «Zenit» at the request of the player he was paid one-subscription payment for long-term rate of 5 million euros, in the early termination of the contract Andrei Arshavin can return the club half the amount (2.5 million euros) and it will be credited to the player’s transfer value.

  210. arsenal1234 says:

    johnthegunner! FUCK OFF

  211. Jaaack says:

    Fuck this for a laugh n half. Just fucking stupid now ! Lachter just wants money and dont give a fuck about what he does to AA’s career. People like that deserve to be shot tbh.

  212. Samir says:

    Tell him to lick the back of em xD

  213. Spike says:

    Anyone gettin all antsy, angry frustrated and basically actin like a spoilt 3 year old….Seriously stay away from sites like this as you’ll only end up getting your knickers in even more of a twist.

    Why you feel the need to express your purile pre-pubescent tantrum on here for all to see is beyond me and really shows yourselves up.

  214. Pat says:

    Go to the Zenit official website, in Russian.

    Copy and paste the 2nd article(the one that doesn’t have a picture).

    Open up translate.google.com and paste it in there.

    Select from Russian to English and there it is.

  215. ej says:

    Seeing that Zenit have released this on their own website must be bad news. I thought arshavin had agreed personal terms.. obviously not! the saga goes on.

  216. Meesh says:

    The reason you can’t find the story is because they have not put up the news on the english version of the site.

    Here is the link, you will have to translate it.

    its the second story down.


  217. Bruno says:


  218. chrism says:

    so the ONLY thing holding it up is arshavins and his agent wanting more money?? this is sooooo annoying!!

  219. goonerdan says:

    so where are we??? Zenit have issued a press relase to local news papers and journalists and their site. They state that a deal between the 2 clubs has been agreed in principal. Now the next part is somewhat confusing…as far as i can see Lachter is saying that as we agreed a deal for arshavin at a reduced price that he should not have to reduce his wage demands…either this or that zenit are refusing to pay the agents fee and they believ they are entitled to 2.5 million from arshavin as part of his signing on fee agreement when he signed contract in 2006…is that about right people???

  220. redbearer says:

    Lol arsenal1234 😀 When all of this shite is over I’m gonna miss the banter… can anyone last till midnight on the 31st?

    Only kidding.. we need a quick resolution!

    Dial an agent hey 😉

  221. Samir says:

    How much longer do I need to have my eyes glue’d to SSN? I did it all summer and we made 1 signing. >.<

  222. FuckFuck says:

    This is doing my fuckin head in, Im on the 1st plane to Russia to kick fuck out of these cunts, and i will burn Latchers know off an all the money cock grabbin twat cunt

  223. trfgh6566 says:


  224. Jaaack says:

    Pre-pubescent is your forte isnt it Spike ?

  225. FuckFuck says:

    EJ ya cant agree personal terms before clubs agreeing a fee. Its the law of those fat bald fuckers at Fifa.
    Expect Arshavin in England tomorrow, Wedneday whenevr.

  226. chrism says:

    has the statement on zenit website even been realised by SSN???

  227. ej says:

    If arshavin wants more money then he can go to manchester city! if he wants to play in europe with fabregas,walcott Rvp and nasri then he can come to arsenal!! come on pittsburg steelers

  228. Samir says:

    I predict him to join tomorrow at 3.27Pm, don’t ask why.

  229. Spike says:

    WooHoo! Someone bit!

    Jaaack, you’re today’s lucky winner!

  230. FuckFuck says:

    Fuck this, Im gonna put my new DVD on… Mary Poppins.

  231. dirty turkey says:

    Frmo the fifa agent contact page:

    Tel:+972-3/ 644 6878
    Mobile:+972-546/358 646
    Fax:+972-3/ 644 7051


    now phone him !! :)

  232. ej says:

    cheers fuck fuck.. hopefully when i wake up at 6 tomorrow and see SSN it will say Arshavin signs at last!

  233. Samir says:

    Brian swanson hasn’t been on SSN to keep everyone up to date the daft little plank!

  234. Ike - Gunner in Saint Petersburg, Russia says:

    Just read the news on Zenit’s official site in Russian … Arshavin himself is holding up the deal as the two clubs have reached an agreement … Arsenal claim they can’t afford the wages being demanded by Arshavin and insist that they’d only agree to pay him according to his demands if Zenit reduce the transfer fee.

    On the other hand the Zenit say one option would be for Arshavin to pay 2,5 million euros (triggering a clause in his contract signed in 2006 when he was paid 5 million euros on signing the contract – the clause says that Arshavin will have to pay 50% of the 5 million if he cancels the contract) …

    So, it’s either Arshavin coughs up the 2,5 million euros or he settles for a lower wage at Arsenal …

    One thing is for sure, news on the official Zenit website is reliable and it’s a matter of time before Arshavin becaomes an Arsenal player – if that’s what he really wants anyway … The ball is firmly in Andrey’s court now :)

  235. jutmanc says:

    Looks like we have agreed the fee which is good if its just personal terms really he should accept whats on offer like you said he wants to leave.

  236. dirty turkey says:

    basically they gave him 5 euros to sign his new contract and they want him to pay 2.5m back so they can reduce it from his transfer fee…..complicated!

  237. Jakey says:

    i predict we wont sign him and wenger will come out and say the squad is good enough to compete without him and getting our injured players back will be like 3 new signings……hes happened to forget we were lite in the squad area b4 the start of the season…..inter toto here we come

  238. dirty turkey says:

    sorry…thats 5million euros! I’d give him £3 to join us ! LOL

  239. Jaaack says:

    Someone had to Spike. Nothing personal, i assume your not a nonce.

  240. FuckFuck says:

    Jeez look what one little Russian man is making loads of Gunners do. He will think he’s a God. When we all know he’s a little knome.

  241. Gothenburg Gooner says:

    This smells even worse than my girlfriends p*ssy after a night out.

    I’m sure this “personal terms problem” is bollocks all the way. Until arsenal.com publish some kind of statement according to the agreement of the transfer fee, I believe this is Zeniths way of cleaning their own arse. Blame the player and your fine..

    However, he looks like a crybaby.

  242. Greekgunner says:

    Gooner Chris a prediction : over 500 comments and Arshavin will sign tomorrow. A lot of crap of course from comments, but many useful info.excellent forum continue the update. its funny.

  243. Spike says:

    Jaaaaaaaaaaaack; Dont worry bout it fella and no, I aint an effin nonce FFS!

  244. redbearer says:

    If AA wants out he will do the right thing and become an Arsenal legend! :)

  245. FuckFuck says:

    Tell you what i love Salt & vinegar crisps.


  247. Samir says:

    Gothenburg, does your girlfriends pussy not smell good?:D

  248. chrism says:

    god…arshavin BETTER BE DAMN GOOD after all of this..!!!!!!

  249. jim says:

    i can;t read the bloody updates.

    Quality idea, mate but could you kinds present it so it is actually visible like?

    Google ads in way


  250. Bruno says:


  251. GoonerDaniel says:

    Guys, Arshavin has agreed personal terms with us.This is just made up by Zenit..they want to blame the player for the failure now.And Arshavin him self said earlier today that he doesn’t know what is going on at the moment.And how the hell would Zenit know if Arshavin is demanding more money..i suppose they accepted our offer earlier today or its just bollocks – even on their official web site.

  252. dirty turkey says:

    RIP John Crane – sympathy to his family

  253. chrism says:

    its finally been recognised by sky sports..only taken them a few hours!

  254. Samir says:

    21.57 Zenit St Petersburg claim they have agreed a fee with Arsenal for Andrei Arshavin. However, the Russian club say the Gunners are struggling to agree personal terms with the playmaker.


  255. ej says:

    Why would arshavin agent talk to a complete stranger ont the phone!!

  256. BillyGallas says:

    God this is beyond belief. Please somebody clean this mess up!

  257. KarlAFC says:

    This is fucking tripe. Everyone should just get some sleep and wait till morning.

    If something comes up then, fantastic.

    I feel for the people who hit their refresh button every few minutes in hope.

  258. goonerdan says:

    chrism…where have you seen hta on ssn?

  259. trfgh6566 says:

    I don’t think he’s going to come, he’s on 100k a week at Zenit and is refusing to take a pay cut to join Arsenal.

    “Arsenal and Zenit agree, so it’s now up to Arshavin to prove he wants to play for Arsenal by reducing his excessive pay demands in the middle of a financial crisis.”

  260. Bruno says:

    PHONE THE NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!

  261. Spike says:

    As someone’s already said, how would Zenit know Arshavin and AFC are struggling to agree personal terms?

  262. jutmanc says:

    would he even answer his phone at 1 in the morning

  263. Samir says:

    KarlAFC I don’t hit the refresh button I hit ctrl+r XD ! avv it

  264. goonerdan says:

    got it dont worry

  265. jay says:

    Zenit St Petersburg claim they have agreed a fee with Arsenal for Andrei Arshavin. However, the Russian club say the Gunners are struggling to agree personal terms with the playmaker.

  266. Jakey says:

    Yeap now on SS website

  267. Andriy Arshavin says:

    Hello Fans of Arsenal i have signed for you and i will be earning 200,000 M&M’s a week.

  268. jutmanc says:

    im pretty sure that the personal terms will be fairly straight forward cause he wants to leave don’t he….

  269. Samir says:


  270. Bruno says:


  271. dangerous says:

    Deal is off..Official!! due to ‘Arshavins personal demands’

    What we didn’t know is another club (Spanish) have now entered the race and are offering more in wages, gutted but we dont need greedy buggers at our club.

    Link below, go to a decent translator website google is a bit scratchy, Up the gunners!!


  272. GoonerDaniel says:

    Zenit Spoke’s man said few days ago that Zenit have agreed personal terms with Arsenal and now Zenit are saying that Personal Terms are blockign the deal?? Thats PURE bullshit…they are blocking the deal and they want to put the blame on the player.

  273. BillyGallas says:

    whats the number

  274. Mike says:

    FYI when you dial internationally, 141 doesnt hold back your number :)

  275. Sean says:

    It does look odd GoonerDaniel, but it seems like we’re not willing to pay him the wages he wants if we’re having to pay more than 15m (I guess) for his transfer.

  276. Bruno says:

    00972-3/ 644 6878

  277. FuckFuck says:

    Does Arshavin have his own website?

  278. Crud-fuckin Wench. says:

    Gothenburg gooner, If your bird is Swedish I’d readily look past the piss and b..o. stink hole. I’d eat it with a grin.

  279. joey gooner says:

    why would paying more money to zenit lower his wages?

  280. Bruno says:


  281. jutmanc says:

    does he need a work permit???

  282. Mike says:

    Calling him at 2am in the morning, isn’t gonna help. It will piss him off.

  283. GoonerDaniel says:

    I think both Arsenal and Zenit are not willing to pay the Agents fee..somewhere around 2mil i think

  284. Denis Latcher says:

    Stop fucking calling me ya twats, im shaggin a bird ere. lol

  285. joey gooner says:

    yeah but the permit will be granted as he has many international appearances

  286. Bruno says:


  287. Denis Latcher says:

    I need my mobile to shove up her arse!!

  288. GoonerDaniel says:

    “They feel they need to make a scapegoat because if the deal does go through, then Zenit will have the image of trying their hardest to keep him, but the player’s personal terms were the final say. Or if it doesn’t go through, then Zenit will be seen as the good guys and Arshavin the bad guy.

    They’re trying to take us for mugs. Good God if this goes through NEVER AGAIN shall we come back for negotiations of any sort.”

    I got this comment from another forum/blog.
    This was exactly what i was talking about.

  289. steve says:

    so we gettin the lil russian fuck or what??

    niko krancjar i say

  290. Simon says:

    Seriously its nothing to do with Agent fees – Stop keep saying that! As far as we know its down to Arshavins Wage demands.

    Please someone call the agent I’m bored of reading Bruno keep going on about ringing!

  291. Bruno says:


  292. joey gooner says:

    ARSENAL’s move for Andrei Arshavin could collapse over his “excessive” wage demands, it emerged tonight.

    The Gunners today agreed a £14million deal for the striker after protracted negotiations.

    But Zenit St Petersburg then accused their own star of jeopardising the move by demanding a £3.5m salary AFTER tax.

    Sources at Zenit said the two clubs had agreed a transfer fee which “reflects the real market value” of the player. This is at least £4m higher than Arsenal’s original offer.

    But a statement by the club tonight said: “At the moment the only obstacle to the deal is the personal demands of Andrei Arshavin.”

    The hitman already earns around £100,000-a-week at Zenit.

    And Arsenal have made it clear they are not prepared to match that.

    They have told Arshavin he would have to take a £20,000-a-week cut to join.

    The Russian club claim his salary demand – said to amount to £7m-a-year before tax – is so high “that Arsenal is not prepared to pay”.

    The only way of saving the deal is if the transfer fee is reduced, Russian sources said.

    Zenit will only do this if the player himself pays back £2.5m of an upfront signing on fee he obtained on joining Zenit on a four year deal in 2006.

    “The move to Arsenal is on a knife-edge,” a Russian source said tonight.

    “Unless someone gives way, it looks doomed.

    “Arsenal and Zenit agree, so it’s now up to Arshavin to prove he wants to play for Arsenal by reducing his excessive pay demands in the middle of a financial crisis.”

  293. Mike says:

    Ring it and record it, and then just upload the audio file.

  294. dangerous says:

    BEWARE!! The number Bruno has advertised is a premium foreign number it’ll cost you around £15 a min…

    You Swine Bruno, how could you!!

  295. redbearer says:

    Dein would have sussed this quicker! Where is the proper clarification? If the terms have not been offered and Zenit are still playing games then ultimately there will be no deal… it can not continue like this!

  296. Jakey says:

    Denis, when up her a – hole ring and vibrate or vibrate only?

    whats her preference?

  297. BillyGallas says:


    100% true.

    so hope this gets sorted out.

  298. pissypussy eater says:

    i cant beleive after all this time we didnt have an idea of what wages he wanted? and further more he must have know about our wage structure?

  299. Martijn Stolze says:

    Not to screw with everyone… But i hate all Russians right now, and Arsh boy especially; he can redeem himself though. When I get home from school tomorrow and i read he has signed, i’ll personally decorate his new Hampstead manor

  300. Denis Latcher says:

    i never said anything of the sort, you asked me what colour my underpants were. You rude rude man lol

  301. PTG says:

    I rang that number, Apparently I am lined up with some bird called Olga who is looking for a Husband!!!

  302. arsenal1234 says:

    As some of may of herd ive been texting Dennis Lachter (Andrei’s Agent) ive decided to take a screen pic of my past two texts to him



  303. Arsene Wenger says:

    Helloooooooooooooooo Hellooooooooooooooo Helloooooooooooooooo I believe there is a party here!

  304. PTG says:

    You would think that Denis would learn and turn his mobile off, he must have had about 1000 calls from Gooners this evening and no doubt the worlds media that would have his number anyway

  305. Mike says:

    It would be cheaper to email or skype him

  306. steve says:

    arsenal1234 Says:

    go suck dick u little twat

  307. Jakey says:

    PTG careful, make sure Olga is not the russian olympic shot putter heard she likes big balls

  308. Niklas Bendtnar says:

    fuk arshavin, im sik with my pink boots;)

  309. Dennis Lachter says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that was goodddd…..anyway you silly people my friend mr andrei is going to sign for you guys so why dont you all go to sleep and stop calling me…….I am having a good time here wanking over pics of your beloved arsene wenger

  310. Samir says:

    LOL PTG get ur bucked!

  311. jutmanc says:

    sorry but why would a club put a deal has been reached on their own website, its got to be truth in some way

  312. Niklas Bendtnar says:

    dont wank over wenger, wank over me and my pink boots;)

  313. Duncan Bannatyne says:

    Get out!!!

  314. FuckFuck says:

    I love pussy…..cats
    Fuck off

  315. Dennis says:

    That is it, I have had enough of your childish calls to my cellular phone.

    Mr Arshavin, is not signing for Arsenal.

    He will sign for Tottenham Hotspur.

  316. foxy says:

    So Denis says it’s all Zenit’s fault and there was never an agreement?! Bollocks

    It’ll all get sorted and 2moro Arshavin will be ours!

  317. Samir says:

    Shut..the………….front door.

  318. Jose Morinhou says:

    Shutup Voyeur!!!

  319. Jakey says:

    Right guys bid you all good nite anf God Bless, time to go to bed and think of Denis with his bird and a mobile phone……

    Hopeing for some good news on the morrow……….but somehow I think we have another 6 days of torment in front of us…..and to Denis Up the Arse-nal!!

  320. perrygrovesworld says:

    if you check the FIFA Site there is a provision for adding 1 transferred player to your champions league squad that has played a CL game for their previous team. deadline for registration 26th January see where I’m going with this …..

  321. Gunner78 says:

    This website is shit, updates every 30 mins, been 2.5 hrs now, he’s calling young guns for info…2nd rate!

  322. Gunner Jillu says:

    Arsenal have struck a deal with Zenit St Petersburg for Andrei Arshavin, according to the Russian club, but a deal is still some way from being concluded.

    The Gunners have been locked in talks with Zenit for some time over the services of the 27-year-old Russia international, who shone at Euro 2008.

    Zenit have not revealed the figure Arsenal have bid for the club’s long-serving player, although they claim the fee is the ‘real market value of the player’.

    Arshavin, who interested Spanish giants Barcelona last summer, is now discussing personal terms with Arsene Wenger’s side, but Zenit say his lofty demands are currently outside Arsenal’s budget.

    “The fundamental understanding over the transfer of the player has been achieved between the clubs,” read a statement on Zenit’s official website.

    “At the moment the basic obstacle in realising the transaction is Andrei Arshavin’s personal requirements.”

  323. chris says:

    am i the only sane person left on this blog?? all these fucking fakers lol

  324. Samir says:

    Arshavin needs to get the dick out of his mouth and agree personal terms.

  325. FuckFuck says:

    everyone type chelsea zinn into google and watch her go, much better than this

  326. Frankie Boyle says:

    The Queen is so old……..her pussy is haunted!!!! Ach wee ya taggart! Ma man arshavin will sign for the arsenal wee boys!

  327. Mike says:

    Its like groundhog day with the same press release over and over again

  328. Gunner Jillu says:

    looks like its all about Arshavins personal terms, think deal will be done 2morow

  329. callum says:

    shud sign soon cuz then he can play for us in the cl hopefully… 2night is deadline day

  330. jutmanc says:

    this has to be one of the worst transfer dealings ever! agree anyone?

  331. Michael Winner says:

    Calm down dear its only andrei arshavin!!

  332. Samir says:


  333. redbearer says:

    Stick with it… as long as we get AA success will come our way!

    Nite.. maybe tomorrow?!

  334. FuckFuck says:

    arshavin is in Dubai, he has photos of training today on Zenit website, he hasnt held talks with us because it is illegal until the selling club and buying club agree and have gave permission. He will be in talks tomorrow where he will agree to a £20,000 drop in wages. Just you watch i am the best

  335. arsenal1234 says:


  336. callum says:

    hes signed go on arsenal.com

  337. Huge Lorry (aka Hugh Laurie) says:

    House House House!!!

  338. joey gooner says:

    arsenal1234 Says:
    January 26th, 2009 at 10:30 pm
    As some of may of herd ive been texting Dennis Lachter (Andrei’s Agent) ive decided to take a screen pic of my past two texts to him



    hurry up then

  339. callum says:

    hahaha probs made a few ppl look

  340. Samir says:

    I’m a fucking beast, you should see me dance.

  341. Alan Titmarch says:

    lets do some gardening lads to take our minds of andrei!!!

  342. Matthew Le Tissier says:

    Brian Howard in a great position and he shoots and he scores ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  343. Samir says:

    Lets rock out with our cocks out right?

  344. Ricky says:

    arshavin will sign for us wether it be tomorrow or the last day of the month.. lets just hope wenger see’s sense & tries as hard to get micah richards who i think will be a even better signing.

  345. Jeff Stelling says:

    Guy Branston just got himself in a pickle by getting sent off

  346. Samir says:

    Alan, I’ll come gardening, can’t get enough of them carrots eh?!

  347. Jeff Stelling says:

    Samir do u want to suck on my Harry Redknob?

  348. arsenal1234 says:

    how do i upload a picture?

  349. steve says:

    look dumb fucks we aint going for richards y would we? rb that can play cb we have sagna at rb and he is the same size as toure we need a big powerfull cb

  350. Samir says:

    No, his dick probably twitch’s as much as his face, just wrong man!

  351. callum says:


  352. Samir says:

    I don’t think thats the real Gooner Chris.

  353. chris says:

    thats not the real gooner chris
    his name is red and has a link that can be used…FUCK YOU

  354. Dazza says:

    Gooner Chris i think you should close it. This is causing hysteria. If it happens, it happens, enjoy ur sleep and wake up and hope instead of refreshing all the time.

  355. PTG says:

    Cheers Chris, Hurry up though I am knackered

  356. perrygrovesworld says:

    turn on sky sports

  357. Ricky says:

    richards is better than any cb we have on the books so therefor we should be making an real attempt to sign him… dumb fuck!

  358. Samir says:

    Arshavin, get that damn cock out of your mouth and sign the damn deal BIATCH.

  359. Magnus says:

    Thanks Chris !!! I believe someone needed to hear that !!!!

  360. callum says:

    ye i saw sky sports

  361. perrygrovesworld says:

    they are watching this site!!

  362. PTG says:

    what is on Sky Sports?

  363. tdotgooner says:

    well atleast we finally agreed the fee!thats good.

  364. Mike says:

    Waiting for the screenies

  365. Aaron Ramsey says:

    Im a sheep shagger

  366. Ricky says:

    did he not already agree personal terms??

  367. perrygrovesworld says:

    i assume no one read my last thread, if we sign him tonight and register him for the CL he won’t be cup tied but it has to be tonight which is why Arse set the deadline today. His value would go down as well if we don’t. it was our last attempt at brinkmanship…..

  368. News Breaker says:

    Fee has been agreed.

    Personal Terms will be a formality.

    Arshavin will be an Arsenal player within 24 hrs.

  369. Samir says:

    Arshavin is in Dubai, how can he agree personal terms, Lets see what happens tomorrow Lads n Ladies.

  370. Callum says:

    Ye i no perry…

  371. Samir says:

    Next on sky sports, arshavin GET WATCHING BALLBAGS!

  372. Callum says:

    at 12 on skysports news they show wot the papers say aswel..

  373. manuel says:


  374. Ben says:

    perrygrovesworld – he will be cup tied for the CL. What you didn’t read is that although an extra player can be added to the sqaud, he can’t if he has already played in the competition for another club. For example, if we bought someone from West Brom tonight, we could add him because he hasn’t played in Europe.

  375. tdotgooner says:

    um is that the real Gooner Chris?

  376. joey gooner says:

    what happened on sky sports

  377. ali says:

    Gooner Chris

    they reported that on skysports ?

  378. PTG says:

    Will the real Gooner Chris please stand up

  379. steve says:

    is he fuck better than gallas or toure he had 1 gd season ya bell end

  380. Mike says:

    This evening as in tuesday?

  381. john says:

    There was a pictur of arshavin and his wife yulia at a hotel with Arsene Wenger two weeks ago. They were discussing personal terms. I agree with news breaker personal terms will be ok its just his agent he wants money

  382. Simon says:

    No its not the real gooner chris, just a nob trying to be funny.

  383. Gooner Chris says:

    The above comment wasn’t written by me.

    I won’t be writing any other comments till tomorrow, so ignore the fake ones.


  384. john says:

    The daily mirror reported it two weeks ago.

  385. jutmanc says:

    what makes me laugh is Zenit are sayin that Arshavin is proving the stumbling block when earlier he come out and said he was waiting for the yes or no call, Now I really cant see the personal terms being that difficult as he wants to leave £80,000 a week plus bonus which im sure he will get whats wrong with that.

  386. Samir says:

    Get the pen and paper out and sign the fucking contract arshavin!

  387. arsenal1234 says:

    Gooner Chris what is your msn we need to talk URGENT

  388. ron says:

    please……real gooner chris……please tell something new on arshavin………

  389. Callum says:

    chris block comments now.

  390. arsenal1234 says:

    Gooner Chri£s what is your£ ms£n w3e need to talk URGENT

  391. Mike says:

    Has anyone actually asked his agent, and do they have proof?

  392. dangerous says:

    Hang on you said above you were gonna update every half hour, when you say tomorrow do ya mean at 12.01am 😉

  393. joey gooner says:

    he gets £100 grand-a-week from zenit so he will lose 20 grnd if we make him one of our highest earners

  394. Samir says:

    I’m awesome, I’m hoping tomorrow will be a good day with Arshavin wearing an arsenal shirt. (Y)

  395. ron says:

    why are we not trying to sign scoot parker………

  396. jackson says:

    in reply to jutmanc

    a lot is wrong if your a modern day footballer: (dont be a greedy bollox arshavin)

  397. iJemz says:

    Chris, why don’t you get a little avatar or something next to your name, or even a little text saying administrator next to your name so you can’t be faked.

  398. Jamie says:

    If I here one more twat say this is about wage demands.aghh read the last paragragh of zenits statement.they clearly want the player to wave the loyalty payment you get from the transfer fee and the agent to wave his fee. They say they will add it to the transfer valuation.the player is on 100000 dollars not pounds at the moment get real.read the statement.

  399. Callum says:

    the real chris name is red have a look at comment 395.

  400. manuel says:

    dear me.

    i know things aren’t brilliant at the moment with our club, but the hysteria around this transfer is becoming alarming.

    read back at some of the comments… its slightly sad.

    what any outsider reading this thinks of us gooners god only knows.

    this is perhaps my favourite hysterical comment:

    ron Says:
    January 26th, 2009 at 11:03 pm
    please……real gooner chris……please tell something new on arshavin………

    guys, calm down…

  401. jutmanc says:

    oh I agree with ya jackson what they want is silly money, but why the hell say i’m desperate to join Arsenal and then supposably come out n ask for silly amounts of money i think there is some false in it as he really does want out.

  402. Mike says:

    “That made of the weeks that the file trails but it seems qu’ a d’ transfer; Andreï Archavine towards Arsenal is imminent. For the first time, the Russian club announced Monday evening to have found an agreement with Arsenal for the transfer of the Russian international offensive player. The amount of financial equalization n’ was not revealed but the Zenith estimates qu’ it is with the height of the value of the player on the market. The British press spoke recently about 18 d’ million; euros. L’ equip coachée by Dick Advocaat explains however that the player has much evil to put d’ agreement with Gunners. The latter want to propose a better principal contract well to him but will decrease the amount of l’ then; compensation for transfer, thing which l’ refuses categorically; equip Russian. After having protested high and strong its desire for joining large a d’ Will Europe, Archavine (27 years) make the fine mouth by refusing the contract suggested by the only team which addressed an official proposal to the Zenith? It would seem that is more one desperate attempt of Saint-Petersbourg to save time in the transaction.

  403. Callum says:

    … gd1

  404. ron says:

    manuel what you said is right……but this is going on for so long…we should end it soon either sign him or look some where else……it’s creating a bad image about the club….

  405. Ricky says:

    very true manuel…

    Sound desperate & its sad.. especially that comment. lol

  406. T.U.G.Z says:

    Manuel, u read my mind exactly