Jan 27

Gallas given Gunners start & more on Arshavin


Former Arsenal skipper William Gallas is likely to start for the Gunners in tomorrow’s crucial Premier League tie against Everton at Goodison Park.

The 31-year-old French centre half has been missing from the Arsenal side for several weeks due to a niggly hamstring injury.

With Johan Djourou and Kolo Toure, the latter rumoured to of fallen out with Gallas, Gunners boss Arsene Wenger seems reluctant to drop either of them. Despite that, he knows that Arsenal’s congested fixture list will force him to rotate his thin squad.

“Gallas is likely to be involved tomorrow,” said Wenger. “I have not picked the team yet but he will be with us of course.

“It will be at the expense of who it will be. That depends on the games and what kind of opposition we have.”

Gooner Talk have predicted this line-up for tomorrow evening’s match:

Sagna – Djourou – Gallas – Clichy
Eboue – Denilson – Diaby – Nasri
Adebayor – van Persie

Of course, Gooner Talk will continue our build-up towards the game with a match preview in the afternoon. A report will be put up shortly after the game by our new report writer, Darius.


In other news, Andrei Arshavin’s frustratingly ongoing move to Arsenal has been given some positive news with the quotes of Zenit St Petersberg director Maxim Mitrofanov earlier this afternoon.

Mitrofanov had earlier claimed in a Russian radio interview that a deal had been agreed with Arsenal, but now, according to him, Arshavin has put ‘money over success’.

He said:

“We’ve reached an agreement with Arsenal’s representatives about a different sum for the transfer.

“The amount would have been increased by decreasing the player’s wages, but because the player didn’t budge, neither us nor the Londoners found it possible to sign a contract for the agreed price. This decision was mutual and not just Zenit’s.”

“I think that we are very close to a deal, we really want to sell him but I hope the player can forget about the huge sums of money he is asking for and I hope he can find a compromise,” Mitrotanov.

“We are ready but it is his decision.

“Is it his dream or is it just a question of money?”

Arshavin’s agent Dennis Lachter has rebuffed those quotes whilst speaking to Gooner Talk.

After viewing Mitrofanov’s comments, he admitted that Zenit are ‘blaming’ the slowness of the deal on the player, instead of theirselves.

As usual, we’ll try our upmost to keep you updated with all the latest transfer news et al here at Gooner Talk.


318 Responses to “Gallas given Gunners start & more on Arshavin”

  1. Magnus says:


  2. Mark says:

    not happening.

    5th here we come. and then a negative money spiral.

    all the fault of the idiots on the board who thought we didn’t need dein.

  3. Magnus says:

    It’s lonely up here LOL

  4. jon says:

    How have you spoken to his agent. lmao

  5. goonerdan says:

    does anyone know why gazidis is not negotiating this deal and why it has been lef tto Ke, every deal im involved with takes a yea, Friar???

  6. the king of the world says:

    screw arshavin, its a waste of time. he says he wants to leave but now wants more money! now we’ll see if it really is his dream to move or not!!!!

  7. Magnus says:

    What we need tonight is a fat statement on arsenal.com

  8. arsenal1234 says:

    Dennis texted me last night saying that Zenit are bluffing to buy some time!

    I told you all this last night but you werre like no the fee is agreed blah blah

  9. ali says:

    great as always chris , when u need a true story u always come here

    i wanted to ask u two Q , plz

    do u really think that arshavin will be an arsenal player , and how ?

    is it really depend on arshavin now ? to lower his demands ?

    i have a great respect of your opinion :) thank u

  10. Orpington Gooner says:

    Chris can you expand on what his Agent said – I have his Mobile No but he probably has been inundated with calls although he did return a text last night which at that point seemed positive.

    Did you get the impression from him that the deal would go through?

  11. Mark says:

    friar is a spokesman for fiszman. thats why we are screwed.

    danny fiszman is laughing his ass off in switzerland. lets take the piss out of the fans.

  12. goonerdan says:

    Gazidis was hailed as some negotiating genius who brokered the whole of MLS or so it seemed and he hasnt even been involved??? strange

  13. Orpington Gooner says:

    Arsenal1234 If Zenit are bluffing it can only mean they think that someone else will step in and pay a higher amount: if so and he goes onto become a great player it will be very sad to think he could have been ours!

  14. Paul says:

    arsenal1234. I called his agent and he said exactly what you are saying. That number was real so all the doubters….pah!!!

  15. cescy says:

    If they are bluffing for time, any inclination as to why?

  16. dubgooner says:

    why is this russian not wanted by the fans. any signing that keeps eboue of the starting line up is a good signing. we should try to get richards of city.

  17. Magnus says:

    Can someone confirm who is negotiating on Arsenals behalf?

  18. goonerdan says:

    ok so why doesnt someone email him and post reply on here as im sure that next to none of your words are regarded as gospel…especially on a site where all you have to do to post comments under another name is enter the name you want

  19. abc says:

    In previous news tell us Arsenal has agree personal term with Arshvain, then Zenit announce they have reached transfer fee with Arsenal yesterday, the guardain report 14m.

    So I guess Zenit want 17m fee, but Arsenal won’t pay it, so they find other way, ask for Arshavin making a compensation payment of about £3m to Zenit to smooth his departure, total 17M. Let Arshivn in Struggle to talk with Arsenal, so Wenger tell us transfer didn’t reached today in official site.

  20. Ricky says:

    Its a matter of time before he joins.. stop worrying folkes..

    Not sure if signing him will mean we are guaranteed to finish in the top four but its a step in the right direction & we truely do need dein back to speed things up when it comes to transfers.

  21. goonerdan says:

    Ken Friar is handling negotiations and they are all being done electronically i.e. over fax which is also poor on our behalf

  22. manuel says:

    villa winning again…

    united thrashing wba…

    possibly no new signings…

    good night for us…

  23. Ricky says:

    we’ll this is why we need dein as i belive he would have been were ever arshavin is in the world finalising the deal in person.

  24. Spike says:

    Fucking beejayzussssss!!!

    Why the fuck is that useless pile of shite Eboue doing at the club, never mind effin startin????

    Anyone feel free to answer that one…Thanks.

  25. Ricky says:

    only arsene knows. lol

  26. gooner 111 says:

    Sovietsky Sport just posted a VERY long interview with Mitrofanov. According to him Arsenal are in discussions with Lachter tonight to try and negotiate Arshavin’s wages

  27. goonerdan says:

    Ken Friar hasnt got a clue and as for Fiszman and Hill-Wood short arms and deep pockets…villa just won again…away to everton tomorrow…in desperate need of a win to stay in touch with Villa…hard times aye…someone throw me a positive..

  28. Spike says:

    Oh yeah, David Dein, the genius who allowed Edu’s, Wiltord’s, Pires’ contratcs to all run down.

    Any fool who thinks that tangoed c*nt would be able to sprinkle some magic dust and instantly sign any player we have difficulty signing must be naive beyond belief..

  29. Gooner Chris says:

    Yes I did, but to be fair, he could tell me anything.

    He knows I run an Arsenal site, so he’s unlikely to tell me –

    “Arshavin will stay at Zenit, the contract he has been offered is too low for him”

    I believe we’ll sign him, it’s just a matter of patience now.

  30. Spike says:


    We will beat Everton 3-1 tomorrow.

  31. manuel says:

    a positive… united look good winning at wba…

    oh wait that’s not a positive. sorry. nope fresh out of positive.

    oh we do have players coming back from injury – does that count? huh? no? no didn’t think so.


  32. Gary says:

    Gallas starting is not a good decision if you ask me (ok…I know you didn’t). He will get eaten alive on set pieces by Fellaini (sp).

  33. cescy says:

    gooner111 can u link the article?

  34. gooner says:

    Villas luck must be running out soon…Its just sick.

  35. Spike says:


    Ive got Friedel, Ronaldo, Vidic and Defoe in my fantasy football team.

  36. Magnus says:

    Gary, don’t forget Cahill….nuf said!

  37. brian the iron says:

    go go gunners

  38. Gary says:

    True dat!!

  39. manuel says:

    spike, ive got davies (curtis), ronaldo, defoe and cisse who got an assist. quite happy with that.

    other than that the results couldnt have been any worse for us tonight.

    BIG pressure on tomorrow and im not sure our midfield can deal with that pressure.

  40. Paul says:

    Gooner Chris, do you think Arshavins wage demands are the real stumbling block, as his agent told me last night that the player was ‘desparate’ to play for Arsenal. Hardly a good move to demand unreasonable amounts of cash then???

  41. fred says:

    – What to you is seemed the development of situation?

    – This evening (on Tuesday. – Editor’s notes) “arsenal” it will attempt to regulate differences with Dennis [Lakhter]. I hope that a question will be decided positively. Transfer window in Europe is shut on February 2, but for the London club it is necessary to still obtain permission to the work in England for Andrey. But this, count, the pair of workdays. Therefore we immediately understood: all components must be discussed the later in the first half of day on Wednesday January 28 (


  42. Samir says:

    Villa get all the decisions again, yawn..

  43. Spike says:

    Funnily enough, I think we will win tomorrow. Everton are well organised and as long as we approach the game with the rightn attitude and dont act like we’re on Rohypnol, that is!

  44. Spike says:

    What decisions did Villa get tonight?

  45. The Brain says:

    Apparently Latcher is not involved in negotiations.

  46. manuel says:

    villa didnt really get all the decisions. pompey missed out on a few, but they werent anything major.

    pompey probably deserved a draw, but villa defended well so there you go.

  47. Paul says:

    ‘Apparently Latcher is not involved in negotiations’

    Who said?

  48. goonerdan says:

    just read that interview with mitrafanov… he said that we are in discussions with dennis lacther tonight and that a logical solution woul have to be came to by tomorrow (28th) in order for work permit etc to all go through before 2nd feb..Zenit basically want 2.5mil of a 5mil signing on fee given to arshavin when he signed new contract in 2006..problem is he wants us to pay that or give him higher wages to cover him paying for it…hmmm

  49. […] – ???????? ??? ?? ??? ???? Gooner Talk ?????? ???????? ????????? ???????? ??????? ??? ??? ???? ?????? __________________ ???? ?? ????? ???? ????? […]

  50. Gooner Chris says:

    The Brain, haven’t got a clue where you heard that from.

    Ken Friar and John Smith are the representitives on Arsenal’s side.

    While Zenit have Mitrantov theire director.

    Arshavin has Pavel Andreev and Dennis Lachter, the latter is heavily involved in negotiations.

  51. goonerdan says:

    this payment would boost the deal to 17-18mil

  52. Paul says:

    Why cant Zenit just wipe the 2.5m they are bloody loaded!!!

  53. arsenally says:

    We need to focus on someone else and we need to di it quick!!!!!!!

  54. afc says:

    I have been reading this site the last couple of days and its all shit!! no one knows anything and people saying they are talking to ashavins agent are full of their own importance!! Like hes ever gonna tell the truth to some random bloke!get a fucking life!

  55. goonerdan says:

    Lachter was directly involved with negotiations between the two clubs at first but now he is only representing arshavins ‘interests’ and negotiating the terms of his contract with us as we anted to deal directly with zenit

  56. vanhorn8 says:

    why not just get out.. wenger always smiles and has never said his name when asked about the deal.. i don’t see how much he can bring us in the long term.. he is clear that we arent his dream club and he is motivated by money.. miguel veloso would add sooo much more to our team, plus hes young, plays in a position we need to strengthen, is left footed (emmanuel petit) tall strong and gets forward!!! Plus hes available for 12 million by the looks of things!! Would be perfect

  57. gooner 111 says:

    Goonerchris , when did he tell u and did he exactly say that he’ll stay at zenit ! there is no hope ?

  58. arsenally says:

    right on afc

  59. goonerdan says:

    Paul why would they? they feel they are owed it…and all of this is a good tool for them to either get 2.5mil more from us or tarnish arshavin by saying it is all for the money…whether that is the case or not im not sure…i hope not and i hope football preveils and he signs regardless of the money…trouble is agents often come in the way of that regardless of player preference

  60. Spike says:

    Different day, different deadline…How can you say we want it done on a certain day, or else, only to change the deadline…yet again?

    Pathetic overly protracted, in the full dazzling glare of the sensationalist braindead media…effin transfer!

    Thing is, if the club think this signing ALONE, will a) placate the frustrations of alot of fans pr b) overly affect our chances of winning anything, then i think they’ll be unploeasantly surprised.

    I really thought there would be at least another signing, but there’s no reason for the club to wait for this one to be concluded before they get another (defensive) player, is there?

    I would say, I’m one of the more positive Gooners out there, not too quickm to slate players (Eboue apart!) or the manager, going to away games for me, makes me wanna support the team even more, BUT even Im getting quite fucked off now!!!

  61. arsenally says:

    fuck Zenit

  62. arsenally says:

    fuck zenit and fuck the deal!!!!!!!!!! fuck it!!!!

  63. Spike says:


    Veloso is exactly the kinda player Im talkin about fella!

  64. afc says:

    Ps if arsenal sign him its going to be a real anticlimax now!!!

  65. trugunner says:

    This website is so shit and not realiable at all .. how can you say last week ashavin would sign in 48hrs and you got your information through email from zenit ..you are not realible and your sources if any are stupid children with zero brain .. this reminds me of the summer when you comfirmed inler has signed which wasnt true .. plz stop jumping the gun till deals are made.

  66. goonerdan says:

    We just need a positive solution to this…We all know that Arshavin isnt the answer to all our problems as most of our problems lie the CDM and CB area.

    But the need for some sort of boost and positive upbeat uplifting news from the club is needed to give us the lift we need to ensure top 4 status..

  67. josh says:

    I think we all just need to wait and see, he’ll sign i’m sure.
    no one can deny he’d be a great signing

  68. manuel says:

    shut up josh, you bloody know it all.

    i mean, i hope so josh, i hope you are right.

    sorry the hysteria is getting to me.

  69. goonerdan says:

    Although a lot of the info on here is sometimes a bit premature i do enjoy the nightly debates and speculation…at least that is until it gets abusive and claims of brothers friends uncles picking him up from the airport and having spoken to lachter start up…they are quite tedious

  70. arsenally says:

    This website dosen’t make sense

  71. arsenally says:

    stupid website!!!!!

  72. jackson says:

    if arshavin is stalling over money on the eve of joining the best club in the world well then fuck him, let him rot with robinho at man city

  73. chris says:

    it now seems every day is arshavin to sign day..i seriously think this is gonna keep on going till the deadline day..we shud just forget it and get veloso for the same amount of money if not cheaper…thats the main source of our problems

  74. josh says:

    manuel the hysteria is getting to me too. i think we’ve just got to step back and wait. arsenal would have pulled out by now if it wasn’t happening, their not stupid. we’ll get our man.

    for now though i do enjoy the speculation :)

  75. fred says:

    All parties knew about this clause before negotiations started.

    I hope?

    The fans knew 3 weeks ago (well I did)

    Off to bed to dream of Russian brides instead of Arshavins..
    I wish!!

    fingers crossed for tomorrow lunchtime

  76. Samir says:

    Veloso isn’t the same player he was 2 years back, I’ve watched him a few times this season, Dissapointing if you ask me.

  77. arshboring says:

    Jeez it’s gone past boring now.

    We might regret this all episode but let’s hope it will be the opposite and arshenal will deliver us to…er fourth place!

  78. goonerdan says:

    Chongster…bored of looking on your site allready…toooo long like our transfer policies…so where is Gazidis as couldnt find anything on there

  79. manuel says:


    please sign arshavin, please sign.

    the hysteria is taking control of me. i must know more about arshavin this instance.

    goooooner chris pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. you must know more than you are letting on.

    the walls are closing in, getting claustrophobic now.

    arshavin please sign now before i cry.

  80. chris says:

    im seriously worried about the 4th CL place now..villa just keep on going with relentless luck it seems…its not looking good, who is most to blame if we do not qualify for the CL??

  81. arsenal1234 says:

    Paul and GoonerChris just got in contact again with Dennis as i text him asking for an update

    “Very busy right now, news will come soon!”

    Paul explain your conversation with Dennis and also can someone send me the link that says that LAchter is involved tonight

  82. josh says:

    hah. nothing will happen tomorrow so just go to bed for 48 hours and then we’ll have signed him

  83. Samir says:

    How is anyone worried about Villa, They still have to play the other top 3, we’ve taken 5 points already from them, anyone worried about villa is well, just stupid :)

  84. afc says:

    Do we not think wenger would have denied totally that we wanted arshavin if we werent close to getting him. Zenit and his agent are sprouting shit but to be fair to zenit he did sign a five year contrace(thereabouts) and paid him a huge sign on fee so if he leaves that early then maybe he should pay some back!!!

  85. Paul says:

    arsenal1234, Lachter just said that it was Zenit putting up obstacles for this deal and not AA. He wouldn’t say a great deal, why would he, he doesn’t know me. All he kept saying was that Zenit are ‘bullshitting and Andrei want Arsenal’

  86. goonerdan says:

    go to translated version of russian paper…sovsport.ru there you will find an in depth interview with mitrofanov about the state of the deal…Lachter is tonight negotiating the terms of Arshavins supposed contract..according to mitrafanov anyway

  87. Mraces says:

    i dont see why not qualifying for the CL would be a problem, we dont spend that money any way lol and if we do finish 5th there is no 1 else to blame but the club, had a whole month to bring in some experiance.

  88. manuel says:

    *runs away from the computer in the fear that arshavin might not sign and save arsenal*

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im frightened and so cold now.

  89. Gaz says:

    We’ll win the league :)

  90. afc says:

    Villa have to go to man united and liverpool away!! they played crap tonight and still got a win!! thats fighting talk

  91. manuel says:

    hahahahaaha gaz you joker.

    best joke ive heard so far this year.

    thats cheered me up so much. hilarious.

    arsenal, eboue and all, win the league. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  92. COGooner says:

    Ive stopped giving a fuck about the Russian.

    Like Merse says its the same as what we already have. Arsene Wenger is buzzing out of his fucking mind on snail flavoured crack if he thinks we dont NEED A DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER. De Jong?? Available? Well whilst we’re fucking about for a month with this twat we could have bought him for the same money.

    Arsene Knows Best???
    Arsene Kant Buy more like…

  93. arsenal1234 says:

    Ahh great Paul he called the “DIRTY LIERS!” to me haha after i said i hated Zenit hes a good fella that Dennis….

    Glad i gave you his number lol?

  94. chris says:

    samir…not really we..we still have to go to old trafford and anfield plus entertain chelski, plus we have to go to shite hart lane and goodison tomorrow which i cant see us winning..specially if eboue plays

  95. goonerdan says:

    AFC..so have we got to go to united and Liverpool away..and whos to say that we are currently any better equipped to get something from there than Villa are…although i think we are lol..but they should relly be taken seriously espeically with a hard game like Everton away tomorrow

  96. Gaz says:

    I didn’t say which league!

    fair play one is our best chance

  97. Jonathan Chongster says:

    Gazidis is also not in Portugal so forget Veloso as well.

    Investigate harder.

    I’ll give you some options and you can either investigate or guess:

    1) Spain
    2) Belgium
    3) Italy
    4) Turkey
    5) Germany
    6) Greece
    7) Togo
    8) Vietnam
    9) Serbia
    10) Switzerland

    ooh the suspense!

    PS: when you figure it out, it isn’t a “googlethewebtalk” exclusive. LOL

  98. manuel says:

    hahaha, no doubt eboue will get sent off for diving on the last day of the season. wait scrap that, last minute of the last game of the season in a game were either winning or losing comfortably and we will lose out on a uefa cup place because of that.

    and spurs, who eventually finished in the top half, snatched that uefa cup place away by winning the fair play league instead of us.

  99. Paul says:

    arsenal1234 at least someone on here believes me ha ha. He seemed a decent bloke, but hey he could be full of shit, most agents are!

  100. goonerdan says:

    Is he negotiating the terms of a possible broker deal with a new feeder club? i heard some whisperings about that

  101. fckzenitt says:

    But the 2.5 million pounds – is still more than 2.2 million euros, which he earns in «Zenite»!

    I can only say that in December at the request of Arshavina «Zenit» granted him authorization to negotiate a private contract on the transfer.

    Combining the leading clubs in Europe, in order to protect themselves from such cases, agreed not to invite the players who left the previous place of work on this item

    Formally, the agreement has not laid down, but it exists.

  102. arsenal1234 says:

    if someone can tell me how i can upload a picture on here i can show you all my texts from last night but news from today is after i called him so

  103. Paul says:

    arsenal1234 what did he say tonight?

  104. arsenal1234 says:

    Basically the same as last night except from he was very busy and he will text me any updates after tonight!

    Dennis: “Zenit are bullshitting my friend! They are trying to blame Andrei!
    I have to go sorry I am very busy tonight”

    Me: “Text me updates”

    Dennis: “Of course my friend!”

  105. Paul says:

    Hope he is busy sorting AA’s deal out to AFC!!!

  106. Paul says:


  107. afc says:

    still here.. not much else can really say about arshavin until we get confirmation that he is or isnt joining arsenal!

  108. Orpington Gooner says:

    Dont worry Paul & Arsenal1234 I believe that you have spoken with Dennis.

    I texted him last night and he replied in a s slightly quirky way (as he did to a mate of mine as well) which ties up with his response to you re Zenit being liars!

    His mobile and contact details are on FIFA website along with all association accredited agents for all those non believers out there.

  109. ron says:

    any news on velsoco…..going to bolton or man city……hope he comes to arsenal

  110. arsenal1234 says:

    Orpington Gooner
    hes actually quite the joker he thought my idea of getting Usmanov to pay was top notch and that i should be helping him lol

  111. Paul says:

    Russian sports paper LIFE.RU ran with the headline ‘Usmanov buys Arshavin for Arsenal’ ha ha as if!!!

  112. arsenal1234 says:

    I texted Veloso and N’Zogbia’s agents tonight asking about any interest from Arsenal both replied…

    Barbosa (Veloso): “Only Aston Villa, Bolton and Man City”

    Peslerbe (N’Zogbia): “Lyon and Aston Villa, no Arsenal”

  113. Afro Man says:

    Tell that mofo lachter to sort this deal out man!

    this is beyond a joke!!!

    sign that mutha fucking russian!!

  114. Paul says:

    Afro man give him a call yourself!

  115. ron says:

    i think we should sign velsoco….he is available for 15 million…..would be a great deal…….

  116. ryan says:

    an inside source of mine just confirmed that all of your inside sources and talkings with lachter and anyone else involved are bullshit.

    can ou not grow up a bit and just say I DONT KNOW EXACTLY WHATS HAPPENING rather than having this pseudo insight. it’s just childish and wasting everyone’s time.

  117. arsenal1234 says:

    um ryan if youd like i can give your these peoples contact information
    want it?

  118. Paul says:

    Wasting time. Just like you are now ryan now off to bed young man, school in the morning!!!

  119. Afro Man says:

    Paul i rung the lachter up, and he told me he aint having no afro man on the phone to him!

    the cheeky mutha fucker!

  120. arsenal1234 says:

    hate to say it lads but ive been doing quite a lot to gain information yet im only 15! haha

  121. Paul says:

    Someone call him now. Say you are from Arsenal magazine.

  122. steve says:

    think u need a country area code thing i rang it last nyt never got threw

  123. matt says:

    how much more luck are villa gonna get,they were shit tonight and have been scraping wins.

    how come everyone else gets more players and we dont with such a small squad and gonna los out on champs league footie next season.

  124. Orpington Gooner says:

    Steve the +972 is the country code but you must have the “+” sign when you try to text or call him, although it must now be late in Tel aviv (if he is still there and not on route to London!)

  125. Paul says:

    Steve, if you call his mobile you just put 00 in front of the number or a + if your using a mobile.

  126. arsenal1234 says:

    just make sure you put that + before the number

  127. arsenal1234 says:

    steve or orpington or paul

  128. steve says:

    reckon we will sign the russki fuck~?

  129. steve says:

    and the plus sign on the phone is where?

  130. arsenal1234 says:

    call Dennis and find out for us

  131. arsenal1234 says:

    hold down 0

  132. Paul says:

    or just dial 00 steve

  133. steve says:

    the number u have dialed has not been reconised beep

  134. Afro Man says:


    I dialled that mofo number and ended up calling the russian chicken hut!!

    this is a wind up !!

  135. goonerdan says:

    I contacted him asking where we were with agreeing a fee and personal terms and his response was ‘lets see tomorrow’.. Judgin by his previous responses to this sort of question i would say that this could mean some positive news tomorrow…

  136. steve says:


  137. Paul says:

    Try again

  138. steve says:

    wrang again was put on hold lol

  139. steve says:

    how about u call it cheapo

  140. goonerdan says:

    yes and it was the number posted on fifa’s official site so cant be wrong…sounds positive

  141. Paul says:

    goonerdan did you speak to him?

  142. goonerdan says:

    His previous responses to the other guys on previous nites seem to suggest they were struggling to agree something but from what he said to me i suggest we will get a definitive answer by tomorrow..

  143. Orpington Gooner says:

    I just text him wishing him luck to get the deal done and asked him to pass onto Andrei that us Arsenal supporters are really looking forward to Andrei being signed.

    He replied “I will! Thank you for your support!”

    It doesnt mean that the deal is done but he is obviously still positive but as he has said to Paul there should be news tomorrow.

  144. Arsene, Andrei, Denis says:

    I believe that we have quality. yes, we are still in the race. we hve players coming back that will be like new signings for us.
    It is my dream to get the f**k out of zenit!
    lachter: “it is my dream to make money from sale of arahavin and also to deny everything and make up stories about greatness of arahavin”

  145. Paul says:


  146. goonerdan says:

    I text him as couldnt get through to the number direct…was in use

  147. Paul says:

    Did he txt you back right away?
    And didn’t he wonder who the fuck you were??? lol

  148. goonerdan says:

    i just text him again asking whether we are looking at a definitive answer either way tomorrow and he replied..’cross fingers’ a bit non comittal but a clear indication that negotations are progressing

  149. steve says:

    i reckon he has answerd to no1 and has txt no cunt! if i was the agent u would all get told to fuck off this is harresment lol

    wenger says nothing will happen till after the everton game and check this

    As ever, the official announcement of any signing will be made via Arsenal.com.

    when does arsenal.com ever say that? check for urself in the not agreed afee for arshavin

  150. goonerdan says:

    lol i put myself forward as cheif news reporter for an unofficial arsenal website lol

  151. goonerdan says:

    He was quite swift with his responses aswell..hopefully all will be cleared up by tomorrow

  152. joey gooner says:

    the interesting thing will be if/when we sign arshavin, wenger says it is our final signing or otherwise. There is no chance in hell we will sign veloso as well (only possible if we don’t get arshavin) cos we won’t sign2 £13 million+ players in one window. I can see a cheap DM (5-10 million) coming in but it all is on the edge. Funny how Gazidis has been strangley quiet through all of this…surely/hopefully/maybe he’s tying up a deal somewhere else.

  153. Arsene, Andrei, Denis says:

    Arshavin: It is my dream to play for arsenal.
    (translation:) It is my dream to play not for zenit.

    Lachter: Zenit are barbaric
    (translation:) The sooner arahavin moves the sooner I get sweet money!

    Wenger: Whether we sign him or not we have quality to challenge for the title.
    (translation:) We need him or we’re f*cked.

  154. Paul says:

    I just text Lachter and asked him does AA want to come to Arsenal and do you think he will?
    He replied, ‘i am sure he will be arsenal in the next days!

  155. arsenal1234 says:

    Someone actually call him

  156. goonerdan says:

    all sounds quite promising then so we will just have to wait and see…Strange that it is so easy to contact an agent like that but i suppose they want to be available at all times

  157. gooner 111 says:


    i just called lachter and he answers me , he was like whos this ?

    i told him this is mike iam an owner of arsenal blog can i ask u 1 Q’s ?

    he said sure

    i asked him , have we agreed personal terms with arshavin ?

    he said , we are still negotiating

    then i asked him another one , i asked him is there is a good chance that arshavin will be an arsenal player by tomorrow

    he said ” time will show ”

    then i was like a final Q’s , are you optimistic that he’ll be an arsenal player

    he said ” im sooo f***ing optimistic 😀

    then he told next time u call , check the time u calling its 3 am here !

    i was like im sorry we all arsenal fans are waiting for arshavin to become an arsenal player , thank u very much for ur time

    he said thank u :) bye

    im serious that exactly what happend i swear

  158. goonerdan says:

    Why call him? he is responding readily to messages but phone is usually engaged…if he is in london it is late and if he is in israel then it is later

  159. Paul says:

    I’m sure people on here are thinking we are full of shit, but Lachters number is easily obtained on FIFA.COM. It’s probably costing us about 1.50 every time we text him!!!!!

  160. gooner 111 says:

    that wasn’t the 1st time i call him , i know his voice ! i called him 3 times before in the morning ,

  161. Paul says:

    if someone wants to call him now for an update then be my guest!!!

  162. Orpington Gooner, do you know Jason Bye?

  163. goonerdan says:

    Thats what i was htinking proably costing loads…unless hes in London lads 😛 someone should ask if he is in london

  164. KoloLej says:

    ur all fucking nuts!!!

    If any of you actually believe these idiots are talking to his agent, ur off ur heads!!

    No one really knows whats going on but thank fuck this all ends one way or another next Monday!!!

  165. arsenal1234 says:

    I literally just emailed him instead and got an email back and i said lets hope hes in the red and white soon and he messaged back saying im sure he will be red very soon

  166. arsenal1234 says:

    i think hes in Tel Aviv still as his email said it was sent at 02.12am

  167. Paul says:

    Ha ha all you non believers can go fuck as i just got the exact same email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. goonerdan says:

    ahh i see…hopefully his confidence is not a front and he is being genuine…

  169. arsenal1234 says:

    what exactly did you say and he say?

  170. Paul says:

    I asked what chance Arshavin to Arsenal?

    Flag this messageRe: Dennis Lachter / Andrei ArshavinWednesday, 28 January, 2009 12:14 AM
    From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “Dennis Lachter” Add sender to Contacts To: paulwright1969@yahoo.co.uk

    Hi Paul,I’m sure you’ll see him Red soon.

  171. goonerdan says:

    guys can you forward me on the email please as i cant send emails out currently i can only receive them…danc53@hotmail.com

  172. Paul says:

    Dan, its sent to you

  173. louis onwugbenu says:

    yeah paul could u send it to me and also send his email address izzycarter13@gmail.com

  174. Afro Man says:

    this has to be a joke!!

    we cant be txting this guy surely!!

    he wouldnt tell us nuttin anyways!!

  175. goonerdan says:


  176. gooner 111 says:

    he said wt i wrote literally ! he said literally im sooo f***ing optimistic and said check the time u call its almost 3:00 am in the morning !! that the same time in russia !

    and what the hell he supposed to do in tal avviv ? he supposed to be in russia according to maxim that we were in negotiating tonight , that what came from maxim interview tuesday night

    How do you see the development of this story?

    This evening Arsenal are trying to iron out the difficulties with Dennis Lachter. I hope that everything will ebd positively. The transfer window closes on 02 February but Arsenal still have to get a work permit for Arshavin and that can take a couple of days. We understand that all the details must be finalised by Wednesday morning at the latest.


  177. arsenal1234 says:

    Believe it Afro Man the number came direct from Fifa Federation

  178. Paul says:

    Afroman, i emailed him and he replied, check it out above. He aint exactly giving much away!

  179. steve says:

    agent number 007 yea lol

  180. American Gooner says:

    How about someone email/text Wenger and say 1) Eboue sucks 2) If you play Song again you are nuts 3) Sort out the dressing room, and 4) Never give Almunia the armband again.

  181. Afro Man says:

    so lachter is saying something gonna happen tomorrow?

    WTF this is mad!! txting a football agent gettin info! lol

    I will sit infront of the mutha fucking tv with party poppers waitin for the breaking news we have arshavin!!!!

  182. louis onwugbenu says:

    +44 203 286 50 90 is that number fake cause i called it and some one with an accent said he believes arshavin wiil become an arsenal player tmr and i could tell he was on the computer because i heard the noise windows makes

  183. goonerdan says:

    That isnt the number they have for him on fifa

  184. josh gooner says:

    Although i would love to believe that u guys have been contacting lachter im finding it hard to believe that a) it is infact him, b) he has enough time and can be bothered to respond to a load of anonymous arsenal fans and c) he would be so willing to give u inside information about the transfer. anyway, well done guys, very exciting if it is legitimate. he would be an awesome signing

  185. Paul says:

    Not sure about 2mo but he seems confident in his txts etc that it will happen soon. Although it could be wishful thinking on his part as well because he wants a nice fat pay cheque as well!!!! Josh, i know it seems hard to believe but its 100% true.

  186. louis onwugbenu says:

    yeah i kniw thats a uk number so i think its fake

  187. Afro Man says:

    agent no 007 LMAO

    this is too good to be true

  188. Paul says:

    Oh yeah ha ha ha ha didn’t notice that!!

  189. louis onwugbenu says:

    hahaah paul i just realized it is fake cause he does not live in london

  190. louis onwugbenu says:

    paul send me a link to dat information

  191. josh gooner says:

    so you are a hundred percent sure you’ve been contacting lachter? stupid question u couldn’t be sure, but why would he be telling u (a random arsenal fan) info about the deal?

  192. Paul says:

    who said he lived in London???

  193. louis onwugbenu says:

    Dennis Lachter to me
    show details 7:42 PM (10 minutes ago)


    He will be Red soon!

    2009/1/28 louis onwugbenu

    please sir could u tell me the current status of anderi arshavin and if you beleive he will become an arsenal player

  194. louis onwugbenu says:

    no joke this is off his email address on the fifa website

  195. louis onwugbenu says:

    paul i beleive u that number came up when he repplied my email wow he is really people friendly

  196. Paul says:

    The thing is he might just be telling us what we want to hear. Only time will tell. Josh i told him i worked for an unofficial Arsenal magazine and i gues he believed me!

  197. Afro Man says:

    yeah man!!

    arshavin is coming!

    im gonna get arshavin on my shirt tomorrow. sweeeeet!

  198. Paul says:

    Afro man, if he don’t come i will call his agent and give him a right fucking earful!!!!!!!

  199. Afro Man says:

    too right paul.

    that mutha fucker needs a good kicking if this deal dies.


  200. Paul says:

    For the people who think i’m bluffing did you see the link above to the fifa website???

  201. josh gooner says:

    ok, who gives a crap, i might aswell get all excited like you guys! it feels way better than assuming we wont sign anyone lol! woo arshavin!

  202. Afro Man says:


    no posts in here for half an hour!!

    shit im going insane without any news!!

  203. gooner 111 says:

    Dennis Lachter, who is furious with Zenit over their conduct but believes the transfer will go through.


    guardian said the same thing :)

  204. Afro Man says:

    ill sit here all dang night if i have to !!!!!

  205. Afro Man says:

    im still here !!!!!!!!

  206. rico says:

    lol just so that u can get some sleep yh im here i got exams for college tomoz so im revisin all night lool dis is what happens when u dont revise peace

  207. Mr.T says:

    It’s 10:00pm here in the Cayman Islands so I am basically one of the only people awake? Lol.

  208. Sean says:

    # louis onwugbenu Says:
    January 28th, 2009 at 12:41 am

    +44 203 286 50 90 is that number fake cause i called it and some one with an accent said he believes arshavin wiil become an arsenal player tmr and i could tell he was on the computer because i heard the noise windows makes

    It may not be him, noone can be 100% sure but according to Paul’s post containing all of the numbers, thats his UK cell number, so who knows, he may be in the UK to try to sort things?

  209. arsena4uuuuusa says:

    158 am in pittsburgh someone tell me its noon in england and the russian horn dog is in the bag…

  210. Orpington Gooner says:


    I left the forum about 12.30am but see you still had a hard job trying to convince people re the fact that we have been in contact with Dennis Lachter.

    Any chance you could forward his email message he sent to me as well ?



  211. arsena4uuuuusa says:

    what time is it in london?

  212. arsena4uuuuusa says:

    id appreciate that as well…


  213. Orpington Gooner says:


    To answer your question its now 8.50am in London as I write this.

  214. Loz says:

    I already spoke to Dennis about 5 times on the phone. Yesterday afternoon when I probed:

    “Is the protracted Arshavin-to-Arsenal deal any closer to being concluded?” he duly replied:

    “No. There are problems with the contract.”

    I have his UK contact number, I don’t know why you’re all trying the one off the FIFA website cause that’s to Israel and will cost you a fortune!

  215. gooner 111 says:

    somebody call that bastard now and see whats going on !!

  216. Paul says:

    give him a ring

  217. tdotgooner says:

    Hey Paul. I live in Canada. What’s his number again and what would I have to enter before I enter the number?

  218. louis onwugbenu says:

    paul i already called him and he said arshavin will play for the red soon and i asked if he tell me wat the hold is all about he said he can not explain further

  219. gooner 111 says:


    u call him 2day ?

  220. abc says:

    Maybe let agent focus on negotiate is more better guys..

    seriously we can’t do nothing by phone call…..

  221. Paul says:

    According to tadays press and to Zenits official website Arshavin is now asking for silly wages when i thought he said last week he would take a pay cut to seal his ‘dream’ move???


  222. gooner 111 says:

    i called him , he said sorry im soo busy i have no time to talk , thank u

  223. abc says:


    Lachter talk same thing with Arsene, it’s look like all Zenit official site rubbish..

  224. KoloLej says:

    Idiots… “There is no agreement between the two clubs, absolutely not,” said Lachter. “Money is talking and now bull is walking.

    “There has been a lot of this kind of talk coming from Zenit for the past two months and I just have no idea what they’re talking about.

    “Are the rumours of Andrei’s personal demands being too high true? Well, there haven’t been any negotiations (about personal terms) at all.

    “I am still in Tel Aviv and Andrei is with Zenit in Dubai. That is the situation.”

    To(email) Your name Your email Comment:

    * More Football News

  225. The Brain says:

    That’s what I meant Latcher has not been in negotiations yet so he hasn’t a clue really. If Arshavin hasn’t been told a thing from his representative what does this tell u about Latcher’s involvment? Nothing as of yet as this is not his matter until a fee is agreed as this is the role of the agent.

  226. louis onwugbenu says:

    i do not think latcher is that much involved in the deal cause the zenith director said its paul anrdev that knows wat is going on

  227. arsena4uuuuusa says:

    kololej, where is that from?

  228. KoloLej says:


  229. Orpington Gooner says:

    Louis onwugbenu:

    There was also a statement from a Zenit Director yesterday that said Wenger was to have direct contact with Lachter over the personal terms.

    So there are lots of contradictory statements flying around.

    But if Lachter is in Tel Aviv and Arshavin is still in Dubai, it doesnt look like the transfer will happen due to the time it takes to do the medical/agree personal terms and for the Russians to produce the paperwork even if the transfer deal is agreed in the next day or so.

    Then Wenger will say “we tried our hardest but we use our internal solutions” which wont wash well if we dont get 4th spot at the end of the Season.

  230. Loz says:

    His UK mobile number is:

    02032 865090

  231. arsena4uuuuusa says:

    I dont understand why we didn’t send representatives to Zenit to negotiate in personn? you think we were ever even that serious about the deal from the get go? i beg to differ…

  232. chris says:

    guys we wont be getting him now anyways…if arshavin is still in dubai and lachter in israel then there is simply not enough time to complete the deal..specially as it will take a while for work permit to go through and he has to get a medical….wenger will just say EXACTLY what Orpington Gooner’s just posted…

  233. The Brain says:

    Wenger said the earliset will be Thursday if anything. I think he will come but just forget about it and think about the present team.

  234. Paul says:

    Never deal with Russians again!!!!!!!!!

  235. Ricky says:

    All this hype about 1 player joining us.. how sad.. just goes to show how poor we are in the transfer market usually..

    Lets just hope he’s not another reyes.

  236. Paul says:

    The difference between him and Reyes is that we actually signed Reyes!!!

    I just don’t see this one happening now to be honest.

  237. Orpington Gooner says:

    The Brain:

    I am surprised if Wenger said Thursday.

    Arshavin apparently needs to first fly to St Petersburgh to get a Visa, fly to London to do the medical and hope that the Russian administrators do their paperwork quickly, which the Zenit Director implied that the authorities wont do over the weekend and the deadline is 5pm on Monday!

    And in between time he has to agree personal terms – it might I guess be feasible but very unlikely now, as would be fraught with potential hiccups meaning the deadline is missed.

    Sad but I dont think its going to happen.

  238. Ricky says:

    Thats right paul mate..

    I do think we’ll sign him but am afraid he wont live up to all this hype surrounding he’s transfer.. its as if were just about to sign messi,kaka & rio ferdinand.

  239. Paul says:

    How stupid to put all our efforts in one player. Wenger actually met Arshavin in December and showed him around the training ground. Surely the salary issue would have come up long before now!

  240. Ricky says:

    Thats right & if a players sooo pasionate about joining arsenal then they should know that there not going to be earning silly money before talks take place.

  241. Mraces says:

    wenger has said he wont break wage structure for any 1, so really cant see this happening, going from 90k to less when your 27.

  242. Paul says:

    Although on Arsenal.com Wenger says that he hasn’t even discussed salary with the player!

  243. KoloLej says:

    Full transcript of Zenit CEO interview over at gunnerblog…


  244. Orpington Gooner says:


    Wenger can hardly state piously that Players should not be tapped up when a fee has not been agreed and then go and speak to Arshavin about his salary at least not Publicly.

  245. Paul says:

    Apparantly Zenit gave Arsene permission to show him round as we they had agreed to sell him to us, but just hadn’t agreed on a fee.

  246. chris says:

    ive just seen the full interview that zenits director (or whoever he is) had with sovsport. he basically said that if we had any chance of this then the details would need to be more or less done by midday today…which has come and gone with no news. there was also a bit i read saying wenger said on Canal french tv that the deal is now ‘unlikely’..i bet we get noone now..great

  247. Paul says:

    No news doesn’t mean nothing. Remember how long we waited for Nasri and then bang he was on Arsenal.com wearing the shirt. We will only hear news if there is anything to hear. Who knows whats going on behind the scenes!

  248. wee says:

    I hope Wenger’s lying.

  249. john says:

    Breaking news: Skysports sources. Zenit confirm they have aceepted 15million for arshavin. PPL tune into skysports now

  250. chris says:

    john are you actually serious because i thought this was already known..i cba with people lying anymore..

  251. chris says:

    hes not lying people..but this needs to be done NOW!! get at it ken and co!!

  252. Orpington Gooner says:

    Just looked at Skysports news it says Zenit “will” accept a £15M bid and not “have accepted” on the breaking news strapline.

    It could be that this is a ploy to try to lure others out to bid for him.

  253. goonerdan says:

    so where dfoes that leave us??? have we agreed a 15mil fee or are they releasing that statement to try and get someone else to offer 15 mil…if we lose out now i will be livid

  254. Mr.T says:


  255. Mraces says:

    they are obviously holding on right upuntil monday to see if another club bids for him, they now all know the price zenit want, cant see him coming to us now. we will sign no 1, wenger will say players coming back from injury will be like new signings, even tho none of them are centre mids or a cb,

  256. Paul says:

    That statement makes no sense that Zenit are putting out. It doesn’t say they would accept a 15m bid from Arsenal, just that they would accept!!

  257. Gooner Chris says:

    Match preview coming later today.

    I just got another reply from Mr Lachter via email, that should be avaliable to see maybe tomorrow afternoon.

  258. Paul says:

    Chris can you forward the email to me, i won’t put it on here.

  259. goonerdan says:

    chris come on you cant do that….is it a positive or negative email??? where are we because this news looks like zenit are trying to encourage other clubs to make an offer as they want the fee of 15m in one lump sum which we are unlikely to do….come on please we need to know where we are with this fucking thing….

  260. louis onwugbenu says:

    paul wat yor email address

  261. goonerdan says:

    theres not a hope in fucking hells chance that we would ever offer 15 million pounds in one lump sum for a player…we have no chance of concluding this transfer…we wont get arshavin or anyone else for that matter and i for one am not fucking happy about it…aahhahhahahha…

  262. foxy says:

    That thing about Arshavin having to fly to St Petersburg in order to get a Visa is a load of bollocks, he wouldn’t have to be there in person at all, trust me I’ve dealt with getting visas through Russian officialdom before, no way he’d have to get the work visa in russia rather than travel to London from Dubai.

    Plus the fact that Lachter is in Tel Aviv and Arshavin is in Dubai does not in any way preclude a deal being done. Why would it!?!

    I think he’ll come to Arsenal and it’ll all be sorted, but maybe not until 16.59 on Monday!

  263. Gooner Chris says:

    Actually, it’s so short, there’s no point of me dedicating an article it.

    He said “I’m sure Andrei will be in Red very soon”

  264. josh says:

    i had a dream that he signed at 3.46 pm

    but i cant remember what day…

  265. Paul says:

    Red??? Lets hope he aint signing for Liverpool then!!!!!!!!!!!

  266. Joshwaaaaaaaa says:

    Lol chris your site is quite popular now 😀 and tbh you deserve it – good article

  267. goonerdan says:

    Zenit are a bunch of fucking C***S they are not only holding us to ransom they are trying to drag arshavins name through the mud aswell.. I actually hate them so much…all their demands of we wantr this much and we want it in thsi way and we want it now…fuc k you zenit you russian c***S

  268. chris says:

    i dont think we will get him now…we wont bid 15million in one go

  269. john says:

    Any other players than arshavin. Surely we gotta buy a midfielder central

  270. Paul says:

    They just said a bid of 15m. We might not have to pay in one go, we could pay in 2 instalments, most transfers work like that unless your Man city.

  271. Samir says:

    Breaking news: Zenit will agree £15Million for Anderi Arshavin, No add-ons though.

  272. chris says:

    their selling pogregnyak to blackburn aswell now, they said it shud go through and there was only contact last night…if they wanted to this deal could have been so much simpler, those russians are just pissing us around now

  273. joey gooner says:

    if we do buy any other player (as well as arshavin) it will not be a £10-12 million player – so any one dreaming of veloso can give up hope. We may get a young player with ‘potential’ or someone relatively cheap (e.g. battaglia from boca)

  274. Paul says:

    Samir, how do you know theres no add ons?

  275. josh says:

    battaglia would be a quality signing

  276. Samir says:

    Just said on SSN,That zenit will accept £15Million straight up.

    They won’t accept add-ons.

  277. joey gooner says:


    Yeah battaglia seems like a good battling midfielder from what i’ve seen of him. Might not be a long term signing but would be a good addition for the rest of the season.

  278. joey gooner says:

    btw does anyone know where gazidis is in all the negotiations?
    I know ken friar is handling the arsh transfer but where’s gazidis?

  279. trfgh6566 says:

    straight up doesnt mean all in once payment though, it will probably be payments over 2 years or something, no one has 15 million cash except for man city

  280. arshavin says:

    dont worry i will be a red before monday

  281. Mr.T says:

    I just watched SSN and they said that Zenit want 15 million in one lump sum and they are only dealing with us.

  282. Paul says:

    I hope we can pull this off. Our creative players are all out til april and we only have Nasri and RVP and god forbid they got injured!!!

  283. Paul says:

    Also why are Zenit saying they will accepy 15m, when 2 days ago they said that they had already agreed a price with us???

  284. Stealth says:

    I hope Lachter weren’t refering to Arshavin a Russia strip

  285. goonerdan says:

    I think what they are looking for is not 15 million in one go but 15 million rather than the 12 + 3 we are offering currently… so possibly pay the 15mil over 2 years….lets just get the deal done…so much expectancy of a new signing now…it was 0onlby last season fiszman said we have 30 mil to spend on 1 player if we want so what has happened…money doesnt just dissappear and we fill the stadium every week and still receive the same tv rights so where is the fucking money now fisxman!!!

  286. fabtastic says:

    I was wondering lachter keeps on saying he will be a red soon how do we know he doesnt mean another team with a red shirt who knows another club may be involved. Just a thought

  287. chris says:

    zenit have said they are ONLY talking to arsenal ..

  288. Paul says:

    This should be done dusted and put to bed. Come on Arsene/Ken lets do it. Even oif they want 15m in one go then pay it, we must have funds we hardly bloody buy anyone!!!

  289. chris says:

    cant believe wenger thinks this team is good enough..it clearly isnt and i think this will be proven at full time tonight

  290. fabtastic says:

    Yeah chris i dont want arsenal to lose but they should to show wenger that the squad needs some fresh blood

  291. chris says:

    our strongest lineup is capable of beating ANY other team in the world, the problem is that when cesc, rosicky and eduardo are out we have players like eboue and song replacing them..diaby and denilson are good back-ups for sure but they are still too inconsistent

  292. ben says:

    I think that Gooner Chris is lying about the e-mails. It’s just my opinion so don’t get mad at me. It’s either that or someone is impersonating him.

  293. fabtastic says:

    yh exactly why doesnt wenger see this though

  294. chris says:

    does anyone know how long roughly a work permit takes to get??……. i know we will get one for him because hes played 75% of russias games over last 2 years

  295. Ricky says:

    If craig bellamy was worth 14 then 15 is cheap for a player like arshavin.

  296. josh says:

    what i’m frustrated is the arsenal board have done all the ground work for 3 or 4 weeks, and now their acting as if they aren’t bothered whether we sign him or not!

    hopefully some good news will come from tomorrow as the game with with everton will be out of the way

  297. arsenal556 says:

    yeah 15 mill is a good price for arshavin but bellamy is not worth 14 mill

  298. Afro Man says:

    dang i feel asleep and missed all this news!!

    was up all last night watching this site waiting for updates !!

    they want 15 mill? give zenit the money you mofos!

  299. gooner 111 says:

    about the work permit

    its shouldn’t be a problem , its easy we can apply for it on friday and get it on monday

    the most important thing to do now , is our board should act fast and end this suffer !!

    god!!! we offered 12 +3 and they want it straight away ! just pay the damn money

    4 god sake spuds bought defoe 4 15 !!

    15 million for arshavin is an unbelievable price ! he’s one of the best players in the world ! if we can’t pay 15 million ! then who can ! aren’t we a big team and one of the richest teams in de world ! we are in the top 5 and can’t just pay 15 million !!!!

  300. judd says:

    u know i think we can get top 4 all we need is vila to slip up and we have win on the day

  301. chris says:

    if this transfer is to happen i would think there would definately need to be some serious break through tomorrow in terms of the fee and personal terms, then apply for a work permit and have a medical on friday

  302. arsenal556 says:

    this arshavin transfer saga is so frustrating one minute where going to sign him the next where not, just give the 15 mill zenit want the sooner this is over the better

  303. jutmanc says:

    I personally think somthing will happen soon, I still remember Wenger saying any signings we make will be after tonights game. I think we will sign Arshavin before the deadline it wont take long for a work permit to be given and the 80k a week contract that is supposably going to be offered will be accepted well lets hope it does anyway

  304. trfgh6566 says:

    Arshavin on his personal website

    “The chances of me moving away from Zenit in this window, is like me winning the lottery, very very slim chance”

  305. gooner 111 says:

    thats old one ! before maxim’s statement today

  306. chris says:

    wenger reckon were in a good position in the league..what??…5th and struggling to qualify for the CL, yet 4 years ago we went a whole year unbeaten..how has it come to this that our only hope for the season is to finish 4th…

  307. louis onwugbenu says:

    thank god no eboue in the starting line up

  308. Paul says:

    Splash the cash Wenger that was fucking dire!!!!!!

  309. abc says:


    On Andrei Ashavin…

    “There is nothing new, because today I have been focused on the game, and I
    did not pick up any phone calls so nothing has happened. It was 90 per cent
    that I will be able to give you more in the next two days. Remember in this
    job the other 10 per cent can be more important than the other 90 because
    people can change their mind quickly.”


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