Jan 27

Gallas given Gunners start & more on Arshavin


Former Arsenal skipper William Gallas is likely to start for the Gunners in tomorrow’s crucial Premier League tie against Everton at Goodison Park.

The 31-year-old French centre half has been missing from the Arsenal side for several weeks due to a niggly hamstring injury.

With Johan Djourou and Kolo Toure, the latter rumoured to of fallen out with Gallas, Gunners boss Arsene Wenger seems reluctant to drop either of them. Despite that, he knows that Arsenal’s congested fixture list will force him to rotate his thin squad.

“Gallas is likely to be involved tomorrow,” said Wenger. “I have not picked the team yet but he will be with us of course.

“It will be at the expense of who it will be. That depends on the games and what kind of opposition we have.”

Gooner Talk have predicted this line-up for tomorrow evening’s match:

Sagna – Djourou – Gallas – Clichy
Eboue – Denilson – Diaby – Nasri
Adebayor – van Persie

Of course, Gooner Talk will continue our build-up towards the game with a match preview in the afternoon. A report will be put up shortly after the game by our new report writer, Darius.


In other news, Andrei Arshavin’s frustratingly ongoing move to Arsenal has been given some positive news with the quotes of Zenit St Petersberg director Maxim Mitrofanov earlier this afternoon.

Mitrofanov had earlier claimed in a Russian radio interview that a deal had been agreed with Arsenal, but now, according to him, Arshavin has put ‘money over success’.

He said:

“We’ve reached an agreement with Arsenal’s representatives about a different sum for the transfer.

“The amount would have been increased by decreasing the player’s wages, but because the player didn’t budge, neither us nor the Londoners found it possible to sign a contract for the agreed price. This decision was mutual and not just Zenit’s.”

“I think that we are very close to a deal, we really want to sell him but I hope the player can forget about the huge sums of money he is asking for and I hope he can find a compromise,” Mitrotanov.

“We are ready but it is his decision.

“Is it his dream or is it just a question of money?”

Arshavin’s agent Dennis Lachter has rebuffed those quotes whilst speaking to Gooner Talk.

After viewing Mitrofanov’s comments, he admitted that Zenit are ‘blaming’ the slowness of the deal on the player, instead of theirselves.

As usual, we’ll try our upmost to keep you updated with all the latest transfer news et al here at Gooner Talk.


318 Responses to “Gallas given Gunners start & more on Arshavin”

  1. fabtastic says:

    yh exactly why doesnt wenger see this though

  2. chris says:

    does anyone know how long roughly a work permit takes to get??……. i know we will get one for him because hes played 75% of russias games over last 2 years

  3. Ricky says:

    If craig bellamy was worth 14 then 15 is cheap for a player like arshavin.

  4. josh says:

    what i’m frustrated is the arsenal board have done all the ground work for 3 or 4 weeks, and now their acting as if they aren’t bothered whether we sign him or not!

    hopefully some good news will come from tomorrow as the game with with everton will be out of the way

  5. arsenal556 says:

    yeah 15 mill is a good price for arshavin but bellamy is not worth 14 mill

  6. Afro Man says:

    dang i feel asleep and missed all this news!!

    was up all last night watching this site waiting for updates !!

    they want 15 mill? give zenit the money you mofos!

  7. gooner 111 says:

    about the work permit

    its shouldn’t be a problem , its easy we can apply for it on friday and get it on monday

    the most important thing to do now , is our board should act fast and end this suffer !!

    god!!! we offered 12 +3 and they want it straight away ! just pay the damn money

    4 god sake spuds bought defoe 4 15 !!

    15 million for arshavin is an unbelievable price ! he’s one of the best players in the world ! if we can’t pay 15 million ! then who can ! aren’t we a big team and one of the richest teams in de world ! we are in the top 5 and can’t just pay 15 million !!!!

  8. judd says:

    u know i think we can get top 4 all we need is vila to slip up and we have win on the day

  9. chris says:

    if this transfer is to happen i would think there would definately need to be some serious break through tomorrow in terms of the fee and personal terms, then apply for a work permit and have a medical on friday

  10. arsenal556 says:

    this arshavin transfer saga is so frustrating one minute where going to sign him the next where not, just give the 15 mill zenit want the sooner this is over the better

  11. jutmanc says:

    I personally think somthing will happen soon, I still remember Wenger saying any signings we make will be after tonights game. I think we will sign Arshavin before the deadline it wont take long for a work permit to be given and the 80k a week contract that is supposably going to be offered will be accepted well lets hope it does anyway

  12. trfgh6566 says:

    Arshavin on his personal website

    “The chances of me moving away from Zenit in this window, is like me winning the lottery, very very slim chance”

  13. gooner 111 says:

    thats old one ! before maxim’s statement today

  14. chris says:

    wenger reckon were in a good position in the league..what??…5th and struggling to qualify for the CL, yet 4 years ago we went a whole year unbeaten..how has it come to this that our only hope for the season is to finish 4th…

  15. louis onwugbenu says:

    thank god no eboue in the starting line up

  16. Paul says:

    Splash the cash Wenger that was fucking dire!!!!!!

  17. abc says:


    On Andrei Ashavin…

    “There is nothing new, because today I have been focused on the game, and I
    did not pick up any phone calls so nothing has happened. It was 90 per cent
    that I will be able to give you more in the next two days. Remember in this
    job the other 10 per cent can be more important than the other 90 because
    people can change their mind quickly.”


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