Jan 28

Match Preview: Everton v Arsenal (Premier League)

Arsenal’s bid to secure a top-four finish faces a stern test when the Gunners head to Goodison Park to take on Everton.

Arsene Wenger’s side are currently fifth in the table and are five points ahead of their opponents, but are three points adrift of fourth-placed Aston Villa – a margin that could be doubled before Arsenal take to the field.

Everton’s lack of fit strikers was expected to see them struggle to maintain their top-four challenge, but boss David Moyes has guided his side to an eight-match unbeaten run in all competitions.

Their last two games have seen them secure back-to-back 1-1 draws at Anfield against Liverpool, with Moyes delighted by the spirit shown among his injury-hit squad.

He commented:

“We’ve had it now for four or five weeks and we could have gone under because we didn’t have any forwards, but they haven’t half mucked in and got around it well.

“The boys at the back have given us that opportunity by keeping clean sheets and defending very well and we have to base ourselves on that until we can get some of the forwards back.”

Moyes still has Yakubu, Louis Saha and James Vaughan all sidelined, but record signing Merouane Fellaini returns after a two-match suspension.

Arsenal were held to a goalless draw by Cardiff City in the fourth round of the FA Cup at the weekend, with the Gunners’ strikers failing to find their shooting boots.

Wenger still has Mikael Silvestre, Theo Walcott and Cesc Fabregas sidelined by injuries, but Gael Clichy should return at left-back after suspension.

“We are very short at the moment and cannot rotate very much,” Wenger admitted after the weekend stalemate. “I could rest a few players today but not as many as I had wanted.”

However, things are not as bad as they may seem for the north London outfit, who are unbeaten in their last eight league games.

Earlier this season Arsenal won 3-1 against the Toffees at the Emirates Stadium, thanks to goals by Samir Nasri, Robin van Persie and Walcott.

Gooner Talk’s Predicted Starting XI

Sagna – Djourou – Gallas – Clichy
Eboue – Denilson – Diaby – Nasri
Adebayor – van Persie

Match Prediction: Everton 1-1 Arsenal

Gooner Streams will provide live stream links of this Premier League clash on GoonerStreams.com. Post-match highlights will be avaliable at midnight on Gooner Talk for those of you who were unable to watch the game.

Leave your views and predictions of tonight’s  game – which kicks off at 20:00 BST time – in the comments section below.


109 Responses to “Match Preview: Everton v Arsenal (Premier League)”

  1. Mraces says:

    lets forget all the arshavin nonsence until at least 2mrw lol and get behind the boys for a good win tonight.everton have worked hard in their last two games and i can see us taking advantage of this in the last 20 mins, 0-2 :D, come on you reds!!!!!

  2. bergy says:

    Sky Sports News understands that Zenit St Petersburg will accept a £15 million one-off payment from Arsenal for star playmaker Andrei Arshavin.

    Chief news reporter Bryan Swanson said the Russian club’s general manager Maxim Mitrofanov has confirmed they will accept a £15million bid for the player.

    It is understood that the current bid on the table from Arsenal is £12million plus £3million in add-ons but Zenit’s board met on Tuesday night and they want the £15million as a one-off payment.

    Previously, Zenit had been looking for £20million for Arshavin, but are ready to accept a smaller amount providing the money is paid up front.

  3. bergy says:

    think its very small chance it might stil happen

    hope for 3 points tonight.very possible without eboue/song

  4. harrison says:

    i fancy a win tonight so fingers crossed and i reckon van persie will be insperational once again lets hope and chuck chelski out the top four

  5. Gooner Chris says:


    It didn’t take long for someone to post something Arshavin-related did it?!?! 😉

  6. arsenal556 says:

    2-0 to arsenal tonight please please please please

  7. Mr.T says:

    I’m quite nervous about this game to tell you the truth but I’m hoping and praying we can get all 3 points.

  8. arsenal556 says:

    if ade can put away his chances then we should beat everton

  9. RVP says:

    Thats if we make chances, the only players that look like creating something lately are Nasri, Van Persie and Denilson

  10. Bergy says:

    We must win .cant afford not 2 get 3 points. Just a thought,why is zenit comin out with al this nonse? Now suddenly they wil accept 15m. But they have stated a fee was agreed.must be the weirdiest eva arsenal transfer

  11. arsenal556 says:

    zenit are waiting to see if another club makes a higher bid, then if this does not happen they will sell him to us

  12. john says:

    Please Arsenal put a performance on and try and put everton to the sword. Just to shut up our critics. I get so pissed of with so called pundits dismissing arsenal . Just hope we dont play gallas and toure together

  13. grant says:

    is there a live link to tonights game? please help if anyone knows thanks gooner grant

  14. AndyMcPhail says:

    im nervous about every game at the moment to be honest.

  15. arsenal556 says:

    we have to beat everton tonight and west ham on the weekend if we have any chance of finishing in the top four

  16. Ricky says:

    Any good links for the game tonight??

  17. Gooner Chris says:

    Gooner Streams will provide live stream links of this Premier League clash on GoonerStreams.com.

    Post-match highlights will be avaliable at midnight on Gooner Talk for those of you who were unable to watch the game.

  18. abc says:

    0-1 Gunners win!! c’mon u Gunners!!!!!!!!!

  19. neil johnson says:

    chris, really what is the latest with arshavin? are we likely to bid 15mill? time is nearly up now, you have so far got it right so …..

  20. Afro Man says:

    man i can see cahill scoring from a cross !!!!!

    damn that little mofo!!

    cmon you gunners !!!!

  21. arsenal556 says:

    does any one know the line ups for tonights game

  22. Ricky says:

    line up should be at the top of the screen..

    Lets hope ade gets he’s finger out tonight as he’s performance could be vital in this game.

  23. Jaaack says:

    Andrei Arshavin has admitted that his dream move to Arsenal may not happen in the January transfer window. The Russian playmaker’s protracted transfer from Zenit St Petersburg looks to have collapsed with the two clubs failing to agree a fee.The UEFA Cup winners are expecting £20m for Arshavin, while Arsenal are believed to have offered nearer £15m.

    The 27-year-old said: “I am waiting for the end of this saga, but I realise that my chances of playing away from Zenit are becoming increasingly less. But I don’t want that – it is my main priority [to leave].”

    2-1 to the Arsenal tonight, Adebayor and Sagna to score……

  24. Afro Man says:

    his main priority is to leave!!!

    he needs to sort out these pay demands then!


  25. Afro Man says:

    this is our team!!





    no eboue!! thank fuck that mofo is out

  26. Bone8 says:

    Starting lineups anyone?
    Edit: Nevermind…

  27. arsenal556 says:

    the line ups for tonights game


    sagna djourou gallas clichy

    nasri denilson song diaby

    adebayor van persie

    subs: fabianski toure vela ramsey bendtner eboue gibbs

  28. josh gooner says:

    rosicky back in 8 weeks!!! amazing news! however i think that will be the nail in the coffin for the arshavin deal unless something gets sorted tommorow. 2 1 to the gunners tonight!!

  29. Afro Man says:

    the midfield is crazy!!!

    apart from Nasri who is good.

    my god we need to buy players!!!

  30. afc says:

    How does anyone know what his salary demands are?? he earns £40000 a week after tax at the mo not £100000… Arsenal arent saying giving info out,zenit are coming out with all strange things and the worst one is his agent who is sprouting crap all the time!!! until feb 2nd at 5pm we will not know!!!

  31. arsenal556 says:

    atleast eboue isint starting

  32. Ricky says:

    those links are not working lads..

    can anyone help?

  33. pierre says:

    any streaming link?

  34. neil johnson says:

    why do us fans tolerate this shit from the club? run the team on pennies , buy the shirts , pay the money for membership, we are all FOOLS as a result of the board

  35. trfgh6566 says:

    We need Arshavin, this team is fucking terrible

  36. sarfaraz says:

    i do not understand y wenger does not put nasri in da middle. v do not look like scoring at the moment

  37. arsenal556 says:

    come on arsenal o-o at half-time we should win this match

    nasri and van persie to score 2-0 to arsenal

  38. lesta gooner says:

    watching the game this evening is like watching paint dry
    this team is like a 2nd divsion french team, i agree with neil , this team is poor , no creativity and i dounbt arshavin is gonna sign, we are a fucking mess man , and it brings tear to my eye as to what we have become .

  39. arsenal556 says:

    shit 1-0 to chelsea

  40. sarfaraz says:

    bring on vela!!!!

  41. BillyGallas says:

    Cant believe this team has gone soooooo much downhill in 1 year.

  42. chris says:

    well 1-0 everton…we definately aint gonna be geting CL football next year..and at this rate 5th place is what were fighting for with everton now..fuck the board

  43. Orpington Gooner says:

    I can understand putting Bendtner on but Eboue???!!! WTF

  44. afc says:

    wheres vela?

  45. BillyGallas says:

    i never criticise wenger but this is a disgrace.

    hardly a chance. i know its a tough game but we are the arsenal.

    why not start Vela.
    Play Wilshere in home games.
    bet u any money he will blame the Arshavin saga this time.

    that WONT happen either.

  46. josh says:

    full time.

  47. GoonerJC says:

    who would’ve thought after the way we played…

  48. d-Da Gooner says:

    I’ve had enough of this shit!!!! I’m behind the team & Wenger is great but he is a STUBBORN fucker!!!! A blind man could see we need a DM/CM & another right/left sided midfielder!!!! Inter 2 bob here we come. Fuck all this Arshavin crap, we’re gonna do exactly what we did at the end of the last transfer window & that bid desperatly for someone, get turned down & finish 5th. It’s time to face facts & I’m sick & tired of all this ‘on our day talk’ coz the only time we play even a half decent game is against the ‘Big teams’ we need to stop drawing games & start winning them. I know we’ve won some games but everything is so tight right now, we could still be in with a shout of the league (long shot I know, but here’s to hoping) I’m worried about when the champions league starts again as we’ve already got a stretched squad ( & don’t say ‘we’ll have such & such back’ as they’ll take time to find there rythm) we are in danger of blowing our whole season (As if we haven’t nearly already, but somehow we are still there!!!) C’mon Ivan stop dickin around & make some signings!!!!! Dein would hav bought us some quality by now!!!!

  49. Mr.T says:

    Listen…we need to sign somebody and we need to sign them tomorrow. I don’t give a fuck if it’s Arshavin or not…we need a QUALITY MIDFIELDER! After the first 5 minutes we couldn’t do NADA! And I knew exactly when Everton were going to score. Before the cross I shouted CLOSE THE MAN DOWN! We give soooo much space to the opposition it’s a joke! First half Everton pressured every ball and we hop around like little fairies in a garden! We NEED to sign somebody! It took us 93mins. to manage a shot on goal! None of the midfielders got the ball up to the strikers and Adebayor has the touch of a retarded pedophile!

  50. Orpington Gooner says:

    Tonights performance was the most turgid inept awful performance I have ever seen from a Wenger side (although I have seen just as bad in the Don Howe/Terry Neil and Graham era).

    We were losing and he put Eboue on – what we he going to provide in terms of attacking play. Vela is a Mexican International and couldnt even get on.

    I love Wenger for what he has done for us but its decisions like this that make you wander if he has lost it.

    I didnt want to have to say that as I have steadfastly stood by Wenger in the past but now we have to challenge him and not simply lay back and not ask obvious questions as he has had it too easy upto now.

  51. trfgh6566 says:

    What is Wenger doing to our team? he’s had all MONTH to look for a talented midfielder and he’s brought in nobody… get your shit together or he’s got to go, he’s killing our team

  52. harrison says:

    first of all you guys are over reacting as to be fair we didn’t play well but evertons defending was a credit to behold and i think our defending was very good till we let the goal in. an i tell you who i think would do a great job in defensive mid: kolo anyone hes quick, strong, powerful and a quality long range shot so why not

  53. the king of the world says:

    wenger wont buy anyone!! he’s too stubborn, we shud just move him upstairs n bring in sum1 who can work with him that will actually buy sum1 instead of bein obsessed with developin friggin 12yr olds!! cant stand the guy but mourinho or fergie wud never have had this squad in that state it is in now!! its pathetic

  54. Mraces says:

    well that was shit, song and denilson aint creative enought in the middle,

    Vela, nasri, denilson, diaby

    is what it should be at the moment

  55. Goonerdan says:

    Right ive seriously has enough of this shit now…its been going on for too long now…There are too many players out there who dont deserve to be washing the arsenal shirt let alone wearing it..Fucking average, schoolboy defending why oh why do we not shut down the crosser. It is fucking schoolboy stuff, basics of the game.. And im sorry i love wenger as much as the next person but why the fuck was eboue bought on, why the fuck wasnt vela bought on (or start for a matter of fact, he done it all last season for Osasuna on the left or right)because im sorry Denilson isnt even good enough for our CM let alone poxy right wing…It was disgraceful. Adebayor the lazy punk was consistently offside and contributed absolutely nothing worth talkin about..Our only spark yet again was Van Persie..We are screaming out for aomeone with a bit of creativity to support nasri and RvP..So if this doesnmt show that we need to get the arshavin deal done i dont know what will….all in all we were disgraceful tonight and something needs to change and quick if we are to even comtemplate getting Champions League Football…

  56. Goonerdan says:

    Harrison dont give me that shit…We were awful and lacked the creativity we have lacked for a long time…too many players out there who arent good enough for arsenal…Denilson, song, diaby…none of them have developed into the palyers we thought they would and they have had more than enough time…Why cant we just give vela a chance on the wing and Wilshere in home games…We say we have this youth policy..i say its bollox when you are too scared to use them in important games

  57. wenger4eva says:

    he should of kept toure-djourou partnership why did he change it?? oh im so happy van persie got the goal for us..come on arsenal get it together!!!

  58. BillyGallas says:

    What scares me most that even if we do get Arshavin he wont play against Roma.

    This will be pretty much the team. Cesc is doubtful and Theo wont be his usual self.

    We are in trouble. I TRUST this team but we are in a SERIOUS battle for 4th and if we are not careful we are done for.

    We have less than a week to spend! P.s. Im JOKING never going to happen.

  59. Orpington Gooner says:


    I agree Evertons defending was very good but that doesnt explain how many times from simple 10 yard passes we gave the ball away.

    Many of them were guilty it wasnt just 1 or 2.

    Wenger had better not blame that the team have been affected over the on-off Arshavin deal.

    Everyone knows we lack creativity and should have invested in a quality player as otherwise we will be seriously struggling for the 4th spot.

    He is paid we are told £4M a year and even said in a paper today that he is paid well because he makes Arsenal money in the transfer dealings!

    I dont expect to win silverware every god knows I have seen some very poor Arsenal teams in the 30+ years I have been going to games but he set the very high stndards over the last few years of flowing football and now its obvious with a few injuries the back up is piss poor.

  60. Goonerdan says:

    Same old shit!!! just saw wengers interview and hes feeding us the same old bullshit about rosicky walcott and fabregas coming being like new signings, done give me that shit!!! making excuses for not signing anyone already…they are all at least 8 weeks away and another 8 weeks of this will se us end up out of the top 5 let alone top 4

  61. saveemu says:

    i say we bag wenger, hes old and cranky… and french still.

  62. chris says:

    were so fucked now..i cant be fucked with this shit now. wenger said ‘No’ to anyone coming in after the game…he also said we have injured plauyers coming back ‘soon’ WTF is he on??..rosicky 2 MONTHS AT LEAST..that is not SOON. we wil be 6th by that time

  63. arsenal556 says:

    just listened to wenger’s post match interview on sky sports news, he keeps saying we have a good squad, after that match he must be joking

  64. saveemu says:

    goonerdan i agree.

    even with fabregas and walcott earlier in the campaign we weren’t playing arsenal ball. rosicky will never be as good as he was two seasons ago as well. we need to buy players and wenger needs to admit it. period.

  65. saveemu says:

    i didnt see the postmatch, what did wenger say about arshavin????

  66. chris says:

    he jusst said the same thing. basically ‘were no closer to signing’

  67. arsenal556 says:


    he was asked are you close to signing arshavin or anybody else,

    he just said no

  68. Goonerdan says:

    He just said that we are not close to signing anyone…suprise suprise..

    Its just a joke now…too much was put on Cescs shoulder at the beginning of the season as we did not replace flamini gilberto or diarra adequately..

    These guys will not be back for 8 weeks and the guys that are playing currently are not good enough to carry us through…RvP is carrying us and if he wants 80,000 then we better frigging give it to him now other wise if we dont qualify for CHamps League then will become very difficult to keep hold of top stars..

    And when i say top stars i am definately not refering to Adebayor..He is so lazy.. Any decent offer and iw ould snap their hand off

  69. josh says:

    he just said that we are not close to signing anyone. but he did pause, and had a sly grin

  70. saveemu says:

    what a wank. we no doubt lacked creativity and positive play in midfield (aside from nasri). and i think arshavin would bring exactly that to a static and negative mid line

  71. josh says:

    if we’d had arshavin today i think he would have given us a directness that we lacked. something has to happen tomorrow, im just afraid that wenger won’t sign him to make a point that “This team will succeed”… fuck..

  72. Andrew says:

    I think I might have to start saying Wenger knew -as in past tense. I’m just not sure how much of it is his fault. The players we have now are just so bad. Maybe he knows this has no other choice and is actually getting the best possible performances out of them. The Board is unquestionably to blame for all of this. I hate them all, they have brought a team that was once invincible to its knees.

    How can we expect to compete when we spend no money. We are being outspent by almost every single team in the premiership and its highly likely by some teams in the championship. This club is more focused on money than anything else. How many other team’s fans have such intimate knowledge and discussions about wage structures and resale values?

    I feel like I am supporting an accounting firm and not a football club.

  73. Goonerdan says:

    Exactly and it owuld also give a boost to both the fans and the players to have a world renowned, world class player join the club…

    Just another line on Vela. The guy played left and right wing all year for Osasuna last year and almost single handedly kept them up so if your telling me that Eboue or Denilson(who was awful tonight at RM) are better equpiied to play wide than him then you are a liar!!

  74. saveemu says:

    of course he won’t. hes too stuburn and old at this point. arshavin would have given us that connection between the attacking middies and ade,rvp. i thought both the strikers worked they just didnt get services enough, in good enough space.

  75. arsenal556 says:

    did anyone see vp goal, if so how do you rate it from 1-10

  76. chris says:

    this board and wenger are a bunch of wankers…they continue to refuse to spent any significant money…song and eboue ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY FOR ARSENAL.period. i saw a great quote today..
    ‘they didnt build the emirates stadium to play uefa cup football’..there better be some positive news on arshavin tomorrow im so pissed off..

  77. saveemu says:

    i think we can all come to the conclusion that something needs to change. and what a perfect time to get a change then during the transfer window…but no we blew it again

  78. Goonerdan says:

    Im sorry but our lack of spending has to be down to a combo of the board and wenger…I just dont get it..Last season Fiszman said we could spend 30 mil on one player if we wanted..

    NOw credit crunch or no credit crunch money doesnt dissappear…Wenger has stated that we work like most clubs from matchday revenue ( and we keep filling up stadium every week), TV rights which have not changed and sponsorship money which also has not changed..

    So what has fucking changed the board are all mugs and i hate them and our lack of adventure to develop our squad with quality experience has bought the club and its fans to their knees..

    And it just hurts!!!

  79. josh says:

    well, on the postive, thats 10 games unbeaten in all competitions. :)

  80. Goonerdan says:

    I just cant find any positives…Despite an unbeaten run we are further behind than we were 10 games ago so it means fuck all because the players surely cant be feeling confident with these performances

  81. Tristan says:

    Dear Oh Dear , We Suck BIG TIME, My God, U Know what i really Got the Feeling we won’t be playing CL Next Year and Arsene Wenger is Off To Real Madrid , I Mean I am soo Speechless Seriously ….’SIGH’

  82. chris says:

    lol..thats the first positive comment ive seen so far, just goes to show that us the fans have finally had enough..we pay premium prices for premium SHITE now..i bet we struggle against west ham on saturday aswell

  83. Goonerdan says:

    Well thats the point chris..We pay more than the rest of the fucking league for our tickets and where does that poxy money go…certainly not on transfers…it bollox and we have all had enough

  84. saveemu says:

    boycott anyone?????

  85. josh says:

    i was naive in being confident about tonight. i just feel that if wenger shows a little hint of ambition by bringing arshavin in, the fans will get a lift, they’ll be excited going to a matchday again, and the team will be influenced by andrei’s direct approach to attacking football. I honestly can’t see the negatives in bringing him in

  86. Goonerdan says:

    I just cant stand this board…Wenger has no allies in there anymore… They have been systematically sacking them…Hill Wood and Fiszman should be on all the fans hitlist

  87. Goonerdan says:

    Exactly josh…although i was never confident about tonight and i am usually so posiitve about the guys

    I have jus come to the end of the line now…

    Bringing arshavin in will give everybody a lift who fucking cares how much it costs

  88. Tristan says:

    But Seriously Guys , some Memembers Of The team Kept on Saying That we sometimes have to win Ugly and all , well we haven’t been playing Our Own Brand of Football Nor Winning Ugly , WHAT IS GOING ON FOR THE LOVE OF GOD????!!

  89. arsenal556 says:

    this is turning out to be such a shit season, if only we bought a dm and a good cb and sold adebayor in the summer he is so lazy and bought a good striker e.g. arshavin we would not be in this position right now ,fuck fuck fuck fuck

  90. chris says:

    just been watching ‘arsenal gold’ on arsenal tv…its 2001 and we have players such as bergkamp, pires, ljungberg, lauren,campbell etc and now we have eboue and song. this club is in such decline and the only ones that cant see it are the board and the has-been wenger

  91. josh says:

    it seems fairly grim at the moment. but liverpool play chelsea this weekend and then chelsea go to villa. win our next 2 games and we’re back in the mixer. and with the addition of arshavin we’ll be on our way

  92. chris says:

    i know sagna didnt close down, i didnt see the goal btw, but i bet it was gallas’ man (cahill) that got away from him and scored, gallas is to blame for about 10 goals conceded this season due to being a fucking pussy in the air

  93. arsenal556 says:

    eboue, adebayor apart from headers, diaby, denilson, song just all not good enougth

  94. Andrew says:

    The supporters deserve a new signing. It doesn’t have to be Arshavin, I’d be just as happy with with Veloso or even Upson but at this point if we sign no one it’s like one big f you to the fans. I feel like it has reached a point where Wenger is disrespecting me when he says we don’t need anyone and this team is good enough. It’s like he’s some con-man laughing in the back of his head that he are total shills going along with his obvious BS.

  95. Tristan says:

    Josh i Like Your Optimism Mate , but with the way we are Playing Ermmm Its Going To be Real Tough , well Tough on Us Fans , cause The board and Co. don’t give a Rat’s ass about us as long as they Have sold the tickets to us fans, and Genrating Profits…. ‘SIGH’

  96. damstar says:

    i still believe in this team guys. dont u know this players ar still boys with no experience. in arsene we trust. i can bet u that te arshavin saga will be cleared tomorrow. believe me. i hav my reason of sayin that. arsehavin is on his way for the medical. up gooners!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. chris says:

    damstar..hes not on his way..it would have been mentioned somewhere in the media

  98. Andrew says:

    I do know that these players are still boys with no experience. I think that is painfully obvious to anyone with a set of eyes. The thing is, I don’t care. If I wanted to watch some boys learn how to be a professional, I’ll catch a reserve team game. This is the first team and I want champions.

    It doesn’t even matter that so many of them are young anyway. Players like Eboue and Song are never going to be great, ever. Wilshire is going to be great. Ramsey and maybe even Vela also have the potential to be great. The problem is, they didn’t start today.

  99. Tristan says:

    I don’t Question Mr Wenger i Think he made us an Unstoppable Force, its Just i don’t Know , the Time there is something going on really , im sure Arsene Wenger would want to add to the Squad , im not sure if The Board really if They are agreeing with the manager. i could be wrong but the spirit Of The team seems i don’t know Dead really i mean, U Could sense there is soo Much Much Tension between the players , i don’t know i could be abit Harsh but thats what i really think, the bond between the team is kinda gone AWOL, I Really really really Hope this is about To Change !

  100. d-Da Gooner says:

    !!!!! i can’t take this!!!!!! I FUCKING KNEW WE WOULD’NT SIGN ANYBODY!!!! Pay Arshavin within reason but if he wants to be a greedy fucker then he can piss off back to Zenit.
    But we REALLY REALLY need someone like him to add some quality (along with Nasri) to our midfield which in turn creates more chances for the forwards ( Ade pull your fucking finger out!!!) which takes PRESSURE OFF THE DEFENSE!!!! This is soooo frustrating I knew wenger was gonna fuck about during the tranfer window, but why tease us like this??? Just sign someone with quality who can add something to the team. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  101. d-Da Gooner says:

    Why the fuck is that old fart Ken Friar negotiating??? What da fuck is Ivan doing????? David Dein!!!!! YOU ARE MISSED!!!!!!!!!!

  102. chris says:

    im still pissed off..wenger just doesnt sem to learn that denilson aint a RM and song doesnt deserve to play for arsenal

  103. chris says:

    still though..just saw rvps goal..I LOVE THAT MAN

  104. d-Da Gooner says:

    Can’t wait to see RVP & Eduardo!!!!

  105. Afro Man says:


    we betta sign arshavin i aint wasted £50 on a shirt with his name on for nuffin !!


  106. saveemu says:

    hahaha thats hilarious

  107. Davenee says:

    ok the line up is kind of bad

  108. steve says:

    see fit i thinks funny i came on here last nite and this wasnt up and the game was at have time no wonder u got it right


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