Jan 29

Wenger Must Prove His Abilities


With Wednesday’s last-gasp away draw to Everton, even the most amateur of supporter could see just how lacking in attacking quality the current Arsenal side are. Unfortunately, it appears that Wenger is so blinded by his ‘belief’ in the current squad that a blind man in a fog has more sight than he.

While Everton do not possess the most potent attacking threat, they nevertheless have weapons to use. Fellaini, Pienaar, Arteta, and Cahill all are legitimate attackers in their own right, and for the most part Arsenal’s defense held them at bay.

The problem with this current team is their inability to maintain possession. Indeed, previous teams were accused of contriving to walk the ball into the net, yet currently that would seem beyond this team’s ability to even attempt. While Myles Palmer may believe that Arsenal are a ‘possessive’ team, the truth is that they simply are not.

Our current best uninjured central midfielder, Denilson, was relegated to playing wide right, because Eboue has been woeful and Wenger seems reluctant to play Wilshere out there. Removed of our driving force in the center, it was down to the incredulous Diaby and Song to forge their way through the opposition. If Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso can only score 1 goal a game against this Everton side, then those two players sure as hell are not going to get it done. Luckily, we do possess one world-class player in Robin van Persie, and he committed daylight robbery in stealing the points.

What this current team needs, at the bare minimum, is another potent attacker. To be blunt, Arshavin is a must. There can be no excuses for not capturing his services. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Champions League and the subsequent cash windfall are what at stake. Nasri and van Persie need another partner of guile to partner them.

Adebayor, all 90,000 pounds of him, is not up to the task. Whether his head be in his chequebook, in Barcelona, or up his arse, is hard to determine. His lack of committment is not.

Clichy and Sagna are having massive down seasons compared to last year. As much stick as Clichy got for Hull’s goal, Sagna should get just as much, if not more, for his lackadaisacal defending and inability to close his man down. How you watch a man take a throw-in and subsequently let him cross the ball is a violation of all defending laws.

The only bright light this season has been the form of Robin van Persie. In fact, he has either assisted or scored every Arsenal goal in the month of January. Clearly, his desire is not lacking. It is a shame the same could not be said for Adebayor.

Wenger must do something, right now, to stop the rot. With each passing game, the nightmarish prediction of Arsenal missing out on the Champions League is becoming more and more likely. Recently, Wenger was quoted about his ability to make money for the Club. I wish his dedication to winning football games was the same.

As much as he has done for the Club, he will never lose the responsibility to win football games. Not in a million years. That is his one fundamental task as manager, and currently he is edging ever closer to failure. He surely knows what could be done to save our season, but whether or not he deems it pertinent is another issue altogether.


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  1. ron says:

    “Arshavin refuses to take to the pitch,” said a ‘source.’”Plus, he is sabotaging training. (Coach Dick) Advocaat has no idea what to do with the player, now that his escapades are affecting team morale.”For his part, Advocaat admits that he is finding it difficult to field Arshavin while his thoughts remain on his future, and far from the training pitch.

  2. Loz says:

    I couldn’t have written that article myself. But on par, most definitely – we share EXACTLY the same views. The views which have built up so much frustration within me in recent times that, my father forwarded me to a behaviour expert on the basis that I cannot control myself, notably when Arsenal slip up, or even win – but making a pig’s ear of it in the process, playing hugely disappointing football in relation to our normally high standards.

    I simply walked out of the meeting with the ‘behaviour expert’ of course, he was gay and had severe B.O. problems. And didn’t understand how one could be so passionate about Arsenal, and yet be so unpassionate about having other men’s willies one’s arsehole.

    What a cunt.

  3. arsenal556 says:

    ron, arshavin only said that zenit haven’t agreed ,it could be anything, he might not mean the transfer fee is not agreed

  4. Orpington Gooner says:


    If he was a cunt at least cunts are useful!

  5. Paul says:

    Thing is, there are so many quotes flying around you just cant be sure when they are from. The one from Arshavin is a few days old!

  6. arsenal1234 says:

    ron Says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 6:38 pm
    “Arshavin refuses to take to the pitch,” said a ’source.’”Plus, he is sabotaging training. (Coach Dick) Advocaat has no idea what to do with the player, now that his escapades are affecting team morale.”For his part, Advocaat admits that he is finding it difficult to field Arshavin while his thoughts remain on his future, and far from the training pitch.


    he said within two days and it takes that long to gain a work permit!

  7. Loz says:

    Oh and I’m going to the West Ham game on Saturday, which should be a corker, with the Hammers on fire at the moment. To maximise our chances of creating problems for the opposition I feel that the following line-up would be most efficient in our current predicament:

    Diaby/Toure (Yes, That’s right, Kolo as a DM??!!)
    van Persie

    I’d never thought I’d like to see the day when I preferred Bender to Shitebayor.

  8. chris says:

    i was about to say..that arshavin quote is ‘slightly’ old now because i read it the other day and since then im hoping there has been progression.

  9. arsenal1234 says:

    anyone hear from dennis today?

  10. Paul says:

    Hey arsenal1234 have you had any contact with his ageny???

  11. arsenal556 says:

    someone ring dennis and get some fucking updates on the transfer of arshavin

  12. Paul says:

    i mean agent!!!!

  13. arsenal1234 says:

    i texted him yesterday morning but no reply how about someone texts him?

  14. The Brain says:

    It’s easy from where we are sitting to criticise especially as those who said RVP was a luxury player. Ade scored 30 goals yet some couldn’t stop talking about him last season.

    Moyes has done well in a shoe-string budget but Arsenal has done more for the club than just buy players for less money and make them play. Of course buying quality and cheap is so much harder now than it used to.

    There’s is so much I could say both against and mainly for Wenger but what’s the point?

    Some things like what Dutch has asked about the £30m available has been answered to death before the transfer window. It is through OVERDRAFT!!!

  15. ron says:

    it has been confirmed that no fee is agreed

  16. Paul says:

    i text him too but nothing. Try his mobile and if it goes to voicemail maybe he is sorting a deal!!!!

  17. arsenal556 says:

    yes hopefully he is putting the finishing touchs to arshavins contract and he will sign tomorrow

  18. Paul says:

    where ron???

  19. Orpington Gooner says:


    Lachter hasn’t responded to texts yesterday so he must be ignoring us, as to be honest he shouldn’t (in his supposed Professional position) be corresponding with us fans.

  20. Ars-having-a-laugh says:

    He’s coming just flippin calm your teen-angst down! Shit, how old are you guys? Hands up if you’re going through puberty or are u too busy scratching your ****? This is the worst I have seen from so-called arsenal fans

  21. arsenal556 says:

    it just said on ssn that arsenal have yet to meet zenits valuation of arshavin

  22. Orpington Gooner says:


    If that’s what SSN have said it brings into question whether we were ever really interested in buying him and was it a smoke screen to appease us fans?

  23. ron says:

    it is in the daily mirror……Zenit St Petersburg have told Arsenal to cough up £15million if they want to sign Andrei Arshavin.The Russians, who earlier this week claimed they had agreed a deal with Arsenal, are desperately trying to squeeze more money out of the Gunners…’ ..But boss Arsene Wenger insists they will not go above their ‘take-it or leave it” offer of £12m

  24. damstar says:

    arsenal 556, where do u see that on ssn?

  25. chris says:

    i highly doubt it was just a smoke-screen to keep the fans happy..because if he now doesnt sign after all of this it will only make things even worse

  26. callygooner says:

    Lets stop this Denilson is great crap. In a poor bunch he’s doing alright, in a mid table sort of way, But surely we aspire to more. Given time he may well prove to be prove a decent squad member but but we need more than that right now if things are to really improve

  27. Paul says:

    SSN know nothing. How do they know whats going on behind the scenes. They only broadcast what they know. There could be loads going on.

  28. gunners.ir says:

    wenger want top player but no fund for wenger making..hill wood said budge limited for arsene!!! the means:arsenal nthave money!!arsene want santa cruz & kalou & alonso even arshavin but board no try for this players ..arsene least want inler but the board not successfull to sing list wenger!!and wenger force search players such as bischof and silvestre…arsene no problem with spendig money..the board against spending money after maade new staduim!! wenger alwayes link top player but board is obstacle for sing top player…

  29. Leo says:

    sorry, players cant be singed, but i agree wif u gunners.ir

  30. Ricky says:

    i totally understand what the wenger faithfull are saying but even you guys must know that with the current squad we are not able to compete for any major honurs & the sad thing is its not that hard to see what areas need strenghtning. so wenger is partly to blame for our recent form regardless of what he’s done in the past.

  31. Gunnar McQuewin says:

    I can’t believe the complete idiocy of this article and the shocking negativity of the majority of comments posted above. Arsenal fans have been spoilt over the last decade and many are not supporting the club in the manner that they should.

    Arsenal are one good DM short of having a team which can compete with the best. Any team would struggle with injuries to two of their most creative players, Fabregas and Rosicky; their best finisher, Eduardo and speedy winger Theo Walcott.

    The negotiation of transfers must be difficult enough over the extended non-playing period in the summer, let alone in January when playing matters are at the forefront of a managers’ concern.

    Arsenal’s interest in Arshavin is a reaction to the injury depleted squad currently available. Although he is a quality player, and I for one would love to see him at the club, he will cost a fortune in transfer fees and wages and possibly hamper the progress of the younger players in seasons to come. Does that make him a particularly great investment?

    Please consider the massive strides forward the club has taken since Wenger took charge before questioning his ability. I dread the day when he leaves Arsenal.

    Finally, I believe we will finish in the top 4; our squad has much more talent than Aston Villa’s.

  32. Loz says:

    He is fully to blame, Ricky. Well, him and the board at least.

  33. the fiend says:

    now,lets not get dramatic,we draw at everton and suddenly ade is not commited,clichy and sagna are shit,diaby ain’t up to the task,damn,what’s up? i refuse to be put down by that result,fact is everton are a good side and a point there is not bad.nonetheless,its surprising that AW who believes in youthful talent won’t give wilshere or atleast ramsey a chance to play on the flank,eboue is shit and you don’t solve that by playing denilson out wide.he signed ramsey saying he could also play outwide,why,why,why,mr gaffer,kick eboue out!and i shud also add,signing arshavin,is a must.

  34. max says:

    what a load of shite. We may not have created much but we got a point at goodison park, scoring in stoppage time for the 6th time this season.

    we’re also unbeaten in 9 PL games. ‘Wenger must prove his abilities?’ should read:

    ‘Gooner Cade Roverts must prove he knows anything about football’

  35. Dixie says:

    Wenger talks bollocks. We are one of teh richest clubs in the world and I bet most footballers woudl throw themselves at playin fo rus.

    Instead he overpays talentless idiots like Ady, Eboue, Song and Djourou. Why pay £80 K a week for them when you can get the top boys for that. Wenger must go…loser.

  36. gunner from Malaysia says:

    Don’t be surprised if AW leaves Arsenal if his attempt to get the 4th cl spot fails.You know I know he is a man of his word . However it aint as simple as that .
    I personally believe he has taken Arsenal as far as he can and know that he won’t have that much authority as at Arsenal at another club.
    Arsenal have been going backward since 2004.The 2005 Cup win was a fluke.Years of transition have beeen given as why the gunners are unable to challenge at the top. Now that figures have shown that Arsenal are the second richest club in UK. It won’t stay that way if results don’t improve.Lack of funds was a reason given for not buying players to millions of gbp for AW to spend.
    I’m afraid the end of the season will then reveal the ambitions of Arsenal FC according to AW.

  37. stan says:

    Jesus wept what a bunch of whiny arsed wimps pimps and banjo players…speaking as a 60 year old port vale supporter who was living in islington at the time wenger took up residence and was lucky enough to attend a few of his early games , i have to say that this has now become a love affair with all things AFC and i was lucky to get my first experience of the emirates during the pre season friendlies and more recently the bolton game and i have to say that the four thousand poor souls who attended the div 2 match the other night against chester create a better atmosphere and , more importantly make more fuckin noise than you lot do in that beautiful stadium…In almost 60 years of watching foot ball i have not seen a better manager and yes that includes AF, paisley and even the great Bill shanks , he plays the game as it should be played,and has been incredibly succesful doing it not only that he has LIFTED the profile of a relavely small north london club upto the giddy heights of europes elite , you bastards don’t know how lucky you are to have him

  38. Cade Roberts says:


    If you are saying that you are content with the way we played at Everton, which was not the first performance of this kind this season, then you my friend are the sort of fan that needs to wake up from the fantasy world. Unless Wenger strengthens the squad this January, we will not secure 4th place. It does not matter to me what you think of either me or my analysis, as I know what I watched on Wednesday and felt sick by it. We are a disgrace.

  39. max says:

    You’re analysis is a disgrace. ‘Wenger needs to prove his abilities’….he’s the most successful manager we’ve ever had. We have had champions league football for 11 years on the trot from teams built on a shoe string budget and now, because we draw away at a Everton, a team that Liverpool (who are 2 points off the top) couldnt beat home or away you write an article with that headline?

    We have injuries to 2 of our 3 natural wingers, our captain and most important player is injured and still we are undefeated in 9 games. Ade isnt performing now, but we know what he can do, he’s very much a form player so when he gets a goal im sure more will follow.

    I’m not in a fantasy world, my friend, i accept that there are certain improvements that can be made to the squad, altho whether or not spending £15mill on Arshavin when we’ll struggle to fit him in when Cesc returns doesn’t seem to be a ‘must’ to me.

    If our performance on wed made you feel sick, i suggest you look at your dietry habits because we snatched a point when we didn’t deserve it through a moment of true class in stoppage time. Thats what being a top side is about.

    Being a top journalist is more about making informed arguments based on uncovering some truth and presenting them in a logical way. This article is just a load of rubbish written by someone who has got to used to Arsenal being a top team that plays beautiful football and played too much Football Manager.


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