Jan 29

Zenit Director: "We're waiting for Arsenal response"


Zenit St Petersberg director Maxim Mitrofanov revealed that talks are still progressing with Arsenal over the transfer of Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin.

The 27-year-old is closing in on his ideal move to the Gunners after several weeks of firm interest from the north London giants. However, Zenit official Mitrofanov admitted that Arsenal are yet to ‘conclude the transfer’

Speaking to Radio Zenit, the official radio station of the Russian giants, Mitrofanov said:

“We are still waiting for an official response Arsenal.

While there is no news [at the moment], we do realise the position of Arsenal is extremely important.

Arsène Wenger said that he has different feelings about the possibility of the deal, but nevertheless, he looked forward to its conclusion.

We need to understand how Arsenal would like to conclude this transfer.”

French tactician Arsene Wenger said last night in his post-match press conference following the 1-1 draw over Everton, that the deal to bring midfielder Andrei Arshavin to the Emirates Stadium is ’90 per cent completed’.

Earlier this afternoon, Zenit head coach Dick Advocaat refused to get drawn in on the ‘Arshavin-saga’ admitting that he’s “fed up” with the longevity of the transfer.

A deal will certainly need to happen sooner rather than later. With just 4 days left until the closure of the transfer window, late signings could prove crucial to the rest of Arsenal’s season.

You can view pics of Arshavin training with Zenit at their Dubai training camp today, by clicking here.


643 Responses to “Zenit Director: "We're waiting for Arsenal response"”

  1. gooner 111 says:

    just imagine if arshavin didn’t come here ! we all are getting into a coma !

    Media re-sold Arshavina in Arsenal. Clubs refute
    30.01.2009 16:57
    Striker “Zenit” Andrei Arshavin moved to London’s Arsenal, alleges “Chempionat.ru. Formal confirmation of this information is expected in the coming hours. There will also be informed and the conditions for transfer.
    According to the portal, the deal has been concluded yet, on Tuesday, but today Arshavin received a work permit in Britain, as expected, removed the last barrier on his way to Arsenal.
    However, in Zenite “about the end of negotiations” Fontanka “is not confirmed.
    x x x
    Later, denied this information and the press service of “Arsenal” in conversation with correspondent Sports.ru.
    “The fact that Arshavin has signed a contract – it’s not true. Yes, we are interested in this player. Yes, the transaction is in the finals. We can say that it was completed by 95 percent. But more still say it is impossible”, – said representatives of the press-service kanonirov “.
    In conversation with correspondent Sports.ru head of press service of “Zenit” Alexei Petrov said: “write that he has” Arsenal? “Well, you write that he did not know in America. Prior to the closure of transfer window left four of the day, and may be anything. ”

    http://translate.google.jo/translate?hl … n%26sa%3DG

  2. ron says:

    this news is on life ru

  3. gooner 111 says:

    maybe someone can translate that better !

  4. BillyGallas says:


    you might aswell because at least your not saying its 100% true.

  5. Jonathan says:

    well cousins brother in laws mate reckons hw knows someone who works on the arsenal payroll and that says all the legal info is being processed so arshavin can work in the uk i dint feel it was credible but ya never know

  6. goonblogger says:

    yes and my dogs mothers best friend said Arshavin had herpes

  7. arsenal556 says:

    hopefully by monday night we will have two new players

  8. Orpington Gooner says:

    To verify what Mike has just said re Dennis Lachter I asked the same question and he text back “No” just now.

  9. arsenal556 says:

    dennis lachter may just mean no arshavin is not on a plane right now, but he will be tommorow morning

  10. Orpington Gooner says:


    I hope that you are right.

  11. gooner 111 says:

    i have just texted lachter , i asked him is arshavin coming to arsenal ?

    he said ,, NOT YET .. !!!!!


  12. chris says:

    i have a feeling its going to be a very long few days..

  13. damstar says:

    in arsene we trust!!! if we not gonna sign him, he would av backed out since. let us pu our faith in arsene.

  14. Orpington Gooner says:

    gooner 111

    Lets take his response in the positive Not Yet doesnt mean Not at all.

  15. arsenal556 says:

    arshavin may have chossen to stay in the hotel tonight, to get some rest after a days training instead of flying to london tonight and fly to london tommorow morning

  16. Mike says:

    He would of been better doing a berbatov and fly out in anticipation of something happening. He wont be getting much sleep tonight.

    I know from when i was away in turkey last year, and i was in hospital after a severe gastrinol bleed that spending all that time waiting for that call to say your leaving can be a nightmare.

    As soon as i got the call after two weeks i packed my stuff and got the hell outta there.

  17. Orpington Gooner says:

    I text Dennis again after he responded saying that Arshavin wasnt on a flight to London and said :

    “Thanks for your reply, I guess this means he wont be playing for Arsenal?”

    Which he replied as “30%-70%” which doesnt look positive I am afraid!

  18. Jonathan says:

    goonblogger thats why i said dint sound credible or did you just read only part of my posting, as billygallas said i might as well say what i know as im not claming its true, but if andrei does have herpes id rather zenit deal with that first, then hes welcome

  19. damstar says:

    he has told us the deal is goin to go to the last minute. so we should not expect anything spectacular is going to happen tomorrow or sunday. monday i can assured that the deal will be done. and i can assured u guyz that wenger will reveal two new player on monday. i am certain a DM is on the way. in arsene we trust.

  20. arsenal556 says:

    which is in our favour the 70% or the 30%

  21. Orpington Gooner says:


    He just put it “30%-70% which I take as 30% for 70% against

  22. Orpington Gooner says:

    Not good news:

    I text Dennis Lachter again and said “Only 30% for?” and he has just text me back saying “Yes and those are melting…”

  23. damstar says:

    i wont be surprise if wenger sign wantaway geremy from newcastle.

  24. Paul says:

    Orpington Gooner did you ask him why?

  25. Orpington Gooner says:

    I text him:

    “Is it Zenit dragging their heels? Wenger has a habit of of concluding deals at the last minute.”

    He replied “A don’t want to spend money”

  26. Paul says:

    Typical Arsenal!!!

  27. Orpington Gooner says:

    He’s just text me again and said:

    “Old man Board of Directors,dont give a f… Your Chairman just said today, there is no tragedy if A will play in the Champions League..”

    So basically Hill Wood has fucked this up!

  28. Paul says:

    Orpington Gooner i just sent you an email.

  29. goonerdan says:

    This is fucking bollox i knew trhat cunt hill wood would fuck this up…only cares about filling his own pockets…how dare he come out and say something like that today anyway…stupid prick

    this isnt going to happen and i will be going fucking mad when it doesnt

  30. luckys_10 says:

    Orpington Gooner, yu are full of shit, i dun believe Latcher has so much time to keep replying to all ur messages and even type such long ones..

    stop bullshitting us..

  31. Paul says:

    He aint bullshitting because i just text Lachter and he told me only 30% chance of us signing him! Hill wood wont pay the mony the greedy old cunt!!!

  32. chris says:

    guys talk about it on the new article chris has made

  33. luckys_10 says:

    first of all, i dun believe any of yu guys have the correct number. it could be anyone whos replying to ur messages..

    after the entire world got hold of his so called number, do yu think Latcher has the time to reply to messages of every Arsenal supporter who is texting him. it’s just some taking the mickey out of us..

    and secondly even if it is Latcher, why would he disclose what really has been going on in this transfer..

    i’ve read too many posts over the past week of every1 here claiming they have received messages from Latcher yet none of what that has been said in the text messages has come true..

    so stop it now guys. we’ll sign him for sure. if we were not going to get him, after so much hysteria over the past few weeks and the fact that this transfer has become the biggest joke in football, Wenger would have finally said that no not happening, but still he hasnt denied it..

    it’s definetly going to happen on deadline day..

    and dont blame hillwood, he has got almost no power or say when it comes to transfers..

  34. Orpington Gooner says:


    I am not bullshitting.

    Why would Chris from Gooner Website just email me?

    I also have an email from Paul where Lachter responded to him earlier in the week-give me your email and I will forward it to you as proof.

    Lachters number is on FIFa website:


  35. tdotgooner says:

    I don’t think Lachter really knows what’s happening

  36. afc says:

    Orpington gunner is spreading crap! hes taking the piss out of you” hes a football agent for a living and do you think hes gonna tell a nobody whats actually happening!!! if it is him then hes probably humouring you! its midnight in tel aviv or dubai and its probably some assistant of his! anyway if it s really him doing this you may think that hes not a good agent!!!

  37. afc says:

    anyway orpington gunner you have too much time on your hands to be texting some dodgy agent!!!

  38. Orpington Gooner says:


    Believe what you will but he has also text Gooner Chris.

    But I do agree with you he shouldnt be responding like he has!

  39. Mike says:

    I think that arshavin wil prove to be a great signing!

  40. RJP says:

    Christ what next!, soon we’ll be signing Campbell!

  41. Jimmyg says:

    Thanks for the update : )))

  42. jo says:

    Don’t worry. His family and teammates are going to rally around poor Ryan during his lengthy 3 game ban.


    How will he survive having to be picked up from training by his mummy after training every day without the prospect of playing at the weekend?
    A quote from his second cousin who was at his mummy’s house when the hero returned on saturday evening said “Poor ryan was devastated, his mummy thinks some warm coco and cookies should perk him right up”.

    Lets hope the young boy can learn from his mistake, wether Ryan will ever be the same again is up for debate.

  43. jim says:

    we’ll never get him in a million years


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