Feb 28

‘There is no way in a million years he would ever go out to try and hurt someone’

“Ryan Shawcross has no bad blood in him whatsoever. There is no way in a million years he would ever go out to try and hurt someone.”

That’s what Tony Pulis said in his post-match interview when asked about Ryan Shawcross’ horrific challenge on Aaron Ramsey.

However, yesterday’s incident wasn’t the first time Shawcross has seriously injured a fellow professional.

In 2007, the defender broke former Arsenal striker Franny Jeffers’ ankle, leading many fans and journalists alike questioning Shawcross’ discipline.

In November 2008, Shawcross tackled Gunners frontman Emmanuel Adebayor when he was off the pitch. The Togolese was ruled out for three weeks, while Arsene Wenger let his own feelings out after the game.

The Frenchman raged:

‘Do you think Delap tried to play the ball when he tackled Walcott? Or that Shawcross tried to play the ball when he tackled Adebayor off the pitch. All the players have been injured deliberately’

We’ll leave you to judge for yourselves..


44 Responses to “‘There is no way in a million years he would ever go out to try and hurt someone’”

  1. super nic says:

    The Britannia, it’s like a fortress, and if we do play to our strengths I don’t think Arsenal can deal with the aggressive play.

    It’s been proved in the past that Chelsea and Bolton have roughed them up and tried to bully them.

    We can also be rough and aggressive when we need to, but we have quality too, and so we can mix it up.

  2. titan49 says:

    wow. he broke two people’s legs and how old is he? 22? 23? Yet this man is still allowed to play football and gets rewarded with an England call up. Do us all a favour Ryan. Hang up your boots. Set an example to the rest.

  3. wamberto says:

    Ball was out of play…disgusting.

  4. Joakim Löf says:

    He is a product of the game. A yellow card is not a deterrent, you could make dozens of dangerous tackles and just have a suspension here and there.

    A yellow card should lead to something more harsh, say a 10 minute sending-off. The opposing team would get “power play” as in ice hockey, and develop strategies to exploit that such as pushing fullbacks further-up etc. Having centre backs sent-off would be most damaging and since they would be more cautious making tackles you would presumably be promoting a more attacking game.

  5. chris says:

    the problem isn’t with ryan shawcross – its clear that he’s the fall guy, the focus for the newspapers… football and the media is the same as anything else, it’s a circular system and blaming ryan shawcross satisfies the angry arsenal fans and works as a scape goat for the FA who have vested interests in not being called up.

    the problem is that this is allowed to continue. we shouldn’t blame shawcross, there will always be players called up for a particular ability, for a particular asset, and although shawcross is deemed a high-quality player, his ability to play ‘firm’ allows him increased leverage to muscle his way up the football hierarchy. the problem lies with the FA – aaron ramsey literally had his leg broken in half last night, this isn’t sport, and it is beyond assault – intentional or not.

    The real questions lie with the FA, though I suspect that if the FA don’t wish to make any solutions nor wish to provide any answers, then they’ll strenuously ignore the situation and let the newspapers have their villain story. We need to question the FA – when things like this happens, it isn’t sport. This needs to be solved. Rules need to be changed.

  6. GunnerX says:

    Its sad that such a low level of technical ability is rewarded with an International call up, and it does not bode well for the future of the England team.

  7. jayo says:

    yeah he can grow hair but he’s still a skinhead at the end of the day
    thugs and the press lol poor shawcross ffs

  8. ros says:

    i remember that tackle on adebarndoor he is reckless and a clogger go and play rugby you thug

  9. jayo says:

    yeah the jeffers one sounds the same as rambos
    he chased the ball at 90 mph and took jeffers out just like yesterday

  10. Chingfordgooner says:

    Dont think he proper meant it but just another typicle get stuck into arsenal tackle!!! If it’s clean uncomplecated break of both fibula and tibila then aron may be back in sept if not earlier. By that time he will playing in a premier league winners side!

  11. damstar says:

    the FA need to do something.. this is getting too much on arsenal… this guy need to be banned for 6 months or wat do u guys think… esp seeing his tackle against adebayor wen the ball has already gone out of play and his tackle yesterday.. they should make him pay for it and that others can learn from it… i cant take it anymore and why must it be us all the time??? thank God it wasnt cesc or vermaelen….cos we can still deal with ramsey been out…

  12. Osi says:

    He broke two players’ legs in 2 years and 22 hell be playing for some 14 years because hes strong and physical. How many many legs would be claiming in 14 coming years. And as the two breaks were sustained by Arsenal I guess hell be eliminating some more Arsenal players. Go on Lad. Show us your very SUBLIME ENGLISH SKILLS.

  13. ah says:

    good spot mate, email the link to journo’s from the national press, hopefully they will do the rest.
    we need to highlight every time a scummy little twat does one of our players.
    wenger is right 3 in 5 years is no coincidence.

  14. googoo goonercen says:

    absolute scum bag, this proves without a doubt that pulis is a lier and his team are nothing other than criminals, he should be banned for as long as young ramsey is out!
    pulis you lying filthy rotten 2 legged mongrel dog,

  15. GoonerDareMKD says:

    Let’s win the title for Ramsey ! Come on Arsenal win it for Ramsey !

  16. matt says:

    Maybe a rule saying that if you want to go in hard and risk breaking someones leg then you should be suspended for as long as the injured player is out.Why not?

  17. suhel says:

    get well ramsey

  18. Paul says:

    Firstly as a genuine stoke fan let me offer my sympathies to Aaron and wish him a speedy recovery.

    Ryan is not a dirty player and having watched the incident it looked like a 50/50 challenge. You could clearly see how gutted he was when he was coming off yesterday. If it was so bad why was no foul initially given from the referee who stood just a few yards away?

    Now i do agree that there is no place in football for stupid tackles but i feel that ryan is being made a scapegoat here.

    on another note well played yesterday and i would rather you win the league than chelski or the mancs!!

  19. Steve says:

    Shawcross is scum. absolutely disgusted.

  20. Afc kings says:

    You might not agree but if I was out on the street and decided to run at someone full pelt and snap his leg In half, I’d be done for GBH and face a day in court. Tell me why shawcross escapes any charges just coz he happens to assault someone in a premier league game. The laws an ass. He had intent no doubt about it!

  21. Gerry Thompson says:

    That video proves that Shawcross IS that type of player, throw in the comments by Fuller before the FA Cup game and we see how these people set about their business…Sky today rolled out the cliches with Kamara even stating that “Wenger’s comments didn’t help” Shawcross is now a victim… what if Rooney, Gerrard or Lampard were ruled out of the World Cup by such an assault, who would be the victim then ?

  22. MikeSA says:

    The only point of Chris’ that I would have a small disagreement with is that the rules DONT need to be changed.

    They need to be applied!

    The FA, the referees, the media, and the managers who condone and excuse this sort of play have this blood on their hands.

    pulis is a coward, he’s “defending” shawcross, selling him down the river and thus diverting attention from his own culpability in this.

    HE is the one who sent shawcross out to “get stuck in”.

    HE is the one who stayed silent when one of his players (fuller) made threats and boasts about setting out to kick Arsenal and foul us.

    pulis should be thrown out of the game for bringing it into disrepute.

    The FA are spineless, xenophobic retards. They have no place in the modern game. They will do nothing except mouth platitudes and snivel on about what a fine, innocent young little thug shawcross is, butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth……………(puke)

    The sooner we get a European Super League where only skilled and qualified teams are involved, leaving these untalented thugs and their “managers” out in the cold, the better, and the sooner archaic groups of morons like the fa and english referees are bypassed, the better as well.

  23. jo says:

    Fecking thug deserves to get his leg broken. i feckin hate these thugs trying to break our players legs. If they can’t play football, why the feck are they in the premier league? Go form a pub team and play in your own backyard muthafeckers

  24. jo says:

    No body wants to watch Stoke or Birmingham play football. If they were playing in my backyard, I’d close my curtains. Feckers tryin to throw the ball into the goal net and claim that they are playing football. Lmao, fecking cunts.

  25. okunlola olaniyi saheed says:

    how innocent he may appear after the tackle to me makes no sense a severer penalty should be place on such berberic players. they should be sent off the pitch till the injured player recorvers and if the injured player’s career ends in the process the foolish, wicked, uncivilized, terroristic and antagonistic player should be compelled to hang his boot too on this account only will there be a level playing field

  26. johns says:

    haha bitter arsenal fans youre all so pathetic

  27. Afc kings says:

    John your a cock. Fuck off

  28. Emperor Gooner says:

    bittersweet victory for obvious reasons but a vital win all the same…we showed we are the best and now we’re the favourites to win the league..just have to focus……..rambo will be back ,i have no doubt and when he plays again next season , he will be defending the crown , i have no doubt about that also

  29. jo says:

    Run someone over with a car and cry about it and say it’s an accident. That’s fecking Stoke logic to you. Shit ain’t got nothing to do with intent. You play shit like that and break legs, you are accountable for that any where in the real world. This skinhead thug needs to be put behind bars or more of our players risk losing their careers because of cloggers like him. Play your shitball in your own backyard.

  30. jo says:


  31. to Joakim Löf!
    U stupid swedish muppet,dont try and get your f….icehockey rules into football…u didnt get your gold medal in vancouver..fuck off!!

  32. fraster says:

    Paul (Stoke fan): the real problem with this player (Shawcross) is that he has previous incidents that speaks for him, he has no excuses to justify that terrible tackle….In general Stoke players are at the limit of rules, they tackle toughly and (when they have some chance) kick opposite players, waiting a response of referees, that usually isn’t suited, Stoke’s bookings are very rare, press always says “game is tough, football is physical, Arsenal is very “soft, kind”….and, when one of our players is injured in that way, we must always be “patient”??? what do we do in those cases, come on the pitch and kick opposite teams? Break legs and fighting like if football was a war???
    AW is really a very patient man, because I’m so angry…. I see that FA don’t make enough for protect players against that kind of “ninjas”…

  33. AREALFAN says:

    I have studied the comments on here and noted, for most, the time. Therefore it is understandable that the comments are negative about Ryan Shawcross.

    I have watched the tackle many many times, from different angles, in slow motion and indeed normal speed and it is still obvious tha the tackle was 50/50. Shawcross even had the ball under control and i does appear that Aaron instigates the tackle. Not what you want to here. Which moves me on.

    You club has a fantastic history and equally fantastic support and players. But your manager is a frist class cock! His footballing knoweldge is only behind Sir Alex Ferguson and Rafa (only joking about Rafa: now he really is a cock) but Arsen shooting his mouth off is not what people wanttot see or hear, and im afraid unless he is gagged he will tarnish you glorious club!

    Then Cesc and Campbell! Well if you watch the incident again Cesc was bullying the ref to send of Shawcross; once all the heat had died down he pathetically tried to be sick: he is a world class star but sadly will be remembered for the wrong reasons.

    I hope this post has’nt upset you.

  34. GoonerDareMKD says:

    AREALFAN go fuck your self !

  35. AmeriGoon says:

    I think a lot of the focus on Shawcross is misguided. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a big, dumb animal, but only one that goes out and does what he’s told to do; not shatter opponents’ legs, but kick Arsenal until they quit. Everyone perpetuates this BS philosophy (media, fans, and opponent coaches and players) and the result is 3 Arsenal players with shattered legs in less than 4 years.

    I think everyone should read today’s arseblog posting on the matter:


    As the arseblogger explains it much better than I can.

  36. Ricky says:

    Im not going to comment on this guy as my angers still fresh about the incident last night but lets not let this dead-end player over shadow the victory we so much deserved.. We stepped up the pace all put in a 100% with campbells leadership qualities bouncing off everyone else & the difference between the two teams showed..

    We were far too superior to them & they didnt know how to stop us.

    Ramsey will be fine, he’s a strong kid!! Now lets go on & keep playing the way we know we can & should be.

  37. gounerz says:

    lets hope that first; this incident galvanizes the team to win the rest of our coming games and win the league. second; shawcross plays in the england squad and breaks an international players leg whether in the friendlies or in the world cup finals. lets see what happens then.

  38. arsenal says:

    Ignoring will only ensue shit like this repeats again and again. I hope every Arsenal fan does the right thing and highlight this issue as much as he can. It’s your responsibility as fans of the club to support and not let the cunts in the media do whatever they like about our great club.

  39. elias says:

    is there anyone who defend SHITCROSS,he should be ashamed, ENGLAND call unbelievable he is a player because he is in ENGLAND.Now it is time for arsenal to take action do something go for justice.THE Fouling assocation should dedact a point from the likes of stock city, bernigham city. they fucken don’t know football we miss the likes of middlesbrou . EPL can’t be popular with the likes of SHITCROSS.AND stock fan i feel sorry for u, u don’t know football, very small side,it won’t take long before u go back were u belong , tony penis is not a fooball manager, he is, because it is england.

  40. Ben says:

    Tony pulis is a disgrace to sportmanship

  41. kayonga benard says:

    AREALFAN is very stupid and biased, how can u support someone who breaks peoples legs.the real problem with this player (Shawcross) is that he has previous incidents that speaks for him, he has no excuses to justify that terrible tackle.Let’s win the title for Ramsey ! Come on Arsenal win it for Ramsey !wish u quick recovery

  42. Imafen idowu steven says:

    Arsenal 4 life i want arsenal t shirt, i love gunner. This steven from nigeria

  43. BG_gnr says:

    bull shit look at the way he tackles adebayor tony pulis is such a hypocrite and now shitcross is playing for england RIDICULOUS
    i would love to see the reaction of the cunts in media if same thing happens to rooney or gerard or captain-cheating-fantastic terry

  44. wan says:

    omg i can’t believe some people. Everyone please go comment and let the author know what your thoughts are


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