Mar 19

Gunners draw European Champions — give us your opinions on the match!

The draw for the Quarter Finals of the UEFA Champions League was completed earlier this afternoon, with Arsenal and Barcelona being drawn together for the first time since the 2006 final loss.

European Champs Barca boast former Gunners skipper Thierry Henry, who said he wanted to avoid playing Arsene Wenger’s men, will have his nightmare come true when the Catalan giants arrive at the Emirates Stadium for the first leg on 31st March.

Manager Wenger accepts that Arsenal will be labelled as underdogs, saying:

“I believe we will not be favourites but, for me, it will be a 50-50 game. That’s how we have to take it.

“When you get to the quarter-finals of the Champions League you play good teams and Barcelona are a good team.

“It will be an interesting, exciting game. We have to make sure we have the belief and focus right.”

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So, is this the draw that you wanted? Do you think Arsenal will beat the current European Champions? Let us know what you think in the comments sections below.


13 Responses to “Gunners draw European Champions — give us your opinions on the match!”

  1. tried and tested says:

    A sickening and gutting draw,god help us that is all im saying.

  2. Peace_fabby says:

    God wil help us,up gunnerz.

  3. Ahmed says:

    I really believe we can beat barcalona.. not only because our team is good enough but also because football is so unpredictable. Barca may just end up having a bad day..who knows? And their form has been on and off lately.
    The point is We shouldn’t fear them!!they’re NOT SUPERMEN!!except for messi (superkid technically!)
    Looking at the bright side, Getting barca is definitely better than getting man utd (or inter coz they have eto’o)

  4. harrison says:

    we can beat them but they can beat us this is a challenge one of which will be great to watch and i pray we go through

  5. Boris 9 says:


  6. Nesta says:

    According to me i think this game will be decided by Wallcot we will need his pace and he should improve his shooting his confidence with when he has the ball and one more thing he should be quick to get in the box rather than crossing the ball coz its predictable and wont win us any penalties.

  7. Daniel C.R. says:

    Arsenal can win.. !!
    Arsenal plays so good… They can do it !!

  8. Chingfordgooner says:

    Biggest game at the Emirates so far by far. Can’t wait it’s going to be a massive night. All those at the Man Utd game last year before 7 minutes will know what I mean.
    I’d we play our game and the defence is tight we can win no doubt. Stop messi and it will be job done. Can’t wait. Bring it on……

  9. Welshman says:

    Aw does not pay attention to marking opposition players.Rroony was totally unmarked when he scored . I am willing to bet my house the bulldog won’t be so effectve if he is shadowed .
    Problem with AW is he expects the other team to let him play his bewitching soccer forgetting that some don’t follow the script. They stop the gunners from passing/playing thru legal/illegal tackles.Then he blows up.
    He must learn to play some of these guys at their own game eg rfc.
    Flood the midfield and make it tight.However he is against this because it is anti soccer. He forgot this type of game plan helps to win matches.
    Question is does he want to win ugly or lose humby?

  10. micheal says:

    i fundamentally believe we can beat bercelona though the first leg game is home,so with Gallas back hopefully and Tomas in defence,fabrigas on form with other key players we can make it at Emirates and just go for draw at Nou camp.God has never forgotten us.

  11. fraster says:

    I agree with Ahmed, they are not Supermen, all teams can be beatable, and it’s a great proof for us to show our real capabilities, if we beat them (I believe firmly that it’s possible) we are champions for sure, today there is no better team than Barca, and we deserve our revenge from that miserable game four years back. C’MON GREAT GUNNERS!!!

  12. Gooner says:

    I think we can beat barcelona in the 1-st leg(EMIRATES). i hope so anyway.
    i don’t know about NOU CAMP Is going to be a very difficult game a very hard game. FABREGAS will send us to the final


  13. gooner james says:

    barcelona arent invincible look at 2006 we beat real madrid in the bearabeau we beat juventues when every one said vieria was beta than fabregas but look wat happend there.

    and we became the first english team to record victories over inter and ac milan at the san siro.

    we can do this we just need to make sure that the emirates is the loudest its ever been when barcelona arive. oh and can messi tear a hamstring plzzzzzzz


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