Mar 29

PICTURE: Cesc banner set to make debut on Wednesday

A banner of Cesc Fabregas will be hung at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday when Arsenal play Barcelona in the Champions League.

Supporters group REDaction have planned it to hang off Club Level, with the wording ‘Spirit of 1970’, referring to Arsenal’s double winning team from 1971.

Let’s hope the skipper is passed fit for Wednesday’s game!


56 Responses to “PICTURE: Cesc banner set to make debut on Wednesday”

  1. tried and tested says:

    Might aswell put him in a barca shirt he will be next season.

  2. usfan says:

    great banner, i cant wait to see it there. which side will it be hung from?, i’m sitting on the east. love the forum, how many people actually going to the match on wednesday? just wondering.

  3. Gooner says:

    please dont say that!!!

  4. sean dgjj says:

    lol dat barca comment!!! lmao

  5. Great Banner, 4 sure we r goin for double dis season and i pray he ‘s fit to face barca………………………….

  6. Paulinho says:


  7. oskar says:

    Let’s create an atmosphere to match the beautiful banner. see you wednesday gooners :)

  8. pierre says:

    i wonder if wenger knows fab is fit but is not saying anything as a tactical thing….just a tought…that could confuse barca…maybe even gallas is fit lol…i hope so!!!

  9. ciaran says:

    nice one its about time we showed fab we love him all we need now is a good song for the lad

  10. pat says:

    wenger is only capable of confusing himself

  11. Dennis Tinsley says:

    A truly appalling effort. Frank’s image is almost unrecognizable. What is the Spirit of 1970? Is it the spirit of 1971? At worse 1970/71? In 1970, we were thinking – good lord, we haven’t won any domestic trophies since most of us were born.

    Good grief, was it designed by Stevie Wonder?

  12. haroon says:

    it’s joust classy

  13. Double98 says:

    Eh… hope it didn’t cost you too much to make the banner – Arsenal won the double in 71… they finished 12th in 70

    may as well invoke the spirit of anfield 88 while yer at it…

  14. Pete says:

    Thought they had gone for one which said “VIVA CESC FABREGAS”

  15. harrison says:

    i would have given away every limb in my body to go this game but couldn’t get a ticket but whoevers there make the atmosphere to suit such an occasion

  16. Scott says:

    I’m confused, who cares about 1970 it’s all about the future of arsenal starting wed, I voted on redaction website for summit completly different! This will mean nothing to cesc!

  17. Cliff says:

    Nice banner but it would be better if the whole stadium just sang “We’ve got Cesc Fabregas” for 90 mins and really p… off the Barca fans – Oh well,one can only dream.

  18. Bob says:

    That banner sucks.

    What does Cesc have to do with 1970 or it’s spirit? Looks rubbish.

  19. Jon says:

    What is the point he is leaving in the summer, should have made a banner for david rocastle instead.


  20. albanian gooner says:

    it would have been- cesc is our captain-or just-cesc is ours. This one spirit of 1970 is nothing.

  21. jackson says:

    were you talking to Cesc in person Jon??

  22. jim says:

    WTF is this banner?

    What does 1970 have to do with Cesc?

    Surely 94 is more relevant that the tin pot piece of crap we won in 70?

    Will cesc even know what happened in 1970?

    Very disapointed.

  23. ishan says:

    i agree with albanian gooner
    this banner is seriously disappointing .i really expecxted something better .still i hope we gooners can be the 12th man

  24. OzzieGooner says:

    I Love it great banner!

    Please block/bar/ban all those gloomy buggers who say he won’t be here next year. Call yourself supporters? You don’t know the meaning of the word.

  25. Goonerjon says:

    How sad to read how little history means to some gooners…our club is what it is because of its history…Highbury was the stadium it was because of what happened there…the original Double Team would not have let victory slip at Birmingham…why do some people think football only started when they began watching…sad,sad,sad….

  26. Gunningooner says:

    I think we need the sweeper system to solve defensive issues – and a HUGE fan crowd on wednesday

  27. Gunningooner says:

    i dont think messi is a thret, but xavi is a bigger one. id like to see xavi vs song

  28. Danny says:

    just because you are young doesn’t mean things didn’t happen, 1970 was the start of big things and a top side at Arsenal this was when the ” great” Leeds side were about but we did The double , that night at highbury was the best night there EVER sorry for those that missed it, do you not think Cesc as captain hasn’t read all about the great Arsenal side even the thirties side football teams are about history as well as the future , we are about to start a very big time in the Arsenal history. Enjoy it

  29. Bektas says:

    Remember when Arsenal were at Villareal, and a fan came on the pitch, gave henry a Barca shirt? I wouldnt be suprised if somethng same along the lines appens to Fabregas, at the camp nou.

  30. dizzy says:

    great stuff, love the 1970. we do have history, unlike the chaves

  31. Nice strategy guyz,i luv that plan comon gunners we can do this.

  32. JSP says:

    How about “Keep your greasy daigo hands off our players”!!!!

  33. danny says:

    Football teams are history ask a Chelsea fan 1970 was the start of arsenal being a top side again after 17 years we won the double the next year when Leeds were the “Great” side of the day Do you not think Cesc as captain does not know of the great Arsenal sides of the past even the thirties side. We are about to see another great era at Arsenal Enjoy it

  34. Ad says:

    Hmm, the spirit of 1970. I remember it like it was yesterday despite not being around until 13 years after this date. Seriously man get with the times. Boring old fashioned crap!

  35. ArsenalKenya says:

    Cesc was not born by then

  36. GT1981 says:

    Forgive me for being wrong but didn’t we win the Double in 1971 not 70?!
    It was 70 when we started but trophies were won in May 1971!

    The Fairs Cup came in 1972 – same year we last managed to overturn an away leg defeat at home before Porto this season.

    We didn’t do much else in the 70s until 1978 (Lost to Ipswich FA Cup Final) and waited until 1979 to lift the FA Cup.

  37. Jason says:

    Should be 71 shouldn’t it – thats when we actually won the title/double.

    I think they could have been more creative.

  38. Fredrik says:

    Kind a dissapointed with the banner. I really hoped that the text would have been “Home is here” or “our captain – our leader – our heartbeat”. This means nothing to Cesc.

  39. farce says:

    yeah it’s not like we didn’t steal sexy cescie or in fact most of your academy players or squad in general…. we don’t deserve any better

  40. ros says:

    FAB IS NOT LEAVING ARSENAL GET SOME BALLS BOY why do some Arsenal fans talk like divs stop saying fab is leavin its borin i’ll be there wednesday night singing my heart out RED ARMY RED ARMY

  41. Pab says:

    Should banner not read Spirit of 71, not 70. No point in having a history if you’re ignorant of it

  42. McG says: . And this –

    Check these out. They will both be there as well

  43. Gunningooner says:

    i said this comment in gunninghawk –> –> arsenal seem to do better without fabregas in champions league. Last year, they reached the semis, and fab4 played in semis and we lost to ManUre. Fabregas was absent in our biggest champions league thrashing as well -.-

  44. dave says:

    @jsp your comment is rubbish as he is from that country which would make him one of the dirty people u talk about u small minded fool.
    hope cesc stays. Soy Agusta espania!! just not as much as a summers day on hampstead heath.

  45. ros says:

    gallas diaby shava fit to play ,fab waiting to last minute to c if he can play giving it longer for bruising to go down bet he plays if not nasri is a great replacement me think he will play gallas arsene says his fit and in squad happy days gooners good news

  46. pierre says:

    just wondering if any of my fellow gooners know of myles palmer(from arsenal news review)i often read his reviews and i sometimes wonder:is he an arsenal fan or a manure fan in disguise?

  47. ismaeel says:

    i think fabrgas if fit and gallas is defo fit bcuz on da website it shows arsenal training 2day and hes der so good news gooners

  48. TR says:

    JSP – how about you keep your racist references to yourself !

  49. dave says:

    @ Pierre, Myles has got up a lot of peoples noses as he seems to think that he knows best where as i know ARSENE does LOL

    PS here here TR u tell him ;P

  50. Erenvp says:

    gunningooner i swear xavi is still injured him and iniestaa if he does then yeah i agree with you an ultimate battle of fabregas,song , diaby(nasri) against the xavi, toure, and keita of barc arsenalfor life

  51. Farooq says:

    There should be a Cesc we can banner as well

  52. g4eva says:


  53. chris says:

    arrseeeeeenaaaaaal FC

  54. Beardy says:

    You sure that doesn’t refer to the Fairs Cup winning side of 1970? That was the first trophy the club won after a gap of 17 years……….puts the current ‘drought’ in perspective.

  55. Beardy says:

    One more thing – there seem to be a few plastic fans on this site who know little or nothing about the history of Arsenal. We won the fairs Cup in 1970, not 1972. We overturned a 3-1 first leg loss to the lift the cup at Highbury on what was probably the greatest night ever at the old stadium. Ask Frank McLintock about his memories of that night and you’ll realise that’s not an exaggeration. As for the people who don’t get what 1970 (or 1971) has got to do with today, bugger off and support the Chavs because you don’t get what this club is about. Muppets….

  56. JSP2303 says:

    TR get a life you humourless freak!!!

    GT1981 we won the Fairs Cup in 1970 not 1972!! I guess for all you people querying the year that answers your question as we need that European spirit shown in 1970!!!!


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