Mar 30

Messi & co arrive in London

Barcelona arrived in London earlier this afternoon ahead of tomorrow’s star-studded match with Arsenal.

Pep Guardiola’s men touched down at Luton Airport and were welcomed with rainy weather – which is expected to continue on Wednesday as well.

Contrary to reports, midfielder Xavi Hernadez did travel with the 21-man squad, while the likes of Lionel Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic also flew.

The Blaugrana will hold a press conference at 17:15, before heading to the Emirates for a final training session.

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8 Responses to “Messi & co arrive in London”

  1. Gooner says:

    welcome to the Emirates! 2-0 ARSENAL!!!

  2. harrison says:

    if we can get a 1-0 or 2-0 i’ll be delighted and i reckon we’ll go through but we need a lead to take to camp nou

  3. Mello says:

    i love the idea of heavy rain. hope its cold tommorow as well make it that little bit more uncoftable for them.
    every little helps

  4. jim says:

    You hope its cold tomorrow?

    What are we? Bolton?

  5. arsenal786 says:

    we cnt afford 2 lose an early goal 2 barca we need 2 work as a unit and tke a lead even if its 1-0 anything aslong as we dnt concede.CMON U GUNNERS!!!!!!!

  6. an arse worth having says:

    Lol! Just imagine Sam Allardyce’s Bolton v this Barcelona. We’re not Bolton but I hate to admit if Clichy Shawcrosses Messi it will be difficult to be cut up about it. This, like every other game we have left this season, is win at all costs. We’ve played enough attractive football to maintain our reputation, now’s the time to play effective winning football.

  7. Ramen Noodles says:

    We play our game, and that’s all we can do. Enough about principles and reputation. Those things do not help us play better. Incisive, convicted pass and move with our hand off the brake is what we do best. This is Barca we’re playing, but they’re not unbeatable. Don’t underestimate our players. We have no Messi, but our team movement can make up for what little we lack.

  8. Welshman says:

    The gunners must score first. Otherwise it will be a difficult task.Barca are not unbeatable.They have been beaten by other teams not as strong as Arsenal in spain.
    The defence must be alert 110% repeat 110% not 100%. Every memeber must fight as a team. in other words play as a team and you will be surprised how effective it is.Some epl teams like Stoke/AV are typical examples.


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