Mar 31

Cesc admits fears of broken leg + Gallas injury worry

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas told reporters that he fears he has broken his leg, with the Spaniard set to have an X-ray on his fibula tomorrow.

The 22-year-old is currently on crutches, and revealed to the English media after the Barcelona draw that he has worries about a possible ‘broken leg’.

Fabregas had been a doubt to even make the Barca game after picking up a knee injury in the 1-1 draw with Birmingham on Saturday and on Tuesday Arsene Wenger said he had a “40% chance” to play.

“I do not think it is going to be good news, but still I hope there will be,” said Fabregas.

“When I took the penalty, I was quite strong, but after when I went to get the ball, I could not walk any more.

“It is the fibula. I think I put my leg between Puyol’s when I was fouled, and kicked it.”

Meanwhile, William Gallas could miss the rest of the season due to the defender picking up another injury on Wednesday night.

French international Gallas suffered a recurrence of his calf injury during the 2-2 draw with Barcelona.

The Gunners boss told Canal +: “He pulled his calf muscle and I think it’s the end of the season for him. I think he will be ready for the World Cup.”


38 Responses to “Cesc admits fears of broken leg + Gallas injury worry”

  1. gounerz says:

    if he does get sidelined for the coming weeks, its time for arshavin to step up like he did last season. if he can, he might carry the team for the BPL and at least into the CL semis.

  2. Jack says:

    I doubt Arshavin will step up, he’s probably out for a couple of weeks as it is. I wonder if this will hinder Gallas’ chances of a contract renewal? I don’t think that Cesc has broken anything tbh but if he has, he’s managed to do it just by burying that penalty!

  3. sweeneyafc says:

    i hope not

    they said the same about vermalaen at aston villa when he went off and he came back in ten days i think. i dont think we have missed gallas this season when he was out injured. sol campbell is the man

    come on you gooners

  4. chris says:

    scary stuff! lets hope its nothing serious..

  5. Chris112 says:

    How and when cud cesc have broken his leg?? U surely can’t take a penalty like that with a broken leg, no matter how much adrenaline is pumping through your body! Let’s just hope it is a similar worry than vermaelens was a couple months ago, and just a bit of bruising!

  6. Billy says:

    On sky now as well. He thinks he done it when winning the penalty. He isnt sure but isnt optimistic. He thinks his fibula is broke.

  7. thundertinytgooner says:

    I hope the Arsenal “fans” who left with over 30 minutes to go,one saying “I’ve seen enough of this rubbish”,reflect on missing a third of one of the best matches ever played in this country and a stirring Arsenal fightback.Anyone would have been outclassed by Barca in the first 30 minutes.Huge credit is due to the team for salvaging a draw.Ultimately we will suffer because of Wenger’s inability to sign decent squad coverand some experience.We suffered 4 serious injuries tonight

  8. biscuit says:

    With Cesc and Arshavin out Nasri really has to step up 2 another level now. The same level he was when he as at Marsielle

  9. an arse worth having says:

    Not trying to draw away from the severity of Cesc going off, but does anyone else think that in the title picture Xavi and Pique have ‘that don’t impress me much’ body language? Re Cesc: don’t know what more he has to do to prove he’s top 5 in the world. How many players would carry on with that injury? Fantastic character.

  10. Goonerdan says:

    Cesc has a suspected broken leg!!! This is awful news but im afraid as much as i love them the blame has to lay with him, the medical team and leboss…

    Cesc was clearly not fit enough to play the game but the decision was left up to him…mistake number 1…hthe plays and is clearly not rightor subbed…mistake number 2…he then takes and score a penalty breaking his leg and walks back onto the pitch when wenger tells him to stay off…final and most lethal mistake..

    Absolutly gutted just hope he can recover in time for the world cup and hope its not his last game in an arsenal shirt!

  11. gounerz says:

    @thundertinytgooner : youre right. these players do love arsenal and despite their young age and lack of winning experience, they do fight for a win and put the best performance as they can. its down to the manager actually to always have 2 or 3 players with real mental strength, composure and character to keep the whole team on their toes and commit for 90 minutes every single game. cesc is born with that talent, vermalaen has it too but he is still new to the team, gallas is another one but his injured, rvp too and he is out as well so we need back up and depth to the team. arshavin and rosicky works magic on the field but they are not really leaders despite their mature age and experience. winning a trophy or not, the most important thing that i wish will happen to arsenal is that a good refreshing of the squad this summer.

  12. djkg says:

    Do Song, Fabregas, Diaby and Arshavin alll mis the next leg due to cards?

  13. GoonerGaz says:


    Don’t call it the BPL or EPL etc, it’s the ‘League’.

  14. Aa23 (norwegian gooner) says:

    Jesus Christ! With Cesc out it makes you think; “f*cking hell, if only Aaron was fit…” Seems to me we need to recall Jack Wilshere from Bolton, is that possible 2 do before the season ends btw?

  15. Marty Price says:

    One of the most amazing matches I have seen! Barsa must have had the ball for 80%
    of the time in the first 60 mnutes. Barsa is the best and one can fully undertand why Real spent so much money to compete i La Liga against them.WE consistently gave it away….Almunia’s saves were incredible, his gaff’s, normal. he spirit in this team is wonderful and the fact that Eboue and Theo on that right side changed the match. NO matter what happens the rest of the season, I feel that this is a squad on their way to a big future. Barsa showed them what they now must do.

  16. Gunningooner says:

    theo wallcott is useful against a team like this because they dont push him around, so he can play his game.

  17. Subin says:

    what commitment from our captain
    even though he was injured he still stayed on the pitch to help out his
    just hope that he hasnt done more damage to the injury by staying on the pitch
    as if he’s out it would be a massive blow for your title challenges

  18. Boddah says:

    I hope the rest of our players learned something from the CAPTAIN. He now played in at least 5 games where others (like Arshavin) wouldn’t bother to show up on the stadium as support. I think we really missed Gallas at the end of the season. Vermaelen is guilty IMO for the second, and Almunia for the first one, but credit to Almunia, he kept us alive when needed, he made some brilliant saves (I still think we must replace him with Tech9). Overall a good result. We shouldn’t be afraid at Nou Camp like we were afraid at the Emirates, and simply play our game, and when we do it, let the best team win, the spectators will enjoy.

  19. damstar says:

    wat do you guys think if we play like this at the nou camp…using the 4-4-2
    sagna song vermaelen clichy
    eboue denilson diaby nasri
    walcott bendtner
    subs: campbell, rosicky, eduardo, vela, merida, fabianski, eastmond

    we need eboue,sagna and walcott to be involved right from kick off for us to have any chance and to put pressure on there defence… wat do u guys think?

  20. an arse worth having says:

    Its a sensible line-up, but it’ll be with Nasri or Eboue pushed up to make a front 3. Still can’t believe how good Denilson was when he came on last night.

  21. Gunningooner says:

    eboue is suspended

  22. Gunningooner says:

    good line-up, but id still put eboue in right back and song in denilsons place, as well as campbell on.
    Eboue gives the surprise factor when attacking as a defender, and as a midfielder its expected that he will attack

  23. damstar says:

    but i think playing 3 midfielders against iniesta,messi,xavi,pedro might be too gonna make them have a lot of possession than us and that is wat we dont need again at the nou camp…we really need to match them up…and i think that 4 our four men midfiled should be able to deal with that if we go by this line up…that midfiled looks more defensive and balance with strenght…we just need diaby and denilson to turn up and play a good game for us…we need to have the possesion of the ball..we must not look at them playing us and holding possesion against us….and also with that line up, the substition will be easy for wenger to make…rosicky could come in, eduardo too, vela….but i may be wrong am just suggesting that with the availble players we have now, this could be the best way to go and get result against barca….i dont think we have players capabel of playing the 4-3-3 against barca at this moment..but fingers crossed and we shall see wat arsene have in plan for us…up gooners!!!always keep the faith!!!!

  24. damstar says:

    i dnt think eboue is suspended…… @gunninggooner

  25. an arse worth having says:

    @damstar you may well be right, but I don’t remember Wenger deviating from 4-3-3 all season.

  26. damstar says:

    @ an arse worth having,…i know arsene is a stubborn manager…cant change his policy easily… but the truth is since we have changed to the 4-3-3 formation, we have never beaten any of the big strong team with this formation..that is the fact…we cant beat chelsea,man u and barca both home and away but we beat them last season with our 4-4-2….wenger has to see this and think about it…the 4-3-3 only help us against the weak teams that is it…..he must see this on time and think about this before we play barca next week…..let us try the 4-4-2 and see how we gonna do and i can bet it we gonna do better….if we use any 4-3-3 against barca on tuesday, we dead and thats bye bye to the champ league….and for the premier league we must use the same formation against tottenham away from home if we wanna beat them or have any chance of winning the league…against man city, it must be thesame as well but since we playing at home against them maybe we can still do with the 4-3-3…..but wenger must think about this…

  27. damstar says:

    we still dont have enough strong and experienced players to play in the 4-3-3 formation against the big teams….and not until we do, wenger cant win us a trophy with the 4-3-3 formation… barca has enough good players for this formation but we dont… simple as that…if we try 4-4-2 against barca and we progress to the semi, then it means wenger must change back to the 4-4-2 again next season..he must rethink his policy…and if he still wanna stick with thesame formation next season, he must enter the market and get tall, srong and experienced players…

  28. Ehsan says:

    Barca match
    sagna campbell verma clichy
    Nasri. Diaby
    bendtner. Rosicky

    their defence is clearly slow. Bendtner is better on the right where he will win every header and open their defence with his strength

  29. cescy football says:

    cesc broken leg confirmed out 4 six weeks

  30. damstar says:

    hope nasri, ashavin and rosicky stays fit in his absence….

  31. usfan says:

    i left with 30mins to go too, unfortunately. They were all over us and it was embarrassing, if you like to see our team get raped then your not really as much a fan as we are. we want to see arsenal play well, and they clearly didn’t. so stop slamming us for leaving early.

  32. mike says:

    @ usfan
    It doesn’t matter if they were all over us, a true fan stays till the end and will carry on supporting their team! How do you think the players feel when they’re out there trying as hard as they can to do something for you against the best team in world. Yes, we may have got a tad bit lucky at times, but it doesn’t excuse how much effort they put in when it mattered. I hate spoilt people like you, I know at least 100 people who would have killed or done anything to go and see that match, and believe it or not, among them there was a few Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and astonishingly a Tottenham fan! Also just looking at what you said again, I quote “we want to see Arsenal play well”. That just sum’s everything up, you only support Arsenal when they’re winning, there’s no team in history that plays well every game, I wonder how many teams you’ve supported in your life! Your probably some 14 year old who’s daddy is rich and you get what ever you want and your stuck up your own ass! Support Arsenal or keep your head where it is!

  33. an arse worth having says:

    @mike Totally agree. You said it a lot more eloquently then I would have done. If fans want to watch a team that wins at any cost then I’m sure ManU Chelsea as well as any team Mourinho manages would welcome their support.

  34. Michael says:

    @ an arse worth having
    Exactly, what more does he expect, Arsenal and Barcelona are the only two teams that play football properly, last night was the best football match I have ever seen in my entire life, it was pure entertainment and 100% football, and if he couldn’t see that then, like I said, he has his head right up there!

  35. usfan says:

    i said unfortunately i left early, it was a great comeback by the arsenal. “a true fan stays till the end and will carry on supporting their team!” every week fans leave early, mostly because of the transport issue. you saying the tens of thousands of fans that clear the place before the final whistle arn’t “fans”? i love how some of you fan’s like to think your somehow better than the rest, and the others arn’t proper fans. I realise that there are different arsenal fans from all walks of life. I’m sure there are even some “fans” that think if you don’t punch a tottenham fan then your not a proper fan.

    i rarely leave early, it was painful to watch last night and left with the rest of people i went to the match with. and if my dad was rich, so what? that makes me less of a fan? ridiculous, we are all arsenal fans, can’t we just get along. I dont want this to become a shouting match, we are all fans of this lovely football club. My grandad was a north stand season ticket holder and also my father, and we are all current season ticket holders, i have supported arsenal my whole life.

    some people like to mouth off just for the sake of mouthing off and i think you may be one of them.

  36. fraster says:

    Yes, of course that yesterday’s game was one of the best this year, but unfortunately with serious consequencies for us….without Arshavin, Gallas & Cesc, three important players lost in just ONE MATCH!!!, surely our away game will leave us with more injured players, so, we will have an Arsenal Hospital, but no titles anyway… Which will be our starting team against Wolfs???
    It was a nightmare yesterday, Barca was too much aggresive, they wanted a goal at first half, and they finally had got 2 goals that give them a great advantage…it’s no real problem for Barca being without Pique & Puyol, because of their capabilities, their consistance, their level of playing, it’s an uphill way for us, and although I believe in our spirit, that team is CL champion and they show that undoubtely in every game.
    I think that Chelki & ManU game will be for one of them, it won’t be a draw for sure, and we will go on in our eternal 3rd place anyway.

  37. Michael says:

    @ usfan
    I apologise for my manner, but I would have loved to be at that game despite the performance of the team because to see the stars that were on show and how good the game would have been would have been a once in the life time opportunity and when I see people leaving with still a 3rd of the game left to play, it just bugs me so much that I would of done anything to be at the game and then to have to watch people leaving early becasue they’re embarrased by the performance or to get home an hour earlier is just pathetic…how often do Arsenal play Barcelona, when both teams are in top form, when Henry is comming back to the Emirates, and when both teams are playing the way they are? Who cares if you get 1 hour less sleep or what ever, that type of game only comes around once every decade or so. I’m sure you can understand and sympathise with the point i’m trying to make, you would probably feel the same if we were in opposite situations.

  38. BillyGallas says:

    @ usfan….

    I understand your views on how you are a fan….
    but your behaviour is a disgrace…
    Im going to the Emirates on Saturday and have seen the lads many times this year travelling from Ireland… Lots of fans would give a leg to be at y/days match never mind a season ticket… Shameful.. Im sorry for your embarrassment.. Get over yourself….


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