Mar 31

Fabregas & Gallas start, Henry on the bench for European Champs

As expected, Cesc Fabregas & William Gallas start tonight for Arsenal in their Champions League crunch clash with Barcelona.

Sagna – Gallas – Vermaelen – Clichy
Fabregas – Song – Diaby
Nasri – Bendtner – Arshavin

Subs: Fabianski (GK), Campbell, Eboue, Denilson, Rosicky, Walcott, Eduardo.


56 Responses to “Fabregas & Gallas start, Henry on the bench for European Champs”

  1. damstar says:

    where did u get this chris?

  2. CaliforniaGooner says:

    Is this from MARCA

  3. VanDaManPersie says:


    Thats my predicted line up

  4. Chris says:

    It’s on

  5. Gooner Chris says:

    Yeah it’s everywhere now mate. I posted it about 20-25 minutes ago though.

    Come on you Gunners! 😀

  6. Emperor Gooner says:

    this is a strong strong line-up..come lads!! lets bury em catalans!!!!!

  7. damstar says:

    i wonder why they didnt play yaya…pep has more faith in busquet than yaya…i will take yaya at anytime for arsenal.. if arsene want him..i will prefer him to denilson..

  8. Dan says:

    So only RVP missing from our strongest team now then and he’ll be back (though probably not at his best) in 2/3 weeks!!!!

  9. My Name Is Earl says:

    is anybody else really nervous about this game?! lol

  10. GoonerDareMKD says:

    NO! LOL :)@My Name Is Earl:

  11. davies says:

    Bendner starting again. We are going to lose, tonight everyone will see why Bentdner should not play. He is pathetic, the worst player on arsenal and he gets to start. Barca are a technically gifted team and Bendtner has no qualities too match them. I love the gunners and hope for a win but with Bendtner leading the attack we are doomed. Arsene Wenger usually has great jusdgments about players however for the big dane he is wrong. Mark my words, Bendtner will do nothing tonight, he will be his usual pathetic self.

  12. A TRue GOon says:

    GOOD JOB GOONER CHRIS!!!!!!!!!! U got this news about an hour before the others.

  13. Mohammad Hasan says:

    I heard now tht it’s not yet confirmed tht Fabregas will start. That will only be decided after the warm up.

  14. GoonerT says:

    i’m so fucking nervous. i dont really know what to expect. messi and xavi are the two guys that worry me the most. as long as the lads give it everything then thats enough for me. a clean sheet tonight would obviously be fantastic

  15. damstar says:

    if we can get a cleansheet tonight at the emirate, and maybe get like 2 goals, we gonna be in the semi final…

  16. Emperor Gooner says:

    2o min to go…..

  17. an arse worth having says:

    No Abidal and Toure on the bench. That Barca defence is not watertight. If we can find a way of occasionally putting up a dam to curb the Messi flood we may have a chance.

  18. Emperor Gooner says:

    come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ya gooooooooooooooonerss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Adam_Gunner says:

    total barca here i have no words how to describe almunia

  20. GoonerT says:

    we’re being taken to the cleaners here

  21. damstar says:

    omg…am fucking sweating and shaking

  22. jason says:

    all Barca in the first half

  23. damstar says:

    gallas????hope we not gonna get fucked in the second half by them…

  24. Topgunwenger says:

    Ibrahimovitch is shit , best 2 players are Messi and Busquets

  25. harrison says:

    well fabregas is outta second leg but come on we can nick this they’ve missed loads now lets make em rue missed chances come on the gunners

  26. George says:

    We need to step our back line up and put them under pressure; we’re not adapted to soak it up. Fabregas booking was a joke.

  27. My Name Is Earl says:

    Cesc is fit to start???? hmmm….

  28. Dan says:

    This is embarrassing!!

    I’ve always wondered what he feels like to be a spurs fan?! Getting totally outclassed but still in the game… some how?

  29. damstar says:

    with denilson in the midfield in the second half, God save us!!!!!!!!!!11

  30. Emperor Gooner says:

    they battered us in the first 15..but have they got anything to show for it?? NO….we’ll be more settled in the 2nd half…come on ya gooners!!

  31. damstar says:

    arshavin is getting ridiculous nowadays….for real…eboue should be starting ahead of him…..the zeal is not in him anymore like last season…

  32. tyga says:

    these comentators seem like they want us to get beaten

  33. Impeccable1 says:

    Wow, I don’t remember seeing Arsenal get dominated by that ever. We were on the ropes but Almunia has kept us in it. Hopefully we can do something because that was a blitz but they didn’t capitalize so I hope it works the opposite way this time around as usually we are the ones who dominate a team and not score and then the team gets one chance and put it away.

  34. gooner514 says:

    Damn ref. Should not have been a yellow for fabregas. He got the ball. If anything the ref should have talked to him and told him to chill out on the tackles. Dumbass ref.

  35. Adam_Gunner says:

    wht a start to the half wow !!!!

  36. Adam_Gunner says:

    Tie Over !!!!

  37. GoonerT says:

    we’re getting spanked. fuck

  38. Adam_Gunner says:

    diaby is shit today

  39. Adam_Gunner says:

    i cannot believe whts happening

  40. Hatta says:

    Because diaby cut his hair

  41. Adam_Gunner says:

    im speechless !!!! amazing match

  42. Topgunwenger says:

    Both Arsenal goals set up by Bendtner

  43. damstar says:

    lets hope we can get gallas arshavin back for the return leg

  44. damstar says:

    we still have a chance…puyol and pique are off for the return leg…

  45. jason says:

    Cecs’s knee busted i think.

  46. Dan says:

    Denilson was awesome when he came on.

    Song was awful as a CB.

    Diaby was poor.

    Cesc was very poor.

    Theo showed desire and hunger with the ball that the rest of them lacked.

    Almunia was brilliant other than the 1st goal.

    Bendtner was pretty decent considering.

    2-2 is more than we deserved. Kinda scared of the Nou camp now, especially without Gallas, Arshavin and Cesc.

  47. superfly says:

    Arshavin been poor during his last few games….missed a sitter, falls over, loses the ball, looking clueless at Hull, Birmingham and stoke. I think he needs a rest it might be that playing centre forward for so long has taken it out of him. I think we’ve got a great chance at Nou camp…as long as the players aren’t overawed by at Nou we have a great chance

  48. CaliforniaGooner says:

    I’m crying right now…Unbeliable match..This was not even our first team and we fought back…Some poeple will say that we didn’t deserve the penalty but how many times have we seen that happen to us? Fabregas thank you…Walcott thank you. Come on ye Gooners!!!! Believe!!!!

  49. Impeccable1 says:

    Based on the circumstances, it was a good result. We could have been out after the 1st leg but we still have a fighting chance. Diaby showed his inconsistency again; he had a very poor performance. Denilson was actually good when he came on. Great maturity and fighting spirit to come back. Kudos to Walcott as his pace bothered their defence.

  50. Angry fan says:

    Great chance at the nou camp? R u for real? We are seriously not good enough to beat barca. This is what we need to aspire to. I think we are at least 4-6 years away from ever winning this or the premier league. To many average players that wenger thinks are good enough!!!

  51. Emperor Gooner says:

    f****n hell!! i’m almsot in tears!!! what an absolute m***********R of a match..i love this club…great great character shown tonight..we can do this!!!

  52. Impeccable1 says:

    Apart from a few games this season, Arshavin has been shocking. He has been very disappointing and he’s not playing with any passion. Perhaps he should think about improving his performances instead of criticizing the squad and talking to newspapers.I think it’s time he is benched and start fighting for his place in the team.

  53. Dan says:


    It was our first team minus RVP.

    (Until Gallas and Arshavin went off)

  54. CaliforniaGooner says:

    Yeah, thanks @ Dan. I meant to say our full strength squad, sorry about that. @Emperoor Gooner: I know how you feel. Makes me proud to be a gooner…Arsenal till I die…

  55. an arse worth having says:

    Fair play to Denlison and Clichy who were great tonight. Can’t blame Fabregas for being a tad below-par. He’s been playing crocked for a while now. I think the positive for the 2nd leg is that Barca can’t defend, and we have nothing to lose. The negative is Xavi, who in my opinion is the best player in the world, and that Messi can’t be as ineffective again.


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