Mar 31

Reports: Fabregas fit to play Barca

Cesc Fabregas will start for Arsenal tonight against Barcelona according to Spanish daily Marca.

The newspaper also reports that Cesc took part in a fitness test at Emirates Stadium this morning where he ‘felt fine’.

Gunners skipper Fabregas had been a doubt to make it after picking up a knee injury in the 1-1 draw with Birmingham on Saturday and yesterday Arsene Wenger said he had a “40% chance” to play.

This news will come as a massive boost to Arsenal with the second leg coming at the Nou Camp next week.


24 Responses to “Reports: Fabregas fit to play Barca”

  1. Munnnnn says:

    yaya 😀

  2. gunner786 says:

    im hoping for this news to be true… what a difference he will make and to the team. im so excited cant wait for kick off 😀

  3. arsenal4ever says:

    it was a made up story from Wenger the cunning fox I think :-).

  4. king gooner says:

    you wouldn’t trust a word that comes out of”marca”!

  5. Oliver says:

    A decision was not expected until approximately an hour before kickoff. He may well be available for selection tonight, but I do not think the likes of Marca will be the first to know. My guess is that we will not know for certain until prior to kickoff, when the lineups are announced. Marca is not exactly the most credible source for reporting on our skipper, are they?

  6. Come on Aaaarseeenaaaalll!!!!

  7. damstar says:

    even if cesc is fit for tonight game, he is not going to mak any different i can bet… in a game like this, players like arshavin and bendtner are the ones we should be looking up unto….cesc can be marked out of the game totally by yaya and keita..we sholdnt rely and focus on cesc to make the difference… am looking forward to 3 players that could make the diff tonight and they are arshavin or rosicky, bendtner and nasri….i can bet with anyone…and same goes to barca as well…even though messi is hard to cope with for any defender in the world, he can have a off day too…it could be players like keita, bojan, and maybe ibra that can make the different for them…but fingers crossed and i know is i want arsenal to win this first leg and if possible dont let barca get an away goal….up gunners!!!!!!!

  8. cescy football says:

    u actually believe marca. its publishes what joan laporta tells them 2 so its all part of their mind games. i think u should take this news with a pinch of salt.

  9. J.Sanderson says:

    @cescy football:

    That’s really weird. You saying it’s stupid to believe Marca and then saying they publish what Joan Laporta tells them to. You’d have to be stupid to believe that they publish what he says.

    Typical Arsenal fans, only want to believe what suits them.

    Cheers for the updates Chris

  10. I think is a massive boost for the gunners, because i am immagening playing barca without cesc. Wish arsenal all the best, the should be patience and take their chances

  11. Brengun says:

    Cesc could help Arsenal make the difference tonight cos if he is marked out of the game it should leave gaps in midfield for the team to exploit and if he is not marked tightly he can come up with one of his trademark passes and open up barca, my main concern is over which Bendtner will appear tonight will it be the Hull Bendtner or will it be the Porto Bendtner I believe this will be the difference tonight. The Verminator is going to be the one to watch at the back, he was sorely missed at Birmingham and I truly believe he would have prevented Kevin Phillips last gasp equaliser and with Gallas back this is a mouth watering fixture.. come on the Gunners… whayy heeyyy our cesc is on fire…..

  12. Biscuit says:

    Gooner Chris dont mean to doubt you or anything but I believe it when I see it. lol

  13. cescy football says:

    j sanderson im not saying its 100% wrong im just saying its common knowledge that marca publish certain things which are feed to them by by certain people at barca whilst sport publish things which are feed to them by people at madrid. this whole article could be right but im just saying marca are not exactly reliable.

  14. Song is King says:


    Says who that Cesc won’t make the difference tonight? This is not a normal league game for him. This is against Barcelona and he will give his 120% in this game trust me. He want to prove something to them. Cesc to score tonight. Fingers crossed

  15. A TRue GOon says:

    THANK GOD!!! LEt’s go kick some Spanish @ss

  16. an arse worth having says:

    Would have to have been crippled to miss this one. What amuses me is the predictability of Gallas being available. Pre-Hull: “How are you feeling this week William?” “Still hurts boss, playing would only make it worse.” Pre-Birmingham more or less the same. Pre-Barca “Hey boss, my calf’s fine now!” The enigma of the French mentality..

  17. jabberwocky says:

    @an arse worth having:

    is there any need for xenophobia like that? the only typical mentality is your small minded english one which gives credit to the distain with which we are shown by the rest of the continent. you are most certainly not an arse worth having

  18. damstar says:

    @ song is king,
    i can bet my life that cesc wont score tonight…..fingers crossed…

  19. Chris says:

    Come on the arseeeeennaaaaal!!

  20. an arse worth having says:

    @ Lewis Carroll
    Pointing out national idiosyncrasies is not xenophobia. Even the most fervent members of the PC brigade wouldn’t think that. As an Englishman I fully expect similar comments about my country from other countries and would welcome it. As for Gallas I think he’s a top defender and would rather have him playing tonight as he’s better suited to a team like Barcelona. I realise everyone is going to be sensitive about something, but to interpret my comments like that is very extreme.

  21. jabberwocky says:

    while you hardly stepped into BNP territory i’ll happily admit, but labelling glory hunting and laziness (essentially not wanting to play a low-profile game) as a french national idiosyncrasy is xenophobic. fair enough if you are gonna make a comment about gallas, but moving that observation on to the entire french nation is wide of the mark i feel

  22. bedy says:

    I think it is high time we start to get people informed that Farbregas join barcelona at the age of 13yrs and we got him at the age of 16yrs so he is Arenal trained player as there is no justfication that he learnt the trick of the game in just 3yrs of tender age at Barcelona compairing that the most crucial learning stage of football is btw 17-22yrs and he is at Arsenal at those years and still there now to develop further.

  23. an arse worth having says:

    I apologize for generalizing. Its strange as I would describe a lot of the English football press as being heavily xenophobic, and despise them for it. I respect Gallas though and think if a few other players had given half as much of a shit in the season Eduardo broke his leg, then we’d have won the title.

  24. Song is King says:


    In your face man! Your life is mine now. Should I strangle you down the Nou Camp next week? Stop being skeptic to Cesc when it comes to stuff like this. He has the strongest mental strength in the squad and he can do anything he want on the pitch any day.


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