Mar 31

Highlights: Arsenal 2-2 Barcelona


11 Responses to “Highlights: Arsenal 2-2 Barcelona”

  1. tc says:

    im happy for him as capello was watching him play..hopes he make sit to the world cup.

  2. gooner james says:

    what a comeback without puyol and pique i think we can get at them and beat them as long as upfront with bendtner is arshavin and walcott.

    thank u cesc

  3. Karthik(MALAYSIA) says:

    thank god…after walcott came frm bench he totally changed the game tempo..

  4. love you theooooooooooooooooooo

  5. Murt says:

    Theo Walcott: ran onto the pitch a boy: walked off a man.

  6. Arsenal are still a force to be worried off. Lets go arsenal and see off Catalans at their own home ground…….And I do wish the Wenegr to replace Diaby..he played horrible..!

  7. GUNNA_H says:

    Need to give it a right go at barcas stadium nw… walcott bendtner and arshavin upfront, nasri, diaby and denilson midfield, regualar defence but with song in place of gallas… we can do it man… believe!

  8. jonas says:

    Gallas out for rest of the season according to wenger when he spoke to french television

  9. Goonerdan says:

    So with Arshavin, Gallas and cesc all definitely out for saturday and longer for some what does evryone feel the side should be for wolves?

    I would definitely go for…


  10. Goonerdan says:

    Just to add aswell about tonights game…Could have been out of sight at half time…great fightback to get something from the game

    we have nothing to loseat the nou camp but i would add that protection of the full backs from the wide players will be essential as tonight for 60 minutes there was none at all and you cannot do that against a team like barca…you just have to put in a shift i thse positions and if your no willing to do it alla arshavin then you shoud not be selected….

  11. Goonerdan says:

    Cesc has a suspected broken leg!!! This is awful news but im afraid as much as i love them the blame has to lay with him, the medical team and leboss…

    Cesc was clearly not fit enough to play the game but the decision was left up to him…mistake number 1…hthe plays and is clearly not rightor subbed…mistake number 2…he then takes and score a penalty breaking his leg and walks back onto the pitch when wenger tells him to stay off…final and most lethal mistake..

    Absolutly gutted just hope he can recover in time for the world cup and hope its not his last gme in an arsenal shirt…


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