Apr 04

Picture of the Week: Messi who?

Ahead of Arsenal’s quarter-final second leg with Barcelona, some witty Gooners have created a banner which will be on show at the Nou Camp next Tuesday.

Let’s hope that Eboue can influence Tuesday’s game!


33 Responses to “Picture of the Week: Messi who?”

  1. ugandangoon says:


  2. nobby2 says:

    Those three farkin hogs in the middle really ruin the picture

  3. Mo says:

    sólo hemos venido a ver a Eboue – we’ve only come to eboue haha

  4. Jack says:

    The picture was taken on Wednesday, the day we played Barca….surely it was shown at the emirates.

  5. DAN88AFC says:

    ABS-EBOUE-LETELY BRILLIANT! I f*ckin’ love it!!! I hope he does the job and I hope Messi don’t! I’m at the Twelve Pins on Tuesday and I can’t wait! I’m hoping for another big European night from the mighty Arsenal, Milan, Madrid, Villareal, Juventus and now… hopefully… BARCELONA! RRREEEDDD AAARRRMMMYYY!!!

  6. Muyex says:

    I really hope that eboue delivers

  7. Zam K R says:

    bahahhha there should be a bigger SIGN!!!

  8. Hitman says:

    Denilson had Messi is his pocket.
    Eboue’s directness caused Barce defence a few problems.

  9. rotterdamer says:

    arsenal can do it,dont give them too much respect,

    gunner for life…

  10. GCtheGunner says:

    True HITMAN.I was told Messi missed the flight back to Spain the morning after the game at the groove, i asked why and was told he was still in “Denilson’s pocket”. Lolllll

  11. Emperor Gooner says:

    yep , thats the key..dont give them respect..and press the ball when its in our half

  12. top gunner says:

    He was crap against week opposition like wolves (No Disrespect)I would not play him against Barca.

  13. Rajiv says:

    Well done Boyz, lets do all the banners like this wiz some mentioning walcott too……

  14. Goonerdan says:

    Massive blow! Song does not even make the squad… Just fucks me off all these injuries someone needs to lose their jpob over it…It cant be coincidence!!!

  15. tc says:

    Yes…goonerdan is right we are gonna miss song as well as the champions league trophy this year..he was the last person i wanted injured.

  16. damstar says:

    without song i see no way we can overcome barca….our champions league hope is already fucked….i see no reason why arsene played him against wolves…

  17. Goonerman says:

    Damstar are you serious? why did wenegr play song against wolves! because diaby clichy and nasri all needed resting becuase they had knocks verging on being injuries! song was ok to play so why would wenegr not play him? so he plays eastmond against wolves becuase were are certain to smash barca? how can we give up the league when we have the smallest chance of winning it still to then go to barca and risk getting spanked by them anyway! we have injuries through sheer bad luck so dont blame the club! you lot are a bunch of complete fools

  18. damstar says:

    @goonerman…sorry to say this, but you are a complete bastard fucking ass for you calling me a fool…am sorry about this gooner chris for writing something abusive like this on your blog…but i hate when people dont know how to talk…i have never abused anyone here so i dont think i deserve that as well for wat i posted about arsenal….i respect myself here so that people can respect me…but if u dont respect me, u dont deserve to be respected as well….fuck you goonerman and to hell with you moron…fuck the hell off here and go die..useless motherfucking scumbags……

  19. BillyGallas says:


    calm down with the language but I feel the reason he played Song was becuase the League is bloody important aswell. Without cesc,shava,bill and not playing Nasri it would have been stupid to rest Song. It is frustrating but what is worse news is that Sol might not play…he is doubtful…if Silvestre plays our chances go from good to screwed… Please sol get better… Keep the faith..

  20. Me says:

    We still have a good chance. Yes Song is in beautiful form this season, but he is tired on the pitch and you can see that. Nou Camp is a huge stadium, the field is much bigger than at the Emirates so we could do with a faster player. I think we’ll play Denilson – Nasri – Diaby in the middle, and I think our real problem will be upfront were we could play Eduardo – Bendtner – Walcott. Anyways I think we’ll progress 😀

  21. damstar says:

    thank you billygallas…at least you know how to talk with maturity…but i still prefer he use merida or diaby against wolves…knowing how song is vital to our team at this moment and esp against barca…..arsene has got a lot wrong nowadays with his decisions on players….his gambles hasnt paid off in any ways nowadays….i will always be a gunner for ever no matter wat happens…up gunners keep the faith!!!!!! but i dnt fancy our chances against barca at the nou camp am sorry to say this….but nothing is impossible….

  22. Goonerman says:

    FUCK OFF YOU MUG! dont come on here questioning the managers decision to play song in a premier league game! your comment was so stupid you deserved abuse!
    also your a FOOL for writing our chances off just for fact that song has been ruled out, oh and sol is doubtful aswell so im sure you will predict a 5-0 barca scoreline. If we go out there and beat them i will personally come on here and laugh in your face!

  23. damstar says:

    my comment is not towards u…so i dont know ur fucking problem goonerman…..go die and fuck off if u have any problem with my comments here ok…bastard motherfucking head dick….asshole….get lost and go kill yourself if u got problems with me……fuck you and shut the hell up….stinking mouth…

  24. Ken says:

    The PL is as much important as the CL for us, it is reasonable for Wenger to put out there the best starting XI that suit his plan damstar. Heck who know what would have happen if Song didn’t play that game, they might have hit us on the break and we would end up losing our ground on the title race. I think Denilson will do a good job out there and Nicky the Golden Boy will fire us into the semifinal.

  25. damstar says:

    let us hope so ken….but it is illogical to play campbell and song in the same game knowing that u have barca coming up..i agree that we cant affod to lose ground in the league…but at least wenger should have rested either campbell or song for that game…i see no reason playing the two against wolves having sylvestre and merida and even diaby on the bench….now campbell is doubtful for the game as well…i would not have feel so bad if we just lose song only and keep sol fresh for the barca game…campbell and song are the most vital players now that we cant afford to lose thru injury esp with the injuries we have got already…if that be the case, arsene shouldnt have risk the two of them against wolves at all…at least play one and rest one…now he played the two and we are on the verge of losing the two for the most important game of our season…..this is wat i think arsene should have done against wolve, play sylvstre and vermaelen and put song in front of them so that sol can be fresh or play sol and vermaelen and rest song entirely…..but wat has happened has happened….we have to look at the future now and see wats gonna happen….as for tomorrows game, am ready for the worst as i said before….but fingers crossed and always keep the faith….

  26. tc says:

    silvestre playe the game against wolves damstar.

  27. tc says:

    can someone tell me whether chamakh is surely coming to arsenal or not?

  28. Michael says:

    @damstar: God some people on here really need to grow up, i’m sure you can think of better adjective’s, and if you are going to insult someone with numerous swear words, make sure you get them the right way around. And, I don’t think someone is going to kill himself just because you tell him to.

  29. Arsenader says:

    @damstar: No no no… I totaly could not agree with you. It is no sensical concern to say “why did he play Song”. Who shall he play then? What a paradoxical comment. After game comments are based on the already found result(s)… and mostly are based on the complete info at hand. Mind you managers do decide who to play and not to play before the game starts where lots of uncertainties prevail to make their decisions demanding of expert qualities.

  30. damstar says:

    @tc….am sorry i meant to say having traore on the bench…traore should have play at left back….we are now at the moment where we have to make use of our squad depth….play traore, play merida for God sake……at least let us see wat they can do as well….and to make the matter worse, i see no crucial part that song played in that game against wolves….he didnt do much at all to be real….
    @ micheal,…..as for my words, i dont give a shit….that is your headache that you should go deal with…..i dont care…i have the right to say wat i like…but when people think they have the big mouth to be abusing me here bcos of my comment, then to hell with you…..

  31. tc says:

    relax man…dont fight…even damstar loves arsenal like us..im sure our bad run will come to an end..all we need to do is…KEEP THE FAITH.

  32. damstar says:

    @tc…thanks alot man……the thing is when people think they can abuse others with there big mouths bcos of their comments, i dont think i can take that at all….i dont abuse people here…i come here to comment about arsenal not anyone else….so i see no reason why they should be so abusive and rude….i am a die hard arsenal fan….i can never stop supporting arsenal no matter wat happen….everybody has their own different opinions and we have the right to share our opinions here thanks to gooner chris…you may not like my opinion and i may not like yours as well, but that doesnt mean we should be abusive to on another no matter how we disagree on wat we wrote ….people must learn how to talk with respect and maturity here…..thanks again tc…and am sorry goonerchris for all my abusive languages…it wasnt my fault really but some crazy folks here got me to this….up gunners!!!!!God be on our side tomorrow….keep the faith….and lets remember nothing is impossible….

  33. damstar says:

    i see us lining up tomorrow like this and hopefully sol campbell is fit:

    sagna campbell vermaelen clichy


    eboue nasri diaby rosicky


    with theo, eduardo, maybe merida coming in as a sub….


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