Apr 15

Spurs bring out DVD of 2-1 league win

Small time Spurs have brought out a DVD of last night’s 2-1 Premier League win over Arsenal.

Harry Redknapp’s men took less than 24 hours to release a DVD of an ‘unforgettable night’, in which they describe Jermain Defoe as ‘unstoppable leading the line’ – despite being largely anonymous during the time he was on the pitch.

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59 Responses to “Spurs bring out DVD of 2-1 league win”

  1. Alan says:

    You can’t be serious

  2. Julian H says:

    Please, please tell me this is a joke.

    I walked past a lot of the muppets on the way home, and people were saying things into their mobiles like “go to the shop and get a bottle of bubbly…yeah…no, do it…yeah, we can have it when I get back”.


  3. NickTheGooner says:

    lol i knew this would happen so no big suprise here. they are a pathetic little team whos biggest acheivement and ambition is to beat arsenal. it makes no difference, they still wont finish 4th and they will never finish above us.

  4. mike says:

    holy shit! (excuse me lord) if they are calling defoe unstopable, i would love to know what theyre calling Rose, on par with Messi, the best player ever to play in the premiership, i never even saw defoe on the ball, Rose only touched the ball once and that was his flukey goal. As someone said in the comments after the Barcelona game… Spare a thought for Andy Gray tomorrow as he is going to hospital to get his tounge surgically removed from Rose’ ass. that is a great comment

  5. tfg says:

    What did you expect?

    They draw 4 – 4, to stay rooted to the bottom of the Premier League table and out comes the DVD.

    We draw 2 – 2 there, to win the league… no need for a DVD.

    I would say that once a decade, as they suggest, IS rather unforgettable.

    Ten years ago… Leeds, Coventry and Southampton boasted Premier League clubs…

    Imagine if they managed to equal Huddersfield Town’s haul of top flight league titles??????

  6. Bergkamp1972 says:

    Superior Spurs you are a comedy genius. You won the lottery last night. Harry is a spiv who plays long ball crap. St Totteringham Day delayed two weeks, who cares.

  7. Gooner9 says:

    Superior – you’re seriously deluded my friend. If you think one victory in the league in over a decade signals a power shift then I really do feel sorry for you.

    I openly admit you defended well and didn’t let us get going on the night. But that’s all it was – one night, one game and one result.

    You have and will keep finishing below us in the league because realisticly your a top 8 team with ambitions to break into the 4, where as we have expectations to win the league!! – that’s why so much is made of us not winning anything for 5 years – because we are expected too!

    So enjoy your moment (and your DVD) but don’t get carried away…and remember, the last time you beat us in the league it took over 10 years for you to do it again!

  8. bash says:

    LOL!!! Superior Sp*rs?

    You are superiors?? Well, you do play well but the fact is that Fabregas, Vermaelen, Gallas, Song, Arshavin are out injured. You barely won it if not for your GK.

  9. Royal Arsenal says:

    we should come out with a dvd for every game we’ve beaten them

  10. Harrythetit says:

    Open top bus this sunday aswell

  11. This rivalry is pretty pathetic, it has to be said. Childish, to be honest.

  12. tfg says:

    Royal Arsenal… what is the point?

    There are 38 games in a season and they represent two of them. Would you go out and buy a DVD of a win against Citeh next year? Probably not. They are going to finish fourth, so given that beating them is more of an achievement, I’d be interested to hear your views…

  13. Bektas says:

    @Superior Spurs

    You make me chuckle.

    I liked this comment “But that’s all it was – one night, one game and one result” and it will result in a power shift? Oh and you bring out a DVD? If only we’d released a DVD for everytime we’ve beaten Spurs in the Premierleague. My DVD stack would have been pretty high.

    Interesting facts for last nights game:

    Tottenham 37% Arsenal 63%

    Attempts on target
    Tottenham 10 Arsenal 11

    Attempts off target
    Tottenham 3 Arsenal 8

    I know these stats do not matter, but you hardly destroyed us for 90 mins.

  14. Doug Coglan says:

    What a sorry bunch. A full Arsenal team with Gallas-Vermaelen at the back and Fabregas-Arshavin-Van Persie going forward would cruise to victory over kick-and-rush Spurs.

    Defoe, he was playing was he?

    Bottom line is they won’t get 4th place, again. So just shrug off this crap for now.

  15. FOR319NER says:

    Haha!! Has anyone noticed every team Harry Redknapp has been at he has cocked them up financially? Southampton, Portsmouth…lets hope the same happens at Spurs. I believe he has spent more there than Weneger has at Arsenal. And to release a DVD after last night is hilarious…they were outplayed for the best part of 90 mins, got one lucky goal and defended for the entire match.

  16. King of north london says:

    hahahaha….poor spurs…they insult themselves.

  17. gilz says:

    this is absolutly tragic ! beyond laughing by any stretch of the imagination im really struggling to come to terms with it or grasp it in any way ! this has GOT to be a joke !! yes well done tottenham you won the game but releasing a dvd over winning a game literally crowns you as the saddest football club in the world ,, not the saddest club the saddest organisation or even saddest thing in the world ! holy mother of christ 😛 unbelieavable im gobsmacked !

  18. chris says:

    haha forever a small club!

  19. Adam_Gunner says:

    ROFL!!!! superior spurs u cant be serious

  20. Cyburton Gooner says:

    Historical fact. The last time the spuds beat us in the league, DVDs weren’t even on the market. They probably released a VHS tape of that win, which was so “last century”.

  21. Dave Gilbey says:

    Take the piss all you want all it does is take the focus off the fact that as pretty as your football is you can’t hurt anybody fannying around with it on the halfway line.
    You guys have big problems and criticise us spurs fans for being deluded.We are optimistic that the good times are just around the corner.Can you in all in honesty think that things are on the way up for you.Next year you will be even further away from the league title as cieh will break the top 3 next year and will win the league within the next 5 years you lot wont.

  22. neutral says:

    Petty infantile comments from both sides. Why the childishness if Arsenal are such a big clubn? Could it be a nerve touched by the magnificent volley by Rose being scored by an ENGLISH player with such technique??

  23. arshavin23 says:

    spurs are a very sad club who c beating arsenal as as massive achievement, try winning the league what a very sad team

  24. arshavin23 says:


  25. arsenal556 says:

    spurs ars shit!

  26. . says:

    so spurs fans are going to pay ten pounds to watch Arsenal pass the ball around for 80 minutes?

  27. American Gooner says:

    this is such a lame article. we as arsenal fans are better than focusing on what spurs do or dont do, including coming out with some stupid dvd or not (who knows if this article is a joke).

    we need to focus on us and our team needs, not what the irrelevant spurs do.

  28. gilz says:

    just saying its pathetic:P:P jeeeeez:P yeovil( and im a big yeovil supporter) wudnt bring out a dvd if thay beat us

  29. Ken says:

    Hahahahha this is nowhere near as good as the “Celebrating 43 minutes against Arsenal” DVD lol. Seriously though this show how pathetic and childish those fricking Spuds are. They thought with that win they are at the top of the world and will overthrown Arsenal, well they are all dead wrong because when was the last time they beat Arsenal in the league ? 11 years ago, YES 11 YEARS AGO !! We spanked them in almost every single derby and now having scrape out a win over Arsenal they think it’s time for them to spank us back. DREAM ON !!!

  30. Marko says:

    Serious Spurs is clearly having a go with us, not even the most deluded Spurs fan would trumpet a power shift. Tottenham have outspent everyone in the last year except ManCiteh. Your manager is doing the same to the Spuds, that he did down in Portsmouth, and look how that’s turned out.

    I will laugh and laugh when we start hearing about financial problems at White Hart Lane, which will come as soon as they are formally eliminated from Champions League contention and miss that 40 million pay off for the first round alone.

  31. gooner8er says:

    Gooners, now now, you won the title at the lane a few years back and thats all we ever here,now you’ve lost it and the lane, so it 1-1 now. It had to happen at some point. The point is that you lost, simple nothing hard to understand, you lost simple. Any of you that dont understand, and that the majority of you look it up in the dictionary. It will say, beaten by a wonder goal…!!!, even if it was a shot by chance….!!!!

  32. tfg says:

    Next Spurs DVD?

    The 50th anniversary celebrations since last winning the league.

    Black and white footage, with no fear about mention of Arsenal winning more titles at White Hart Lane than Spurs, or a former captain winning as many in three years as they have in their entire history.

    There is a long list of honours on their web site which Arsenal have never won… until we do, I can see why they think that they are the bigger club. Such famous trophies as:

    Dewar Shield Winners 1901-02, 1933-34, 1934-35.
    Anglo-Italian League Cup-Winners Cup 1971-72.
    Norwich Charity Cup 1919-20
    Norwich Hospital Charity Cup 1946-47, 1949-50 (joint).
    Ipswich Hospital Charity Cup 1951-52 (joint).
    Costa Del Sol Tournament 1965,1966.
    Nolia Cup (Sweden) 1977.
    Japan Cup 1979.
    Sun International Challenge Trophy (Swaziland) 1983.
    Peace Cup (Korea) 2005.
    Vodacom Challenge (South Africa) 2007.
    Feyenoord Jubileum Tournament (Holland) 2008.
    Barclays Asia Trophy (China) 2009.

    The Norwich and Ipswich Charity Cups …. JOINT HOLDERS… does it get any bigger than that???

    No doubt they will be included in that very special production…

  33. ROMFORD TART says:




  34. Gooby says:

    suprerior is just a spud guys don’t take him seriously.they will still give us a reason to laugh every year.

    champions league glory yeah give me a rest!

    in fact i m not old enough to remember when the spuds last won the league and that tells something. cunts

  35. Daymee says:

    They are within their rights to even parade London on an open roof bus if they want. They beat Arsenal and they found the game very easy. Let them rejoice and stop beefing them. We allowed it to happen so we must be ready to accept the consequences. Pass pass pass, no penetration, no shots on target. That’s what you get. Take it. It should have been 3-0.

  36. fraster says:

    Reply: Superior…you’re a fool dreamer…
    Reply . says: indeed, Spurs want to see a very nice passing game, OURS’ of course!
    It can’t be serious that DVD…

  37. orion says:

    well…portmouth should release a DVD of their own titled
    “Relegated, Administration, Out !….But we Beat the SPUDS!!!”
    …power shift???….u spud cant even be compared to nottingham forest so y the power shift???….

    bullocks…get a grip…u beat once in 11 years n release a DVD?..weve been beating u for the past 11 years…?..dat show the humility of all gooners!!

    false dreams comes with f^%&ked up clyub!!

  38. Ggg says:

    Whatta waste of money

  39. GoonerForLife says:

    @gilz: ROFLMAO….absolutely SAD!!!!

    It can only be Tottenham to take a good MOMENT and totally embarrass themselves with it for YEARS to come.

  40. james says:

    any idea if this story is true

    it says Arsenal have already signed Rodallega and N’Zogbia for 22 million and they have already had their medical and signed personal terms with the club.
    If this is true then I do think its to replace Eduardo and Traore who are in my view leaving this summer

  41. GoonerForLife says:

    @james: Don’t want it to be really…21 mill?

    But watever….we seriously need some backup!

  42. tfg says:


    Perhaps when you are old enough to legally order a pint of beer, your ability to count will improve. Perhaps you are in denial.

    Arsenal have won the league at your hovel TWICE. ’71 and 2004.

    As opposed to ’61 and never again.

    TWICE. One… Two.

    You should recognise the number two, since it signifies the number of titles which your sorry outfit have won in total and the number that Sol has won since joining Arsenal.

    “And if you know your history…” LMFAO!

    Now, off to nursery or you’ll be late (if you can tell the time, that is…)

  43. Goonerdan says:

    Guys what are your thoughts on the consistently ridiculous and stupid Peter Hill Woods constant press quotes. Whether we had any agreement with barca or not its something that should be kept quiet as its not something that barca can ever confirm.And then he comes out again saying we have all this money to spend potentially driving up the price of anyone we try to sign. No wonder he was not privvy to this supposed conversation between us and barca. He clearly can’t be trusted with important information.

    I actually can’t really stand him with his cigars and his 1 per cent stake in the club.

  44. LOLA says:

    lolll. SAD. lol@ posted under funny. haha


    If each and every of our player stays completely fit for the entire next season, we can win without selling or buying anyone in summer.

    BUT. the squad is so not world class. Barcelona raped us from everywhere. We always seem the better team (against tottenham) but pass,pass,pass and all their players are behind. Need to be quick,fast and agile. I feel walcott should start. He gives the team something special.

    Get Henry back for another season. he’s on a free transfer i heard. Get someone good as a keeper. sell almunia. Get a strong defender. AND some talented striker.

    =). still, arsenal 4 lyf

  45. Highbury4L says:

    oh my god, how sad….although, its their moment. let them masterbate over it and they’ll forget it by next saturday. to be honest, I thought the 4-4 defeat at emirates was more epic for them but they score a shitty fluke goal and think their it….tut tut, everytime they play against arsenal they score these fluke goals and then go on about it for ages. I actually hope united and chelsea rip the sh*t into them and then you’ll probably see another DVD of theres ‘a night to forget’

    sad b*stards, I’d either like to see them get into europe and watch them get raped or see them get raped by chelsea and united

  46. Progman07 says:

    Well, the spurs marketing section is working well…. those clowns who call them spurs fans actually think it’s a huge achievement. Well, it isn’t. Every team can beat anyone in the league on a one-off day. Did we make DVDs of our many many wins against them? Nope.

  47. GoonerC says:


    I think you’ll find we have won it there twice. As many times as you’ve won the thing in your history.

  48. Biscuit says:

    I went into work today and asked a Spurs fan why are they releasing a DVD about the game and he didnt believ me saying that Spurs wont do that, then when I showed him, he said and I quote ‘Thats just sad’.

    So even there own supporters know. lol

    Well I suppose they look on the bright side if they beat Chelsea the spurs shop might do a ‘buy one get one free’ deal for both lol

  49. Gunningooner says:


    its not 1-1, spurs didnt WIN the title at gay hearts lane on wednesday, arsenal DID in 03/04.

    So u can get a life.

  50. Gunningooner says:

    Guys, u have to be nice to the spurs, its the only thing they can afford to make legally

  51. Dave says:

    OMFG!!! Spuds have bought out a DVD of the game! How embaressing is that! If I was a spud I’d be complaining, trying to rip off the fan, shows real lack of class. Wouldn’t catch The Arsenal doing that. Tut tut

  52. ROMFORD TART says:

    jesus im sucha tart, i promised myself i wouldnt do it this year..

    now we are out of all the cups and the season is over, all i can think about is the summer transfer window, i even keep going on newsnow every 5mins!!

    my summer is over already! as i know it will only get worse!! omg!! ahaha

    keep expecting to see! ‘wenger splashes 30million on villa’

    long summer ahead gooners…..

  53. ola ahmed dayo a.k.a naijafabregas says:

    All the best to you Sp**s. Atleast, you worked to get where you are now. No personal beefs but in all honesty, I guess we both had chances but they took it more seriously. Anyone wonder the way they recruit players? They really are a top notch side as I admire the way they play flowing football at times. We need not worry as from the way they go about publicising every victory over us, shows they admit that we are right above them but they can also bee a match. No hard feelings. All the best once again but in all honesty, I think Man City really has the depth in squad ( with ”MATURED” heads) to compete in the UCL.
    God <3 s Me.
    *YES BOSS*
    BTW Chris, any inside news on those lads leaving this summer.

  54. lil gooner says:

    Typical Spuds

  55. Goonerboy says:

    10 Years in the Making… ‘An Unforgettable Night’ Spurs 2 Arsenal 1! Took long enough to get it right in the league anyway!

  56. arsenal556 says:

    chamakh is goner b worse then bendtner no need 2 sign him

  57. cal says:

    yeah but he’ll be much better than eduardo – another number 9 flop

  58. Marshall Davey says:

    How sad is that……!!!

  59. Steve says:

    Arsenal don’t bring out singular match DVD’s its true

    But they have brought out a DVD entitled ‘victories over Spurs’….if that doesn’t serve as wind-up I don’t know what does

    We are WELL within our rights to bring out this DVD…


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