Apr 18

Highlights: Wigan 3-2 Arsenal


4 Responses to “Highlights: Wigan 3-2 Arsenal”

  1. i hav had enough!!!!!!!!! says:

    that arsenal squad out there today should be ashamed to show there face till pre-season
    there i was thinking we had matured as a team and we were solid as brick
    but noooo the old man put fabianski in goal wat happened to vito the italian fukin manonne.
    mat im pissed off we lose to wigan when were ahead by two same against westham and many more were get off to a flying start then get spanked by some fukin cockney cunt from lower league it fukin childish….
    and this from a arsenal fan that never complain but today they ve gone over the top im gonna sue diaby,clichy,fabianski and fukin fukin cuosiant head silvestre
    hes undercover for united the bloody jew

  2. Arsenal Fan says:

    funny thing, all of arsenals defeats have come in pairs.

  3. rotund one says:

    Can you guys not see the belief, the passion of this team? Just have faith, they’ll come through. Believe in the team, believe in their heart. ARSENE KNOWS.

  4. Ken says:

    It has been coming really. The current squad we have right now with the injuries are average at best. No directness, no pace, no creativity. Fabianski is nothing but a flop, he need to be sent out on loan, or better, offloaded. The team need some kind of new blood this summer or else we will never be able to compete with other top teams in the future. I have never give up hope that Wenger will bring Arsenal to glory but it won’t be this year it seem. Still though would love to see what he would do in his last year of contract at Arsenal. If he deliver he will stay or else someone else will come in.


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