Apr 18

Match Report: Wigan 3-2 Arsenal

Wigan scored three goals in the final ten minutes to come back from 2-0 down to beat Arsenal 3-2.

The Gunners appeared to be coasting to victory on the back of goals either side of half time from Theo Walcott and Mikael Silvestre, and with it hauling themselves to within three points of leaders Chelsea.

But after a run of eight defeats and a draw in the Premier League against Arsenal, Wigan added to their debut wins over Chelsea and Liverpool this season as Ben Watson, Titus Bramble and Charles N’Zogbia conjured an astonishing comeback — ending Arsenal’s slim title hopes in the process.

Arsenal’s Starting XI & Subs:

Sagna – Campbell – Silvestre – Clichy
Nasri – Eastmond – Diaby
Walcott – Bendtner – Rosicky

Subs: Mannone, Traore, Eboue, Merida, Henderson, Vela, Van Persie

Having bossed the first half at Wigan and missing several good chances, a slick through-ball from Bendtner freed Arsenal forward Theo Walcott in the inside right channel and the England speedster rode his luck to make his way goalwards and slip the ball past Kirkland.

Arsene Wenger’s side appeared to kill the match within three minutes of the restart as Mikael Silvestre planted home a Nasri corner for number two. But Wigan kept plugging away despite Arsenal have the majority of the play, and ten minutes from time they established a foothold in the game when former Crystal Palace duo Victor Moses and Ben Watson combined for the flame-haired midfielder to score.

Wigan threw the kitchen sink at Arsenal in the closing stages and, just like at Porto two months ago, Lukasz Fabianski was at fault for allowing the Latics to level as the Pole fumbled a corner and Titus Brambled gobbled up the opportunity with a simple header.

Then came Wigan’s unbelievable third to flatten Arsenal’s title challenge once again, as their reported Arsenal target and Player of the Season Charles N’Zogbia drifted from right to left across the Arsenal box before curling a beauty in off the far post for one of the most unlikely comebacks of the season.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger after the 3-2 defeat at Wigan:

“It is the most disappointing defeat of the season and the way we conceded, it was also the most disappointing. It is difficult to understand and accept, perhaps the players felt too much comfort but in football you must stay focused for 90 minutes and we were punished. We made mistakes and they took advantage, they were sharper in the final part of the game.”


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  1. ole says:

    @harrison: mean it`s not the players foult that they play this way at the end of the game. Wenger could have encourage them to attack instead of sitting back. It is an ABC rule in football and Wenger doesn`t know this, it is just terrible. He`s got go. Wenger knows nothing about football, but he can singn brilliant players. And the times they have won, the players where so good that any fool would have won the league, it is actually a pretty poor performance not to win more between 1997-2005. Wenger is finished!!!

  2. fraster says:

    Please!! We conceded too much space for Wigan play, and they took advantage of this so easily…Definitely ManU & Chelski are title contenders and our consolation is a CL place next season, nothing else…

  3. chris says:

    fabianski definitely knows how to make his good friend almunia look like buffon doesnt he!! …. if wenger plays him again there has to be a mass protest…

  4. Conor says:

    no one is more angry at this result than me…but to critise and ridcule our players and manager in such a harsh way makes me feel sick!!!u shud b dressd in a spurs kit and shot u bunch of fools!
    maybe you kinda fans are holding our team back you ever think that?
    terrible game?? u mean terrible last 15 mins u twats!

  5. trollz says:


    look at all the frustrated Gooners. Ive been saying all along we will fail this season.

    not gonna comment on match..players dun take it seriously. y shld i?


  6. Marko says:

    Worst fans in the Premiership.

  7. morrow says:

    It is a disgrace, and a lot sits at Wenger’s door. After 5 yrs no defence, a weak 2nd string midfield, and an offence that believes the hype,they should listen to Iniesta, we have seen Barca when they lose the ball. The word to this lot should be shape up or ship out. On the boat Fabianski, Almunia, Eduardo, Diaby, Silvestre and any player without drive or desire to win, in the waiting room Nasri, Bendtner too many players are in the comfort zone. Drastic situations require drastic actions and since no one at the club seems willing or able to stand up to Wenger’s weaker ideas, it may be left to the supporters, not to support or verbally oppose those who fail week after week through inability or ambition, it’s too easy for them, it’s only carrots no stick, when they fail put them in the reserves and give a young player a chance so we can see who really has a future at this club. Let’s hope that changes from now until the end of the season.

  8. Roy says:

    Wenger out? Anyone of that opinion should fuck off. I blame the coaching staff, Arsene isn’t omnipresent so how the fuck can he know everything. As long as I never see Almunia, Fabianski and Denilson play again I’ll be happy. I’m sure a Championship side could do with some ex gunners…

  9. mofaz says:

    The players are already looking forward for their holidays enjoying their hard earned money reaching the top 4 and top 8 in the CL..the seasons is over for them why should they take the remaining games seriously? for the fans ? Come on you’re joking right?

  10. Gooner says:

    Wenger shouldnt leave…. yes he made mistakes this season, he should learn, and certainly BUY in the summer rather than being cheap. a goalkeeper is obviosly needed, a couple of defenders, and chamakh would be enough. the most important postition is the goalkeeper, Hart or Lloris would be Torrific. also arsenal should let some players leave. fabianski eduardo silvestre didnt do anything this season. i would also buy hangland to partner vermalean next season. IT SHOULD BE A BUSY SUMMER FOR WENGER!

  11. goonersems says:

    what was frustrating is the Away fans singing their hearts out for the team and for RVP to be introduced and guess what the last 20 minutes it was probably the easiest 20 minutes Wigan will
    ever have to play no challenges and when we got the ball we just stand on it untill they take it what a disgrace absolutly fuuming here never have I been so angry at Wenger

  12. rickygee says:

    it was a heavily depleted team playing wigan, scapping for their lives and whove already beat both chavski and scousecunts this season. we were cruising until late on. the game changed when they got their first through watson but if you watch again, flapianski was clearly felled by nzogbia, who ran straight into the keeper and prevented him making the save. yes im gutted but the title was already gone.

    Chavski were never going to lose 2 of their 3 final games. so get behind the manager, get behind the boys whove come in and done better than anyone wouldve predicted. A few less injuries and we wouldve been champs.

    red army

  13. chris says:

    wenger get out, now

  14. Highbury4L says:

    @chris: wenger? or motherf*cking fabinski?

  15. Marc D says:

    A depleted team against a struggling lower league team such as Wigan is no excuse really.

    Wenger says constantly that when he fields a player it’s because he believes in them. The problem is those players that are expected to come in and do a job haven’t been up to it. This all comes down to the manager and who he buys as cover for out best players.

    What’s most disappointing this season is the way we have been played off the park by our title rivals. There has been a gulf in class against these teams and when it matters most even with a nearly full strength squad we have bottled it in the big games.

  16. harrison says:


    mate knows nothing about football nah hes only the second most successful manager in english football who turns raw talent into the finished article from that comment you know nothing about football, football is about the stats and figures and wengers are very good

  17. Hull gooner says:

    The fucking yids will be luaghing there tits off what a fucking joke! I know we have a lot of our top players out but come on what a shower of shit,let’s hope fabrigas don’t fuck off end of season!

  18. ole says:

    @harrison: I agree with you, he knows how to find players and make them fantastic, no doubt. He has won many F.A cups which according to wenger dosn`t mean a thing. My point is that wenger is no great tactical manager….. And that has cost us dearly this season…………….

  19. c gander says:


  20. embrassedgooner says:

    just simply not good enough …… almunia silvister fabanski denlison rosicky eduardo all players need to leave if arsenal want to succeed which i dearly want many people are going to say get wenger out but that wont solve any thing will it who do you bring in? exactly but wenger does have to shaep this team up i belive he will get a new goalkeeper hopfully top class but i do think people are being a bit harsh on some players.heres a question for you all does anyone else fell arsh fab clichy and sagna all had a poor season just think and rember when any of them had a huge infulence on a whole game against the big boys…….. ? any ans

  21. Ricky says:

    Why do i feel like im the only gooner not suprised??

    Fact is because i said from the start of the season & one’s before that this team will not win nowt & look…. suprise, suprise.. Im not trying to be a smart arse or throw it in anybodies face but were all fans of the epl & any day-to-day fan knows what a team needs to win trophies & this arsenal team just dont cut it.

    Its not rocket science.. One man i feel sorry for is campbell. worked so hard to try make the players gel & give them that self belief but unfourtunetly for them it COULD NOT work.. the man must be scratching he’s head sitting in that changing room opposite players like almunia, denilson & fabianski wondering “what went wrong with this team since i left????” sad situation really.. Big changes deffo needed but MARK MY WORDS (& IM SAYING IT FROM NOW) it wont happen so dont get your hopes up for next season either.

  22. angry says:


  23. usfan says:

    you gunner fans make me sick. wenger out? you must be out of your mind, with all’s he’s done for the club. i wonder how many ‘fans’ would be watching arsenal week in week out if we were a mid table side? i think the stadium would be half full. go support some other team and stop giving us proper fans a bad name.

    love the arsenal! and much love for bendtner

  24. Arse-shavin says:

    shocking game and not much to say in defence of AW’s tactics in tha last 15mins. Although I agree with most comments about Fabianski, it has got to be difficult for a young keeper who has never had a decent run in the side to gain the confidence you need week in week out to become a top PL keeper. Not making excuses for his performance, but maybe if he was given a decent run of games, he will perform. Look at Gomes, he was the clown of the league a season or so ago, and if you saw him vs us and the Chelski, you would say he was a top class keeper. It takes time (unfortunately) at least with young keepers, hence the reason why most top clubs opt for seasoned keepers.

    Having said that, we are just not good enough this season, and will not be until the team/squad is balanced to have the right mix of maturity, steel, and skill. Chelsea and ManU have proved how to do this over the past 5 years. You never see them throw away a 2-0 lead in the last 10 mins. I say we keep AW, but he will need to spend this summer, otherwise next season will be just as painful. Lots of highs for sure, but unfortunately more lows like this. One manager who could turn this team into the force we expect would be Mourinho. He would be the only coach that I would say is better than AW.

    So guys relax, its finally over, go watch the WC, pick out your dream Arsenal team and lets see what happens with AW, CF, and the yank vs ruskie bidding war for our beloved AFC.

  25. aaronhollowayroad says:

    this would be my squad for next year

    back to 442

    GK hart, szczesny, mannone

    LB clichy, gibbs, traore

    RB sagna, eboue

    LCB vermealen, djourou

    RCB cahill or upson, campbell, bartley

    RM ribery, nasri

    LM, arshavin, rosicky

    CM fabregas, diaby

    CM song, m diarra (real madrid) (backup denilson, eastmond, ramsey lansbury)

    ST Van persie, Bendtner

    ST Chamakh, Walcott, Vela

    OUT Silvestre, gallas, Almunia, Fabianski, Eduardo

    IN Ribery (will be leaving bayern) Joe Hart and Upson or Cahill

    442 much more suited to our play and can be flexible in european games playing 433


  26. Goomer says:

    Do you really think Arsenal will outbid…anyone for Ribery? Not gonna happen. Look elsewhere.

  27. Song is King says:

    I doubt there will be a massive change in the squad next season. Wenger build this team and he will stick with them. Perhaps 1 or 2 players will go but not many in my opinion. He’ll not buy as much as we expected him to buy either. Even if he got 100mil for transfer, he won’t spend it anyway. Trust me, maybe he’ll buy 1 defender and a goalkeeper. That’s all. He’ll keep sticking with those incompetent players because he have a very big ego and he won’t swallow it. Don’t expect too much for him to buy big in the summer dear friends because he won’t. I hope that 5 rubbish players to go and 7 qualities to come but I totally doubt that. It hurts really to be a laughing stock. It’s a huge shame a big club like us can’t even beat a team like Wigan

  28. Goner... Arsene says:

    Arsene should go! Wonder why the board & club has so much patience for him… 5 years without a single trophy!!! For any other top clubs, he would have left 2-3 years ago… Having let Wigan pulled 1 back, wondered why he took out Walcott & Rosicky to substitute with Eboue & Merida… to defend a 1-goal lead??!! With Chelsea losing on Saturday, why he played Van Persie on the 90th minute??!! RVP could have win this game for us, to keep 3-point behind Chelsea, still can smell the championship… but wonder what Arsene has in his mind not to start RVP or even sub him earlier in the game…

  29. auson says:

    get a new coach gunners. liverpool thought they could not manage without their houlier. when he left they won the champions league and were a force in champions league. it’s the same with venger all gunners think he is their little god, until he leaves is when they will find out they were wasting time with wenger. keep him u will continue to nothing but failures at the last hurdle.

  30. lil gooner says:

    Most players yesterday were not convincing, no spirit, and had the “I don’t care attitude” nasri plays well only when he wants to, he does not give all like Cesc does. Fabiaski must be loaned, sylvestre’S CONTRACT MUST NOT BE RENEWED Almunia must be sold and we should get a better goalkeeper. And we should have a better and reliable reserve defensive midfielder. Yesterday was a disgrace, with such players we will not win any game, they should prove a point but all they do is prove how bad footballers they are. Arsenal Football Club deserve better players than what I saw Yesterday. As for wenger he must admit that the point he was trying to prove of blending young players without proven quality among them has proven him wrong. But he is the best we have had I don’t wanna see him leave.

  31. chl gooner says:

    Listen Wenger isn’t the problem. We still have a stadium to pay for and thats whats holding the club back. I think, with our resources, we’ve done better than we could realistically expect. But, I’d like to see some players go like Silvestre, Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner and Walcott and a striker, two central defenders and a midfielder come in. With money raised from the sale of the players that aren’t doing it or are not inproving,getting 4 or 5 quality players in shouldn’t cost us more than about 40 mill. With the right players things will get better. Gunner for life.

  32. Malaysian Gooners says:

    OMG. DISAPPOINTED that’s the only word i can say.

  33. American Gooner says:

    shows the true lack of quality and depth let alone determination and fight. really, we should be nowhere near the title race, as we were demolished by man u and chelsea at home and lost away. heck, we got demolished by man city of all teams away. same old story.


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