Apr 18

Some good news for next season..

Alex Song has  rubbished constant newspaper reports by revealing  that Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas will definitely not be leaving the club this summer.

The Spaniard has long been linked with a move to Barcelona whilst Manchester City and Real Madrid are also reportedly interested despite continual denials from Fabregas and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

“Cesc is very important to us and he will be at Arsenal next season,” said Song.

“It’s good news. I am 100 per cent sure he will stay because we talk every single day. He loves Arsenal too much to leave and he’s told me he wants to win things at this club.

“He has never mentioned even thinking about going to Barcelona.

“People talk too much. There is too much speculation. It’s too easy to start rumours, but we have a fabulous team spirit and we want to win together.”

Gunners fans have already expressed their desire for summer signings, with Marouane Chamakh’s pre-contract reportedly finalised, a centre back and goalkeeper could also be on there way in the coming months.

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89 Responses to “Some good news for next season..”

  1. True gunner says:

    Wenger’s real shit. What was the point of removing Walcott who was keeping the Wigan defenders in their positions? Well his actions gave the Wigan defenders a field day and they just moved upfront to attack. Wenger realizes his blunder and introduces RVP but by then the game is out of our control. When will that Psycho, Wenger, ever throw out rubbish players like Fabianski, Sylvestre. Wenger probably enjoys watching our collection of clown ‘goalkeepers’doing shit infront of cameras. Well he got more of the dosage he was looking for from Fabianski. I don’t see any logic in leaving Mannone on bench and fielding that clown.The guy just doesn’t get fed up his circus performances like his no.1. If we don’t sign ATLEAST four players including one or two REAL goalkeepers, guys get ready for another trophyless season.Wenger also doesn’t have that ability to (1)keep players performing consistently(2)Inducing that Ruthlessness in players. They never kill off games they are in position to kill off.(3)induce seriousness. Their attitudes are too relaxed.He always jumps to the defence of shitting players and they continue shitting on fans.

  2. Flington says:

    Gud gud gud,i luv d way we are beaten yester.dat match showed clearly d players 2 be sent out of d emirate nd players 2 stay.trophies will not be ours if experience,strong players are not signed,our teamb played woefully nd dey see d result.

  3. andy says:

    Be prepared 4 anovr summer of being linked 2 evry player under the sun and still b waiting on deadline day !!!

  4. Big smoke says:

    Wenger is just too foolish, we dnt need silvestre,my mum wud b better off defending 4 arsenal. Then dat fool almunia, he is not an albino n yet he cant see balls coming 2wards him. Fabianski shud b fed 2 dogs 4 all i care.

  5. luke says:

    i still think a more experienced gk is the better option.. We have an excellent young keeper on loan who will be world class in a few years.. someone in the same vain as david james or van der sar maybe even schwarzer from fulham (he has never been in a top team and seems to be about 20 times better then almunia. i think wenger will suprise us(again) with a world but class cb, who? only wenger knows. midfield- they say melo, wether or not it is it should be someone in the same vain ssentially just a bull with skill. attack- the worste.kept secret from the french league. next year will be our year gunners, i know its a long painful wait but it will be worth it. oh yeah and remember that little boy jack? he may be back ;).

  6. RashGooner says:

    Sell NB52 and buy me instead, i will not think much just shoot at goal, whether the keeper is ready or not, its his problem. God did it hurt to watch us lose so miserably!!!!! Eduardo hadly ever starts so he should be on his way as well, Nice goal from Silvestre but it cant make up for all the blunders he causes the backline. I am also declairing that arsenal has no goalkeeper, City are going to roast us alive. I luv my club too much to ever consider leaving bt we have to let all these lazy maggots mature elsewhere… Av had enough of it’ll be better next season F**k it, buy ready made players who know what the F**k they doing.And why is Diaby a player in our team, he is too lazy to make quick passes, off he goes as well.We neea a consistent and competent goalkeeper, a CB, a replacement for Diaby and Denilson and at least two strikers. RashGooner: OUT!!!

  7. alvares babu says:

    We played shit against wigan.diaby a disgrace,fabianski,silvestre,clichy,merida,& sagna all running like a bunch of madmen.it was disapointing to me as an arsenal fan am now suffering from ulcers because of you lazy players.Arshavin do justice to the team by shuting your mouth and letting your feet & brains do the talking.Wenger you still have my support but at times crack the whip on this players because they are paid to play.

  8. bucky says:

    i hope this will not be another empty promise which will not yield any fruits.

  9. j says:

    if only all players answred question like that it wouldb be better

  10. Adam_Gunner says:

    which team gets so many chances to get back in the title race? absoulutely speechless we are not comfortable even when we are 3-0 with ten minutes to let alone 2-0 diaby is sh** i dnt knw why people like him just bcoz he played well in some games

  11. Me says:

    I think the best news for the next season would be if mr. Hill-Wood stood up and said: “The objective for the season is this, this and this, and if we miss on it, we shall asses the manager’s position.” I think the fans and the Arsenal players have different expectations than mr. Wenger and the Board. If I was Fabregas, I would leave cause the club has no ambition. Even when you are a child you must take responsibilities for your action, and Wenger/Board don’t have those responsibilities.

    Wenger bought Hleb, Rosicky, Adebayor, Toure who left with no trophy won, and they are top players. The thing is he always says we don’t need anyone and then he misses on a player and says again that we don’t need anyone. Just imagine if in 2005. someone said to you that you won’t win a trophy in 5 years (at least) would you still keep Wenger?

    Leave mr. Wenger

  12. Me says:

    This is where the problem lies: “I do not want to go into any individual judgement on today’s performance. I feel they had quite a good performance and they were exposed a lot. I believe you cannot say today we lost the game because of the goalkeeper.”

    He speaks like a stupid scientologist for f**** sake.

  13. Me says:

    Oh and one thing, I’m sure Gallas will leave this season. That’s a fact.

  14. Si says:

    GK – Any one of Lloris, Diego Lopez, Akinfeev, Neuer

    DC – two of – Simon Kjaer, Subotic, Hangeland

    Midfield – two of – Rodwell, Hamsik, Toulalan

    Striker – Sounds like we have Chamakh. Now lets go for Higuain

    This is on the basis that we lose – Silvestre, Gallas, Denilson, Eduardo, Rosicky

    Completely unlikely but definately needed.

  15. ole says:

    @Roy: Just about any fool could manage AFC better than Wenger. Hate to say it, but “the special one” is avalible, I hate him, but rather him then Wenger.

  16. iluvafc says:

    We think we are playing lovely football like Barcelona, yet people tend to overlook the fact that Barcelona players work bloody hard to win the ball back, then pass it around EFFICIENTLY.
    Without Cesc our midfield is reduced to a farce. Our replacement playmakers like Rosicky & Nasri has to spend so much energy filling defensive holes cos players like Denilson & Diaby are having their manicures done. Our defenders play so jittery cos they know they have an empty goal to defend. We might as well play with no goalie & stick one more striker upfront, since Bendtner’s lousy first touch means he can never flourish in a lone striker role.
    There is too much imbalance, too many deadweights in this team.
    I will never want Wenger out, but please ffs grow some balls & offload some of your spastic kids & replace them with real men.
    That’s all I ask for. Not Messi. Just some blokes with real nuts.

  17. Reece says:

    I would love the special one to take over the reigns just so we can piss off Fergie

  18. bright says:

    i want as to buy at list one defender and two strickers.

  19. J@CK says:

    I actually want Wenger to leave now, just so all the mindless idiots can watch the likes of Cesc, Van Persie, Song, Vermaelen and Arshavin follow him out the door. Then you’ll be forced to watch the players that you all seem to hate…..

    1. Wenger should not be sacked
    2. He will strengthen in the summer, I’m certain
    3. If we win nothing again next season, I’d expect to see a change internally (the board or Wenger) or a takeover.

  20. pat says:

    do not give wenger money for players for GODS sake, he will fill the club with more french shit, his judgement of players is atrociously poor and really the J LEAGUE is where he should be managing

  21. Richard says:

    @David…are you talking about Arsenal or Man City? We dont buy wholesale???

  22. Mitti says:

    I understand the frustration, but the way some of you are judging the Manager and our players is just ridiculous. Diaby is an excellent player and will shine for us next season if he doesn’t get injured again. We need a new goalkeeper, thats for sure. Unfortunately Almunia is only an average goalkeeper, but if we want to challenge for the title, we need someone better. I also hope that we will get a new CB, regardless if Gallas stay, which I doubt btw.

  23. Highbury4L says:

    @Reece: nah, he sux mate. although…the only reason inter milan are doing bad atm is because of fucking referees

    but look, wenger started what he will finish, its just fucking injuries, epic goalkeeping fails and ridiculous referee decisions that have caused us problems

    in season 2007/2008, that referee in the birmingham game was fucked in the head. he gave birmingham a free kick, that wasnt a free kick, birmingham scored from the free kick. Adebayor was being pulled back by the shorts, so fucking clearly it had a label on it and I’m sure we also had another claim but I cant remember it exactly, and then we get a penalty, that wasnt a penalty (which wouldnt have happened if clichy ran to the ball) and we conceded an equaliser and if that hadnt happened…we may have won the premier league that season coz we were about to…8 points clear I think if we won that

  24. Highbury4L says:

    our luck will turn

  25. Absolutely4Fabregas says:

    Team for next season (hopefully and realistically…)




    —Fabregas (C) — Nasri—

    Arshavin——–Chamakh———Van Persie

    As a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 with Chamakh and RVP up front

  26. true gooner says:

    we r wid out doubt missing alex song in our team, he wud hve been perfect 4 dat gme usin his own strength 2 fight off nzobia.

  27. Naz says:

    All the other sides are trying to emulate Arsenal’s youth policy and all you loser’s have to say is get rid of Wenger. Name one side that has the youthful talent that we do. NONE. MANURE is BROKE, LiverCRAP is BROKE, Fulham in trouble, portsmouth into Admin and no other team besides Chelsea and Man City have any money and even that is SUGAR DADDY MONEY. Arsenal are the only team financially stable and we are in great shape to buy and win next year. So get over the stupidity and stand behind your club.

  28. judes says:

    All the other sides are trying to emulate Arsenal’s youth policy and all you loser’s have to say is get rid of Wenger. when he wins u all rally round him but when he looses u all call him names is either u are or not an arsenal fans. u all shout let him buy let him buy. fine i agree with u. but let me ask how much did it cost liverpool to buy torres and aquilani since their arrival what have they won. please if it took barcelona 6 years to become wat they are(between 1999 and 2005 they never won a spoon)to get to wear they are then i am very eager to wait. Let me remind u all that no one is tying u down to arsenal u can go ahead and join any other club. afterall is a free world.

  29. judes says:

    when arsene he wins u all rally round him but when he looses u all call him names is either u are or not an arsenal fans. u all shout let him buy let him buy. fine i agree with u. but let me ask how much did it cost liverpool to buy torres and aquilani since their arrival what have they won. please if it took barcelona 6 years to become wat they are(between 1999 and 2005 they never won a spoon)to get to wear they are then i am very eager to wait. Let me remind u all that no one is tying u down to arsenal u can go ahead and join any other club. afterall is a free world.

  30. RamiF says:

    Higuain ??!! Seriously ??!! He’s shi* !! A selfish bastar* who misses a lot more than he scores…better than Nicky but still… I’d much rather we get Balotelli, Pato, or even Crouch.
    We need to keep Gallas and get another good CB. However, a Keeper’s a must !!

  31. Jamie England says:

    I cant believe some of the stuff i’m reading… Yesterday was horrible, the week in general wasn’t good. To put it in perspective if we had won our 2 games this week we’d be second on goal difference, thas not a million miles away.. esp with the goalkeeper, 2 center halfs, Song, Rambo, Cesc, RVP, Arshavin all missing. Give the team and AW a break. They’ve not bin quite good anough this season, we’ve lost key players at key moments, Im as gutted as any other Gunner. I still have faith in this team, more than faith in AW.. Chamakh is coming in, Cesc will be there next year. RVP will be back after hes killed a few sides at the World Cup. The club is healthy, we’re not far away, and as disapointing as it is not to win anything again.. im already looking forward to next season.

  32. suvit says:

    In ARSENE i believe……………….. for me we need to buy some players, so that injuries will not affect our games, i will love to see hart in GK, Hangelaand in CB, yaya toure or anyone with physique and hold the midfield in Midfield, n solomon kalou will fit in our attacking n free flowing passing game…. the most thing is , we must keep cesc Fabregas, Arshavin n RVP in arsenal. otherwise i wouldnt see a trophy coming next year.

  33. clode says:

    GK one of Alves or Hart
    DC two or three of Richards,Zapata,Vertonghen,Sakho,Azpilicueta,Gregory der Wiel,Bonucci,Ogbonna
    Midfielder two of Hazard,Ozil,Moussa Sissoko,Rodwell,Ashley Young,Milner
    Striker Chamakh(free)
    Almunia,Eduardo and probably Sagna

  34. Comrade23 says:

    Shameful how many of you prawn-sandwich types are all calling for Arsene Wenger’s head. This knee-jerk reaction is exactly what Arsenal DON’T need now. All a bunch of experts from playing Football Manager. I hope you remember the NEXT cup that Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal wins that you were calling for his head. Positively shameful.

  35. kayarz says:

    there is 2 problems happening at arsenal
    either the board is not giving wenger money or wenger is out of his mind:
    1) goal keeping has cost us this season more than 6 points
    2) diaby and denilson are players that i dunno how they made it this far….
    alot of people will say denilson has good shots but there is plenty that can do better.. diaby is very innconsistent id use him as a sub but not a starter and shouldnt be used often.. many passes are passed wrong , very bad defending …
    3) silverster seriously i think i would be better than him… i knw wenger will get rid of him this season but also he must get 2 defenders since gallas is leavin but cambell is a very hard worker and could be used as a sub.

    in conclusion get a goaly and use almunia as a sub and get 2 defenders and use cambell and djoro as a sub get a good midfield and shamakh is comin so we will be gd and wenger gotta make players feel some responsibiliy

  36. fraster says:

    Do you remember when Cr09 said that he didn’t go to RM this season?? He said that all entire last season and finally he went, so Fabregas will do.
    We need a season without too much injuries and, as I said before…we need to buy a GK, a CB, a DM and a striker.

  37. American Gooner says:


    yeah just like this season was a real success. great, we get back a 17 year old kid on loan. the title is surely ours.

  38. American Gooner says:


    Either he needs to spend or sack up. You need to get your head out of your backside. We are not challenging for anything right now. Facts are facts.

  39. Pollhater says:

    Has anyone considered that we may not make CL this year if we continue to play like idiots?

    I usually defend Wenger but the goal keeping situation is inexcusable for a top four club, however the players need to take responsibility now, they are clueless!!!

    I don’t care how good you are if you don’t have the mentality to go with it what’s the point?
    Rooney has talent but he also works like a dog on the pitch! He’s injured and he would still put his all into it, our players!!!! They are mentally weak, to lose a match with a 2 goal lead with 10mins to go is embarrassing!


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