Apr 22

Team Predictions: Arsenal v Manchester City

Arsenal could be boosted with the return of Alex Song against Manchster City if he passes a late fitness test tomorrow morning.

However, the Cameroonian midfielder, who has missed the last three games with an inflamed cartilage, is the only major change possible from last week’s defeat at Wigan.

“Maybe Song [could be off the injury list],” Wenger told TV Online on Thursday. “He has a test tomorrow and we’ll see. He is a question mark.

“Apart from that, nobody is back. Andrey Arshavin is out. Everyone else – Gallas, Almunia, Denilson – is still out too.”

Meanwhile, Johan Djourou and Kieran Gibbs are approaching full fitness, despite the former suffering a minor knock on his knee on Monday.

Gooner Talk’s Predicted XI

Sagna – Campbell – Silvestre – Clichy
Nasri – Song – Diaby
Bendtner – van Persie – Rosicky

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34 Responses to “Team Predictions: Arsenal v Manchester City”

  1. gabriel says:

    wenger should not put silvestre and campbell today… or else the defeat would be too much…..
    he should never start walcott.

  2. derek burke says:

    thank god we hopefully will have alex back for the match. We have missed him badly the last few weeks. i think wenger needs to trust a few players this weekend. and also needs to take a chance. i dont no if this formation will suits us. i think a change could do us good. so maybe 442 this weekend,.but he will stick to this formtion.


    sagna campbell silvestre clichy

    song nasri diaby

    bentdner eduardo

  3. Cescy says:

    my line up
    van Persie

    van Persie van Persie van Persie van Persie

    van Persie

    van Persie van Persie

    van Persie

    van Persie

    gogo Arsenal /beat the crap out of Ade/ and co/

  4. rc says:

    same team but i would move Diaby further forward and bring Rosicky back as Diaby is no defender, yet Rosicky will be more Disciplined, also we need to make sure the Mancs do not do us on the break as they hav pace up front, i say keep a high line and addybarndoor will be offside most of the time, like he did all the fukkun time when he was with us, and help sagna with bellamy as he is super fast, so i may be tempted to play eboue right midfield instead of bendtner out wide.

  5. J@CK says:

    Arshavin said he was ready for City game…oh well. I can’t see us winning this tbh, City are a good side and our injury ravaged squad will get dominated. I don’t think Van Persie will start either, he hasn’t had much game time, he’ll probably come on for 25-30 minutes in the 2nd half.

    ‘Keeper wise, i’d rather not have one and just have another outfield player on the field. If it was up to me i’d call Szszcesny back from Brentford and give him the last few games of the season. Almunia, Fabianksi and Mannone all fall into the same bracket for me; Poor.


    Thought i’d mix it up a bit and go 4-4-2.

  6. VanDaManPersie says:

    Anybody know where Eduardo is? He wasnt even on the bench vs Wigan. Has he played his last game for us?

  7. we can win with this-

    Eboue– Campbell – Sagna – Clichy
    Nasri – Song – Diaby
    Bendtner – van Persie – Rosicky

  8. damstars says:

    the only way we can win this is to switch back to the 4-4-2… the team should be:

    sagna campbell song clichy

    eboue nasri diaby rosicky

    bendtner van persie

    subs: walcott, eduardo, vela/merida….this is the only way and the only team that we have now that can beat or draw against city…end of story…

  9. damstars says:

    playing sylvestre aginst the pace of teves and bellamy wont make any sense at all….he has played his last game for the club last weekend…i have the feeling arsene may call almunia or mannone for this game but not fabianski….i will prefer mannone though…..fabianski may play the fulham game…

  10. alex says:

    alex song is quality but dont know if i like him any more.. my mate lives opposite pat rice and i heard if he had an injection in his knee he cud of played against spurs but was too busy thinking of the world cup!

  11. fraster says:

    let’s see…we have a bench XI, so, we will lose against ManCity… or, we are great attitude and maybe we will win 2-1? (B-52 & RvP)
    I hope to see a very tough game, and nothing else, if I expect a victory, it can be that I will be dissapointed as last week…

  12. josh says:

    If Arsene Wenger is adamant to play free-Bianski, then it’s most likely Citeh will hit us at will! Diaby, is his mood on or off on that day? In Wigan’s game he parked his body in the pitch but his soul was absent! On the other hand I must give credit to the ‘old’ man Campbell who was playing his heart out and was having a good game! What a contrast of attitude!

  13. Konso says:

    Spot on Gooner Chris,

    Fabianski and Silvestre will start, no doubt about it. At least we know Wenger. He won’t leave Fabianski for his last week mistake. With a team like City, the defense needs more protection from Song that any body in the current squad.

  14. zeki says:

    —-Bendy boy & R.V.P——

    Song will be so so important tomorrow. He is the only one good enough, an strong enough, to cope with Man City’s Midfield…

    It’s too late, but, Come on Arsenal!!!!

  15. Mitti says:

    Anyone knows why Mannone didn’t get a chance to prove himself this year? He had some good games last season.

  16. Goonerdan says:

    @ Mitti Mannone did have a chance to prove himself and he proved himself to be just as poor as the other 2. Trying to pull off camera saves and costing us vital points and goals vs West Ham etc Our only hope is that we buy a keeper with Sczesney to back up or we give the boy a go as our number 1 next year…If you are good enough you are old enough and GK is the only position regardless of what division you play in that if you demonstrate the correct qualities they are instantly transferable to the Premier League

    Also why does no one have Theo in their starting line up. The boy is coming into some really good form and looks a real threat which is particularly effective at home.. I would certainly play a front 3 of THEO RVP and ROSICKY/BENDTNER and judging by NB52’s performance vs wigan i can see him gettting dropped.

  17. Mitti says:

    @ Goonerdan

    yes Mannone played 4 or 5 games in a row. Imo he did a pretty good job except vs West Ham.

    Anyways, I hope for a new GK as well, just can’t understand, why Fabiansky is still ahead of Mannone in Wengers picking order

  18. Gooner83 says:

    I agree with rc, Diaby needs to play further forward. As much as we’re short on central midfielders of a defensive mind, he loses the ball way too much and breaks up our own play rather than the opposition’s. Rosicky, Nasri and Eboue in the centre of the park. Maybe Eastmond in there too he looked pretty solid for a Reserve with no real experience.

    But this is all under the assumption that Song plays instead of Silvestre as CB. Sol again i guess, though he really needs some time off i imagine… gawddamnit where would we be if he hadn’t been re-signed… He made Rodallega look like a paraplegic pensioner there the other week with his defensive sprint back :). And didn’t he match Bale’s runs a few times during the Spuds game? Quitwe incredible considering his age and build.

  19. arsenal man says:

    except toure and viera m8

  20. Joe says:

    So who thinks Van Persie will start? I’ll ask the opinion of you guys since I’m a Southampton fan so I know nothing..

    He looked amazing when he came on for the last part of the game game before last, so hopefully for you guys he’ll be firing next season – he looks like the difference between nearly and really.

    And to cut to the chase, I’ve got him in my fantasy football team and wondering if i need to lose 4 points and sell him or take the risk!?

  21. ole says:

    Anyone besides me who would prefer to see Senderos in the team instead of Silvestre, Senderos is not a brilliant defender, but he would have been decent cover these days……. Mistake to let him go on loan in the situation we are in.

  22. salu says:

    eboue sagna sol clichy
    song diaby nasri
    theo rvp rosicky

  23. AK says:

    LETS BOO ADEBAYOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. J@CK says:

    Wenger has called for fans to respect Adebayor…..bullshit! I wish I could of gone to this game, eventhough I think Man City will probably edge us. I’d just love to hear and take part in abusing Adebayor. I hope we’ve got some good chants lined up for him! I hope Song plays so he can dominate Paddy V in the middle, that would be nice to see.

    I still think we should go 4-4-2 and I hope RVP starts although I doubt he will. Any chance of Eduardo getting a sniff tomorrow ? He has been poor but I’m sure he’ll come back strong! I think he at least deserves another season and I can only hope that we don’t offload him. We’ve all seen what he’s capable of and although he doesn’t really fit our formation I’d still want to keep hold of him. The formation needs tweaking anyway IMO, the midfield is too open and we never press the opposition so it’d 4-4-2 for me next year.

  25. true gooner says:

    i really hope rvp gets 2 start vs city he has 2 becoz roz n nas r not creatin enough

  26. gunningooner says:

    ———-Mannone————(“Wenger would probably stick with Fabianski)

    Bendtner is better off as a midfielder. is you seee the goal he assissted at wigan, he passed from MIDFIELD

  27. kathir says:

    Van Persie Must Kick Adebayor.

  28. pappy says:


    hahahaha that made me crack up hard.

    If we lose it will probably be fabianski or silvestre’s fault. They are great liabilities to Arsenal’s team prowess. They need to also buy a new defensive midfielder to cover for Song on his bad days. Wenger saw the consequences of not having another crucial DM. LETS GO RVP and NASRI!

  29. Me says:

    Clichy Cahill Vermaelen Sagna
    Nasri Song Fabregas
    Hazard Van persie Arshavin

  30. Gooner says:

    @Timmy,nigeria: totally agree with u about the defence

  31. Arsenal Fan says:

    With that team against city we cant lose. 2-2 Draw or 3-2 last minute winner from Eduardo. Come On Gunners.!!

  32. Ken says:

    Song is back, RVP is back. At least we have some hope, but with that fragile defence we have to score a lot to win this game. The defence is extremely slow compared to the explosive players of Man Cunt (Bellamy, A.Johnson, Tevez, Wright-Philips etc.). Oh and I hope Barndoor get what he deserve today.


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