Apr 24

van Persie starts and captains Gunners against City

Sagna – Campbell – Silvestre – Clichy
Nasri – Song – Diaby
Walcott – van Persie (c) – Rosicky

Substitutes: Mannone, Traore, Eboue, Eastmond, Eduardo, Vela, Bendtner


16 Responses to “van Persie starts and captains Gunners against City”

  1. GoonerDareMKD says:

    walcott is on the starting line up and also on the bench . You made a mistake .

  2. damstar says:

    wenger has got it wrong again by playing sylvestre and fabianski…

  3. mrman says:

    i would have started with bendtner instead of rosicky

  4. BaneGooner says:

    Vela is on the bench as well (instead of Walcott).
    Walcott is in starting lineup.
    I would have put Bendtner in there somewhere … instead of Walcott.

  5. BaneGooner says:

    We have no CB’s on the bench…
    Vermaelen, Gallas, Djorou all out…
    Silvestre – I hope these are your 3 last games in an Arsenal shirt.
    I would be devastated if you sign a new contract.

  6. BaneGooner says:

    and Crapianski you better perform… I don’t know how many chances you can give him… One mistake and I would put Mannone in there.

  7. Me says:

    If Fabianski and Silvestre do play well (which I couldn’t doubt more) Wenger will say that he knew it would happen. If they play crap (when) he’ll say he doesn’t want to asses individual performances. Why doesn’t Mannone get a chance, he’s like 10 times better than fabianski.

  8. BaneGooner says:

    I agree mate… he was briliant at Craven Cottage last year … he won us that game … and since then he was just overlooked by Wenger… he is surely better than fabianski.
    Silvestre only plays because we absolutely have no other option.
    If one of our CBs goes down we are looking at Song or Sagna having to play CB.

  9. Gooner says:

    decent line up…. my only change would be eboue in for sylveshit!

  10. Me says:

    Why didn’t Wenger buy Distin for example….he brought that shite Silvestre…as for the goalkeepers situation, Wenger sets them by their age, so the youngest (and the best) is like our fourth choice, and the oldest is our first choice.

  11. true gooner says:

    song can always go into cb if he iz needed der

  12. A TRue GOon says:

    Boring,unproductive 1st half.

  13. ole says:

    I would forive silest every poor game, if he breaks ade`s leg!!

  14. Erenvp says:

    0-0 ffs why cant we score ffs

  15. an arse worth having says:

    Thank goodness I couldn’t watch this one. Sounded like ‘bring out the Night Nurse’ on the radio. I think Spurs losing put paid to City’s attacking ambition, and a heavily depleted squad did for ours. At risk of sounding like one of the glory-supporting types I despise, bring on the transfer window..

  16. Adam_Gunner says:

    the most boring game of the season


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