Apr 25

VIDEOS: van Persie’s ‘revenge’ on Adebayor + Song v Bellamy

Robin van Persie never forgets.

And as you can see below, Emmanuel Adebayor was made well aware of that when Arsenal’s Dutch frontman took him out during yesterday’s game.

Meanwhile, things also boiled over when Craig Bellamy picked a fight with Alex Song. Check out both videos underneath.



21 Responses to “VIDEOS: van Persie’s ‘revenge’ on Adebayor + Song v Bellamy”

  1. Marko says:

    Song, RVP, Campbell – these are warriors we have had too few of this season. I would add in Cesc and TV but they were absent yesterday. Clichy can have his moments too. We need more warriors, if I remember correctly, Viera and Keane used to be 1 and 2 at the top of the red card list in the EPL when Arsenal and ManUre were dominating.

  2. The Song says:

    Song should have put his lights out.

  3. ROMFORD TART says:

    marko couldnt agree with your comment anymore..

    more so with campbell he is a beast that nobody wants to mess about with, i hope we can sign a few more players like this..
    they are quite a rare breed..

    i dunno would you call felipe melo one of the ‘hard man midfielders’ ??? someome let me know..

    sol campbell and vermaleen players of the season..

  4. j says:

    love both the clips, song would smash bellamy to pieces. RVP – legend.

  5. Bazooka Joe says:

    Bellamy is nothing a cowardly sniveling sawed off little shit!!! The ref let him get way with murder! RvP shold have stamped ADEcantscore the clown while he was dow as a payback!

  6. Ricky says:

    Song vs bellamy woulda been like tyson vs graham norton… total miss-match.

  7. Michael says:

    At first Bellamy thought he was the tough man, but Song Showed him who was boss, and he backed off cowardly like a small weak kitten.

  8. ROMFORD TART says:

    micheal !! hilairious!!

    f@uck belomy e’s a div!

  9. Aaroon Shah says:

    Wohoooo come on Song! lol song would have showed him how tyson fights i mean come on Bellamy is a pussy without a doubt compared to song, RVP wattt! hw the hell is that a yellow adebaywhore clearly fell to the floor from a mis-timed jump

  10. Goonerman says:

    basically song would of just nutted bellamy and probably killed him! song is a beast of a man!

  11. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    Good clips, you get the impression Song would’ve ripped his arm off and spanked him with the soggy end.

  12. Aaoon Shah says:

    WOW song was on it man lol rvp showed adebaywhore whoes bossssss 😀

  13. stephen murphy says:

    i do not think things between RVP AND ADEBARNDOOR IS OVER.THIS WILL CONTINUE NEXT SEASON.SONG SHOULD HAVE KNOCKED OUT THAT PRICK..HE IS ONLY GOOD AT GOLF ..BELLEAMY AND TIGER WOODS WIFE WOULD MAKE A LOVELY COUPLE…ARSENAL LOOKED MUCH STRONGER THAN SHITY ON SATURDAY AND WE WERE MISSING THE SPINE OF OUR TEAM…Campbell workrate is brillant and id love to see wenger give him a new contract because he deserves it and also if he was not to play then he would be a great defensive coach ..He could show our center backs how to hit hard….

  14. bradski says:

    No mention of the kick by Paddy’ on Song? If he was still in a red & white shirt it, he’d have been off and 3 matches.
    it was a disgrace!

  15. hr says:

    Song would have eaten him alive.
    just wondering how song would look with a haircut…

  16. kr says:

    bellamy also started on bendtner untill he stood up and saw he was a foot taller so backed off like a pussy

  17. American Gooner says:

    yawn wake me up when there is some transfer news. not some lame revenge that didnt happen. we should be above this – its the final weekend and the semifinals of the champions league and once again we have nothing to say about either.

  18. Arsenalgunner27 says:

    yer, nice one persie!!!! screw the yellow card, it was totally worth it.

    and bellamy looked quite scared for a second when song went up to him, lol. song could eat him for breakfast and still have room for chips

  19. kas says:

    thank you Goonertalk for this two clips

  20. Filip says:

    Robin did it right.

    I don´t know what Moneybayor took but he was smiling like idiot.


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