Apr 28

He’s done it again…

After his theatrics at the Emirates and most notably at the Nou Camp, Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets has done it again. The Spanish defensive midfielder, once an Arsenal target, used a mixture of diving and play acting against the Gunners over the two-legged tie. Tonight, as Barca faced Inter Milan, he did it again.

Busquets’ attempts to win cheap free-kicks and cards for Arsenal players was bemoaned by fans alike, yet the media took no notice. Yet as the GIF imagine above clearly shows, it’s in his nature. This cheeky look to see if former team mate Thiago Motta had been dismissed epitomised the blatant cheating which was not stopped. A firmer line is a must in European football.


66 Responses to “He’s done it again…”

  1. REDgoon says:

    Cheating scum!

  2. GARBIE says:

    They should rename it the boring cheats league

  3. Hilmar says:

    ANd UEFA want to ban players for diving to get an penalty!!!

    Now Motta will miss the final! And think this is wors than what Dudu did.

  4. GUNNAH says:

    fuckin prick Hate him

  5. Alan says:

    Well they were just taught a lesson by the masters

  6. chris says:

    as soon as i saw this i remembered that guy doing that everytime he was touched against us!, absolute scummer

  7. rico says:

    its ok they went out lool mourinhos celebration was class

  8. Shashi says:


  9. iamgooner says:

    HAHA BARCA! YOU KUNTS!!!!!!!!!


  10. Progman07 says:

    What? Eboue, Rosicky, and co. don’t throw themselves up easily? Sorry, but even as an Arsenal fan I find these stuff too biased… let’s sort out our own divers before laughing at others, otherwise we are hypocrites.

  11. Alan says:

    I know it’s off topic but just on Wengers statement about buying players today. Sound familiar


    In fact check out the news archive on Arsenal.com for similar statements every year around this time

  12. Goons_with_Guns says:

    Doesn’t Matter.

    What matters is that based on this result for Inter, defence won over attack, something we did not do well when called upon this season.

    We didn’t man mark Messi well enough in the second leg and
    doesn’t matter how much possession or shots on goal that you have:


    Yes, Mounrinho parked the bus like Fat Sam does, but if you can’t defend, you lose. It’s that simple. Wenger’s tactic that you can simply run up the score is ridiculous and lost us so many wins this year.

  13. jackson says:

    i hope AW watched tonights game and the art of defending and shutting the door.

    A world class keeper behind 4 very capable defenders. I would play vermalen or gallas at left back in the champs lge next season as clichy gets caught too much at left full.

    including 2 giants at centre back and sagna at rb

  14. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Lmao, I’m so glad they are out. Justice I would say. I mean there are dives and then there are incidents like this.

  15. ben says:

    Brilliant stuff fella – scumy is the only word that i can muster atm about this lad. Very pleased to see Barca knocked out.

  16. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Players need to keep a check on their arms, but they need to keep a bigger check on their play acting. You expect some gamesmanship, but don’t go overboard.

  17. American Gooner says:

    busquets is disgraceful. he did the same garbage vs. arsenal as gooner chris rightly pointed out. glad to see him and the other whiners/cheaters gone at the nou camp. as annoying as mourinho is, he is brilliant. their defensive game plan was masterful and i hope arsene took note of what a world class keeper and defenders can bring you. i bet barca found it a bit different navigating through lucio and walter samuel than silvestre and campbell.

  18. jbogad says:

    Progman07 shut ur mouth our players dont dive and crawl on the floor like these barca scum

  19. DANNY says:

    i said it before that Messi is nothing when defence does it job well.kèep your eyes on the ball and hes finished.l like Jose and wish he takes over from our clueless,staborn A.W.Well done to Inter

  20. harrison says:

    the thing that gets me is thiago motta brought it on himself he swings the hand back so he was gunna get a bookin which would have seen him sent off anyway, but inter were just as bad because they got free kicks for theatrics all over the park especially lucio and barca should be through tonight because that goal should never have been dissalowed and now its gunna be a crap final

  21. Rizal says:

    Btw American Gooner ,

    Barca is didn’t face Campbell, and against campbell not many layer can navigate around him, albeit his age.

  22. J@CK says:

    Thats shocking. Dirty little c*nt! Looks like Henry is on his way out of Barca after not even coming on as a sub tonight…..Come back please!

  23. abcde says:

    listen, that guy is a cheat but do not make it out to be the reason why we were destroyed by barca because it is not. like the other guy said: i hope mr wenger was watching because the special *unt has made him look like the tactical flawed manager that most of us knew he was again. not a good night to be mr wenger or an arsenal fan because a jumped up litte toliet cleaner done good has made us all look like fools again. i’m glad barca are out, i hope the germans flush inter down the bog in the final but i will not be watching…

  24. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Harrison, players will always go down under enough contact. That is acceptable, but what Busquests did is the equivalent of Rivaldo at the world cup. It goes beyond what’s acceptable, Busquests only got a few light fingers in his face, it’s ridiculous..

  25. iamgooner says:

    see what a good defence can do wenger! not silvestre!
    see what a good keeper can do wenger!! not almunia!

    I BET WE GET SEBATIAN FREY! 10million euros…

    when akinfeev is only 15million… thats arsenal though stingy and not that botherd about chalenging to be the best…


  26. iamgooner says:




  27. pastaface says:

    ‘No other options, no strength in depth, no plan B, didn’t create enough opportunities, they showed the weakness in their squad ‘

    Five Live comments after the game, I first thought, I am sure that Arsenal has been knocked out of the CL, but my mistake they were talking about Barca!!

    Pundits are so thickle, I thought they were the best team ever a few weeks ago!!!

  28. FCIM_1908 says:

    Nice stuff, mate.

  29. Mr. T aka the Anti-Free Mason says:

    Akinfeev is shit. Frey is miles ahead of him.

  30. RvP says:

    Wow, iamgooner. Who’s going to be paying for Akinfeev, Subotic or Yaya Touré?

  31. art says:

    arsenal’s back line needs some work and a new keeper is needed but it’s the defensive work in midfield that is the worst aspect of arsenal’s team defense.

  32. usama says:

    good thing happened to them ugly cunts…………

  33. Arsenal says:

    hahha its funny barca cheating to win looks like we are better than them in one thing

  34. gunnerhead says:

    What a fucking bitch! La liga is a bunch of fucking pussy’s

  35. Me says:

    Cambiasso is currently the best player in the world for me 😀

  36. Me says:

    But frankly Arsenal/Inter side would be
    Maicon Lucio Vermaelen Clichy
    Fabregas Arshavin
    Eto’o Milito van Persie

  37. jeff says:

    Yeah barca are cheats but the amount of cheap free kicks won by inter was also ridiculous and the time wasting unbearable! Hate it wen people do it against us and hate us doing it too!! Gd to see barca taught a few lessons in play acting though

  38. Me says:

    I think we’ll buy Green, definitely him. And we should take a look at Roberto Hilbert of Stuttgart, he’s out of contract this summer, he’s 25 years old and he’s an Arsenal fan :)

  39. oki says:

    @ Progman07,

    yes Eboue does some theatrical diving at time( which he has cut from his game of late), but he never goes down to get other players GET SENT OFF!! plus most of his diving are punished by the ref.

    Busquets did that against us and got fabregas to miss the 2nd leg!

  40. oki says:


    yes Eboue does some theatrical diving at time( which he has cut from his game of late), but he never goes down to get other players GET SENT OFF!! plus most of his diving are punished by the ref.

    Busquets did that against us and got fabregas to miss the 2nd leg!

  41. ishan says:

    remember what this cunt did against cesc and eboue ?now he shows his his true qualities again .well done inter 4 kicking scum like this out of the ucl .if i were motta id break his face before id walk off .this is why barca cannot be considered a pure footballindg side ,rotten apples like these ruin the lmage of players like messi ,henry,xavi,puyol etc

  42. ishan says:

    i just see the image and cant stop abusing this sob ,cunt ,horesefucker

  43. king gooner says:

    buscuits!what a c**t-but that’s ok because he plays for barca-if eboue did this the brit media would bring back hangging the hypocrites- progmano7 are you a closet spud/manc?ffs!rosicky????are u sure???

  44. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Me, I don’t know if Arshavin and Vermaelen would make that team. I think I’d prefer Sneijder to Arshavin at the very least.

  45. American Gooner says:


    You are right, my mistake. Of course I would have rather Barca gone against Sol than against Silvestre, the worst Arsenal CB since Cygan.

  46. damstars says:

    wont be surprise if arsene go for filipe melo, gary cahill, robert green, and chamakh…..opinions?

  47. fabregas vs messi says:

    Busquets ruins the image of barca with his “theatrical diving” as he does it on a number of several occasions. When will anyone realise this and put a stop to it… Also, people say Eboue dives alot, i admit he does and it is pretty hilarious but he doesnt try and get people sent off like Busquests and Eboue tries to win cheap freekicks when arsenal are losing and thats understandable as “THE WORLD’S BEST TEAM” did it last night !!!

  48. Pollhater says:

    This is classic from Mourinho


    Don’t get me wrong I like Barcelona’s football but everyone was overhyping them, and we didn’t help the cause with how we froze in the 1st leg and the team we put out in the 2nd leg (most teams in the premiership would’ve thrashed us!)

    So it is egg in their face to the pundits and egg in their face to Barcelona!! They need a bit of humbling! hahahaha

  49. this guy needs to be banned for life for cheating in football!!

  50. Dom says:

    Fair play to him in this instance as the italians do this all the time – I think it’s in their contracts to do so. The downside for him is that it swung the game as Inter went into their shells. So in fact it’s his fault that they didn’t get into the final, he thought he was helping but it bit him in the arse.

  51. iamgooner says:

    @ damstar

    yeah felipe melo would be great i wouldnt take any of the others though..

    cahill is not as good as subotic (who i belive wenger will sign)
    rob green is good too but there is better out there..

    van der vaart would be SUCHA GOOD BUY


  52. Arsenal Fan says:

    Pee ka boo’
    I see you’ lool

    Its not easy to just buy & sell players the way some of you guys seem to think.

  53. gooner billy says:

    What a tosser. This has to be stopped.

  54. J@CK says:

    Wenger has said he’ll look to sign 2 or 3 players maximum. I was hoping for a keeper but I really cant see it happening and that pisses me off! We could do with Joe Hart between the sticks at the start of next season but we’ll have to put up with Almunia I think.

    Chamakh and a CB to come in.

  55. an arse worth having says:

    Arsenal Fan has a point in that unless you are Manchester City/Madrid/Chelsea, then there is unlikely to be a big turnover of players. Also, players from strong footballing countries like Germany don’t all view the football hierarchy the way we do. Wenger said himself today that transfers are not just down to him. I also rate Subotic but Dortmund are quoted as saying want two oil fields and lorries full of cash for him. Looks like its over to Usmanov..

  56. iamgooner says:

    haha im not a tosser lads i just thought this was a footie blog where you could post your opinion about things..

    and i know it isnt as easy to just buy a player with a snap of your finger you dicks.

    i just like to state who i would like to see at arsenal.. bet you would be content with 4th place next season though, as long as “wenger knows”

  57. an arse worth having says:

    @iamgooner: “bet you would be happy with 4th place..” good wind-up! I agree that we definitely need a proper DM to cover for Song – Inler over Melo imo. Think we’ve got enough attacking midfielders though. Reckon the 1 definite signing before June 11th will be Chamakh?

  58. Me says:

    Wenger just said (indirectly) he will “buy” Chamakh before the World Cup, and then only god knows on how many players he’ll miss out and say “we don’t need them”. And then next season when injuries strike he’ll say I believe in this squad.

  59. Thomas says:

    I’m really disappointed with Wenger’s comments. He just said he won’t buy anyone, and just said that Denilson, Eboue, Rosicky, Eduardo, Almunia, Fabianski and co. are good enough to beat Chelsea, Man Utd and others next season.

  60. usfan says:

    i believe in the squad we have. with chamahk coming in it will be great. we are already so much better this season than last, and we will be even better next. wilshere and ramsey are coming good. when we win the prem it will feel all the better knowing we have done it the right way. keep the faith.

  61. Filip says:

    Are you talking about Melo???

    Have you ever seen him playing? He is such a terrible player. Arsene can save some money by not buying him.

    Denilson is better than him.

  62. jason says:

    correct me if im wrong. if fulham wins the europa n liverpool stays 7th in the league, liverpool WILL NOT qualify for Europa right? coz fulham will take over the last spot exactly like in CL 2005

  63. fred says:

    this made me laugh
    keep watching it


  64. Michael says:

    VOTE EBOUE!!!!!! Haha that was great!

  65. simon says:

    we should sign olic he kick ass and rakitic as a young winger and hunt from hull hes certainly prem quality we should also sign samuel kieta. olic and hunt will bring arsenal a hugeplus in work ethic

  66. Luke says:

    @ Simon … HUNT?!?! Absolutley not mate, i used to watch him weekly… he dribbles with his head down, not very good passer, greedy.. no way soryy…. however olic runs his socks off! he would be fairly good! and i havent heard of rakitic . i will youtube him 😀


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