Apr 28

He’s done it again…

After his theatrics at the Emirates and most notably at the Nou Camp, Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets has done it again. The Spanish defensive midfielder, once an Arsenal target, used a mixture of diving and play acting against the Gunners over the two-legged tie. Tonight, as Barca faced Inter Milan, he did it again.

Busquets’ attempts to win cheap free-kicks and cards for Arsenal players was bemoaned by fans alike, yet the media took no notice. Yet as the GIF imagine above clearly shows, it’s in his nature. This cheeky look to see if former team mate Thiago Motta had been dismissed epitomised the blatant cheating which was not stopped. A firmer line is a must in European football.


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  1. iamgooner says:

    @ damstar

    yeah felipe melo would be great i wouldnt take any of the others though..

    cahill is not as good as subotic (who i belive wenger will sign)
    rob green is good too but there is better out there..

    van der vaart would be SUCHA GOOD BUY


  2. Arsenal Fan says:

    Pee ka boo’
    I see you’ lool

    Its not easy to just buy & sell players the way some of you guys seem to think.

  3. gooner billy says:

    What a tosser. This has to be stopped.

  4. J@CK says:

    Wenger has said he’ll look to sign 2 or 3 players maximum. I was hoping for a keeper but I really cant see it happening and that pisses me off! We could do with Joe Hart between the sticks at the start of next season but we’ll have to put up with Almunia I think.

    Chamakh and a CB to come in.

  5. an arse worth having says:

    Arsenal Fan has a point in that unless you are Manchester City/Madrid/Chelsea, then there is unlikely to be a big turnover of players. Also, players from strong footballing countries like Germany don’t all view the football hierarchy the way we do. Wenger said himself today that transfers are not just down to him. I also rate Subotic but Dortmund are quoted as saying want two oil fields and lorries full of cash for him. Looks like its over to Usmanov..

  6. iamgooner says:

    haha im not a tosser lads i just thought this was a footie blog where you could post your opinion about things..

    and i know it isnt as easy to just buy a player with a snap of your finger you dicks.

    i just like to state who i would like to see at arsenal.. bet you would be content with 4th place next season though, as long as “wenger knows”

  7. an arse worth having says:

    @iamgooner: “bet you would be happy with 4th place..” good wind-up! I agree that we definitely need a proper DM to cover for Song – Inler over Melo imo. Think we’ve got enough attacking midfielders though. Reckon the 1 definite signing before June 11th will be Chamakh?

  8. Me says:

    Wenger just said (indirectly) he will “buy” Chamakh before the World Cup, and then only god knows on how many players he’ll miss out and say “we don’t need them”. And then next season when injuries strike he’ll say I believe in this squad.

  9. Thomas says:

    I’m really disappointed with Wenger’s comments. He just said he won’t buy anyone, and just said that Denilson, Eboue, Rosicky, Eduardo, Almunia, Fabianski and co. are good enough to beat Chelsea, Man Utd and others next season.

  10. usfan says:

    i believe in the squad we have. with chamahk coming in it will be great. we are already so much better this season than last, and we will be even better next. wilshere and ramsey are coming good. when we win the prem it will feel all the better knowing we have done it the right way. keep the faith.

  11. Filip says:

    Are you talking about Melo???

    Have you ever seen him playing? He is such a terrible player. Arsene can save some money by not buying him.

    Denilson is better than him.

  12. jason says:

    correct me if im wrong. if fulham wins the europa n liverpool stays 7th in the league, liverpool WILL NOT qualify for Europa right? coz fulham will take over the last spot exactly like in CL 2005

  13. fred says:

    this made me laugh
    keep watching it


  14. Michael says:

    VOTE EBOUE!!!!!! Haha that was great!

  15. simon says:

    we should sign olic he kick ass and rakitic as a young winger and hunt from hull hes certainly prem quality we should also sign samuel kieta. olic and hunt will bring arsenal a hugeplus in work ethic

  16. Luke says:

    @ Simon … HUNT?!?! Absolutley not mate, i used to watch him weekly… he dribbles with his head down, not very good passer, greedy.. no way soryy…. however olic runs his socks off! he would be fairly good! and i havent heard of rakitic . i will youtube him :D


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