Apr 30

Fabregas, Gerrard, Villa & Drogba do battle at the O2 (Video)

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has been confirmed as a participant in July’s A:3K Football tournament, in which six of the world’s best players will compete in a series of gladiatorial games of skill at the 02 Arena.

The footie stars will battle it out in a tournament testing their skills in front of a huge live audience and millions of TV viewers.

A:3K – which stands for Arena 3000 – involves five “gladiatorial” soccer challenges which will be staged on a black pitch against the backdrop of a hi-tech set, above.

The aim is to determine which player is the most skilful, with the A:3K hero crowned being crowned at the end.

Fabregas, 22, told The Sun:

“It is a very good opportunity to play individually against some of the best players in the world.”


15 Responses to “Fabregas, Gerrard, Villa & Drogba do battle at the O2 (Video)”

  1. karimirak says:

    this should be really interesting… VIVA FABREGAS!!!!

  2. Gain says:

    I hope Cesc Fabregas wins it but i think it will be Messi.

  3. Michael says:

    Messi isnt in it, the two players in the question mark is Rooney and Ronaldo.

  4. Damn_Gallas says:

    I hope to see the last 2 spots being filled up by either ronaldo, messi or rooney.

  5. samir says:

    Will this be shown on tv?

  6. Gooner Chris says:

    @samir: Yeah, It will be shown on ITV in the UK.

  7. Goonerman says:

    fabby could actually have a good chance of winning this thing! he is surely has the best vision and even the best pinpoint pass! maybe he will lack in power and speed behind the others! cant wait sounds goood!

  8. China gunner says:

    Now red faced is hoping liverpool will go charging at chelsea like a mad bull. It’s a fat hope. Liverpool know their season is over and I am very confident Chelsea will win by a two margin..
    I’ve got enough of rfc telling other managers what to do to perpetuate his greatness and domination. The days when he can dominate in England are going to be over soon.I am very lad his goal of domination in CL has been put in the back burner.You see teams in the cl are top quality and won’t roll over so eaily like in the epl.
    Yeah I know he has won many thousands of trophies.But it was done with billions of gbp.If he were such a great manager take the challenge of making Wolves epl champs.

  9. GoonerForLife says:

    Come on Fabby!!!!!!!! I so want cesc to win.

  10. samir says:

    Got a date by any chance?

  11. arsenal4ever says:

    17/07/10 check the video.

  12. damstar says:

    sorry for going off topic…this guy is the latest defender we are been linked to…Gohouri Steve …i watch on youtube and he looks good,tall,and strong…he is 29…got experience…a typical wenger signing cos nobody knows about him…i think if we can keep gallas and campbell and also sign this guy, with vermaelen and djourou, we are good…he can be a good squad player for us…wat u guys think? opinions?

  13. J@CK says:

    Anyone else like the sound of Joe Cole on a free? If Wenger has the opportunity to sign this lad, on a free, and he doesn’t, then he truely is a fool.

  14. Me says:

    If Wenger really thinks Denilson is good enough for Arsenal, I really don’t have high expectations for the next season. I mean, Denilson is an o.k. squad player, like a 3rd choice DMC, and yet he played 30 games this season.

  15. Billy says:

    when is it on?


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