May 11

Nasri left out of France’s World Cup Squad

Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri has not been included in Raymond Domenech’s provisional 30-man squad for this summer’s FIFA World Cup.

Les Bleus will go to the World Cup without Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema, Nasri and former Arsenal skipper Patrick Vieira after coach Raymond Domenech decided to omit all three from his provisional squad on Tuesday evening.

22-year-old Nasri endured a tough start to his campaign after suffering a broken leg during the Gunners’ pre-season training camp in Austria. Despite that, he managed to notch up 5 goals, and fill the boots of the injured Cesc Fabregas for the final months of the season.

Meanwhile, Nasri’s team-mates and fellow countryman William Gallas, Gael Clichy and Abou Diaby have been selected by Domenech.


76 Responses to “Nasri left out of France’s World Cup Squad”

  1. Alan says:

    Yeah, his place went to Henry’s left hand

  2. athlon says:

    That’s ridicolous. And Ben Arfa is in? I could have bet on it. And what do the Frenchs expect from their team?

  3. SwedishGooner says:

    Too bad he’s competing with Gourcuff! Immense talent

  4. eoin says:

    that sucks why the fuck is he still french manager hes also left out benzema is he stupid

  5. Arsenal Norway says:

    Poor Nasri, you definately deserve a place in the squad. I used to cheer for france in the big competitions, but that stupid coach domenech has ruined the whole f***ing team!!

  6. eastGunner says:

    NO WAY!!! France didn’t have much of a chance anyway but would have liked to see Nasri produce some magic moments in the tournament.

  7. ds goon says:

    yeah that does indeed suck… for super samir that is. but for us it might not be a bad thing. like arshavin, nasri too can get a nice long rest and have a proper pre season and hopefully it means we will see the best of nasri next season.

  8. Dom says:

    how diaby got in and yet nasri didn’t is beyond me.

    at least he’ll be 100% focused on the league next year

  9. j says:

    a joke

  10. My Name Is Earl says:

    Diaby over Nasri?? Domenech really is getting fired after this tournament finally!!!

  11. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Thank you, was just about to say that. Diaby??? The guys mental to include him, sad for Nasri, but it just means less humiliation on the world stage. Hopefully next time he will go, and France might be playing well by then. Wait, no Sagna???

  12. jackson says:

    its always a good experience for players to go to a world cup but now vermalen, nasri, arshavin, denilson and rosicky and maybe others can have a break and a good pre season.

    but a world cup can change a player and im tipping alex song to have a fabulous tournament

  13. Seth says:

    that is utterly ridiculous, that stupid Domnech

  14. damstar says:

    nasri deserve it more than diaby….he may still drop diaby though cos that aint the final 23 man squad…anyways is to arsenals benefit….

  15. AmeriGoon says:

    Ben Arfa was the man taken off when Mandanda was red-carded in 26th minute vs. Lille this weekend. Only half of his Ligue 1 appearances have been starts and only 2 Ligue 1 goals. Is a left foot really worth that much?

    Diaby was automatic in January, but he’s been very disappointing last couple of months.

    Logical that Sagna and Clichy are in, but took far too long for both to get into the squad.

    Gignac and Benzema have the same number of goals, but its obvious who the more talented player is.

    To be honest, Viera hasn’t earned a spot and hasn’t in a while. Good leader and sentimental choice, but performances have been wanting.

    Of course, Frey and Trezeguet were forced into early retirements by Domenech’s incompetence.

    How he still has this job is beyond me.

  16. Ricky says:


    Exactly!! Diaby??? over nasri??? The guys definetly smoking something

  17. superfly says:

    Alex song is gonna @jackson:

    Alex song is gonna be dead come the start of next season. He’s already had an intense season coupled with ANC….and now the world cup. I can imagine him being burnt out till December time. The guys gonna need at least a months break.

  18. ger says:

    fuckin joke!!!

  19. ali says:

    gooner chris you forgot to mention sagna in that list of fellow arsenal team mates in the squad

  20. damstar says:

    sorry off topic…i wont be surprised if we sign yaya toure…but i dnt think he is the right choice for us cos that means wen is time for ACN, him, song and eboue will leave us and making us look spineless in the midfield..i will go for melo or toulalan if arsene is looking to sign a DM….i av my doubt over melo cos of his yellow cards and red cards history and if we are to move for him we have to wait after the world cup is over which i dont think arsene will like..he want his squad for next season set and ready before the WC…any opinions guys?

  21. ali says:

    Gk – Joe Hart

    CB – G.Cahill
    CB- Subotic

    DM – Yaya Toure

    CF – Chamakh

  22. gt says:

    Sad for Nasri, but France is pretty loaded with talents in his position. Now I hope he’ll have a good rest and get ready for next season.

    Diaby is a interesting choice. He does have the physical power that can be matched by few players. Limited positional sense and defensive ability, but he can also finish. He can be a useful squad player for Les Bleus.

    Is TH14 included by any chance? I am too lazy to check.

  23. jack says:

    nasri hasnt been good enough, there have been some flashes of real quality from him, but far too incosistent… as for diaby, domenech is a tool… seriously diaby has been absolutely dire for the last two months, but it wouldnt suprise me if he has a good world cup but comes back and produces the same shitty form for us afterward

  24. Goonerman says:

    Disgraceful news this man has no clue to be honest he shud be sacked from a long time ago, a woeful qualiying campgain and rubbish euro how is this man in the job!

  25. hg says:

    The french coach is looking for a shortcut out of the job. Diaby needs to rest and work on his fitness not to go the world cup, he has alot of basic stuff to learn including simple passing of the ball, positioning on the pitch and that Man u goal.

  26. john says:

    Nasri had problems with domench. Basically what happened was in the euros nasri was being big headed and being disrespectful towards senior players including gallas. Domench didnt like his attitude and hasnt changed his mind since. Which is a shame.

    Also people just watch Nicklas Bendtner for Denmark he is so different when he plays for Denmark hes looks faster, more assured, more skillful, good dribbler but when he plays for arsenal we hardly seen of this apart from his heading. Maybe its the premier league hes still adjusting but its just frustrating watching him play for arsenal when he can do so much more than people realise

  27. david yagman says:

    I was hoping to see Samir Nasri in south africa world cup to see his super talent on display and im sure he was going to chine if given the chance,france with the players on the list did not do well aginst atgentena or spain so to samir nasri i would say do not feel sad its less humelation , and remember always things works for the better.

  28. th 14 says:

    what the hell ramond domanic you prick every top pro footballers dream is to paly in the world cup finals for their natrional side i hope this comes back and bites you in the arse you stupip wanker ben afra better than nasri yeah right prick.

  29. Tommi Gooner says:

    Sorry boys – I’m glad he didn’t get in, strictly selfish reasons.. at least he wont get injured and will be fresh for the beginning of the season and more to the point f*ck France – Arsenal pay his wages..

  30. Progman07 says:

    Nasri deserves this… he did fuck all for us when it got tough… 2 goals in 22 starts in the league… for a first team attacker? Are you kidding?

  31. Marcus says:

    Whats the big deal. The guys rubish. If prizes were won by mouthing off in the newspapers then Nasri would be first on the list but sadly hes just not good enough. You people on here complaining just havent got a clue about football have you? Fact is this big mouthed loser needs to shut the fuck up and do his talking on the field where it counts not in the newspapers.

  32. Andrew says:

    Their best team would be:

  33. americangunner says:

    domencech is a crazy man 😀 but i m happy for nasri cuz i dont see france team going anywhere in world cup anyway. This way he can get some rest.

  34. df says:

    lol nasri is overrated
    glad he wasn’t picked

  35. Kit Harris says:

    Have to say I agree its a disgrace that Nasri has been left out, but I dont see peoples problem with diaby being there. He deserves to be there and its not like their competing for the same position, particulary in Frances system. But to see people like valbuena, Cisse, Govou, N’Vila in there ahead of him really upsets me. Progman Do you watch arsenal play? Yes he could score more goals, but creatively hes very important to the team, where as Arshavin who has scored a few goals,but he goes missing in games, where as Nasri continues to work hard.

  36. pauly says:

    cant believe Benzema isnt in the squad

  37. craig says:

    domenech is a fucking plank, he dont kno what he’s doing, the french players dont like or respect him so why the fuck is this idiot still in charge, since he took over france av been boring and shit, it just amazes me how this guy still got a job, idiot.

  38. matlee says:

    sad for nasri but at least its one less injury for us. i’m sure we will have a few by the end of the world cup and some more after pre season knowing our luck or lack of it. anyone else worried about Rvp, i can’t bear to watch!

  39. MYSELF says:

    He does not deserve to be in the squad! Whats with the hype?

  40. John says:

    can someone please tell me how a Yann M’Vila makes the squad yet Benzema and Nasri don’t? Is that not like England 2006 taking on a Wallcott and leaving off Rooney and Lennon (or a young CAM)

  41. Rizal says:

    I leave the argument of does Nasri is worthy of his World Cup place or not, but I am more amaze how on earth does the French FA stick to romendach after trying to pick a girl right minute after euro defeat, having fall out with most of the senior player, even Henry had said before that the manager does not know what he was doing. Funny thing.

  42. richard says:

    Nasri flatters to deceive. Nice touch here, nice touch there, but when it counts, he always manages to disappear. The boy goes missing in the big games and that’s why he is not going to the Big Show, the World Cup.

  43. Goonerboy says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha – Englands chances are getting better….

    Brazil also leaving Ronaldinho out for a team of harder working servants…

    Van Nisterooy out for Netherlands… now that’s just funny – the horse faced clown.

    Let’s hope this gives Nasri a decent pre season and a good summer off.

  44. FCUK DOMENCH says:

    FUCK HIM. he sucks…..NAsri > ben arfa….fuck u domenchichei

  45. Zoon says:

    Quite sad for Nasri, but on the other hand, I don’t give a damn about France so he should be fresh for next season.

    I was thinking “Diaby??? WTF??”… But then again, if you looked at Diaby’s contribution for us this year, he always does well against the so-called lesser teams. It could be a good selection for France, as he could potentially dominate the middle of the park against the likes of South Africa and perhaps Mexico. After all, France very often pulls stupid stunts such as losing to Senegal!

  46. Goona says:

    Not nice for Nasri but I like a lot of Gooners are fed up of Internationals where our players are always injured RVP a typical axample. Wish they were all left out. Club first country second I say. Ain’t I a happy little soul first thing in the morn?…..

  47. Bektas says:

    Ive read some comments on here and I was wondering, DID HE REALLY LEAVE OUT BENZEMA?

    Going to real madrid ruins some players, to a ridulous level.

  48. Joel says:

    Since Cesc’s injury Nasri has been asked to step up to the plate and make a difference in the Arsenal midfield against teams which were apparently going to give Arsenal an “easy” run-in.The results during this time would indicate that Nasri still has a lot to learn.Whilst it seems strange that Diaby was selected in preference I don’t believe that Nasri has done enough through the Season (wonder goals notwithstanding) to consider this season a personal success-and it is this type of parameter by which International Managers should select-that said Domenech doesn’t know his arse from his elbow and has single-handedly managed to negate France’s chances of winning anything.
    A bigger shock for me,however,was the exclusion of Denilson from the Brazil squad.Perhaps Fifa should allow national squad sizes to be increased to the size of those designed to play “American Football”-Actually Not-this would only allow for an extra 20 players!

  49. Dave says:

    Not surprised Nasri isn’t included. Has ability but rarely does he hurt teams. Needs to up his game for us next season and at least he will be fully fit for the job ahead.

  50. Dr_Abd_Afeez says:

    Wht a suck domenech?i was highly dissapointed when i heard it dat he omitted benzema,viera n nasri wht a fuck raymond?tell me if france r goin to make any gud impact in south africa?i doubt it couse d of calibas of sucks player they’re goin to introduce their even dis worldcup will worst than ever 4 them.

  51. Erichero says:

    Actually, the French midfield seems rather weak in my opinion. I assume Lassana Diarra will start, but there’s no obvious big star supporting him. Hence Diaby’s selection.

    But dropping Benzema was a big call.

    Even more amazing than all these selections… how on earth is this guy still the coach?

  52. osman says:

    If Nasri is omitted he shouldn’t blame anyone else but himself. Everybody can see that his obvious talent and can make difference but he doesn’t realise that. In League 1 he use to be explosive when he appeared as a 17 years old; he use to dribble, make dicisive passes, shoot and always look for a forward pass. HE was positive generally. Now, he’s affected by DENILSON SIDEWAYS PASS SYMPDROME, and he looks like he lost the belief that he could make a difference, and suffering from a lack of confidence. When Arsenal most needed him he wasn’t there. I think he should change his attitude and be more positive and believe in himself again. I am sad for him to miss out on World Cup, and Mr. DoMeANeck is useless anyway and his selection decisions are shoching.

  53. gunner17 says:

    how is domenech still in a job after the last couple of tournaments?

    i’m sorry for nasri, but it will be good for arsenal. we’ll need some good players to be fresh at the start of next season, there’s only a month between the end of the world cup and the start of the league.

    the following will get a holiday this summer:





    are these guys good enough to give us a good start next season?

  54. an arse worth having says:

    Defenders – yes. Midfielders – possibly. Strikers – yes. Goalkeepers…

  55. gunner17 says:

    i probably agree…we totally need someone proven to come in between the sticks. a big name like buffon would be spectacular but i don’t think wenger will spend more than £10m on a keeper. he always buys his keepers on the cheap. he inherited seaman, but he has bought manninger, wright, taylor, shaaban, lehmann, almunia, fabianski…none of these were bought for more than £5m. most were free. i can see wenger doing the same again, maybe taking sorensen? or given (after city buy biffon)?

  56. gunner17 says:

    how many euros to a pound now?
    can £10m buy 25 million euro buffon?

  57. gunner17 says:


  58. john says:

    I personally think we have missed Aaron ramsey whos a better midfielder than samir nasri in my opinion.

    I also think Henri lansbury who i am massive fan of since he was 15, jack wilshere are better in central midfield than nasri.

    Nasri is too lightweight, lacks paceand doesnt graft.

    Lansbury, ramsey, wilshere have talent but they can also grind and graft which you need in the premiership

  59. jamar dill says:

    I am vex that nasri is left out cause france is my world cup team as most french stars play for or have played for Arsenal. I see the point a few have made about that gives our major players time to rest for pre season but I think if they were included in there teams or their teams made it it might have given them a bit more experience for this upcoming season. I don’t think gallas should go because I want his calf to heal properly. Anyway up the Arsenal we had a good season this year an we gonna have an even better season this up coming season!!

  60. why are your fans so thick? nasri has probably had maybe 5 decent games all season as for diaby i mean what a joke i cant stop laughing, what next almunia for spain or denilson for brazil hahahahaha

  61. Mike says:

    Defo need a new keeper, get rid of some of the chaff aswell eduardo don’t cut it, n it’s a shame to say but rosicky has past it, can’t remeber him havin a good game other than they half good game against everton at home! Arshavins been a let down aswell, dunno what’s up with him! Nasri was class last year, as for this season he has struggled, shame he’s not going to the world cup for him, but for us that ain’t bad! I agree Ramsey is better than him n wants it more! He was different class against west ham in the fa cup, such a shame to see him get a leg break that bad, hope he comes back better than eduardo!

  62. Ole says:

    @ali: Spot on!!!

  63. Van Der Ali says:

    Nasri did not deserve to make the squad, he was not consistent the whole season. Walcott at least can change a game when coming on as an impact subsitute. Also the way England play suits Walcott than Arsenal. Yoann Gourcuff is the player more like him in position and he is way better. I am an Arsenal supporter, hopefully this will make Nasri come back stronger next year with the dissopointment of failing to make the world cup. So he will play better to get into the France team. Although maybe Diaby did not deserve to be included either.

  64. Ole says:

    @gunner17: No! It`s more or less 1:1,15 so it would be close to 20 mill pounds!

  65. TYr says:

    Domenech is a piece of shit actually……..
    does he want lioris or mandanda to win in a 1 on 4 dribbling battle with a whole bunch of portugal fxxxing players???
    Wenger should go for the france manager just like Hiddink did for russsian and chelshit.

  66. Van Der Ali says:

    Nasri did not deserve to make the squad, he was not consistent the whole season. Walcott at least can change a game when coming on as an impact subsitute. Also the way England play suits Walcott than Arsenal. Yoann Gourcuff is the player more like him in position and he is way better. I am an Arsenal supporter, hopefully this will make Nasri come back stronger next year with the dissopointment of failing to make the world cup. So he will play better to get into the France team. Although maybe Diaby did not deserve to be included either!

  67. FCUK THIS!!! says:

    samir deserved a spot – Wenger will take domnech’s job EURO 2012/ SWC 2014 – that’s his plan.

  68. Wenger's Therapist says:

    This is a joke the boys got talent he’ll be back when domenech gets sacked.

    I personally think it will help arsenal to give the lads more time to get use to 4-3-3 but not the childish one we play now.

    We need more organisation and discipline all around the pitch too often players are caught out of position and aren’t bothered to get back (Mostly Arshavin)

    So to be better i think we need a new box to box midfielder with a presence like the Melo’s and De Rossi’s also we could do with someone on the wings with a good work ethic like joe cole he would be more of a solid option than Arshavin Theo or Rosicky. Add these players along with a keeper and 1 or 2 solid centre backs we will have a strong spine to work from with Rvp Cesc Vermaelen. To finally end the trophy doubt.

  69. Andy Mack says:

    Nasri is still young and although he’s shown some real talent, he’s also been inconsistent. Picking Diaby is amazing. He had a brief window in the season where he was MOTM a few times but like Nasri, he’s been too inconsistent.

    As for buying YaYa, I understand that he’s got a poor attitude and that’s the main reason he wasn’t picked up by us when he came on trial. Kolo had a much better ‘work’ ethic whilst YaYa was much more bling/party/hanging/social life orientated. He may have changed but knowing the Barca way, I doubt it.

  70. American Gooner says:

    shame for nasri, quality player. that said, he didnt have the best of years. he is still young but needs to grab more of the game by the scruff of the neck (perhaps this comes more when he is in the middle, as he is not a winger).

    cannot believe some of the selections, however. cisse? ben arfa? ech.

  71. Van Der Ali says:


    How comes Mexes isnt in the squad?

  72. RSCAnderlecht says:

    the fact that nasri was left out is ridiculous… some of the goals he scored at arsenal this year were fantastic. i mean… sidney govou makes it but nasri doesn’t? different position I know, but put nasri on the wing and I’m sure he’d be more effective than govou.

  73. RSCAnderlecht says:

    @American Gooner:
    cisse is in the squad and for good reason… he’s scored 29 goals for a solid panathanaikos team this year and considering your supposed to pick players based on their form… ben arfa is decent, I’d still take nasri instead

  74. RSCAnderlecht says:

    @Andy Mack:
    WHAT? Diaby had several games when he was absolutely perfect. not picking him would be a joke.

  75. Henry says:

    Nasri definately deserved the spot. He links up the play and is a good chain along the Arsenal Midfield, who would you rather Walcott or Rosicky ? He can play on the wing or centre. Malouda and Ribery deserve the spots perhaps, but alongside Gourcuff i think not having Nasri is silly. When he has an off game, watch him play = He gets open and none passes it to him. ( Compare this to Fabregas after Christmas whom scores goals and assits, but watch the before play when Arsenal have not broken the deadlock, he looks discontent to run with the ball and FRUSTRATED….. and this is more then just a few matches)

    He may not start for France( even though i do believe he is the French Iniesta)but compared to alternatives(in the subs) only Gourcuff is his equal( and looking at both player’s form season this year Nasri was better). Raymond has also selected far too many strikers, for example Henry/Anelka/Ribery + 5 and with Gignac and a host of backup strikers including Cisse Les Bleus are surely cursed again.

    I am now as a Gooner and a Les Bleus fan going to watch a team i sincerely love with spite because of one man= Raymond Domenech.

  76. true gooner says:

    i think arsene shudnt put jet on loan next season he cud ply a vital role in da title hunt also keep a couple of great defenders as well n not all on loan if arsene has learnt from the mistakes of last season then he wud keep da really quality youngsters in da team n not jus put dem on loan afta carling cup.

    Da france manager iz a fool n always has been he shud hve been sacked in da euros nasri is pure quality n deserevs 2 b in da france team, they will regret not picking him. He has had a fantastic season considering he had a brooken leg!


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