May 11

Brilliant Premier League end of season compilation!


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  1. GoonerJohn says:

    Hardly nothing on there for us gooners, just a few conceded goals :(

  2. iamgooner says:

    any truth in the Buffon rumours guys??

    sucha shame about Nasri..

  3. My Name Is Earl says:

    they always do brilliant ones like this, last yr it was “sweet disposition” n that one was quality

  4. iamgooner says:

    by the way how much is buffon likely to be priced at?

  5. an arse worth having says:

    £20 million is the most quoted figure. Would be a great signing, not Wenger price though. I’d be happy with Hart or Green.

  6. My Name Is Earl says:

    rob green makes too many errors and joe hart is still unproven, he’s had 1 good season but thats it. he mite not be able to cope with the big step up. he might also cope with it but its still a risk.

  7. iamgooner says:

    thanks arseworthhaving..


    does sound out of our reach your right there, could be just what we need though..
    i would take hart over green i THINK but to be honest i am very unsure on them both.

    every season i have no clue who arsenal are bringing in, but ESPECIALLY this year, i know you are all thinking the same! haha

  8. damstar says:

    arsene siad we he is going for experience and quality….so i wont be surprise if we are after buffon…i am sure if we are gonna sign any gk is gonna be any one among these gks: buffon, robert green, igor akinfeev and thomas sorensen…

  9. damstar says:

    arsene said he he is going for experience and quality….so i wont be surprise if we are after buffon…i am sure if we are gonna sign any gk is gonna be any one among these gks: buffon, robert green, igor akinfeev and thomas sorensen…

  10. an arse worth having says:

    Apart from Chamakh pretty clueless. You could be right bout the young English keepers. I’d imagine Wenger seeing the face of Richard Wright when he looks at either of them may put a spanner in the works. I think it’d be good for the fans though if we have an English spine – i.e. Keeper and Centre Back.

  11. iamgooner says:

    yeah thats true.. but name a english goal keeper as good as buffon akinfeev etc? truth is England havent had a decent GK since Seaman, same with Arsenal i reckon..

  12. an arse worth having says:

    With keepers like Seaman though, age was a factor and that he played in a team that prided itself in its defence. There’s a moderate risk with any youngish keeper as well. ManU proved this with the respective successes of Van der Sar and Foster. I agree Buffon would be the best signing, just the financial issues that make me think he’ll go elsewhere. Hope I’m wrong!

  13. Adam_Gunner says:

    this video was so painful to watch !!!!

  14. China gunner says:

    Arsene is insulting the intelligence of fans by insisting that he has faith in Fab and Alumunia. Perhaps it’s the spin doc at work. Any neutral guy can see the blunders made by Fab not over one game but a series of high profile games . At all the big clubs ,when you are give the chance you must make the most of it.You are given at most five to ten matches to justify your place. If not it’s the drop and exile.The red faced aint going to tolerate such incompetent display over a few matches.
    So to Mr Arsene stop insulting the iq of the fans not over the goalie but over the whole team as well.

  15. Song is King says:

    Maybe we should look in Germany. Adler and Neuer looks like a real deal if we are after 1. Perhaps Neuer doesn’t want to go since Schalke going to CL next season but Adler might want to go. Leverkusen needs money after all.

  16. damstar says:

    @ song is king…..adler is out for 6 months or so….so he is out of the card……

  17. Goonerdan says:

    @ damstar Adler is not out for 6 months. He only has a broken rib he will be fit the time the WC is over. I think he would be a fantastic addition. After all had it not been for his injury he would have been German No 1 at this years WC. Surely wont be overpriced as he is at Leverkusen who have struggled this year and need to raise money

  18. damstar says:

    @ goonerdan…am sorry for the wrong info…i read it somewhere that says he will be out of the wc and maybe six months out…..thanks for ur correction but i will prefer we get buffon than any othe gks in this world if there is any truth dat we are after him….

  19. arsenal4ever says:

    Buffon is apperently on the way to emirates. All italian sport news center are reporting it! Dont know if it is true but something must into it!!

  20. damstar says:

    @arsenal4ever..if we sign buffon, that we surely made my summer for real….we need his experience and quality…and surely if we get him we will win the league next season….fingers crossed tho…

  21. damstar says:

    john terry has broken a metatarsal…maybe be capello can call sol campbell….

  22. Michael says:

    I would love to see Buffon here, it’s almost a perfect scenario, sign Buffon, send Szczensky out on loan again next season, when Szcenzsky comes back, he can learn from Buffon one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and then fulfill his potential in like 3 seasons time, it’s almost written in the stars.

  23. iamgooner says:

    Oh my god!!!!! can you belive it?! buffon to arsenal??!! i gave up on that dream ages ago, but if there is actually a chance!! AMAZING!

  24. iamgooner says:






  25. arsenal4ever says:

    I am still not sure but hopefully Wenger saw we need a world class GK!!! Buffon in an Arsenal shirt? My dreams can be reality!!!! :-) Lets hope we will get also a great CB!!

  26. iamgooner says:

    arsenal4ever – who do you think is coming in?


  27. iamgooner says:





  28. arsenal4ever says:

    @iamgooner: Torres? No way but we said the same about Arshavin so who knows. But Wenger already said the defence is priority this summer. So with Chamakh arriving I cant see another striker coming in. Only if we will sell Dudu which is probably the case.

    Torres, Yaya, Subotic and Buffon would be great. Only concern about Yaya is will Song go back to the bench? I cant see this happening. I think we will get this guy from Udine.

  29. damstar says:

    “My transfer policy this summer will be to keep our strengths going forward, add one player, and add more defensive strength to our team.”….this is wat wenger said…dats means chamakh is the only one attacking player coming in..and more defensive players….

  30. fraster says:

    Really brilliant for ManU & Chel$$ki, because that vid shows our defeats only, with the aforementioned and Spurs….nothing else. Only Cesc is improtant for that compilation.

  31. iamgooner says:

    when does the transfer window open? i cant remember?

    i want to know now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. iamgooner says:







  33. arsenal4ever says:

    there will be a new world-class GK in summer!!!!

  34. iamgooner says:

    hay guys, does anyone know if merida has signed a new deal with us? i know he is out of contract this summer..

    i dont get why he wasnt put out on loan!! poor guy has played nothing! same with vela..

  35. American Gooner says:

    arsenal4ever and iamgooner please lay off the pipe, arsenal is not getting torres and unlikely to get buffon. its not fifa manager 2010. i would love for either to happen, but lets be real here. let alone the ridiculous lineup iamgooner put above. why not just put ronaldo and messi, why stop there?

  36. iamgooner says:

    yeah was only for fun, i think you are taking it too serious son, its a football BLOG

  37. YeOldeClockend says:

    guys, i hav heard AW say 2 or 3 times that he wont buy more than 3 players in 1 window. So they’ll be… Chamahk… Buffon… Subotic

  38. Marty Price says:

    From everything we read, if Arsene does not spend big he will lose Cesc and who knows who else. Without Cesc they seemingly lost their heart. If they lose Cesc, well Arsene’s project goes up in flames eh?

  39. Michael says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but i’m sure I remember Arsene Wenger saying at the start of the season that if we didn’t win anything this season that it would mean that his project had failed. Or did he mean it for next season?

  40. Marty Price says:

    Michael no one will correct, because that is what he said. Now Gazids is saying he will have money. They had better spend because the youngsters have gone as far as they can without help. They need defender(20 another midfielder if Ramsey cannot come back, and Wiltshire goes on loan another year, which he should. The keeper situation needs resolution…in all they need to spend between 30&40 million…I do not think it will happen until the find themselves out of the CL at the end of next year. In the meantime lets keep our fingers crossed.

  41. arsenal4ever says:

    @ American Gooner but you know who will come in? If even Wilson said a world class GK is coming in so I will trust him!!! Anyway if we will dont get 3-4 world class additions, Cesc will leave!!!!

  42. Ole says:

    Cesc is gone!! And not to worry, he dosn`t fit anywere in the team. English football are in decline and we need to follow, its all about physical prensence again and cesc can`t cope. He is a fantastic talent and a graced footballer, but he is made for spain. get Yaya in return + 35 mill and i`ll be happy! Get Buffon (20mill), Cahill( 12 mill), Arteta (15 mill) and Subotic (20mill) Tot 67 mill. Should be possible since we already have 35 mill to spend. Sounds a bit football manager like, but its possible.

  43. cecsy football says:

    rumours in italy r that gigi buffon will play his last game 4 juve on sunday. i dont know who he is going 2 but italian press seem certain that its arsenal.

  44. American Gooner says:


    I am hoping you and Wilson are right and that we get Buffon. He, Yaya, a top central defender, and Chamakh would be an excellent summer. Though, knowing us, we will get Chamakh and two 16 year olds from Chile and call it an off-season.

  45. arsenal4ever says:

    @ American Gooner I am sure Wenger has to do something or risk losing Cesc!!! He and the fans deserve better as each year top four finish!!! We are not the spuds who celebrate this!!! We need to win!!!

  46. gooner786 says:

    Anyone got the latest news on Buffon?

  47. YeOldeClockend says:

    buffon or hart dont mind. I hav never seen yaya hav a great game. A great team just carrys him. Song is miles better. To win next year we need to go 4-4-2 so we dont need a cmid. Cahil could be too offensive nd we need a no nonsence to partner verm

  48. Ricky says:

    @American Gooner:

    Your probably right about wenger being non-active in the transfer market. Like micheal said above i do remember him saying he would admit he’s project failed at the end of this season if we were to win nothing & now thats come bk to mind a whole load of other comments he made is slowing flooding in.

    Tbh i can see him making a whole load of other excuses we all will not be looking forward to hear this summer.

  49. true gooner says:

    we wont get buffon. hate 2 get green in my opinion hart is alot better

    sagna yaya tv5 clichy
    fabregas song diaby
    chamakh rvp arsha

  50. true gooner says:

    put hart in goals

  51. Nikhil says:

    i think wojech shud b given a chance…been brilliant at brentford…

  52. iamgooner says:

    some gooners make me laugh!

    we wont get buffon he’s to expensive?? WE CAN! AFFORD HIM! wenger just doesnt want to! and why doesnt he?? the best goal keeper in the world?? i bet he wouldnt pay 20million for messi!!

    things need to change its 2010 now! im not asking wenger to do a man city and chelsea but bloody hell, spend on some proven quality!

  53. arsenal4ever says:

    we will get Hart or Buffon. And Wenger chck out for Torres to satisfy Cesc. He deserves it to play with world-class players.

  54. Gooner says:

    How on earth were we expected to win anything with this kinda thing still going on?

    At least this makes it seem very apparent that Gallas is on the out. I’ll admit he has picked his game/attitude up since the Birmingham sit-down but after Toure leaving over his attitude I for one will be glad to see the back of the big baby.

    Even though Nasri says they just got on with it, its got to impact the standard of communication & decision making on the pitch too. Moreso maybe for the younger, less-experienced players.

  55. damstar says:

    i believe chamakh will be unveil anytime btw now and monday…he will play his last game for bordeaux today and then fly to london to finalise the deal…then next will be yaya toure, brede hangeland and finally joe hart or buffon…..

  56. iamgooner says:

    @ arsenal4ever i would love to think wenger is bringing in torres to keep fabregas happy, but DREAM ON he going to a club that actually really wants to win something

  57. trollz says:

    Congrats to Ashley Cole and Anelka for their FA Cup triumph.

    lol @ urban legend tat u wont amount to anything once u leave Arsenal.

  58. Will Arnold says:

    You better be joking about congrats to Cashley! Can anyway tell me the possibilites about us actually signing Buffon? lol Hes a top class Keeper!

  59. arsenal4ever says:

    Everyone eyes world class but Arsenal not as we have the most stubborn manager ever!!!! Cesc will be gone and it is bloody right to do so!!! I am no wum but why cant Wenger spend big. Iam sick of it!!! Chamakh is no proven world class yet. We need also someone who can cross for him!! The good days gone :-(!!!

  60. Gooner says:

    He’ll have to reconsider his transfer policy because this cycle of players leaving will just continue and every season we’ll be back to the drawing board.

    In all fairness though, Cesc should never have admitted publicly -anything- about Barcelona. The media have so much control over the sport these days they’ll just continue to twist the knife for the sake of a story. Barca are just going to keep pounding on the door until he gives in now.

  61. damstar says:
    this is a nice video that shows the review of our 09/10 season…

  62. iamgooner says:

    you do know it will be the exact same next season dont you?

    do you really think we will win the champions league or premiership?

    chelsea and manu will be improving there ALREADY BETTER squad then ours this summer.. and im not even gonna begin with madrid/inter/barca

    its gonna take FIVE MAJOR players for us to actually get serious, we are off the mark by a long way, and anyone that thinks differant is in denial.

  63. Michael says:

    I know he’s not that experienced, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Ever Banega here. He is a very good prospect, could be good back up for Song and really push him for a starting role, maybe even play him along side Song and Cesc… Also it’s not like he would be to costly, what would it take? £10 million maximum… The media say he is a mix between Xabi Alonso and Mascherano, but, the media also say Liverpool want him, I would love to see him here, let’s stop him from ruining his career and joining Liverpool. Also, Igor Akinfeev would be a good player to sign, he would only cost about £6-10 million because he is out of contract in January.

  64. trollz says:


    Thanks for sharing. Brilliant.

  65. damstar says:

    chamakh is in london at last…..

  66. arsenal4ever says:

    any truth in this? He recently signed a 5 year contract extension so I dont think there is any truth in it!!

  67. iamgooner says:


    at first i thought this link was just another silly rumour, doesnt sound very wenger at all.. BUT THEN i read it! it started to sound just like wenger..

    ‘Reina was not for sale at any price. However in view of the current financial situation at Liverpool it was believed the bid would have been enough to tempt the Reds owners into accepting’

    wenger taking advantage of the financial situation at liverpool he has done that before i think with other clubs..

    plus he would want to keep fabregas happy?

    interesting though! UP THE GUNNERS

  68. gunner786 says:

    i agree wid you goonerdan!!!! Fabregas is no henry…… if he wants to go then he can but he better not expect us to be grateful because he hasnt won anything with us. Im sure Wenger will have a replacement and it’s funny were being linkd with youhan gourcuff highly unlikely they will sell because of their president following chamakh arrival. Im sure Wenger will buy before he sells cesc to barcelona and the price quoted is 30-35million is a joke!!! Please wenger sell him at 50mill with yaya

  69. arsenal4ever says:

    it is his bloody right to move on!!! IMO Arsenal is a sinking ship!!! No ambitions anymore!! Yesterday chcked out some older Arsenal videos!! We used to be the best team in england and even europe :-(!!!! Arsenal is just business no football club anymore!! Doesnt care what fans thinking!!! I am sick of it!!

  70. Goonerdan says:

    Why remove my comments Chris. I have a right to vent my frustrations at the player for signing a 5 year deal and then being as disloyal as to go away and be sneaky with his little muggy mates like pique xavi and villa and decide he wants to go now…thinking that he doesnt owe anything to the club that gave him a 5 year deal on 100 grand and the captains armband of Arsenal Football Club…Does that not mean anything!!!

  71. gunner786 says:

    I wouldnt have a problem with fabregas if his contract was run down and he is clear to leave to any club he wants, For me peersonally henry departure will be a bigger loss than cesc. Arsenal will live on wether he is here next season or not, this club will always be bigger than cesc but it’s funny that reports say hes spoken to wenger while professor on holiday lol

  72. gunner786 says:

    Wenger needs to man up on this transfer….. he better play hard ball of 35million plus yay toure minimum,united play hardball with ronaldo and got 80 million… this is the moment to truely see if wenger is a genius or living in his own world

  73. Goonerdan says:

    I am guessing Wenger would want someone like Gourcuff to some in but considering we burned all our bridges with Bordeaux by fucking up the Chamakh deal then that is very unlikely..

    we will probaboly end up with someone like Rafa van Der Vaart and yaya toure

  74. Goonerdan says:

    £30million is an absolute insult considering the mugs paid £40million plus Eto for Ibrahimovich

  75. gunner786 says:

    I guess his clause is 25million so that is a possibility…. if cesc leaves he better buy 2 players to replace him! i would be happy with gourcuff and hazard plus yay toure.. i aint getting my hopes up. Its all over the tv now that cesc is leaving but the question is before or after the world cup. Barcelona cant afford more than 35million well shitty to them reports are sayin ibra could be a sweetner

  76. gunner786 says:

    Hey chris… do an new article on fabregas leaving

  77. Angry Fan says:

    I feel sick. I cant believe this is happening to our great club.

  78. gunner786 says:

    I will feel sick if wenger sells him for a small amount!!!! if we get a huge amount then we come out on top of this situation! 60million or 40mill plus yaya

  79. J@CK says:

    It’ll be a sad day when Cesc leaves but I hope Wenger can keep him here. He’s tied down to a contract for a reason and he should honour that contract and see it out. Also, Lets not all get bulshy and say stuff like “We dont need him”. Be realistic lads, he is the heartbeat of our team and I cant see us competing without him. If he is to leave, which seems very likely now, it’s about time we got tougher with regards to players leaving on the cheap. E.g Henry-£16 mill, we got mugged. If I was Wenger I wouldnt even be considering bids of less than 50 mill for Cesc, no doubt he’ll be allowed to leave for 25-30 mill though, probably with Yaya coming the other way. Nothing can become official until the transfer window opens in June, so this could be a nervous week or so for all gooners.

  80. gunner786 says:

    Fabregas i set to leave otherwise he would a said something by now… Sometimes this happens in football but we need cover for a player of his calibre so our club has something to look forward to next season

  81. Optimistic Gooner says:

    Not even 2 weeks ago he said he wasn’t in a rush. Now he wants to leave? No! Just because the Spanish Press have said so, and Sky Sports News “understand” that he has told Wenger (who is apparently abroad by the way, does not make it so. Sky Sports News also “understood” that Arshavin was flying back to Russia, when in fact he was having his medical and signing for our club. The only source Sky have to go on are those puppets in the Spanish press, who would swear black was white if Barca or Real told them to. How many times had Vieira signed for Madrid? And all these “Wenger Out” twats want to take a minute and consider what this man has done for this club. He is a genius.

  82. Harry Vasilaras says:

    It will no doubt be a sad day when our man leaves us but as someone has said already no player is bigger then the club. After hearing that Arsene failed in an attempt to sign Reina it has made me believe that he may actually be ready to spend cash. With that in mind imagine getting yaya toure and with the remaining cash to spend on melo, that will give our midfield true strength that it has been missing for half a decade, I know that I’m most probably in dream world.
    P.s. Think this needs a whole new trend, pretty big news.

  83. gunner786 says:

    If we did get yaya and 40million, with that money we could buy melo and gourcuff then our midfield would better than it ever has, but not likely lol. Im really hoping for wenger to show us fans that this club can move forward, 40million plus the 30we woulda had equals 70million…… Melo 15m gourcuff 25million hart 13million 2 defenders 20million.

  84. My Name Is Earl says:

    the only reason Cesc said he wasn’t leaving during the season is so he wouldn’t get turned on and boo’d! now its summer, he can’t get any stick at all! after everything he’s said this season, he’d be a hypocrite if he left now!

  85. iamgooner says:

    dont blame him, who would want to play with denilson when you can play with iniesta, who would wanna play with bendtner when u hav imbrovic who would want to play with nasri when you have messi who would want to play with diaby when you have toure, who would want to play with a clown in goal?

    if we let him go £80million


    yaya toure + ibrovic + 20million

  86. American Gooner says:

    agree with the comments above. if wenger lets him go for anything less than 50 million he is a prat.

  87. Gooner says:

    This is a SAD day for Arsenal Football club. Cesc Fabregas is one of the best players in the world. what makes more angry is that i know wenger will never buy the right replacment (if any) that could come-in for Cesc. As for Fabregas, you could have stayed a while longer. You still havent reached the peak of your career and dont forget that Arsenal and Wenger made you the player you are now. You are an absolute legend even if you leave. It looks like it is a done deal as there are many sources saying that hes close. As for his replacement, i can only see one player capable of taking his spot or probably better than him, and that his yoann gourcuff from bordauex. Hes a great midfeilder with plenty of skill. I am very sad to lose Cesc at this stage as he is an important player for us. I think we should get 35m + yaya toure and then next season we could easily play song and toure at the holding midfeild and leavue gourcuff as an attacking midfeilder. That is the least Wenger can do, and hopfuly he will do more. :(

  88. Ole says:

    arsenal4ever: Are you still confident Cesc woun`t leave? I am sure he`ll leave and I hope he does. We can play 4-4-2 again. If Wenger spends all the money we have we`ll be better off without that gypsy anyway, get a midfielder who are strong and can win balls we are more than creative enough up front. We also need goaly, two defenders, midfielders etc. And if we get any less than 40 mill, it`s a joke;) I hope we all treat Cesc the same way we treated Adebywhore because there ain`t much difference between the two;) I actually like ade better because we all knew he was a bad apple;)

  89. gunner786 says:

    If david Villa is going for 42million then cesc is atleast worth 60million giving his age, If we dont dont get sumwhere close to this amkount im afraid this is turn out to be a dissapointing move for our future and our top 4 place.

  90. My Name Is Earl says:

    are ppl not realising the worst part of all of this?? it means Abou Diaby will now be a key figure in this side! that is the worst part of all this !!!

  91. A.Wengers Scout says:

    i feel sick and i feel like im going to cry….don’t make this be true. one more year your only 23. Thank you emirates stadium you took away our soul…we left that back @ Highbury.

  92. arsenal4ever says:

    wenger out!!!!

  93. iamgooner says:

    lol its not wengers fault

    who can blame fabregas!

    ibrohimovic + toure + 20million nothing else will do

  94. an arse worth having says:

    Big no to Ibrahimovich, we’ll have enough strikers with Chamakh. If he does go then I think there’ll need to be some strong signings to lift the moral – not only of the fans but primarily of the players. Toure would be ok, I’d personally have Milner and Gourcouff as 1st and 2nd replacement choices. Its Wenger though so who knows? If the dreaded happens who does everyone want, if anyone, as a replacement?

  95. Ole says:

    The real change for arsenal happened the day David Dein left AFC, he was brilliant. Now there is some fools worse than any yanks running this club. Just saw Millwall beat Hudd. Great if they get into the championship, the only London club with som pride.

  96. Ehsan says:

    I won’t believe it until it is official… If he leaves every single penny coming in + the budget should be spent. Anyway I just don’t and I m not able to believe it

  97. iamgooner says:

    @an arse worth having:



  98. an arse worth having says:

    @iamgooner: No, I don’t think scoring five goals in the Champions League constitutes “average”. For the record Ibrahimovich scored 1 less than both Chamakh and Bendtner in that competition, and playing in a team that most people think has the best player in the world and 2 others not far behind. Apparently you think our goal-scoring is more of a concern than our defending?

  99. Ricky says:

    Gallas is on he’s way out & YES cesc will follow.. We already have an average side & with 2 of our most experienced players going what is there left?? Vermaelen?? clichy?? v.persie?? cos theres nobody else i would have in my 1st eleven.

    Come next season do u guys really see wenger spending over £50m on players with the sale of fabregas?? cos i dont! we do this every season, lose a few of our best players & expect to compete with replacements that are not worthy of playing for even spurs, villa or everton..

    Hate to say it but in wengers last interview after the fulham he was looking like he couldnt cope.. The questions he were being asked about the fans wanting new arrivals & knowing we are right he still came with he’s bullshit excuses. The mans time has come.. since we have moved on with all the invincibles he may aswell move on too.

  100. an arse worth having says:

    Yes, but who would you swap him for? We don’t have the unlimited funds to interest Mourinho, and the select number of managers superior to Wenger are all tied to clubs.

  101. iamgooner says:

    there both poor lets be honest they are no invincibles team

    if you think 49goals in 139 appearances is a good goal ratio for our main striker then you need your head checked..


    rvp doesnt compare to them goal scoring wise

  102. iamgooner says:

    ricky your comment is soo true

  103. an arse worth having says:

    No one can argue the merits of Chamakh till he’s had the best part of a season with us. I’m not saying our team’s perfect, but our defence/goalkeeper is in far more need of changes than our attack. Scoring 2 goals away at Wigan is not a disaster, conceding 3 is.

  104. iamgooner says:

    true.. but ADMIT both are not arsenalworthy when you compare to the other clubs like:


  105. an arse worth having says:

    How can you or anyone judge Chamakh when he hasn’t even signed for us yet? I accept that the above teams will have strikers more prolific than ours, but even taking your side of the argument Ibrahimovich is not in the bracket of a Drogba Rooney or Messi. Also I’m surprised you don’t think RVP’s good enough.

  106. iamgooner says:

    RVP is great he just doesnt bad enough goals for us.. he has scored 49 goals for arsenal in his entire career! that is not great for a striker at a top club and i dont think its good enough if you want to be winning the silverware

  107. an arse worth having says:

    That’s fair enough. If Fabregas goes this season then I think RVP may be off as well soon. Hasn’t been this much heat on the manager for a while. Be an interesting summer. I just hope there’s at the very least a new, decent keeper and centre-back at the end of it.

  108. arsenal4ever says:

    I dont know. Maybe an english ones? Cesc leaving has also good points. Verminator will become our captain!!! Probably we will get Gourcuff and Hazard. But for 30 mill pounds? We should get at least 40 mill + Yaya Toure!!! Sell Denilson, Rosicky and others. IMO the club needs a new face if Cesc leaves!! If Ramsey is fit again I am sure he will be even better then him!!! He is the real thing and dont want to move to spain I think. But who knows!! Ok as there is no other solution to keep him but for the new season Wenger has to deliver!!! And pls take the FA Cup seriously!!

  109. an arse worth having says:

    I agree that if we end up selling Fab we should sting the bastards for all we can get. Set a good precedent so clubs know we’ll be hard to bargain with – bit like Lyon.

  110. canadiangooner says:

    shattered … confidence in AW at an all time low … if the captain has no confidence why should we … the only thing that talks is money and before the season even starts lets see how AW reacts and how serious he is re transfer ambition to get to the next tier … i’m so sick of flimsy excuses and empty platitudes to the fans..

  111. Have a feeling that Arsene won’t buy a goalkeeper now as it will be so many signing it will be to much of a drastic change for him.

  112. arsenal4ever says:

    let him go!!! I dont want players in the club who wants to move!!! 50 mill + should be ok!!!

  113. Gunningooner says:

    Arteta wont replace fabregas:

    Wenger hasnt said anything about Hazard

    Yaya Toure has said Nono:

    DAvid Villa is just a twat, signing for an already successful club, in which hell get 1/3 of the playing time:


  114. American Gooner says:

    if we get just 30 million pounds we have been fleeced.

  115. REDgoon says:

    I think Samir Nasri can take Cesc’s place. The boy hasn’t really had a chance to play. He was good in his first season, and didn’t get a chance to play this season because that mug abou diaby broke his leg. It took him a while to get back to form and he played well in Cesc’s position. Our attacking game was good at the end of the season, it was our horrible defending that let us down. We scored 2 against wigan, 1 against the spuds, 1 against Birmingham and a total of 3 against Barcelona. Remember when Barcelona played Man U? They couldn’t even score one goal!!! That’s the problem with our team. We have wonderful attacking play but absolutely horrid defending, as shown against Birmingham, Wigan and Barcelona home game where we scored first but left our goal open to concede. In my honest opinion, I think Sam can deputize for Fabregas. With Chamakh arriving and a fit pairing of RVP and Arshavin, I expect the goals to flow in. Some people suggest that Chamakh is not good enough, but Thierry Henry and Adebayor weren’t banging in 30 goals a season before they signed for us either. What I think we need in return for Fabregas is Yaya Toure and and a decent amount of cash. Having Yaya and Alex Song in midfield would give Samir the room to move around freely and pick out the killer pass. Then use the left over cash from this transaction and last year’s transfers to get Akinfeev and a commanding central defender. So thats Akinfeev, a CB, Yaya Toure and Chamakh – anything more than 4 players would greatly disrupt the chemistry of the team. Thats just my opinion though…

  116. jason says:

    if we sell fab for yaya toure and 40m, we are screwed.
    there’s no guarantee that foreign players will adapt quickly in the league.
    there r lots of foreign players who struggled-look at melo at juve.
    besides toure and chamakh cant guarantee a great first season like verm, n they cant guarantee that they wont get injured.

    nasri cant replace fab. nor can ramsey yet.

  117. an arse worth having says:

    If he goes then James Milner as 1st choice, if not him then Gourcuff who already links up well with Chamakh. Heaven only knows what le boss has in mind though.

  118. Impeccable1 says:

    I’m ambivalent about this situation. While it would be sad to see Cesc go,no player is bigger than the club.It was disgraceful how we allowed our season to collapse at Tottenham and Wigan and I think that confirmed to Cesc that we won’t win anytime soon.If Fab goes it must be at the right price- 55 million pounds in this market.He has a contract until 2014 so Barca need to show the money if they want their man, that rat turd about”Barca DNA” will not work! Show us the money or shut the hell up! Let’s see how much they really want u now Cesc?

  119. an arse worth having says:

    Lol – the Mail now saying that the board have upped Cesc’s price to £80 million. If its true than we may yet have one more season of El Capitan.

  120. Pollhater says:

    I think we should sell him if the price is right but it won’t be a good move for Cesc, he will be on the bench for at least two seasons.

    I am fed up with this will he or will he not go, just go and leave us in peace.

    But did he really say that or are the papers just stirring?

  121. arsenal4ever says:

    Arsenal want 80 mill!!! Great hope barca pays this sort of sum!!!

  122. arsenal4ever says:

    whats about Chamakh??? If Arsenal not entertaining a offer for Cesc below 80 mill why we didnt conclude this deal yet? Are we seriously after Rossi from Villareal?? I would love Tevez in an Arsenal shirt!!!

  123. ros says:

    wenger is on holiday fab is with the spanish squad the spanish press are twats desperate for fab to come to barca,so say anything the vice presicunt of barca does this for votes.fab has been badgered frm mates from spain all season the spanish league is shit and fab knows this he will stay he wants wenger to buy top quality players or he might go sooner rather than later, another 2years then he go,he would sit on the bench at crap stadiums 2 good games and some champions league outings the english league is better shame all the media here would love him to go coz they hate Arsenal

  124. damstar says:

    hey gooner chris, give us some latest news on transfers and fabregas pls…we havnt hear from you for a while now..hope everythn is well with you…we looking forward to you this summer for any news on arsenal transfer dealings chris…..

  125. Angry fan says:

    Well chamakh has signed up!!! At last!!!! Just have a little read into hat he is saying!!! “he has been a fan since he was a child” this is what we need!!!! More fans!!! This lad is gonna be massive player for us!!! Not those types of wankers who support that scum team barca!!!

  126. arsenal4ever says:

    @ angry fan: I want to see Fabregas go!! He said a few weeks ago he is happy but now wants go to barca. Fu.. you Fabregas. LEt him go for 50-60 mill and buy Gourcuff!!! He is in my view the true “new” Zidane!! Fabregas showed he is greedy as most footballers!!! I understand him in the point for not winning trophies but he is also responsible for it. To leave the sinking ship now shows his true character. Even if he stays my respect he doesnt have anymore. Ramsey will even be better than him!! Hopefully Merida stays now and florish into his new role!!! 3-4 more players and we can be a force again. Now GK is priority Arsene!!!

  127. gunner786 says:

    arsenal4ever.. we been sinking for 5 years now so he has got the right to leave if he wishes to however the club has a right to value him and sell at the best price they can get. If fabregas is not sold to barcelona this summer then i nkow he will play his heart out like he always does. Its nothing to do with greedy… it’s ambition and i hope he stays and if we did win something next season its more likely he will stay longer. I just hope wenger can buy 4 player’s this summer and show the world who Arsenal are!!!!


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