May 24

Walcott starts against Vela’s Mexico side

Theo Walcott is more convinced than ever that he belongs on football’s biggest stage, and he will have to let his feet do the talking during tonight’s friendly against Mexico.

The Arsenal winger starts against a Carlos Vela-led side, with the England man admitting that he deserves to be in Fabio Capello’s final 23-man squad.

He said:

“It [Germany 2006] feels like just the other week to be honest. I know a lot has happened, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but the best way to deal with things is to react on the pitch.

“I’m still only 21, When I was still developing at 17, I got into a World Cup squad straight away, which was a lot of pressure.

“Most players get to develop in the background but with Arsenal and England there is a lot of games on TV so it can be hard. All eyes are on you straight away. I had a great run towards the back end of last season but this season the injuries have just stopped me completely. It’s been difficult. But I have a lot left in the tank. It feels like my season is only starting in the last few weeks.

“Picking the 23 will be difficult, it’s going to be an absolute headache but I’m sure as a manager [Capello] would prefer it that way, you want that competition. It can only look good for England.”

England team to face Mexico

Johnson – Ferdinand – King – Baines
Walcott – Carrick – Gerrard – Milner
Crouch – Rooney


25 Responses to “Walcott starts against Vela’s Mexico side”

  1. Gooner says:

    Hopefully he will be going to the world cup becuase he deserves it. There have been recent reports stating that Green would sign for arsenal after the world cup in july, any news on that Gooner Chris?

  2. The Fan says:

    Not the line up i was hoping for but hopefully they will do well together.
    I hope rooney stays near the box enough so walcott’s crosses actually get put away into the back of the net then people will stop going on about his crosses.

  3. superfly says:


    I hope not we might as well keep Almnuia in goal. Green is way overrated and makes more cockups than our current keeper

  4. superfly says:

    Hahaha after my statement Rob Green is having a decent game…think i spoke to soon

  5. Gooner says:

    He’s having a good game against mexico!

  6. john says:

    I dont want to speak too early but walcott needs to do more he looks as if hes never sure what to do withthe ball. but sying all this i bet he scores lol

  7. john says:

    put on SWP

  8. superfly says:

    I think walcotts having a decent game. He’s opening up alot of space for other placers with his movement

  9. pastaface says:

    How did Walcott do? I heard he got slated by the pundits but were no where near as bad as the other players.

  10. Goonerman says:

    yet again walcott gets pointlessley singles out for critisicm by idiotic pundits, he made a few good runs put in a couple of good balls and even had a hand in johnsons goal but most importantly he defended very well when johnson constantly decided to bomb forward, yet when that muppet lennon come on he had one single touch in 15 minutes and he made a run against a left back allready battered by theo and the pricks in commentary praised the fool for a single run which created nobody.

    milner is apparently a 30 million pound player and to say the least he was average, carrick was quite poor and the man he was replaced by huddlestone was pretty anonomous as well finally ledley was abit shakey in defence maybe he should be used more as a striker lol.

  11. superfly says:


    Yep I agree with the above. Walcott got WAY to much grief. Lennon made one good run. Walcott did that all game. Its good thing Capello isn’t influenced by the british media

  12. an arse worth having says:

    The media are heavily xenophobic. They resent Wenger for constantly showing up their good old english lads’ techincal ability. Mexico looked a lot more accomplished tonight, and England have one of the best managers in the world. Imagine how embarrassing it’d would’ve been with an English manager (with the exception of Roy Hodgson) in charge.

  13. nosuch says:

    england has no chance in winning the cup.

  14. Highbury4L says:

    walcott didnt do enough for me, no offense on the fella, but he needed to be more daring with the runs and england needed to pass to him more…at the right time. What arsenal do is that they know what he can do, they train every day so if the game is lagging a bit, they send him on a run and cause a threat.

    But I think they should take lennon and wright phillips, particularly wright phillips, he knows what hes doing

  15. Highbury4L says:

    having said that, he carried out a few good runs, but not as good he is for arsenal

  16. tc says:

    Fabregas’s dad wants arsenal to sell him asap….im so sad.

  17. Malaysian Gooners says:

    TC..players come players go..look at Henry. The most important thing is we have to support Arsenal in bright days as well as rainy days.

  18. pierre says:

    have you seen his speech on sky spots news guys.he said “i love arsenal and the fans.they love me more than my own family ,i spoke to arsene and he told me to concentrate on the world cup and leave everything to him.”he went on to say”wenger is like a father to me and what ever he decides i know it will be in my interest.” when asked if he’ll be at arsenal next season he replied”its not in my hands arsene will decide,i want to concentrate on the world cup”so guys read what you like from the my humble opinion the fact that it depends on arsene means that we will see cesc at our amazing club next year at least.of course the press will try and make us believe otherwise.

  19. arsenal4ever says:

    but I dont want players at the club which arent determinded anymore. I am sure his head is already at barca!!!! He didnt make such comments yet. We should sell him for 60 mill and buy Gourcuff!!!

  20. jason says:

    fab made such comments. read it, its in the nerws.

  21. arsenal4ever says:

    @ jason. It wasnt that clear he wanted to leave until now so I am gutted with this!!! We need players who really wants to stay and to win something together.

  22. Ehsan says:

    I think that fabregas desire to play for arsenal never changed… He knows very well that the support he got in arsenal is umatched. Even messi was not a first team regular at that young age. He always said he wants to go back to barca at some stage. And it is the first time their intrest materialise. If wenger wants him to stay he will stay and will happilly give his best for the team as he used to… I like the guy, he is a honest person and he is the best in his position

  23. Ricky says:

    In he’s heart i believe he wants to go.. he’s basicly put the ball in wengers court so to speak..

    The only way fabs mind will change is if big changes are made in the summer to convince him the clubs ambitions matches he’s own.

    Then again if he stays next yr he’ll go the yr after so i doubt we’ll ever see fabs sign a new contract with us.

  24. American Gooner says:

    sell him and be done with it. this will he or wont he stuff is crap. look at man u they sold ronaldo and bought back garbage and they still challenged for the title. its about the shirt, the club, and the suppporters, not cesc fabgregas. if he is lame enough to want to go back now to barca at 22, fine. dont let the door kick you on the way out. just make sure you get at least 40 million for him AND reinvest it in the club.

  25. tc says:
    I told all of you that he will be leaving…this is gonna be hell for us:(


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