May 26

VIDEO: RVP nets a brace against Mexico


20 Responses to “VIDEO: RVP nets a brace against Mexico”

  1. VanDaManPersie says:

    Van Peezy

  2. Boy Better Know says:

    u dun know b.b.k

  3. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Van the man, as per usual. Just stay fit and well please.

  4. Harry Barracuda says:

    Stunning goalkeeping for the first.

    And equally stunning goalkeeping for the second.

    Fuck me, my granny could have scored those. And she died in 1985.

  5. van persie surely is the man for sure but on a completely unrelated matter the Fabregas saga that continues to drag on yet again with the family now getting involved with daddy chanting Wenger should ‘respect’ his son’s wishes, lets analyse the statement for a lil bit are we getting any respect from barcelona? i think not with all the hype about how much they wanted the player back to his roots and the players urging him to come to barcelona different players talking to the media and the president trying to redeem himself for letting him go in the first place yet they haven’t made any formal communication to the club and the player is under contract with us and Wenger basicaly made him what he is now and the way this story is turning out is just pure shambles coz no respect is been shown to him and i think wenger should stand his ground and if Fabregas is smart enough he would know that going to Barcelona myt destroy his career coz they don’t have any space for him there the only space they have is on the bench and it myt just be a hleb situation all over again but if he really wants to go then we should get as much as we can and so hard ball it is but the feature that looms us is that we just raise stars and sell them to player poarchers like barcelona and man city and that is very not cool

  6. Goonerman says:

    those two finishes just show that with no major injury problems he could be up there with every single striker in the world and alot of other strikers simply would not even have the skill to finish both of them goals! also if fabby goes then get VAN DER VART in there could be some dutch sixth sense there between them lol!

  7. damstar says:

    guys i think eduardo will be off in the summer. hugo rodallega just claim arsenal have make an offer for him and that he is looking to move to arsenal according to…

  8. Goonerdan says:

    Yeah think you are probably right Damstar. I think we will see Eduardo moved on probably to a club in ligue 1 as he will probably fit in well there despite having lost a yard.

    I also think we will see Vela either sold or loaned out for the season to a prem club Leaving us with Chamakh, RVP and Bendntner as out and out strikers and therefore would not be a suprise to believe these Rodellaga rumours.

    Obviously we are looking atcentre halves aswell with the latest link being Laurent Kosielny although having only spen 1 season in Ligu1 1 im not sure he is the answer to come in and start alongside TV5. Haing said that, i know we scout players at least 30 or 40 times before we sign them and if he has been scouted this much then i would have faith in bringing himin and at 8 million euros it does not tke too much from our budget

  9. joe says:

    If we dont bring in edan hazard wenger is bonkers hopefully he will come but you must be having a laugh about cesc leaving if he goes i will run to scotland naked up the gunners red army !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. joe says:

    Chelski are scum

  11. joe says:

    I hate spurs bunch of jews

  12. damstar says:

    @ goonerdan..we are now been linked with hangeland and Laurent Kosielny as well…i will prefer vela to stay though…he hasnt been given enough chance to play in the first team…

  13. tc says:
    I told all of you that he will be leaving…this is gonna be hell for us:(

  14. pierre says:

    i agree with joe fab is going nowhere.we get this every year.and gooner charles no we dont sell our star players…all the players that have left we made pots of money on them and most either didnt fit with arsenal… or were greedy(in adebayors case lazy as well)…arsene knows that fab is needed at arsenal and fab will listen to him(he said so himself)fabregas has a five year contract therefore its not up to barca ….its the same case with ronaldo and man united .he wanted to leave but ferguson refused ….eventually he left for 80 mil …so i think fab will stay for another year then we get loads of dosh for him…so joe if he leaves i shall join you for that run to scotland lol

  15. tc says:

    wat the fuk is wrong with this blog…same old shit since the past one week…put up something new man..its becomin boring now.

  16. an arse worth having says:

    Has anyone read today’s ‘Daily Star’? Apparently they’re pretty certain Joe Cole’s on his way to us. I’d be surprised but the rumour has been circulating quite a bit lately.

  17. GoonerDareMKD says:

    I saw the front page of today daily star online it says : guns get cole for free, but i can’t find the article anywhere ???

  18. jackson says:

    tc shut up you mug, go log onto a spurs website they can up date you on there 1st season in the history of the champions league

  19. tc says:

    jackson…ure dead.


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