May 31

Arsenal set for pre-season Austria tour

Arsène Wenger will take his Arsenal team on their traditional pre-season visit to Austria, it has been confirmed.

The Gunners, who have been regular guests in Austria for almost 9 years now, will stay at a Bad Waltersdorf-based 5-star hotel from 19th to 27th  July this summer.

Here is a list of Arsenal’s confirmed pre-season friendlies so far:

17th JulyBarnet (A)
19th-27th July (Austria Tour – A)
31 July AC Milan (Emirates Cup – H)
01 August Celtic (Emirates Cup – H)
07 August Legia Warsaw (A)


24 Responses to “Arsenal set for pre-season Austria tour”

  1. John says:

    It’s going to be a funny tour this year – Look at the dates, it is right after the world cup.
    I went to see the game in Stuttgart a couple of years ago and there wasn’t that much of the full squad there. This year I would expect it to be even less.

  2. arsenal4ever says:

    hopefully with a new GK, CB, Joe Cole and probably Gourcuff!!!

  3. lil gooner says:

    The Gunners are the best club though we have not won anything major for five years, We have the best stadium which Brazil have made it their home for international friendlies, we have the best manager in our/club history, we always contest for league honors every season on a less than 10 million budget even teams like Spurs, Aston Villa, Man City, and Liverpool spend 10 times or more but we always above them except for Liverschool who were above us last season. We the best, against all the odds. The media is trying to test us, got the press trying to screw us but we always stand against their odds. I don’t why they hate Arsenal that much, now we have Barcelona trying to get every piece of us, they were lucky to have faced the best starting line up, imagine if they had faced this line up then:


    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

    Song Denilson


    Arshavin Van persi

  4. patrick kenyor says:

    We hope that Arsene Wenger will buy players for the coming season.We should not count on the present players.

  5. Andrew says:

    CB – Laurent Koscielny
    GK – ?
    ST – Chamak
    AM – Cole

    7-8 million euros in total + keeper cost

    If we can hold on to cesc great if not then buy Gourcuff and lets start winning trophies

    PLayers leaving
    GK – Fabianski and Szchesny (loan)
    CB – Gallas, Sendros, Silvestre
    CM – Cesc (upto Cesc)
    ST – Eduardo (sell)

  6. Danish Gooner says:

    It is fucking ridicilous he is going to Austria every fucking year,playing shit teams on the way.

  7. Oskar says:

    Why can’t we go to America or Asia and make some money? Doesn’t seem to bother Chelsea or Man U during the season

  8. Me says:

    @Danish Gooner: It’s ridiculous he’s our manager. He PROMISED signings before the WC but it won’t be any. He’s a cheapskate. Arsenal has become a club where the shareholders make profit every year. Since Wenger came we have invested 340 mil euros in the transfer market and we have sold players worth 330, so thats just -10 milion net on transfers, which is ridiculous. Every year since Emirates we have 30 million pound after tax profit which goes to our board i assume.

  9. arsenal4ever says:

    keep calm!! He will do something and he didnt lie cause we got Chamakh and everybody knew it will be Chamakh before world cup. And sell Fabregas if he wants out!!!

  10. Jimmy says:

    I’d just like to say that everything is fucking ridiculous

  11. Me says:

    @arsenal4ever: yeah he didn’t lie cause he knew in January Chamakh was coming. The worst thing of all is that he CERTAINLY bid for Kosczielny and Diakhate, but if he misses on them he’ll say I believe in my players, we don’t need reinforcements, they will step up this season, just like he did when he missed on Alonso, Melo and Inler so now we have Denilson, stupid cunt playing the most important position in the team. He wouldn’t score 30 points at an IQ test if someone helped him to do so.

  12. Bigare says:

    The profit does not go to the board, its reinvested in the business. The shareholders receive no dividend, but benefit by capital apreciation of the value of their shares.
    You want a short term fix, go an support Chelsea or Man City. Arsenal is a properly run business and is investing for the future.

  13. arsenal4ever says:

    I said it last year Wengers time is up but the board wont sack him!!! But preassure is increasing so I think there will be some major changes!!! Hopefully of course!! Even Gazidis said there is a lot of money to spend.

  14. arsenal4ever says:

    apparently we got already Hangeland it was said on several blogs who has reliable sources. Not sure if it is true but I think HAngeland and TAylor are a very good possibility!!!!

  15. jimmy says:

    i thort the arsenal board discussed that they were losing so much money on playing in these shit tournaments. now it seems they gona continue and play in austria again! we need to go to the big tournaments in USA or japan like the other big teams! come on arsenal board get ur act together!!!

  16. Denno says:

    what i’d like:

    almunia, fabianski
    diaby..hs consistency would far better suit hibernians

    what i know:
    wenger’ll keep

    we need:
    2 great international CBs
    good DM
    winger..not just any, Eden Hazard
    a new trophy cabinet 4 cl, epl, fa, emirates cup et al.

  17. Me says:

    I would be happy with one of Hangeland, Kjaer, Subotic at DC, Gourcouff if Fabregas leaves and Van der Wiel, Hazard, Azpilicueta to back-up. Szczesny as our number 1 of course

  18. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    hangeland has no speed, get Cahil to partner TV5, Hart, Taylor 4 back up… Wenger says he dont look at players passports but he should coz wot a english player lacks in ability he makes up for in spirit… And we need spirit down the spine

  19. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    i read that rosicky in part exchange for hazard… And almunia in part exchange 4 lloris… Any truth?

  20. Gooner Chris says:

    Some pretty adventurous rumours there. Hazard is an Arsenal fan so there might be a bit of substance in that, but I can’t see the boss getting rid of Almunia this summer.

  21. Me says:

    @Bigare: Arsenal Football club is properly managed only as a COMPANY. We are not a company, we are a football club and we need to invest in players, players and some more players. Like someone said to Wenger, the future is NOW.

  22. Andrew says:


    First no shareholder gets a single penny in divident so its stupid to say shareholders are making all the money

    Second do we really need full international world class players wenger bought Arshavin and Vermaelen both of them for 15m and 10m respectively and they both turned out to be great

    NOw we have Chamak so our Striking crisis is over
    IN Midfield if fab leaves then we should go for Gorcuff, song has changed his game and become on the best DM in business, Diaby and Denilson are ? but who is to say they wont do what Song did last season and when you have players like Wilshere, Lansbury, Ramsey, Eastmond coming through and players like Rosicky just starting to play regular football after being injured for more than year do you really want to invest in a player you may not even need
    IN Defense we are sure to lose Gallas, Sendros and Silvestre I think we will keep Sol for one more year and Djourou will be back to full fitness next season so one Signing should be more than enough. Laurent Koscielny since none of you have heard let me enlighten you he’s about 6’2, right footed,has a leap like Vermaelen, a very clean but a hard tackler and he’s the right age what else do you need ???????? One year with us and he will one of the mosted wanted CB in europe just like Vermaelen is now. OUR CB’s next year – Laurent, Vermaelen, Djourou, Sol and Norvedit

    In GK – I agree Almunia or Fabianski aren’t the solution and this is maybe one area I agree Wenger has turned a blind eye too which has costed us some crucial games so I really hope for a signing but none of you people are right to think that Arsenal have kept Wenger just because he won something like 8-9 trophies because the move to Emirates they kept him because they think he’s the right guy for the job.

  23. Hugh says:

    for the 2010-11 season the team should be:

    (Gourcouff, xabi alsonso, Felipe Melo or Anderson maybe?, just in case it gets to the worst and cesc goes)
    ( Hazard, Diego Capel, jesus navas, Robiniho or Shaun Wright-Phillps, cause Rosicky is on his last few seasons here i think)
    (L.Remy, Mario ballotelli, Dzeko or Ibrahimovic?)

    Any of the signings i highlighted could make a high change to the way the team plays 😀


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