Jun 14

Adebayor’s phone goes off live on TV!

With little Arsenal-based news floating around at the moment, we’ve found this gem which is likely to make you laugh.

Emmanuel Adebayor has been doing punditry work for the BBC’s World Cup coverage, and during today’s Japan v Cameroon game the Togolese frontman’s phone went off live on air!

The former Gunners’ striker seemed visibly embarrassed by what happened and when Gary Lineker made a joke about it, Adebayor tried to continue talking about Cameroon.

Check out the clip below:


25 Responses to “Adebayor’s phone goes off live on TV!”

  1. craig says:

    thats a classic, did you hear alan shearer chip in with roger miller funny, you could see ade was really embarrassed did you see his face ha ha!

  2. MFA says:

    My favorite part was at the end when the alan shearer said “they will bring a curtain color to the tournament” racist

  3. neil says:

    it was bendtner get him backfor all the shit adebyor said about him :)

  4. Goona! says:


  5. darren mitchell says:

    probably his agent ringing him about another big money move he would be happy with that he has pound sigs in his eyes

  6. Me says:

    He didn’t want to leave Arsenal .. when will you accept that FACT.

  7. Jimmy says:

    Why on earth they chose him to be a pundit i don’t know… He’s so difficult to understand.

  8. gt says:

    Oh light up everyone. People forget to turn off their phones all the time. I was guilty on a few occasions and was rightly embarrassed. Why he was even invited to be a pundit is beyond me though.

  9. herdee string says:

    stupid shine.

  10. Gooner2 says:

    I miss ady and wish he Neva went his was a world class player and he didn’t want to go

  11. willo says:

    The man is a prat. End of.

  12. anonymous says:

    what a great choice for a pundit, lol. i can’t understand half of what he says, and its not like he has some great football knowledge/is a great player/good former player/ etc, i guess he got a nice paycheck and jumped on it, haha.

  13. anonymous says:

    give him money
    and he’ll score

    (or something along the lines)

  14. Ifygeorge says:

    Give dis man a break.we al act like if u got an alternative job with a few pounds added u wont quit your present job.the fact is a money makin business.and y’all kip yr stinky mouth closed

  15. Highbury4L says:

    sod him. He was too egotistical. didnt pass to bendtner against wigan which cost us in 2007/2008 and then just fell out with our fans…or our fans, fell out with him, I dunno. But either way, that isnt an excuse to leave, you beat the boo’s. Eboue and gallas did it, why cant he.

    fuck him, I will never forget what he did to persie, especially when adebayor had fallen out with the fans and not the players. utter scumbag, screw him. even tho we needed striking talent last season, he aint coming back, he aint willing to apologise to him and as he claims he did nothing wrong.

    till he apologises for that, he can piss off. he apologised for the pitch run apparently but I’ve yet to hear it from the horses mouth about the other…I wont deny, he had striking talent and we missed it last season, but we aint grovelling back to his feet, not now. its him who has to want to come back

  16. jaygooner says:

    It was Ashley and Jermaine looking for some phone sex. Ashley Cole what you doing with that phone up your hole.

  17. iamgooner says:

    show him the money
    and he will go!!

  18. Daymee says:

    The comments I’m about to make has nothing to do with race or nationality.
    I’m African myself and I feel I have to make this clear from the outset.

    Adebayor is a footballer who is paid lots of money like every other footballer. Money or wealth, as it were,
    cannot buy decency, neither can it give you brains. In every single way, Adebayor is a disgrace! The moment he opens his mouth he just lets himself down. I’m sure there are other worthy Africans that could have been called upon for this position. BBC made a big mistake with this one.

    The other day, he was being asked a simple question (“why do you think that is?”) he just went off on a different tangent, completely unrelated to the question being asked. After he finished, Lineker had to direct the same question to Klinsmann (“why do you think that is, in Germany Jurgen?”). So I can understand if viewers are saying they can’t understand what he is saying. It is not prejudice or racism. It’s an obvious embarrassment.

    Yes, it can happen to anyone but Adebayor is by no means “the sharpest tool in the box”. It’s like he’s just tailor-made for gaffes. Phone rings on national TV, what a plonker? I hope BBC are regretting this already.

  19. Mohamed says:

    Also did anyone see when they asked him about RVP, he instantly replied ” i love Van Persie” expecting to be asked a negative question concerning him as well but Lineker was just talking about the general attacking talent the Netherlands have.

    The guy is insecure and you can see that he lacks maturity.The other pundits try to get him to offer an opinion most of the times and you can see he is not comfortable in that environment.I am happy that he has left Arsenal.Glad that he is not giving a bad light of Arsenal football club and also this vindicates Arsene’s choice to sell him.

  20. looneygooner says:

    Shame it was an AK47 going off, now that would have been funny

  21. 7masters says:

    Let get over Ade business we need to focus on ourselves instead of looking at everything our former players get up to. It surprising to see BEEB have made him media friendly and these time around I understand everything he says unlike before.

  22. Ricky says:

    Im very excited & im very happy are the only words that i understand that comes out the guys mouth. lol

  23. Gooner83 says:

    Was his ring tone set play to Beyoncé by any chance? ; P

  24. Dale says:

    Oh c’mon guys! Yeah i was one of those who was upset at his antics while with us and flirting for the pay day, but now, when i look back at it, I would do the same, it’s my livelyhood, though i’d still be a GOONER, Ashley Cole is a secret gooner, though we the fans make it an unhealthy situation to play for the club sometimes, Bendtner, Eboue, Fabianski, (Hilario, Cech made gaffes but i didn’t see to many Chelsea fans blasting them)Diaby, and soon enough Cesc were all given a hard time by us fans. He made a mistake, thinking he’d come out ontop, but i’m sure deep down he didn’t want to leave. It’s like a relationship and the girl decides to end it, you might call her names and all, only to regret it deep down.

  25. truth says:

    ERmmm. It was actually his wife ringing to say that she has given birth to his daughter.


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