Jun 16

Preparations at Spain are much different, says Fabregas

Want-away Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas has revealed that Spain’s pre-match preparations are much different than those he has experienced whilst at the Emirates.

The 23-year old, who still has hopes of joining Barcelona this summer, admitted that the differences between club and international life are vast when it comes to preparing for their games.

Speaking to the BBC, Fabregas said:

“Here they give us much more information than they do at Arsenal, definitely.”

“At Arsenal we don’t really look at anything from the other team, we look for ourselves and that’s it.

“Here, maybe two three days before the game, we start looking at some videos, we know more or less the starting eleven that is going to play … we know nearly everything about them.

“You just have to have your group of friends here, you play cards, you play Playstation, you have fun. We train morning, afternoon, go to sleep early … you don’t have much time to think about it really.”

Catalan giants Barcelona are refusing to give up on their bid to sign the Arsenal midfielder even after having a £30million bid turned down and Spaniard telling Gunners boss Wenger he wanted to leave.

Spain lost their first World Cup group match 1-0 earlier this evening. Fabregas didn’t manage to get off the bench with Switzerland’s Gelson Fernandes netting the game’s only goal in the 52nd minute.


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  1. Samir, says:

    Why buying this crap? We know the media,how they like to exxaggerate & deliberately misquote the real context when it came to Arsenal.They destroyed our relationship with Ade before he left,remember Reyes,Arshavin!The best way to put them on shame is to ignore them & rely on audio/vedio clip.

  2. Samir,emirates says:

    @Alex,when did you start supporting Arsenal?Let me guess? 2003 after Leeds Utd got relegated that’s why you speak like amateur who criscross & joined the wagon in midway.Calling Wenger names is unacceptable to Arsenal’s faithfull who knw where we came from b4 Wenger & where we are with Wenger. I know fanatics like you who always think that Arsenal is dead without Cesc,am sorry to say this; Arsenal survived many odd than u can imagine.Cesc will never reach the level of Tony Adam,P.Viera,J.Winterburn, Overmars,R.Pires,Nwanko Kanu,T.Henry,Wrightphilip, S.Wiltord,Sol & G.Silva. Those were real legends who played for Arsenal’s pride not themselves & they went away and we are still in a top flight where even the likes of Liverpool,City & Everton fails terribly.So if u knw nothng abt Arsenal,u better visit the park than insulting Mr Wenger.

  3. wandarah says:

    Well Samir – that quote came from a video clip, that is available on the BBC site.

  4. Mannix says:

    If Ship sink,it sink with the captain. Cesc can never talk anythng tht can hurt his mentor Arsene Wenger. Cesc was only tried to differentiate btwn life in the club & life in the camp bt media as usual must blow thngs out of proportion especially where Arsenal is concern or our best player.

  5. IrishGooner says:

    they have plenty of time to prepare more obviously. some good it did against the mighty swiss haha!

  6. Tom says:

    Of course it’s different… Some of them who are from Barca are busying with lobbying Cesc to join them… In the process, they open their big mouths & talk to press hoping it would further pressure AW/Arsenal to sell/lower down $$ expectation lol….

    As for Barca, they are doing their part in making sure Cesc wouldn’t be so concentrate in WC by talking to the press “We want Cesc” etc… They also ask their players (Xavi etc) to do some marketing talk for them as well… All these make it so different you know….

    Finally, “congrats” to Spain on their effort that bear 0 point for their match vs Switzerland!!!

  7. Ole says:

    @Bogi: Wake up Bogi!! They ask if about the transfer saga with barcelona and how he coped with it? If Fab didn`t want to leave he would have said so, but he doesn`t.

  8. Allen says:

    upon that Fabregas spain still loose to swis right? so what are u now saying my adverse for u is that stay at Arsenal and play football but if u insist u can move on but there must be a replacement for u here either by German midfielder Mesut Ozil. Good luck Fab,Good luck

  9. j says:

    Barcelona want to reduce the competition by purchasing some of the best players in the world, who wouldnt? They almost re-established themselves as the Alpha dogs of football in the CL semi’s 2010, but they were out thought by Mourinho, no “luck” (Wenger), no coincidence, just a superior tactical understanding of the opposition When Arsenal played Barcelona our display was embarrassing, we were 5 year old kids playing adults…”give us the ball Mr”!…..Suggestions that Cesc should not go to Barcelona for the above or any or other reasons are hopeless and futile.

    Cesc purportedly.. “Here, maybe two three days before the game, we start looking at some videos, we know more or less the starting eleven that is going to play … we know nearly everything about them”………………..

    Sadly we are not the team of the late 90′ & early to mid 00′s, we are now very predictable and 2D. Then we possessed individual players who were unpredictable, that could anticipate and read ahead, they had intellect and individual genius. We had players who loved Arsenal .. DB10 & H14.. they not only influenced the game but the players, they were united on their road of demolition.
    To Cesc, so now he is learning of other teams tactics? rather than “go kick the ball about son” …….his education at Arsenal is finished, he has no one to aspire too, where does his inspiration come from in the current squad.
    He has run out of patience no question, we were only ever baby sitting him and now his parents have come to collect.
    No one can sustain any relationship on repeated promises, if you continually promised to “change” for 5 years despite how much you loved your GF, Wife, she would leave you.
    Is Cesc likely to question openly Wenger’s approach & philosophy…no, but he will leave.
    When you hear the words “we just need a couple of players” …….mmm, yes but inevitable injuries with no substantial or equivalent replacement?
    Great so the Academy “farm” is making a tidy little profit, and the prodigies get little or no 1st team experience before being sold or put out on loan…never to return.
    Sure we have to survive, but we have been “found out” our tactics are antiquated and Wenger is not the new kid on the block anymore…its “Ground Hog Day”
    We need heroes, the players need heroes…where are they?

  10. BigMartyp says:

    what is wrong with looking at videos. The US backs said they picked up the fact that John Terry does literally the same thing every corner kick…heads for the inside post. They took it away from him. In addition they look at Rooney’s tendencies……we area all creatures of habit and sometimes new things are uncomfortable. I would think Arsene would do this stuff as woeful as some of the let downs were this past season.

  11. Aa23 (norwegian gooner) says:

    I like Samir, refuse to let the media turn me against my team captain in this particular case and against Arsenal in general, as should all true Gooners!

  12. seoirsemac says:

    I really hope people are not gonna be thick generates and start booing cesc at the emirates cup like some did to adebayor. Cesc has done NOTHING to disrespect arsenal and has NEVER said he wants to leave publically!

  13. fraster says:

    I think that Cesc will have the same same future as Henry at Barca….as a very great bench player. With Xavi & Iniesta, where will be playing Fab in a Barca’s starting XI?
    They don’t need him, while we need definitely a world-class player like Cesc in that (almost)irreplaceable midfield position.


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