Jun 16

Preparations at Spain are much different, says Fabregas

Want-away Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas has revealed that Spain’s pre-match preparations are much different than those he has experienced whilst at the Emirates.

The 23-year old, who still has hopes of joining Barcelona this summer, admitted that the differences between club and international life are vast when it comes to preparing for their games.

Speaking to the BBC, Fabregas said:

“Here they give us much more information than they do at Arsenal, definitely.”

“At Arsenal we don’t really look at anything from the other team, we look for ourselves and that’s it.

“Here, maybe two three days before the game, we start looking at some videos, we know more or less the starting eleven that is going to play … we know nearly everything about them.

“You just have to have your group of friends here, you play cards, you play Playstation, you have fun. We train morning, afternoon, go to sleep early … you don’t have much time to think about it really.”

Catalan giants Barcelona are refusing to give up on their bid to sign the Arsenal midfielder even after having a £30million bid turned down and Spaniard telling Gunners boss Wenger he wanted to leave.

Spain lost their first World Cup group match 1-0 earlier this evening. Fabregas didn’t manage to get off the bench with Switzerland’s Gelson Fernandes netting the game’s only goal in the 52nd minute.


63 Responses to “Preparations at Spain are much different, says Fabregas”

  1. REDgoon says:

    Personally I’m not even bothered by this. I just want him to go so we have money to invest in the team. Nasri can play in his position. I just believe the kid has been overlooked so much since le boss is all googly-eyed over Fabregas.

  2. oskar says:

    Look where that got you against Switzerland. Not that you even got off the bench

  3. UpUrArse says:

    Coz that preparation set you in such good stead against the mighty Swiss.

  4. Gooner says:

    you dont have to critisize the team, if u really want to leave then leave … but for the right price :)

  5. Gooner Chris says:

    @UpUrArse: Haha, exactly.

  6. oliver says:

    Come on Chris – are you really falling for that crap? Cesc did not take a dig – he compared how the two sides conduct their pre-match preparations. Stating that Spain do more things than Arsenal hardly counts as “taking a dig”! Must we do the tabloids jobs for them?

  7. Pat Digna says:

    If this is true then the writing is on the wall, glad to observe the alternative methods are so much more effective. Hero to zero in a heartbeat !!

  8. fred says:

    Gooner talk, you are deciding the context and meaning of a quote that probably has to do with publicising how well prepared spain are rather than how unprepared he feels Arsenal are. The context is very diffent as it wouldnt work very well in club football due to injuries, the limited build up between games and having to watch 60-70 videos of opposition teams in a season.
    The manager does that and then sets the teams accordingly.

    On another note, how much difference would it make apart from stifling players as they think too much about how the opposition play instead of just being themselves and playing well within the managers tactics and formation. Also they lost!

  9. damstar says:

    fuck him….if he want to go we should let him go instead of talking shit like that about arsenal….the preparation that didnt give u nothing against the swiss….now i dont even wanna see him at the emirate anymore…fuck you csec ur a disgrace for real….go to barca and die on the bench…

  10. Alan says:

    Don’t turn on Cesc, it’s not his fault that he’s lost faith in Wenger, the Club and their lies.

  11. superfly says:

    Hows this a dig…i watched the interview on the bbc and they asked him the difference between wengers preps and spains. Even wenger has stated this and other players including adams, veira and dixon. He never said it was bad. Wengers discussed the merits of his approach in earlier interviews.
    Gooner chris please dont do what the tabloids do and make a mountain out of a mole hill!

  12. Smudger says:

    That’s not a dig at Arsenal’s preparation really. It’s purely a contrast in coaching style – Wenger likes to push home the point that if the players concentrate on their own game and play to the best of their abilities, they will beat the opposition.

    It’s up to the coaching staff at Arsenal to look at positives and weaknesses of the opposition and then set up the Arsenal team accordingly.

    And as already pointed out, watching all those videos on Switzerland didn’t do the Spanish too many favours this afternoon.

    PS. Anyone that wants Cesc to leave or think he has acted in even a remotely disrespectful way to Arsenal is an idiot.

  13. superfly says:

    @Gooner chris HE WAS ASKED TO COMPARE….the interviewer said how does preparation differ from wengers approach!!!!!!!

  14. samir says:

    It isn’t a dig, he was asked to compare.

  15. fred says:

    Nice to see others thinking the same as me. Chris if you dont believe it is a dig at Arsenal then why did you publish it in this manner?

  16. Highbury4L says:

    @Gooner Chris: I agree, the words you can use in the article can make you read this as if it was being said with harsh context. but if you read it light heartedly, it soudns different, not much to go on here. I dont see why fabregas would annoy arsenal so that he would leave, rather than actually tell everyone hes going.

    keep your heads out the paper till its announced

  17. Gooner Chris says:

    @fred: Sure, I’ll change the headline.

  18. J@CK says:

    At least you get on the field at Arsenal soppy bollocks.

  19. abc says:

    show bbc link plz

  20. My Name Is Earl says:

    the sooner we get rid of that clown n replace him with somebody who actually wants to be at the club, the better !!

  21. superfly says:

    Even with the change of headlines its still inaccurate reporting! He didnt say Spain was better, he highlighted was there was a difference after he was asked to compare. For those who can I advice you to watch the BBC interview from 1.25 and you’ll clearly hear the reporter ask fabregras to compare!

  22. Gooner Chris says:

    @abc: It was during their pre-match coverage of the Spain/Switzerland game.

  23. jim says:


    I thought I had got away form all this nonsense when newsnow enabled blocking of all the silly tabloid stories.

    Ill have to add Goonertalk to the blocked list. GC, youre writing has really gone down hill. This used to be one of the first sites I read. No longer.

  24. superfly says:

    BBC link http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/world_cup_2010/8740144.stm

    Gooner chris i advice you to watch it again and think about changing your headline!

  25. Kanye14 says:

    Alexis Sanchez or TW14?? Alexis anyday 4 me…. El Capitan respects Arsenal, Wenger and the Fans too much to take a dig at the club!! Anyway i enjoyd watching xavi n th barca scum loose!!!

  26. Matlee says:

    when i heard the interview i thought to myself, why don’t Arsenal do any preperation on the opposition? It seems strange that you wouldn’t. from Cesc’s point of view it appears to be that he does question Wengers tactics and i would have to agree. However it did not help Spain in their match against the Swiss team. maybe less time playing cards and playstations and more time on football tactics would be my advice to Cesc.

  27. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t seem like much of a criticism, but the prep does seem like a waste of time. Lol. I was so disappointed with that result.

  28. ChrisGreen says:

    First time I’ve posted here……but seen a few posted on this topic around on the internet and thought I would voice my opinion somewhere, so why not here.

    I know that its the time of the season where us Gooners tend to be worrying about losing the stars we created and increasingly the lack of ready made talents to replace talents lost but, we shouldnt be trying to stir the pot ourselves as fans.

    I fail to see where Cesc has actually has a dig at the lack of preperation…..since when has doing things differently been bad. Arsene talks about his players ‘football intelligence’ all the time, he therefore assumes that the players can work out what is going wrong on the pitch and re-act. This may explain the difference in approaches that Arsene and Vincent Del Bosque have as Arsene trusts his players to do what is right on the pitch(wrongly or rightly)

    Before you all slate me for being part of the AKB brigade….i am not. Arsene has done a great service for the club during this period of financial restriction,He has ensured that the club are able to compete in the transfer market without the need of a rich sugar daddy. But i am not sure he knows what to actually do with all the money we now have, how to spend it…..he seems to be allergic to it.

    Thanks Arsene but this season should be your last.

  29. Passenal says:

    I heard the interview too and this is a complete misrepresentation designed to make Cesc look bad. I can’t understand why an Arsenal supporter would want to do that. Cesc was asked how it differs and he responded he did not give a view as to which was preferable. Both approaches have their pros and cons, they are just different, one is no better than the other as today’s game showed.

  30. Gooner Chris says:

    @superfly: You’re right. I’ve changed the headline to ‘much different’ this time. As Cesc does mention several differences between the preparations.

    Hopefully this clears it up for you, if not, you’re welcome to email me at goonerchris@goonertalk.com :)

  31. Alex says:

    Let’s be honest, Wenger’s preparation is awful.

    How many times have we been caught out by the virtually unknown secret weapon that is Rory Delaps throw-ins ?

    How did Wenger’s “just believe in yourselves, lads” preparation help Senderos deal with Drogba, or the entire Arsenal defense deal with Rooney, Ronaldo, Park!

    Don’t be deluded, Wenger is tactically inept. He’s got a great scouting network and a decent eye for talent, but is tight fisted and racist (towards French and French speaking Africans). On top of that he seems to have incorporated the amusement park “minimum height” meter as his maximum height permitted for any new signing.

    He doesn’t coach the defense at all, and has no clue when it comes to keepers. I don’t blame Fabregas for wanting wholesale changes if he stays. What are players like Almunia, Fabianski, Silvestre (c’mon seriously?), Senderos, Denilson, Eduardo and Eboue doing in a top-level competitive squad?

    Can you EVER see any of those players getting into the Reserves at ManU, Chelsea, Barca, Real Madrid, Inter Milan ? Why are some of them considered good enough to be in our first team ?

  32. REDgoon says:

    @jim: NO jim you’re the only idiot here for resorting to childish name calling.

  33. Kalix says:

    Yes, but you should have prepared for Switzerland?

  34. superfly says:

    @Gooner Chris:

    Well done goonerchris you’ve restored much of your pride…resulting in me deleting an email of complaint that would of made its way to your inbox :-p

  35. Rick says:

    Some of you should take a deep breath and relax … I dont see anything wrong in his words and do not feel bad about it …

  36. Matlee says:

    if Chilli beat the Swiss and draw with Spain, then the Swiss beat Hondorous which is quite possible its goodbye Xavi and the rest of the Barca cretins. I think they miss Messi

  37. Phil says:

    Cesc, after you got beat by a country big on clocks and hidden Nazi funds maybe you should consider your options more closely. Secondly ditch the playstation, I would never have you down as a console retard! Get a real PC gaming rig.

  38. harrison says:

    i’m sorry but anyone slaggin of fabregas is a complete idiot hes never stated he wanted to leave your doing exactly the way barca want you to and playing fabregas into their hands. he is our captain he compared spain and arsenals training techniques is that a crime the lot of you asking for his and wengers head need to look at yourselfs

  39. Evo says:

    sorry to say, but you are indeed a champion cunt. To say shit like Wenger is racist is just an absolute disgrace and I’m suprised the owner of this blog would allow such a comment.

    Wenger has had to be tight with spending the last few years, if u want a top class stadium like arsenal have, sacrifices would have to be made, which was why the whole youth policy was put into place.

    You are a blind bat who can’t see the miracles that man has produced for the club, the invincibles only broke up a few years ago and he had to mantle an entire NEW squad, with an average age of something like 23 and still we’ve been heavily in the title race in 2 of the last 3 seasons. How many managers can do that? NOW wenger knows this season is vital for this current squad and he’s working to bring in the right players and is refusing to being bullied by barcelona over cesc, what the fuck more do you want? twat.

    A powerhouse centre half on his way (koscielny), a striker with the most potent aerial threat in the game (chamakh), a player who rips our defence to shreds when he plays against us (j.cole) and more on the way, stop complaining dickhead, and another thing, barcelona are way more vertically challenged than we are, yet they can tear us apart, what we’re lacking is heart and a desire to win, Wenger can do his best to instill that day and night but some players just dont have it in them – you toss. That’s why Wenger is going for way more industrious players this summer, wtf are fans like you gonna say when we win the title next year? You twonk.

  40. Evo says:

    and another thing mr alex no brain cocksmith, about your little racist remark, you do know Wenger looks for QUALITY, rather than a manager like martin o’neill buying anything british that moves, maybe you’d prefer to finish where they did? If anyone is racist, it’s clearly you.

    Were you complaining when we signed Vieira Anelka or Henry? Chelsea have just as much of an african/french contingent as us, and they are the CHAMPIONS, just like, you are a CHAMPION tosspot. Now piss off.

  41. Ole says:

    I agree that Cesc doesn`t take a dig at arsenal in this intervjue, but he does confirm that he wants to leave and that is worse. He is a brilliant talent, but if he want to leave he should, we don`t need that sort of people at AFC. There are plenty of players better than him (Gourcruff, the german Otzel?) I would perfer a new defensive midfielfer like Yaya or something in that catagory, and go back to 4-4-2. We have plenty of creative players and V.Persie creates more than Fab. He can F… off for all I care! But Harrison you have a fair point if your aim is to keep Fabregas, I don`t.

  42. Ole says:

    Alex, you shouldn`t make racist comments, this is 2010!! But I agree with you that Wenger have a poor tactical mind and approche to his game. That is why we didn`t win more trophies between 1997-2006 than we did, we had the best players in the world. Wenger is a brilliant stategy maker and a good judge of talent, but tactics is not his strong point.

  43. Bogi says:

    @Ole: Where exactly does Fabregas confirm that he wants to leave???

  44. AK says:

    Graham Hunter is a cu*t, he asks questions in a clever way and the interview before the game had bits of the original interview, i have to say BBC were schneidy with that editing, anyways shame on spain, Argentina to win!

  45. John says:

    @damstar: Don’t be so fickle your comments about Cesc are a disgrace you must be A SAD SPUD FAN

  46. Stroller says:

    Does it matter whether Spain prepare differently to Arsenal ? In fact is it surprising ? In the premiership teams and players come across each other on a regular basis, and know each other’s strengths and limitations pretty well. At the world cup they meet sides from other continents who they have never come across before. That’s what makes managing an international side different from a club side. This is really a non-story.

  47. Dale says:

    Some of you are deluded, clearly this is a player who has declared he’d like to leave this season, not next year, 2 years from now, no matter what the press print, i still think this is a player who is no longer loyal to the Arsenal cause. Please compare him to our REAL “CAPTAIN” in demeanor and talk, ROBIN van PERSIE, he’d never say anything like that and we know Netherlands prepare well, at least they can beat USA or Switzerland. i’M TIRED OF THIS CATALAN taking our shine on the media pages, lets sell him off for the right price, I’ve moved from him, looking forward to Ramsey, Wilshere or Nasri taking over while Eden Hazard, Mesut Ozil or anyone who IS EXCELLENT ENOUGH & WANTS TO WEAR THE THE GUNNER JERSEY WITH PRIDE.

  48. Donald says:

    Fab may have a point, against top class opposition our squad often looks entirely unprepared. Look at what Jose had his Inter team do against Barca…he prepped Inter defensively and completely shut down Messi, didn’t let Messi move 2guys on his tail at all times. It wasn’t visually pretty but it got the job done. Now look at how Arsenal dealt with Messi…namely they didn’t. Wenger was so obsessed with it being the spectacle of the beautfiul game- it ended up looking like men against boys, the amount of space we allowed Messi was ludicrous. Noone within yards of him and he scored 4. It didn’t help that Song was out and Silvestre was in admittedly, but how can we explain that Arsenal haven’t defended Delap’s throws in 2 seasons, failed to neutralise Drogba sinse forever and continually get caught in the counter to United by being over-zealous. Often watching these games the only conclusion you can come to is Arsenal focus too much on our own beautiful football, and not try and neutralise the oppositions best players. Fab isn’t very popular with me either, i think its a disgrace the way him and his daddy agent have treated Arsenal this offseason, but Fab maybe or maybe not intentionally has pinpointed where our weaknesses lie in the big games.
    Noone can deny when Arsenal play United, Chelsea etc- they seem to know exactly what we’re doing before we do it, and we’re always a step behind them leading to some unsightly scorelines against us- that can’t be a fluke.

  49. Dale says:

    harrison and others who support his ideas are morons, when you search every media outlet for Arsenal you see Fabregas and the can of worms he has opened since the day he sat down with Arsene to demand his freedom from his contract with Arsenal. WE NEED A CAPTIAN THAT IS READY TO TAKE US ALL THE WAY, NOT ONE THAT WANTS TO BOUNCE TO HIS “BOYHOOD” TEAM at the sight of struggle. If i was a Gunner, i’d want Robin van Persie as my captain, at least he is not moaning about moving back to Feyonoord.

  50. Roy says:

    Cesc, yet again you say the wrong thing!
    You should spend your spare time getting a collection to pay the £50+ million required to get your “Dream move”! Also, get used to the bench.

  51. Samir, says:

    Why buying this crap? We know the media,how they like to exxaggerate & deliberately misquote the real context when it came to Arsenal.They destroyed our relationship with Ade before he left,remember Reyes,Arshavin!The best way to put them on shame is to ignore them & rely on audio/vedio clip.

  52. Samir,emirates says:

    @Alex,when did you start supporting Arsenal?Let me guess? 2003 after Leeds Utd got relegated that’s why you speak like amateur who criscross & joined the wagon in midway.Calling Wenger names is unacceptable to Arsenal’s faithfull who knw where we came from b4 Wenger & where we are with Wenger. I know fanatics like you who always think that Arsenal is dead without Cesc,am sorry to say this; Arsenal survived many odd than u can imagine.Cesc will never reach the level of Tony Adam,P.Viera,J.Winterburn, Overmars,R.Pires,Nwanko Kanu,T.Henry,Wrightphilip, S.Wiltord,Sol & G.Silva. Those were real legends who played for Arsenal’s pride not themselves & they went away and we are still in a top flight where even the likes of Liverpool,City & Everton fails terribly.So if u knw nothng abt Arsenal,u better visit the park than insulting Mr Wenger.

  53. wandarah says:

    Well Samir – that quote came from a video clip, that is available on the BBC site.

  54. Mannix says:

    If Ship sink,it sink with the captain. Cesc can never talk anythng tht can hurt his mentor Arsene Wenger. Cesc was only tried to differentiate btwn life in the club & life in the camp bt media as usual must blow thngs out of proportion especially where Arsenal is concern or our best player.

  55. IrishGooner says:

    they have plenty of time to prepare more obviously. some good it did against the mighty swiss haha!

  56. Tom says:

    Of course it’s different… Some of them who are from Barca are busying with lobbying Cesc to join them… In the process, they open their big mouths & talk to press hoping it would further pressure AW/Arsenal to sell/lower down $$ expectation lol….

    As for Barca, they are doing their part in making sure Cesc wouldn’t be so concentrate in WC by talking to the press “We want Cesc” etc… They also ask their players (Xavi etc) to do some marketing talk for them as well… All these make it so different you know….

    Finally, “congrats” to Spain on their effort that bear 0 point for their match vs Switzerland!!!

  57. Ole says:

    @Bogi: Wake up Bogi!! They ask if about the transfer saga with barcelona and how he coped with it? If Fab didn`t want to leave he would have said so, but he doesn`t.

  58. Allen says:

    upon that Fabregas spain still loose to swis right? so what are u now saying my adverse for u is that stay at Arsenal and play football but if u insist u can move on but there must be a replacement for u here either by German midfielder Mesut Ozil. Good luck Fab,Good luck

  59. j says:

    Barcelona want to reduce the competition by purchasing some of the best players in the world, who wouldnt? They almost re-established themselves as the Alpha dogs of football in the CL semi’s 2010, but they were out thought by Mourinho, no “luck” (Wenger), no coincidence, just a superior tactical understanding of the opposition When Arsenal played Barcelona our display was embarrassing, we were 5 year old kids playing adults…”give us the ball Mr”!…..Suggestions that Cesc should not go to Barcelona for the above or any or other reasons are hopeless and futile.

    Cesc purportedly.. “Here, maybe two three days before the game, we start looking at some videos, we know more or less the starting eleven that is going to play … we know nearly everything about them”………………..

    Sadly we are not the team of the late 90′ & early to mid 00’s, we are now very predictable and 2D. Then we possessed individual players who were unpredictable, that could anticipate and read ahead, they had intellect and individual genius. We had players who loved Arsenal .. DB10 & H14.. they not only influenced the game but the players, they were united on their road of demolition.
    To Cesc, so now he is learning of other teams tactics? rather than “go kick the ball about son” …….his education at Arsenal is finished, he has no one to aspire too, where does his inspiration come from in the current squad.
    He has run out of patience no question, we were only ever baby sitting him and now his parents have come to collect.
    No one can sustain any relationship on repeated promises, if you continually promised to “change” for 5 years despite how much you loved your GF, Wife, she would leave you.
    Is Cesc likely to question openly Wenger’s approach & philosophy…no, but he will leave.
    When you hear the words “we just need a couple of players” …….mmm, yes but inevitable injuries with no substantial or equivalent replacement?
    Great so the Academy “farm” is making a tidy little profit, and the prodigies get little or no 1st team experience before being sold or put out on loan…never to return.
    Sure we have to survive, but we have been “found out” our tactics are antiquated and Wenger is not the new kid on the block anymore…its “Ground Hog Day”
    We need heroes, the players need heroes…where are they?

  60. BigMartyp says:

    what is wrong with looking at videos. The US backs said they picked up the fact that John Terry does literally the same thing every corner kick…heads for the inside post. They took it away from him. In addition they look at Rooney’s tendencies……we area all creatures of habit and sometimes new things are uncomfortable. I would think Arsene would do this stuff as woeful as some of the let downs were this past season.

  61. Aa23 (norwegian gooner) says:

    I like Samir, refuse to let the media turn me against my team captain in this particular case and against Arsenal in general, as should all true Gooners!

  62. seoirsemac says:

    I really hope people are not gonna be thick generates and start booing cesc at the emirates cup like some did to adebayor. Cesc has done NOTHING to disrespect arsenal and has NEVER said he wants to leave publically!

  63. fraster says:

    I think that Cesc will have the same same future as Henry at Barca….as a very great bench player. With Xavi & Iniesta, where will be playing Fab in a Barca’s starting XI?
    They don’t need him, while we need definitely a world-class player like Cesc in that (almost)irreplaceable midfield position.


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