Jun 16

Gallas on the verge of Juve move

William Gallas is close to leaving Arsenal after his representative met with Juventus officials in Turin on Tuesday, Tuttosport has revealed.

The 33-year-old’s contract expires at the Emirates Stadium this month and refused to sign the Gunners’ offer of a one-year contract extension.

Gallas’ agent Etienne Mendy met with Juventus officials on Tuesday to discuss a three-year deal worth 2.5m Euros per year (around £40,000 per week). Those figures are a lot less than the reported £80,000 per week Gallas demanded to stay at Arsenal.

French international Gallas is expected to miss Les Bleus’ vital World Cup match with Mexico tomorrow, due to a calf problem.

Meanwhile, centre half Laurent Koscielny has asked Lorient to accept an £8.3 million offer to let him join the north London club. Arsenal have been heavily linked with a move for the 24-year-old centre-back, and he’s expected to be a like-for-like replacement for Gallas.


21 Responses to “Gallas on the verge of Juve move”

  1. lukychmz says:

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

  2. VanDaManPersie says:

    Thank God he has gone. Wat a Fucking twat!!

  3. W says:

    The wages are much lower, but you’ve got to take into account that its a 3 year deal, and the taxes are much lower over there.

  4. arsenal4ever says:

    and the replacement is already on the way to us!! :-) :-)


    Laurent Koscielny gets closer to Armory, every day a little more a club which deeply likes to recruit it for next season. After a first official offer formulated by Gunners but refused by Lorient, it belongs to the player today to announce her intention to leave Brittany. « It is a joy to be wooed by Armory. I want to join this prestigious club which competes for the Champions League. I said it to the leaders and it understands me, he explains on Wednesday in the daily Today in France. I always liked well English football with supporters close to the ground and the quality of game played by Armory enticed me. » « Do not miss the good wagon » Consequently that they know her intention to leave, the leaders of Hakes are well going to find it difficult to keep their central defender. A check about 13 million euro should end up persuading it. And satisfy everybody finally.
    « Everything quickly goes for me, especially when I re-think in my years of galleys of Guigamp (on 2004 in 2007), adds Koscielny, which gets ready to know its fourth club after Guingamp, Tours and Lorient. Afterwards a part of chance is needed and not to miss the good wagon. »

  5. MistaKen says:

    I hope Koscielny is as good as Vermaelen or else we are fucked! Have to say I have not seen him play or read many good reports – but then I never heard of Vermaelen before we were interested.

  6. Joe says:

    Koscielny is not the man to replace Gallas as he is left footed he will make good back up and be a more solid option than Clichy at LB in bigger games.

  7. VanDaManPersie says:

    what rubbish! have u even seen the guy play?

  8. arsenal4ever says:

    would wenger spend 13 mill on an unproven lad if he dont thinks he is the real deal? He isnt that cheap!!! hope he turns out to be like the Vermaelen signing!!

  9. Tommo says:

    Francis jeffers? 😉

  10. arsenal4ever says:

    this is what his coach of Lorient said about him:

    „ His development is noteworthy. I have seldom seen a defender with a such security with one-on-one situations “, says his coach Cristian Gourcouff. Koscielny owns in Lorient still contract till 2013, will be therefore no bargain: According to the newspaper‚ Oest France ’ the arsenal FC should offer 9.5 million euros for the 24-year-old.

  11. arsenal4ever says:

    @ tommo! lol :-)

    really? did he spend that much on him?

  12. hector says:

    Mr. Disunity… He’s about to begin a new chapter of anarchy and discord at the Old Lady. Just pray the Italian Mafia don’t take care of you in a decisive way. So long Billy the Anarchist we will not miss you at Arsenal. No No

  13. Debbie Does Gallas says:

    I think too much is made out of him being left-footed. Apparently you can’t play two left footers together, yet two right footers is absolutely fine?! Most clubs have that….

  14. chris says:

    liverpool away first game! .. what a joke that is..

  15. alf15 says:

    Hope we get Koscielny, he looks to be an exact copy of Vermaelen! But I wont be happy if this is the only defender we buy!! We need a minimum of 2! Koscielny + one more! Bye bye Gallas, you served us well, but your abit of mad bastard!

  16. Pollhater says:

    Bye Gallas, you done well but got injured at the most crucial times we needed you

  17. Jason Newton says:

    Good riddance to the moody shite if you ask me. Good defender, however he hasn’t got the right mentality to be part of this ‘growing’ team!

  18. Ricky says:

    Good luck to the man.. People obviously have there opinions about gallas but imo he’s a world class CB that is going to be hard to replace & i dont expect this french kid to come in & be a big hit like verma was even tho i didnt think vermaelen would be good enough to come in & takeover from kolo but he did & lets hope he continues to so i could be wrong about the french kid.

  19. arsenal4ever says:

    Gallas was good but often injured and had a bad attitude towards some teammates so thx god he is gone!!!!! LAurent will be a big hit I think.

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