Jun 16

VIDEO: Cesc stars in Spain advert

This viral video was released by Nike before Spain’s loss with Switzerland earlier this evening.

Unfortunately for them, the title is ‘ES NUESTRO AÑO. SERÁ NUESTRA ERA’ which translates as ‘This is our year. Our era.’

Arsenal skipper Fabregas features towards the end of the video, enjoy!


9 Responses to “VIDEO: Cesc stars in Spain advert”

  1. dan says:

    why keep posting stuff about the traitor.

  2. gunned_down says:

    so “you representing the Future” hence why you didn`t play today lol if you leave get use to that. Tip: I left home for college ,once I came back it didn`t feel like home anymore !

  3. Tony says:

    damn puyol is ugly!!!

  4. harrison says:

    fabregas=arsenal legend and hes gunna stay and anyone calling him a traitor just go support the team on the shite half of north london

  5. jack says:

    its disturbing how fickle some arsenal fans are… really, fabregas is an arsenal player, and we have publicly told barca to go and fuck themselves, or as good as, and there are muppets out there calling him a traitor… trust me when i say that fabregas has given his all for us, and has been a revelation whilst at arsenal, and become one of the best creative midfielders in the world… if he did decide now is the right time to go back to barca (which he is absolutely entitled to) then i say good luck to him as long as we could a reasonable fee for him… but for people to suggest he is a traitor and wouldnt get into the barca or spain team need to take the arsenal goggles off, and realise, he will be starting with spain before this tournament is over, and within weeks of arriving at barca he would start there too, when he does play for spain, its exactly like when he plays for arsenal, he dictates the play, but also has other great players around him so he doesnt have to do it all himself… fabregas is too good a player to be on the bench for long for any team… also he’ll be at arsenal next year, that i am sure of, we’d look like complete c*nts if we were to go back on the statement we have already made, and i dont think arsene would’ve allowed that press release to be made if he was even entertaining the idea of letting our captain go…

  6. ricky the rabbit1 says:

    Xavi got his dose of DNA today – Swiss DNA after they came all over his irritating little face.

  7. ktexs says:

    jaajaaaajaaaa sed is my dreaaammmmmm thiii yearrrrr k today spain (0)vvvvssssssss suiza (1) thanks fffabregas adn good day

  8. simms21 says:

    I’ve been touchy lately about the Cesc subject but I still love the guy. I don’t like Spanish men now though…. Love the women though!!!

  9. gt says:

    Pretty impressive ad, but budweiser’s is even better 😀

    youtube – watch?v=hh–OWsGt8o


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