Jun 19

Anelka’s rant sends France camp into disarray

France striker Nicolas Anelka has been sent home from the World Cup after after refusing to apologise for his half-time rant at coach Raymond Domenech.

Anelka was asked to apologise by French Football Federation president Jean-Pierre Escalettes and, upon refusing to do so, was asked to leave the squad.

Les Bleus’ mounting problems have only been made worse by Anelka’s insults towards the French boss, with William Gallas also contributing to them.

Juventus-bound Gallas has also acted like a diva throughout the World Cup so far, refusing to go take part in press conferences. Added to that, after Thursday’s defeat against Mexico the 33-year-old swore and gave a French television reporter the ‘finger’.

Fortunately, Arsenal stars Abou Diaby, Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna have not been involved in any of the quarrels, instead being praised for their professionalism by several French newspapers.


22 Responses to “Anelka’s rant sends France camp into disarray”

  1. fred says:

    Chris you got your headline all wrong,,,,again!

    It should read France camp in disarray BEFORE Anelka sent home

    Hope this clears things up

  2. Gooner&Proud_Q8 says:

    since when this domencech guy deserves an apology?! he ruined the team,,,
    thank God Nasri has not been called to the squad, otherwise who knows what chaos would that dude -who considers himself a coach- have done,,,
    bet AW warned Diaby,Sagna & Clichy not to get involved with that oldy!

    thx Chris!

  3. VanDaManPersie says:

    fair play to him for standing up to that twat Raymond Domenech. Some1 had to say something to him!!

  4. Ricky says:

    Raymond Domenech is just unreal.. How can somebody involved in such a team sport be such a prat & still be longest serving france manager?? it’s seriously unbelievable!

    Have to ask yourself just how stupid the french f.a are for having a manager that causes so much problems as im sure if it was the case with any other team they will be out before you know it.

    Dont blame anelka one bit really.

  5. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    anelka is and never was a real man… more of a baby

  6. Rizal says:

    If Anelka is the baby, then Domenech is the father, how can you blame the baby. :)

  7. Weedz says:

    Le sulk is le sick.
    I`ve witnessed over the years what this total tozzer is all about.
    It`s not about his club, it`s not about his country, it`s ALL about le Sulk. The word professionalism is so,so removed when you mention this froggies name.
    I`m no fan of Domenech, his man management skills are non-existant. He can`t draw desire out of his squad and the balance between young and old is his squad isnt right either. I surpose Domenech made his bed, he selected Anelka, so he knew what the bald-headed one was going to bring, no goals, just a bad experience and a bad mouth.

  8. KarlAFC says:

    Obviously the most important thing to come out of this article is the bit about Gallas.

    Glad he’s left us, the man seems to be nothing but trouble.

  9. Stu says:

    Domenech may be a shit manager and a twat but noone should have to take wha Anelka said.

  10. Andy Mack says:

    What did he say?

  11. arsenal556 says:

    he said, go f*** yourself

  12. bedy says:

    You have just wrote rubish to please yourself or you ego,Gallas did not swore at any body in fact he has decided he will never talk to any press in the duration of world cup just because of people likeyourself that will twist the truth as this has happened to him many times.They said he showed a finger at a repoter,there were camera everywhere let them show it,this guy refused to talk so that they dont delibrately misqoute him just like you just did to please your self now they said he act,in law how do you roof act? by picture (motion or still).
    You people might not like him but he is professional in his duties i.e. he is or was our best defender last season and also our most scoring defender before the arrival of Verminator,he has been consitent in his goals than some of our midfielders.

  13. ktexs says:

    were nasri next ssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuu franse merci
    were tiowaltca is pppiipipipipipi englan thanhs

  14. shedzy says:

    i think tht the last comment by ktexs says it all

    Although im not entirely sure what it is.

  15. Aa23 (norwegian gooner) says:

    @ arsenal556
    actually i hear it was more in the line of “go fuck yourself you dirty son of a whore” (pardon the language)

  16. Aa23 (norwegian gooner) says:

    either way the fff and domenech made the right desition…

  17. hk says:

    heard there was a conspiracy that they didn’t want to take french players from arab background hence why nasri,benzema, ben arfa wasn’t taken.

  18. pastaface says:

    I heard that also on 5live Nasri and Benzema created a few divisions but they did not mention that it was anything to do with them being Arab. But it was probably something to do with it.

  19. Me says:

    Let’s sign Mathieu Flamini (beside his quality, he was also Cesc’s best friend at Arsenal), and maybe Hleb if he got used to loud traffic 😀

  20. arsenal4ever says:

    cheers mate :-)!! Chris can you find more vids of him to see his defending? And what do you think of him?


    keep up the great work!!


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