Jun 21

Koscielny trains with Lorient ahead of Arsenal move (Video)

Laurent Koscielny took part in a open-doors training session earlier this afternoon as the 24-year-old closes in on his £9 million move to Arsenal.

The Gunners have been heavily linked with a move for the Lorient centre-back, as William Gallas’ contract talks are believed to have reached an impasse while Sol Campbell’s future is still undecided until after the World Cup.

Two bids have already been made for Koscielny, who is likely to come in as a direct replacement for William Gallas, with the clubs now moving close to Lorient’s valuation of around £9 million.

Our friends over at Young Guns revealed earlier today that Ivan Gazidis has already struck a provisional deal with the French side, and we understand that it could be made official within the next week.

Check out the video below of ‘Kos’ training this afternoon:


28 Responses to “Koscielny trains with Lorient ahead of Arsenal move (Video)”

  1. yun_da_t says:

    Good to see that he is a tall defender.. taller than Vermaelen, although it shows being tall isn’t everything. But would be a good partner for the Verminator.

  2. matty says:

    in all seriousness, how do you pronounce his surname?

  3. slugboy says:

    At 6ft 1 I think he is too small. we need a 6ft 4 central defender to curb our weakness from crosses

  4. DAF says:

    How come they’re training during the close season???

  5. gooner james says:

    lets hope hes a repeat of tv5

  6. Gooner Chris says:

    The pre-season starts earlier in France.

  7. chrissie greeno says:

    We do have a 6ft4″ CD = JD !

  8. dan says:

    another wenger wonder buy…..not,and he’s a midget.

  9. Gunner38 says:

    I hope this guyis good after all the bollocks and hype ive herd about it, we just need a mean bastard to partner Vminator, omeone who could scare the fuck out of mugs like Drogba and Rooney. And btw fellow gooners, if u know ladyb arse, shes coming up will this idea of getting a partition together from us gooners to go to Fifa to tell the Barca c**nts to get away from our captain. Ceeing as our club couldnt actually do it itrs a long shot, but im sure ul all agree, i think weev had enough of them cheating, tapping up spanish pricks.

  10. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    wtf is wrong with getting cahill or jagielka

  11. Vern says:

    6 foot 1 s a midget now is it?

  12. REDgoon says:

    @lefthand Cahill is priced too high and Jagielka is rubbish.

  13. arsenal4ever says:

    what a header from him at 3:10!!!!


  14. ArsenalDK says:

    Wow! What a video! Judging by the video he’s class! 😛 Jokes aside, i really hope he’s another vermaelen! No one thought Vermaelen would be in the team of the year!

  15. DAF says:

    Earlier yes – but in the middle of the world cup??? Surely not. This video must have been shot some time before.

    Hope he signs though! :)

  16. Gooner Chris says:

    @DAF: Nope, that’s the reason there’s such a small group of players training. It’s from today, but they started training on Friday.

    And don’t worry, he will 😉 .

  17. Balakov says:

    Looks speedy, tough & rough & hope he’s gud at set pieces just like verminator, but we need huge guys like peter crouch height & strong like campell.

  18. lol says:

    all those baying for a ‘tall’ central defender would not mind if arsene went for Danny Shittu?! i mean he’s tall init!? and strong….. although being 5’9 hasn’t hurt cannavaro’s career or has it? bunch of plums

  19. Jimmy says:

    i do find it strange that Wenger openly admitted that when we had Toure and Gallas we were too short. But finally he replaces them with two defenders that are pretty much exactly the same height, but perhaps less physical. I hope i’m wrong but this isn’t going to solve our problems against players like Crouch, Drogba, Davies.

  20. grukker says:

    its all in the leap

  21. Aa23 (norwegian gooner) says:

    Although i agree with the comments about us needing a tall and strong CD to partner TV5 i don’t get this obesession with height. I’m 6ft4 but i’m rubbish when it comes to football…If i come up against a guy at 6ft1 at a set-piece with a good leap on him i’ll get screwed BIG TIME! i’t only 3 inches between us, surely not a big deal…

  22. alf15 says:

    Its all in the leap as the previous two comments stated. Im 6′ 1″ and when i played basketball I could out leap/jump much taller players! Its all about your fast twitching muscles in your legs, which can make you jump quicker and higher!

  23. AJ says:

    A difference between a standard leap and a good leap is often more than 6-7 inches. Please dont think a 3 feet difference in height makes a great difference if the taller defender cant leap for shit.

  24. AJ says:

    3 feet = 3 inches. Typo!

  25. Highbury4L says:

    kk, one mnore defender in and were back to normal

  26. Peter says:

    Koscielny is tall enough, but he’s got no bulk on him whatsoever. He looks about 12 years of age. How will he fare shoulder to shoulder with Drogba as the latter is bearing down on goal (probably with Manuel there….Jesus Christ I’ve just depressed meself realising that). Does anyone remember Armand Traore getting somersaulted in the air by Drogba? I fear that will be the outcome with this Koscielny guy also. Wenger will never change, Cesc will leave deffo by next summer if not before and we’ll continue to dream of one day having a real team.

  27. poseidon says:

    This is NOT a good signing- no way, no how. In fact, it SUCKS deer balls.

    Koscielny is tall (good), he’s fast (good), he plays well positionally(good) as I watch a lot of Lique 1.


    1) He has no heft in tackles (any ex player here will no what I mean)by which I mean he tackles feet first, not from the body or shoulders first- THIS ladies and gents is why our fullbacks are “used” consistently by the likes of Drogba, Cole and Rooney, hell even Torres. They simply stay low at the point of contact, wait for the contact, switch the ball to the other foot and then push up into their run and voila- a tumbling heap of Gunner fullback. Kos fits this SAME mold- so we have issues

    2) He is a left center back- we need a RIGHT center back, no time in the prem race for on the job learning- this position is JUST TOO DAMN IMPORTANT to the team.

    3) Poor decision making, Kos has an insane and inane tendency to get turned inside, jeez- I’m shaking as I write this as I imagine Rooney, Benayoun (expert at this move- now at Chelski with Drogs, Gabby at Villa, Lamps, Barry and Nani (ugghh) just eating poor Kos alive on this tendency. And yes its easy to execute- how? Have the mid or slot striker make a diagonal run and drag him to his left foot(so run to his left side) and then cut back inside right. That’s it- in a nano second he is beaten or worse a bad foul atop our box. For any who are unaware of this move (diagonal runs by mids, slot stikers and wingers) go see David Villa first 2 goals in this WC or more easily pull up any of Robben’s master strikes at Bayern in the Champion’s League games.

    Back to the drawing board- PLEASE Arse.

  28. Tahrir says:

    @matty: Exactly my question ! i searchd 4 the pronunciation of his name under the category “French names” in a site and turns out that there IS no name like that :-S


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