Jun 22

Clichy, Diaby, Gallas & Sagna play in France defeat

Hosts South Africa grabbed their first win of the 2010 World Cup by defeating France 2-1 but it failed to put them through to the second phase.

‘Bafana Bafana’ gave their fans the perfect gift in the 20th minute when central defender Bongani Khumalo nodded home from a Siphiwe Tshabalala corner.

The day only got worse for France five minutes later when midfielder Yoann Gourcuff was sent off for an aerial challenge on MacBeth Sibaya which looked a bit harsh for a straight red.

In the 37th minute, South Africa went up 2-0 when Katlego Mphela finished with ease after a cross from Tsepo Masilela sending the Bloemfontein crowd into a frenzy.

France were making a better fist of things early in the second term and welcomed former Gunner Thierry Henry onto the pitch in the 55th minute to equal Fabien Barthez’s record of 17 World Cup finals appearances.

Down the other end, Mphela was causing problems for the Les Bleus defence as his side enjoyed more possession but finally France scored their first goal of the tournament when Florent Malouda hit the target in the 70th minute after Franck Ribery teed him up in front of an empty net.

The home side needed another few goals if they were any chance of pushing through to the Round of 16 but they didn’t come and the dream of the Rainbow Nation was over as was a disastrous World Cup for the French.


Bacary Sagna– 6 – Composed. Did well with Diaby in the build up to the consolation goal.

William Gallas– 5 – The Juventus-bound defender was average and showed no motivation throughout the match.

Gael Clichy– 7 – Came into the team for skipper Evra and had a decent game. Couldn’t prevent the opener.

Abou Diaby– 6 – Involved in the build-up to the consolation with Sagna. Definitely one of the better France players.


31 Responses to “Clichy, Diaby, Gallas & Sagna play in France defeat”

  1. My Name Is Earl says:

    welcome back home early lads!!

  2. j says:

    Does this mean Arsene is coming home or will he stay out there for the duration?

  3. looneygooner says:

    All of the Arsenal players were dismal, Diaby once caught napping for the first goal,Clichy gone wandering and Sagna when SA could have made it 3, all were inept, it was terrible, none of them have had a good WC, and none really impressed

  4. Andy says:

    I thought Diaby did ok but he is still a bit of a liability when defending corners.

  5. neil says:

    arsene will stay he job doing commentry and workin with eurosport

  6. Frogs says:

    The French manager refused to shake hands with the SA manager after the game.

    I can see were Arsene gets it from now

  7. musher says:

    Nothing new, u start to worry whenever Diaby tries to defend. He was involved in both the South Africa’s goals. lol

  8. Mike E says:

    at least our players will get some holiday and rest before the new season.

    mind you, so will a few other ‘big names’.

  9. Andrew says:

    Four arse players in the French team, they were doomed from the off!
    At least the arsenal players are used to not winning anything so they won’t be too upset.

  10. gaya says:

    first goal, defender jumps aove diaby
    second goal, had to say what clichy did there
    perfect example of how we conceed goals at arsenal

  11. blueek says:

    well well well, wat a clown of a team and a muppet of a manager!! Glad they are out. Pity the fans who paid so much to fly there and support. I really hope we dont buy Gourcouff. He looks average and for 20 mil i really dont think he is worth is. His passes are slow and he tends to slow down the game. In the premier league the tempo is so quick, i think he will struggle. Players like Aquilani or even Veron, who are very good passer of the ball, but slow really struggled in the league….IMO

  12. My Name Is Earl says:

    Gourcuff is a class player. he just like every other france player has had a poor tournament, ppl haven’t seen the best of him.
    now domenach has gone, blanc will get the best out of him n will build the france team around him and toulalan.

  13. Danish Gooner says:

    Gourcuff is spineless and we have enough spineless players in our team.

  14. Oskar says:

    First goal the sa player climbs on diaby plus strikes the ball into the goal with his hand. The referees at this wc are horrible.. Makes the pl ones look good

  15. Joel says:

    A perfect illustration of an inability to defend by all of Arsenal’s players.Diaby Outjumped for first goal and lost the ball for the second;leading to a lack of cover at right-back by Sagna (how often does that happen) and finally Clichy not getting in front of his attacker.
    Arsenal’s players for one reason or another-continue to underachieve at this World Cup!Perhaps they are not as good as Monsieur Wenger believes them to be!!!

  16. zeguyz says:

    I was surprise to see Diaby in the french World Cup team.. as for me I never rated the guy.. whenever he plays for Arsenal he also caught sleeping on the ball.

  17. James says:

    Did you watch the match? Diaby was outjumped by a midget for the first goal, on the second Clichy was in the wrong position. Just when France couldn’t think it would get any worse, Wenger’s defenders came on. Still, at least the can give them back, we’re stuck with them.

  18. Matt says:

    With 2/3 of the Arsenal defence is anyone surprised that France Lost…..the first goal involved Diaby…who is an average player out of his depth at Arsenal let alone at Inernational level….he was beaten easily….then Gallas turned his back on the ball as it was crossed…then Clichy failed to clear when he had the chance. All in all proves why we haven’t won anything for 5 going on 6 years now….. average players give you average returns!! Get rid of Diaby, Clichy, Gallas, Almunia, Denilson, Walcott, Eboue etc., and replace them with real class players….then we may have a chance!!! But what hope with Wenger in charge…..NONE!!!

  19. arsenal4ever says:

    now it will be Vela against Messi on sunday :-). Carlito show you can beat him :-)!!!


  20. Chris says:

    All the keepers we’ve been linked with keep making mistakes lol. Neuer has looked shaky for Germany. Llorris flapped last night, and Mark schwarzer has looked poor for the Aussies!

  21. IVERSEN says:

    What the hell is wrong with some other Arsenal fans sometimes.. not standing behind the team and only critizising.. ect. the bendtner post.. just look at how they are starting from nowhere.. we will win nothing with some of that support. but its only somebody.. but wt hell is the point of that. we have a great team and we can do nothing with signings or players anyway so support

  22. Matt says:

    They’re no Arsenal fans, it’s just the johnnies-come-latey bunch we’ve had to carry around since the Invincibles.

  23. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    @ matt…. I would just like to say you can go fuck your self, you are saying we don’t have the right to be upset coz our team have not won anything, or looked like winning anything for years just like we had the right to boo eboue (which was also at arsene wenger) when arsenal were playing terrible

  24. ilya says:

    For once I actually agree with matt, I’m really tired of reading my team’s blogs and having to hear the ignorance and hatred from people that call themselves Arsenal fans. Ur the same retards that wants to sell our top players(AA) just because they had a bad game or carrying an injury, the same ones that are expecting us to sign 5 players every transfer window, u have the right to be upset but u need to be realistic, cause these kinds of comments aren’t constructive and are all-together ignorant. So stop being a bunch of bitches and support ur team, or u can fuck right off cause no-one wants to hear ur trite depressing garbage

  25. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    ilya u can go suck matts cock… Arsenal are the ones that have to be realistic, here we are in the middle of a recession and we are paying highest money for season tickets in europe and they are not investing our money into the thing that matters most THE TEAM. Instead we are being as tight as possible and missing out on bargains (Given) we have even started to tap players up… Isnt that part of the season we hate the chavs? Instead of wasting 8mil on koscienly we should pay the extra 6mil and get Cahill, who we know is good in the premier league… We missed out on Alonso, Melo, A.Youn and Ronaldo over 1- 4 mil, its time AW stopped being stubbern and spend OUR money not on the stadium debt for once

  26. Ehsan says:

    @ The Left Hand Of HENRY
    I agree with what u r saying that we missed on many good players for a small difference in money but the club have a really small budget and we have to understand that we don’t want to go bust

  27. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    i think thats only half of it. I think Wenger is nervous and scared of wasting the money because of jeffers, reyes, cygan and wright who were quite expensive flops. I think these transfers are always in the back of his mind if he isn’t too shore

  28. IVERSEN says:

    matt and ylia is right.. left hand of henry I also love the left hand of henry 😉 but i didnt sit and bitch about it if he had a bad game.. so stop it and support

  29. ilya says:

    Ur reply just proves that ur a spoiled bitch, u don’t know shit about Arsenal finances or about the competition we face in the transfer market. Cahill is trash, bolton had one of the worst defenses in EPL, ur critisicm is basically a shallow reiteration of what everyone already knows about Arsenal; loyal fans however can rationalize themselves past that point. Instead you’re stuck in ur dooming mentality which shows that ur not intellectually capable enough to understand cause and effect

  30. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    hang on a minute in the last two summers hillwood and Wenger have said they have money to spend……at least i dont protect little fat fucks (AA), who in the most importent game of his club career fakes an injury, limps around until subbed off then runs down the tunnel, how can u defend people like that, who think there the brilliant for scoring 4 goals against liverpool and do fuck all… Its even worse though, his passes are terrible and he gives the ball away more than denilson and against porto, birmingham, hull and liverpool he missed sitters in tight games… Then he goes on his fucking website and goes on about he wants to join barca… He aint good enough for us never mind barca

  31. IVERSEN says:

    **** off left hand


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