Jun 28

Arsenal close in on Koscielny deal after defender misses training

Laurent Koscielny did not train with his Lorient side this morning as the 24-year-old’s move to Arsenal becomes ever-closer.

Earlier today Les Merlus’ official website reported that Koscielny was discussing the ‘terms of his departure’ with nothing to be ‘finalised’ until Thursday.

French daily Le Telegramme also say that Lorient are close to signing a straight replacement for Koscielny in highly-rated Ligue 2 defender Bruno Ecuele-Manga.

‘Kos’ is expected to arrive in London during the coming days.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admitted his interest in Koscielny earlier this month as he aims to firm up a defensive unit that looks set to be broken up over the summer.

32-year-old William Gallas is set to leave the Emirates on a Bosman to join Juventus, while Mikael Silvestre is likely to be released. Veteran defender Sol Campbell, who returned to the club in January and only narrowly missed out on a sensational England call up, has yet to decide between a one-year-deal at Arsenal, or a two-year-deal at Celtic.

Let us know your views on the defensive situation and Koscielny’s imminent move in the comments section below.


75 Responses to “Arsenal close in on Koscielny deal after defender misses training”

  1. Ehsan says:

    I have no prob with eng players but he removed vermaelen for cahil and rvp for jet!!!

  2. goonerjon says:

    GK: sergio romero (AZ Alkmaar)

    CB: koscielny and gary cahill

    MF: joe cole (free)

    van persie-chamakh-arshavin

  3. arsenal4ever says:

    romero is already on his way to an italian club according az alkmaar!!!!

  4. MARK GOONER says:

    I think gary cahill would be a great signing..Does anyone know how much he would go for??

  5. Peter says:


    Koscielny’s not that tall for a defender and he’s built like a telegraph pole….not at all the physique I feel is needed for the English game.

  6. john says:

    Koscileny is 186 cm John terry is 187cm and he aint a bad centre back.

    terry and gallas won the premiership with terry being 6ft 2 and gallas being 6ft

    Koscileny is nearly 6ft 2 and vermaelen is 6ft

    What worries me is the lack of height in other areas

  7. Ehsan says:

    @ John this is exactly our problem we have 4-5 short starters and keepers that convert crosses in their own goal…

  8. Ehsan says:

    And we are actually the only team in the universe that block their own keeper in set pieces

  9. Ehsan says:

    @ slick lol

  10. Dhaval says:

    I know this is not part of discussion but One player i wanna see in Gunners T-shirt is and has been for long is El Nino..i know he’s too expensive and this and that if we’re gonna spend around 15 on Mario then why not persuade him in around 35 with selling off of Nick,Edurado and Rosiscky or some1 else sell someone not so good raise money and get him..when we can sell 3 can afford atleast 1 El Nino in wages as well..and with him coming Fab will surely stay and with RVP and El Nino upfront well we can run riot for­ defenders we are getting1 Verme has been awesome get Hangeland as back up he is good tall and committed and get Sol for a year..c’mon what say no loan deals for Wilsher he comes home..so we should not have prob for covering some1 we sell..Wt say?? and Torres is just 25 he’s got good 5 yrs in him by any standards..

  11. Ricky says:

    People shouldnt keep comparing this guy to vermaelen its just not going to work out like that as we all know & you gotta agree with what “lady arsenal” said above about WHY we need to buy a few established players as i too believe a few players with winning mentalities rubs off on the others.

    Also my how wenger must be pulling he’s hair out for letting gilberto go!! I dont know how many of you guys have been watching brasil’s games but the guy looks exactly the same as he did the world cup wenger signed him & maybe even better!!

    On another note, ozil’s contract @ he’s club only has a yr left on it so that should be right up wengers street, no??

  12. Adesoccer says:


  13. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    isn’t romero the goalie who let in a really crap cesc shot coz his hair was in the way?…. Eduardo has let 4 goals in in 19 games for portugal which is quality at the top level

  14. arse_shaving01 says:

    why do you think AW buys relative unknowns or players past their prime? Its very simple. Arsenal are a selling club and not a buying club. His job has always been to scout upcoming talent, and take a calculated risk in negotiating a bargain price and then developing that player into a world class player that the club can then sell on to the bigger European clubs at exponential profit. It is a business, and it will never change. Buying a big name at 15+ million is very unlikely to yield any ROI in terms of cash at the point of sale, and probably more likely to result in a loss (especially if that player was in his prime when signed), so AW’s business model is exactly what it is “buy low – sell high”…….very basic fact of business and risk management. You only have to look at Chelsea to see exactly the inverse of this, and the debt they are carrying when considering expenditure vs revenue and net profit. So as a Gooner, you either live with this philosophy or go and support the likes of Chelsea or Manchester City where all of your dreams of buying big star names will be realized.

  15. Dhaval says:

    No probs with that policy atleast its always gonna keep us solvent..but the thing that srprises me most is even after these many years French FA hasnt offered national job..guy is fantastic and more than half the french team would have or is playing under him..he knows most players inside out and he knows to play the game in most beautiful manner still french FA doesnt want him handling

  16. fan says:

    I WANT A NEW GOALKEEPER!!!! Preferably Neuer or Buffon.

  17. french gooner says:

    ricky:i thought the same…gilberto is awesome.typical sweeper.simple passing.breaking attacks…exactly what is needed at arsenal!!!im not sure why arsene got shot of him….a big mistery!!! good enough for brasil but not for arsene!!!??? on the subject of wenger coaching france….the french FA would love to get him but hes commited to arsenal… we should be grateful!!1

  18. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    we should get one of the two shefield centre backs preferably cahill… I dont rate romero, swarzer could do the job (hopefuly another van der sar) also an extra spark in the midfield wouldn’t go a miss… De Jong or Khadeira or Rodwell, whilst clearing out deadwood like rosicky, eduardo, vela, and traoure

  19. true gooner says:

    we need a new keepa!!! i hope Koscielny will be good n works well wiv verminator, we need anotha cdm 2 coz denilson cnt ply der 4 shit nowhere near wat iz required from him in dat pos. hope we get a quality keepa wivout 1 ders noway we will survive da season wiv almunia n fabianski!!!

  20. Ola Ahmed Dayo says:

    Let’s be calm, hope for the very BEST and then analyse and pass judgements on the team by mid-season. For sure, we need just more than one defender in the defence department. An Ivanonic type of player should very well suit us innit? BTW, I learnt Gay Assulin has been RELEASED by Barca. Ain’t he dubbed ‘the next Messi’ ? Gr8 job Chris.

  21. damstar says:

    I believe this guy will be unveil today since today is friday…

  22. hopefulofwengergooner says:

    Chris, what do you think the chances are of us signing Per Mertesacker and a dm?

  23. Diaby does Gallas says:

    Side point – has anyone noticed that in the ‘official’ squad list on the website’s store and in flyers that have been sent out for the new kit Gallas, Silvestre and Campbell are excluded, in other words you cant choose any of them to be printed on the new kits. Expected but… Pretty official dont u think???

  24. arsenal4ever says:

    chris mate you are slow in reports these days, lol :-)!!


    On Friday, July 2, 2010 by Chawax

    According to Ouest France, Laurent Koscielny has been in London this Wednesday night with his agent. The formalization of his transfer to Arsenal, first announced yesterday, is expected to take place during the day. There is talk of a transfer to 12 M € including various bonuses.

    In the aftermath, FC Lorient expected to announce the arrival of the International Bowl Gabon Bruno-Manga evolving far in Angers. It was already tracked by Hake last season before the club finally decided to Laurent Koscielny.

    also we are in talks for mertesacker!!!! lets get ozil, mueller and schweinsteiger, too :-)!!!!


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