Jul 03

PICTURE: Arsenal restore Highbury Clock at the Emirates

Arsenal’s famous Highbury Clock has finally been brought back to the Emirates thanks to the continued ‘Arsenalisation’ work at the stadium.

The iconic clock, which was erected in the early 1930s by the then-manager Herbert Chapman, is expected to be in place for the start of the Emirates Cup at the end of the month.

“We want to bring the clock back into the stadium and we will move back to having a Clock End, a North Bank, and East and West stands,” Gazidis told the Daily Telegraph. “We want to make sure it is the best stadium in the world, five, 10 and 15 years from now.

“We want to make it not just a technological marvel but a place that our fans can feel the traditions of the club.”


25 Responses to “PICTURE: Arsenal restore Highbury Clock at the Emirates”

  1. nilesh says:

    yes get in !!! this must be a lucky omen for fianlly bringing a trophy home after all these years in the wilderness…..

  2. Kaks says:

    Maybe finally we can now win some silverware now that missing piece of the jigsaw is in place….LOL!

  3. jonno says:

    Brilliant, love it. Hopefully the renaming of the stands will catch on as soon as possible with the crowd as it should help the atmosphere a bit

  4. jaygooner says:

    Oh we are the Clock End we’re the Clock End at The Grove Oh we are The North Bsnk we’re the North Bank at The Grove,, going to a bit noisier at The Emirates in future coooooool

  5. j says:

    My god, it feels good seeing the clock back again!

  6. Simon says:


    This is what Arsenal need. Forget millions of pounds of serious results orientated investment, what we need is an old clock.

  7. Johnny says:

    They should paint each set of stands alternate colors so people know the difference! Red and White will do just fine!

  8. Potter says:

    About time , although there will be confusion as many clockenders were displaced to the North End in the move. Don’t know if they will embrace the change.

  9. Afro Man says:



  10. jaygooner says:

    Maybe not Potter my first game at Highbury I was in The North Bank then went to the boys enclosure on the East Stand cos it was cheaper, went back to The North Bank as a teenager, thinking there was a firm there, there wasnt , joined up with dentons mob on The Clock End, great times RIP Dainton, then I got posh and was on the West Stand Upper for a few years, looking down on Tom Watt (great gooner btw) I have been in the West Stand and been in all the different coloured zones of The Emirates. I truly believe the Clock coming back and renaming the new place to relect the past is overdue, I was proud to sing We are The North Bank etc old clockenders will be too.

  11. Cole says:

    its great, and now we need to get the fans closer to the pitch, especially behind the goals like it was at highbury, get rid of those ridiculous gaps!

  12. Ricky says:

    Love it!! Cant wait for the season to get under way.. Hopefully it brings back some luck our way.

  13. ktexs says:

    highbury Emirates stadium hahaha hahaha hahaha new home thanks arsenalisation.
    this is legend (similar) to
    denies berk
    toni adam
    the best moments come in

  14. John says:

    Really happy to see the clock come back for some reason, I guess there is a lot to say for tradition.

  15. Johnny Hoy says:

    Firm… Ho! Ho! Ho!

  16. ck says:

    i think we (fans) should start calling the stadium Highbury ….even if only to do the old traditional chants of were the North bank, were the North bank, were the North bank HIGHBURY!!!! :)

  17. GoonerYod says:

    I’m happy to see some part of Highbury at the Emirates. Even if some think its ‘just a clock’. But boy am I happy to see the clock end clock back where it belongs. I went to highbury many times as a kid up to my teenage years. I am a proud clock ender. I went on all stands but clock end was special. Used to love singing the song with pride. I miss that Highbury atmosphere.

    I have only managed to go to the Emirates once, I live out of the UK now. Although we one, the atmosphere was bland and boring. I hate to say it.

    Anyway, COME ON YOU GUNNERS, were the clock end of highbuuurrryy!

  18. Keith says:

    What fools you are!!! This is tradition, this is what Arsenal has been about for decades!! Its very welcome in my eyes and all true lifelong gooners will appreciate it! Not you 5 minute fans who do nothing but complain just because we aren`t run by a billionaire sheikh! Good job too!! Well done Wenger keep it up!! Or shall we go back to the days of George Graham n his dodgy Pal Lydersen signings??? If you can remember back that far????????

  19. Keith says:

    @Simon: Fool!

  20. Simmo says:

    Comment removed? Why? It wasn’t made up, that’s just what we were told at the tournament. Last article I bother to read if you’re going to sensor a perfectly reasonable comment.

  21. arsenal4ever says:

    gooner chris you doubt these rumours, too???


    Still uncertainty about the future of Eduardo, but interested parties are lining up in order to earn the right to have in their ranks No. 1 in the National Team. Eduardo got more credit then that starred the brilliant World, leaving South Africa as one of the most beloved group of Carlos Queiroz. Then there is a strong possibility that the guardian opts for German football, now the British to enforce their financial power.

    Second we determine it is true that Edward was very close to accepting the proposal of Genoa, but in the last hours António Salvador sought to “force” their transfer to England, more specifically for Arsenal. The name of Manchester United also emerged, but it is Arsene Wenger who is doing everything it can to have in their ranks even the goalkeeper’s SC Braga. “Table” at 4 million euros, the termination clause, Eduardo has plenty to choose from Valencia and also sent the SAD arsenal for their interest in signing goalkeeper.

    At this stage, everything is in the hands of the protagonist, who reviews all cases in order not to fail in choosing your future. SC Braga only expects a decision to Eduardo and Arsenal leads to your advantage …

    thats typical wenger!!! only 4 mill for a 27 year old ( world ) class keeper!!
    We are front runners so there must be serious interest in him!! Also the news are out of portugal and not the sun or any other sh… paper!!

  22. an arse worth having says:

    I’d rather Scwarzer tbh. Even if Eduardo replicates his international form, he’ll need a few months to get used to the Premier League. Am I right in thinking that bar Koscielny there aren’t any targets that are near to the ‘signing’ stage?

  23. damstar says:

    hopefully this is true..i will love this guy at the emirate…he is tall, can play at the right cb position as well as right full back…he fills the bill perfectly…he will be a back up for sagna or any of djourou or kolscielny and we can move eboue forward to the midfield…

  24. great news, it’s like being re-united with an old friend!

  25. Rob says:

    When i first heard they were bringing it back inside the stadium i was over the moon like the rest of them. But i thought it would look silly and out of place in the new massive stadium. How wrong was I, even with the scaffolding there it looks asif it has been there longer than the stadium.


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